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Sunday, January 30, 2022

Slavery by Consent

 Previously: The Art of Propaganda and the Rape of the Mind

Most people believe that human chattel slavery was abolished in 1860s after the Union victory over the South and the ratification of the 14th Amendment. That simply isn't true. Slaves were never freed, they just came under new ownership. The 14th Amendment replaced the rule of law with a corporate policy, and made all citizens, either born or naturalized in the United States of America, subject to the United StatesTM, which is a corporation, a fictional entity that has the power to regulate commerce under Martine Admiralty law, or the law of the sea. As citizens, which really means employees, of the United States corporation, we are entitled to civil rights and privileges, written into policy by the politicians and enforced by the police. The citizens are also owned by the corporation as human cattle, or chattel, bought and sold on the New York stock exchange, and some come from better stock than others, as in live stock. The chattel citizens are allowed to keep company with stock of the opposite sex, and enter into a business relationship such as a marriage partnership, if the proper certificate (permission) is secured. Of course, it is none of the business of other chattel who some chattel choose to keep company with and enter into intercourse with. But it is very much the business of the corporation of the United States, whose corporate officers (police officers) tell the human chattel to simply mind their own business.

Well that was a mouthful, but unfortunately this is the system we are all now living under, a system of slavery that has been incorporated into our very language, and done with our consent. The thing about language is that words and phrases actually mean things, things that go back a long time. In fact, everything we say is a plagiarism; there are no original words or thoughts, its all been done before. If you want to learn how you became a slave you have to search deep into the language of the 18th and 19th centuries, in real law dictionaries, and from there you can piece together the puzzle from the semantic clues you find along the way. When you discover that you're a chattel slave, you'll also discover that you aren't one. Once you plunge yourself down the rabbit hole, you will find a fork in the path: go one way and remain a slave, go the other way and learn that you're sovereign, and that your inalienable (unsellable) rights come from the Creator, not a fictional corporation. And you'll also discover that the corporation created a strawman to replace you, the real sovereign being, and that is how they are getting away with it. In fact, it's all a fiction: the State, your strawman, the imaginary boundary lines that fence you in, the imaginary citizenship you are on, and the very language you use. 

You, my friend, are actually a king, with the right to trade with other sovereign kings, and you can do whatever you damn well please, as long as you don't interfere with the peaceful doings of other kings…  because kings live by the law of the land; the common law; God's law.

He who Makes the Language Controls the Mind

In my last post I quoted Joost Meerloo's book, The Rape of the Mind, extensively. He made an interesting comment on language that inspired me to write this current post. Here is what he said:
Pavlov... explained that man's relation to the external world, and to his fellow men, is dominated by secondary stimuli, the speech symbols. Man learns to think in words and in the speech figures given him, and these gradually condition his entire outlook on life and the world. As Dobrogaev [a Russian psychologist] said, "Language is the means of man's adaptation to his environment." We could rephrase that statement in this way: man's need for communication with his fellow men interferes with his relation to the outside world, because language and speech itself--the verbal tools we use--are variable and not objective. Dobrogaev continues: "Speech manifestations represent conditioned-reflex functions of the human brain." In a simpler way we may say: he who dictates and formulates the words and phrases we use, he who is master of the press and radio, is master of the mind. (p. 45, Emphases added)

Indeed, today's modern English tells a story and contains a hidden narrative that we have all been conditioned to believe in. This story is embedded deep within our subconscious, but we will never become aware of it unless we wake up; unless we are unplugged from the Matrix so to speak. In this post I'm going to attempt to tell you that story, but first you must understand, or stand under the foundation of the story so you can comprehend it. Just as there are Two Churches Only, there are also two laws only: one, the Common Law or the law of the land, God's law as given to Moses, and two, the law of the sea, which is the law of men or Maritime Admiralty Law. 

Common law is very simple: common individuals, or commoners, are sovereign beings, they have inalienable rights that have been granted by God. These rights precede and transcend any earthly government or group of people. Sovereigns have property rights, they can mix their labor with the earth to produce commodities which they can use for trade or barter with other sovereigns. They do not have to pay rents (property taxes) to nobles to use the land. Gold and silver are usually the preferred money of sovereigns, because they are literally part of the land, and they hold their value forever. The only sins that are punished in common law are crimes, in which there is both a victim and a perpetrator. These crimes include murder, theft, assault/rape, lying, and adultery. Adultery is a crime in common law because a covenant has been violated; the spouse who was cheated on being the victim. Why? They based their entire life on the love and care of a spouse and with one act that life became a lie; the victim put effort into something that became a fiction. Lying is also a crime when it violates a contract or covenant; such as when a merchant sales you one thing but tells you it is something else. One example is GMO food; we buy it because we think it is food but in reality it is not. Under common law, people who sell such food would be punished. Common law is based on the law of Moses and was practiced by the Nephites:

Nevertheless, they durst not lie, if it were known, for fear of the law, for liars were punished...And they durst not steal, for fear of the law, for such were punished; neither durst they rob, nor murder, for he that murdered was punished unto death. (Alma 1:17-18)

And this one includes adultery:

But if he murdered he was punished unto death; and if he robbed he was also punished; and if he stole he was also punished; and if he committed adultery he was also punished; yea, for all this wickedness they were punished. For there was a law that men should be judged according to their crimes. (Alma 30:10-11, Emphasis added)

Common law has been passed down in certain cultures since the time of Moses. In 1688 there was a famous English revolution historians call the "Glorious Revolution" or the "bloodless revolution." The "Declaration of Rights" in the English Parliament was birthed from this event, which was based upon common law and the Magna Charta written centuries earlier in 1215. The Articles of Confederation and later the U.S. Constitution and specifically the Bill of Rights were also based upon common law, although the Constitution included a provision that gave Congress jurisdiction over commerce, known as the Commerce Clause. When I explain what commerce is you will understand the significance of that clause, and how it effects us today. One of the most important aspects of common law is that it stresses individual responsibility. When Mosiah set up the system of judges in Nephite society, the people all agreed to be accountable for their own sins:

Therefore they relinquished their desires for a king, and became exceedingly anxious that every man should have an equal chance throughout all the land; yea, and every man expressed a willingness to answer for his own sins. (Mosiah 29:38)

They accepted what is called "strict liability" for their actions, which is different from the "limited liability" we practice in America today. In common law, there are no statutes that force a person to have insurance; sovereigns assume the full risk of damages to others that could happen as a result of their negligence. There is an example in the Old Testament book of Exodus that illustrates this law of accountability. If an Israelite ox gored and killed another Israelite, there were consequences in the form of penal obligations ranging from financial compensation to even execution. The compensation was never paid to the government or judge, it was paid to the individual who was damaged or to the family of the one who was killed. This is how true justice works; there is no third party, i.e., the State, to arbitrate the case and receive the "restorative" funds. Those belong solely to the victim. As Alma explained to Korihor, judges were paid for their time but that was all. There were no "admiralty prizes," or loot to be taken by the third party, the chancellor, the captain, or the admiral. 

What in the World is Maritime Admiralty Law?

Mare is the Latin word for sea. Admiralty is derived from admiral, which according to Bouvier's Law Dictionary, is "a high officer or magistrate that hath the government of the king's navy, and the hearing of all cases belonging to the sea." An admiralty court is "a court which has a very extensive jurisdiction of maritime causes, civil and criminal." Maritime Admiralty law is the law of the sea, an ancient law that originated from the Babylonian Mystery Schools, designed primarily to benefit merchants transporting goods across the oceans. The "vessels" carrying the goods were manned by the captain of the ship, who had absolute dictatorial power over the crew and cargo. Because there is no land in the ocean, there are no property rights, and the Human Resources i.e. the crew members, also belonged to the captain and the merchants along with the ship. They had signed a contract to help transport (move goods between sea ports) the merchant's goods, which bound them to servitude until the ship came into port and they were set a liberty. Are you picking up on the language yet? The story is about to get good. Keep reading. 

Maritime Law is defined by Black's Law Dictionary as the following:
The body of law governing marine commerce and navigation, the carriage at sea of persons and property, and marine affairs in general; the rules governing contract, tort, and worker's compensation claims or relating to commerce on or over water.

The prefix mare is Latin for sea as I pointed out above. Think of other words that have the same prefix or suffix: nightmare, marriage, martial, market, marginal. The word carriage signifies the act of transporting in a vehicle, and some ships are called carriers because they transport goods. Marriage is the same word but with an M instead of a C, which implies that the Human Resources who get married are traveling in a boat at sea, and need permission from the captain to engage in intercourse (meaning trade not sex; the mixing of maritime products). This is why you have to have a marriage license from the State. You need permission because you are also cargo on the citizenship, the great ship called the United States corporation. You're not free. If you were, you would have a "common law" marriage sanctioned by a priest. Marriage is an act that falls under the category of commerce and thus can be regulated by Congress. According to Bouvier, commerce consists of the following:

The various agreements which have for their object facilitating the exchange of the products of the earth or the industry of man, with the intent to realize a profit...Congress has the power by the constitution to regulate commerce with foreign nations and among the several states, and with the Indian tribes... The sense in which the word commerce is used in the constitution seems not only to include traffic, but intercourse and navigation. (pp. 294-95)

In other words, they can regulate goods navigating between fictional borders and in the high sea, goods which are traded through trafficking and intercourse.They did not have the power to regulate people or their private affairs of barter or trade on the land. Based upon common law, these things cannot be regulated. Why? Because the people are sovereigns, they are the kings who own the land and the resources. They delegate powers to the government. The chain of command under common law is as follows: the people of the several states, the states, the federal government. However, if the people somehow consent, like sailors on merchant ships, by verbal agreement or signing contracts to receive certain privileges or payments, then they fall under the regulation of commerce as maritime commodities. This is how they get you. That’s right, my friends, you are commerce, a maritime product being shipped on the high seas. And words have been created to trick you into accepting your status as commerce so that you can be regulated. Pay close attention to the word plays that follow.

1. Trafficking means buying and selling on the road, and intercourse means dealings and communications between businesses and/or government agencies. 

The first contract was signed by your parents at the hospital, on your birth certificate, which is a manifest of a product, delivered by your mother after her water breaks and she goes into labor. The product, after it was manufactured with semen, came through the birth canal, just as a ship carrying goods is berthed in a loading dock, and tied and secured so the cargo can be unloaded. The doctor acts as the receiver at the loading dock, who unties the cargo, i.e., cuts the cord, and gets the signature of the informants, or parents. An informant is a person who informs authorities of crimes, thus the parents unwittingly sign the child into State servitude. They inform on their own child. This is why the State can take the child if it doesn't like the behavior or the health care choices of the parent. A birth certificate is also a registration form, which means that the product is registered into the control of the State. Therefore the pare of renters, called parents, lease the child from the State. 

 The child grows up under the care of the parents, but he does not belong to them, there is a lien on him. That is why he must be vaccinated, he must attend public schools, and he must sign up for Selective Service. They want to make sure their product is trained in socialism and ready to use if they need him to fight their wars. When the child signs his driver's license, he consents to being human traffic, and must follow the corporate policies of the public roads and highways that he drives his vessel on. This vessel must be registered by the DMV of the state in which he resides, and his certificate of title is not a title at all, but rather a transfer of ownership to the State. But since Junior has the vessel in his possession (which is only 9/10s of the law), he is only the keeper of it, not the owner. He is not allowed to own his vehicle and has to pay a perpetual rent on it to use it on the government's roads, which he must also pay for via fuel taxes. When he buys land he must also pay a perpetual rent to his feudal lords in his shire or county. Welcome to modern day serfdom.

Highways and anything they connect to are regulated under commerce, and consist of shipping lanes, which connect to other roads that eventually connect to your driveway, which allow you to bring your vessel to port, in your carport, which connects to your haven, or home. Look on a vehicle title or registration form, the word vessel usually appears next to vehicle. If Junior picks up his friends, he will be carrying passengers in his vessel, if he were actually driving on land, they would be called guests. He must be careful not to drive his vessel on the painted islands, and must not allow contraband on board, such as drug paraphernalia, which is not authorized to be carried on a seafaring ship in time of war. You see, on the sea there are pirates, so we are perpetually at war to protect the merchant goods, which are sometimes transported by the merchant marines. When Junior’s vessel needs fuel he will stop at a gas station, “a place where ships may ride in safety.” If Junior becomes a truck driver, he will operate a long-haul freight truck and ship products across the country on the highways. After he navigates to his destination, he will back up to the dock that is in the loading bay. There he will present the bill of lading, which is a certificate showing the details of goods being transported across water, not land. If he was moving product across land he would present a way bill. But you see, there is no land under the jurisdiction of the United States corporation, there is only a vast sea.

When junior gets a job he fills out a W4, and consents to paying income tax and becoming social security. Security for his masters who own him that is, not for his retirement. He becomes financial collateral for the elites and cannon fodder for their merchant wars to acquire more admiralty prizes, or loot. When he joins the army he consents to becoming a GI, or government issue, which means he is the official property of the army or navy. Junior’s identity is a fiction. His name on all legal documents and certificates is in ALL CAPS, the real Junior has both upper and lower case letters in his name. But the real Junior has signed his life away, and thus has no right to life. The strawman of the real Junior is a fictional corporation and as such cannot have rights based upon the land. When his strawman dies in war the State is not accountable because he was never alive in the first place. Now he has become a corpse, which stems from the Latin word corpus, or body, which is the root word of corporation, which literally means a fictional entity that is dead. Of course, none of this should be taken personal; it’s just business. 

When in America, do as the Romans do

Maritime law was used in the Roman Empire and was called civil law. Actually it was called Roman law or military law, but we refer to it as civil law today. Civil sounds friendly enough, but we have to remember that common law was not friendly to the people who committed theft, murder, adultery, and through negligence damaged other's bodies or property. Common law holds people accountable, sometimes that is not civil, but it is just. Read Exodus sometime and you'll find out how brutal it was. But God's justice is only brutal to those who commit crimes. Civil law is something totally different. It is man's substitute for God's law, and it tends to be more forgiving of criminals and more punishing of victimless "crimes." However, Maritime law is brutal to those who stand under the elite, while allowing the latter to commit crime at will without penal retribution. When a police officer, who is nothing but a corporate officer enforcing corporate policy, asks you if you understand him? You say, "yes officer, I understand that I was speeding." What you are really doing is acknowledging that you, as a citizen, stand under the corporate officer. By saying you understand him you have just consented to the contract he offered, so he is free to issue a citation or haul you off to jail. He is your superior; no different than your boss at work. This is how civil law functions. Your civil rights are privileges and are granted by the United States corporation and as such can be taken away by the corporation. They are alienable, meaning sellable. That's right, your civil "rights" are granted to you by a foreign corporation called the United States, a different legal entity than the United States of America (which actually consists of all the states agreeing to a voluntary compact). Here is how Black's Law Dictionary defines civil law:
1. One of the two prominent legal systems in the Western World, originally administered in the Roman Empire and still influential in continental Europe, Latin America, Scotland, and Louisiana, among other parts of the world; Roman Law. In reference to Romans, civil law (commonly referred to as jus civile) denotes the whole body of Roman law, from whatever source derived. But it is also used to denote that part of the Roman law peculiar to the Romans, as opposed to the common law of all peoples (jus gentium). 2. The body of law imposed by the state, as opposed to moral law. 3. The law of civil or private rights, as opposed to criminal law or administrative law. (Eighth Edition p. 263, Emphasis added)

When the Romans conquered an enemy, they put them under military rule, and there were certain rules that had to be followed by the military occupiers. The first rule was that the Romans could not deal with conquered people as flesh and blood. They had to create a fictitious person to deal with, which they did through the legal process of novation, defined as follows by Black's Law Dictionary:

The act of substituting for an old obligation a new one that either replaces an existing obligation with an existing obligation with a new obligation or replaces an original party with a new party. (p. 1094)

The fictitious person became the "new party" with "new obligations." The Romans had a word for this new party, they called it a persona, which literally means "the mask of an actor." And surprise, this is where we get our modern English word for person. You'll notice that on all legal documents, titles and codes only apply to "persons," not men and women. This is because only our fictitious persona is subject to legal proceedings. Why? Because under maritime law all legal (different from lawful) proceedings are done in military tribunals, and under Roman military law there are rules that have to be followed. Flesh and blood people cannot be subject to maritime law, and because a fiction cannot see, hear, speak, write, or develop an argument in court, they had to have an advocate, or an attorney, to represent them. The attorney is also a fiction, but has been sanctioned by the law to represent the other fiction. The legal name for your fiction is spelled in ALL CAPS, which is your war name, which comes from the French word nom de guerre, because under maritime law we are always at war. They create these fictions because under international law a military court cannot bring an administrative suit against anything other than a fiction. 

Another way they address the fictional you is by the title Mr., which comes from the word, mister, which means someone who is engaged in mistery. And no it is not same word as mystery. Mistery means a trade or a business, because the government can only deal with a fiction in commerce. The appellation given to women before they are married, Misses, literally means to ignore or forget. But when they get married they become a Mrs., and when you add an apostrophe to the s, it denotes ownership. And who owns the women? The mistery, or the trade or company. Ladies, if you think the government has given you any more rights than you had 150 years ago you are sorely mistaken, they have only increased your privileges. You will never see your Christian name, your first, middle, and last name spelled in upper and lower case letters on the paperwork of any legal proceeding or document. They will not break this rule, which is strange when we are talking about criminal masterminds who want to control the world. Perhaps Satan knows that he cannot break this rule because of the Christian promises that are on the land, which provide a loophole out of the system for those who are awake. But I do not know the answer. 

As I was writing this post and pondering Nephi’s vision I was struck by an epiphany: Nephi said that the whore of all the earth, Mystery Babylon, "sat upon many waters, and had dominion over all the earth..." (1 Nephi 14:11). Was Nephi trying to warn us about maritime law? It certainly seems so. 

Now let's consider how Lincoln and his successors imported this Roman military law into America. Before you were born, in 1868, the federal government freed the black slaves from Southern landowners and then made us all slaves. How? They made us citizens subject to the federal government as laid out in the 14th Amendment. Prior to the Civil War, people who lived in the imaginary boundaries called "America" were citizens of the state in which they resided. The state received its delegated powers from the people themselves, who were the sovereigns. Lincoln's war of subjugation changed all of that forever. In early 1861, Southern congressmen and senators from seven states walked out of the legislature because their states were seceding. There was not a full quorum of representatives, without which a legislature cannot do business. So Lincoln issued the first executive order in history on April 1st, 1861, calling forth 75,000 troops from state militias, which he used to forcibly reconvene congress. During the entire duration of the the war congressional representatives and senators were put under armed guard, and could only leave session by military escort. 

In 1863 Lincoln hired professor Frances Lieber to write the first modern codification of the laws of war; it was called the Lieber Code. It consisted of specific instructions to the president on how to run a country under martial law. In Article I, Section I, it states that the occupying military force is not required to issue any proclamation or public warning to the inhabitants of the country. In other words, they can impose martial law without declaring it. In Article I, Section 7, it states that "martial law extends to property, and to persons, whether they are subjects of the enemy or aliens to that government." This line is paramount to what Lincoln did next. He issued the Emancipation Proclamation, an executive order that actually did not free any slaves. I know you where taught the opposite of that in school, but bear with me. It freed only the slaves in the Southern states that were yet to be conquered by the Union; it did not free any slaves in states that the Union already occupied. What was the point then? It was nothing more than Lincoln's informal declaration of martial law over the entire country. It terminated the Constitution as the supreme law of the land and ended the republic set up by the Founders. It was a coup d'etat perpetrated by the federal government, the foreign corporation, over the state governments and over the people.

Every person living in America was either a person, or a property (slave), which allowed Lincoln to place them under martial law, and subject them under federal jurisdiction, whether they were Southerners (subjects of the enemy), or Northerners (aliens to the government of that enemy). Do you see the sleight of hand that went on here? This martial law was solidified with the "ratification" of the 14th Amendment, which was "ratified" under the threat of armed guard. Now for the worst part. Martial law has never been suspended; we are still living under it. Martial law is maritime law. In Section 1, Article 2 of the Lieber Code, it states that "martial law does not cease during the hostile occupation, except by special proclamation, ordered by the commander-in-chief, or by special mention in a treaty of peace concluding the war." This has never been done. When Reconstruction ended and federal troops left the last southern state in 1877, there was no official proclamation or treaty ending martial law.

Since Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation the states have been under a military dictatorship by a foreign entity, i.e., the federal government. Before 1863 it had very few delegated powers, but after the military coup the servant became the master, and this new master did not allow its newly subjected citizens to elect its leaders (are you allowed to vote for your boss at work?) Yes dear reader, you read that right, Lincoln was the last president to be elected by the people. Lincoln was elected by electors, not voters. Voters cast their ballots in secret, that is why when you go to vote the booth is surrounded by a private voting box. But under the real law, only an elector who casts a vote in public can participate in a lawful election. Secret ballots cast by voters are not binding on politicians. To make matters worse, a registered voter is someone whose property has been liened by the State. Only property needs to be registered. If you have a lien on your person, you have no right to life or property. Your “property” was liened before you were born; an unborn debtor is born into servitude to the creditor. And who is the creditor? Keep reading to find out. 

The Mystery of Banking

The Mystery of Banking is a classic book by Murray Rothbard on how central banks muck up the economy. It's a fantastic read, but I just wanted to borrow the subtitle from him. The real book I want to promote here is called They Own it All (Including You!): By Means of Toxic Currency, by Ron MacDonald, a Vietnam veteran, and Robert Rowen M.D. This book will blow your mind, and these authors take you places into the banking system that Rothbard doesn't. They explain the real mystery of money and the FED. I strongly recommend both books. Rothbard’s is free at

Before we get into this book there are two dates in American history that have significant esoteric meaning. The first is 1913, the year the Federal Reserve Act was passed. If you recall in my Mystery Babylon series, the number 13 is symbolic of perfect government. It represents the sun, plus the 12 constellations of the Zodiac. The year 1776 is also symbolic; 1+7 = 8 which represents infinity, and 7+6 = 13. The second date is 1933. 33 is a Masonic number representing the highest degree the sun rises when it leaves one house of the Zodiac and enters another. The sun enters each constellation at the 30th degree and leaves at the 33rd degree. The highest degree in Freemasonry is 33, because no one can rise higher than the sun. 

In 1933, the United States corporation went insolvent, so it needed to get the American people to consent to two things: one, sign up for the newly created Social Security program (remember that is security for the State, not for you), and two, trade in gold for paper currency. You'll recall if you’ve studied history that FDR declared a bank holiday (holy day) and issued an executive order mandating all Americans to turn in their gold for paper currency at $20 an ounce. After the gold was confiscated, FDR revalued the gold at $35 per ounce, mulcting the American people like they have never been mulcted before. The gold standard was abolished, and a new type of currency emerged, one that was not backed by hard metals. Here is what money backed by gold, or a gold certificate looked like:

This money has form (the image) and substance, the gold that is backing it. As you can see at the top it says that it came from the U.S. Treasury, and the bottom says that the "bearer" can receive 20 dollars in gold coin on demand. Notice the wording on the left says that "this certificate is legal tender... in payment of all debts and duties public and private. This money actually paid for things. Now look at paper money after 1933:
The top of this bill says Federal Reserve Note, and on the left it says "this note is legal tender for all debts, public and private." The authors point out that they have removed the word payment. This bill does not pay a debt. It merely discharges debt. This means that no one can own anything that is paid for by FRNs (Federal Reserve Notes). The debt is simply transferred to the buyer of the product, which is really owned by the creditor, the Federal Reserve Bank. This is why we say dollar bill. A bill is something a contractor or store owner writes up for his customers. It represents a service or product that needs to be paid for. You cannot pay a bill with a bill. The authors also point out that "legal" tender is different than "lawful" tender. Lawful tender is based upon law, legal tender is based upon policy; "legal means form. Lawful means both form and substance" (They Own It All, p. 69) The money above has form only. Here is an image of the symbol that represented money before 1933. Notice how it has two vertical slashes.
The current dollar sign symbol on all keyboards only has one slash, as you can see ($). The old dollar sign represented true money, one with two pillars of support: substance and form. Here is what the authors have to say about it:
A Minnesota Supreme Court (Stanek v. White, 215 NWR 781 (1927) explained that discharging a debt merely transforms the debt. "Discharge" relieves one man of the debt; however, the debt still exists. That burden is transferred to the receiver of the discharge. The people of America were compelled into a system of discharging debts or transferring debts, rather than paying debt... Prior to this event, the symbol of the dollar was [an S with two slashes]. The two vertical lines represented the two Pillars of Hercules. Some believe the two lines could represent the two pillars of Solomon's Temple, representing both form and substance. (They Own It All, p. 71)

Have you ever noticed that words describing the flow of money seem to paint a mental picture of moving water? The word bank depicts the sides of a river, and what do river banks do? They direct the flow of water and create a current. This currency flows downhill, from high mountain springs to low-lying bodies of water, similar to how a small cadre of elites direct the flow of money from their small stream (a central bank) to the vast margins of society. It is pure and drinkable at the source but dirty and diluted by the time it reaches its destination. When debt becomes too large, it can be liquidated by being released back into the flow of currency. It doesn't go away, it just disappears into the flow of water. But if the debt cannot be liquidated, then the debtor becomes insolvent (owned by the creditors) and finds himself under water. Guess what, we are all insolvent, none of us are liquid, because we use money that can't buy anything or pay off any debt. Hence, we are all under water. 

Do you see how this nonsense is carved out of the pulp of our very language? Gold does not flow. It sinks. It is solid. The authors call it portable land. It cannot disappear like magic into other molecules of gold (unless it is heated, but you see that takes effort, just like extracting gold from mines takes effort, this is part of what gives it value, water on the other hand, follows the path of least resistance). You can hold gold in your hand and feel that it has substance. Try holding water in your hands and see what happens. You can't hold onto it. It's slips through your fingers and disappears into the ground. Are you starting to see what these people have done to you? They have robbed you of your very substance, enslaved a fictional version of you, and then convinced you through language that everything they are doing is normal. Here is how the authors of They Own It All describe what FDR really did in 1933:

In 1933, Franklin Delano Roosevelt not only conspired and stole the gold of every American, he stole their personal and real property. And further, because of his acts, presently your personal and real property have been stolen. He also replaced it with instruments marked by the bea$t. You were sold into insolvency. Remember, when one is insolvent he is literally owned by the creditor, who could jail the debtor. People have been sold into slavery throughout history. We don’t have physical debtor prisons anymore, or do we? Could you be in a debtor’s prison without bars, a prison with the illusion of freedom? (P. 131) 

They use the word bea$t throughout the book because they believe the Federal Reserve Bank is the beast and the Federal Reserve Note is the mark described in the book of Revelations. This is not necessarily my view but it does make sense. But we are all in a debtor's prison; one that has been carefully created for the mind. We believe we are free, but freedom is an illusion. Nephi said that the whore had dominion over all the people of the earth. Here is Black's definition of dominion:

1. Control; possession 2. Sovereignty (dominion over the nation) 3. Foreign dominion. 

Nephi saw in his vision a world-wide system of slavery. The whore, Mystery Babylon, is the master, who sits upon the waters, and has through legal chicanery and semantics, covered the entire earth in fake water, a pseudo flood, and crammed us into ships that we cannot escape (or can we?). The citizenship, the friendship, the sportsmanship, the township, the dealership, the membership, the..., you get the point. And the good ship of State, the Statesmanship is "benevolently" guiding us over the waters while it quietly steals our substance and possesses our very lives (well our fake ones anyway). Remember what Satan said: he will "buy up armies and navies and reign with blood and horror on this earth." Armies and navies control what? Both land and sea. How did he accomplish this? Through fiat currency and a dishonest monetary system. The gateway to slavery. 

Fiat money is a fiction, conjured out of thin air. It's not real. In fact, all legal entities are fictions, all corporations are fictions (including incorporated religious organizations), all federal, state, and county boundary lines are fictions, every name on every social security card is a fiction (that is why no one cares when illegal aliens use a dead guy’s social security number to get a job). You live in an imaginary water world, populated by legal abstractions that do not exist in reality. Remember my first post entitled Gadiantons and the State, in which I stated that the State is an image of the beast? An image is all that it can be. It has no substance, it is not corporeal, it is corporate. If you look up these two Latin words you will find that the former means body, form, or appearance and the latter means group or association. A group, or corporation, cannot exist in reality; it is an abstraction of the mind. Try really hard to think of what a group looks like. You cannot envision it without what? The individuals that comprise it. This is nothing but the age-old battle between individualism and collectivism. Individuals are all that exist on the land; they are all that can exist in the real world. 

The Final Nail in the Coffin and the Creation of New Courts

FDR tacked the last few nails in the coffin that killed freedom forever in America, solidifying our state-sponsored slavery. In that fateful year of 1933, FDR declared a national emergency, reinforcing the martial law foisted upon us by Lincoln. Since 1863 several new states had joined the Union, and they needed to have martial law informally declared on them. Have you ever noticed that state flags always fly under the federal flag? This means that they have been conquered. That is how they display a conquered territory. How is that for surreal? 

FDR's state of emergency was never rescinded; we are still in it. A state of emergency declared by the president, the chief executive officer of the United States corporation, gives it the right to assert military rule. FDR also changed the Trading With The Enemy Act to include U.S. citizens as enemies and foreign belligerents. And then he made a subtle change in district courts that had a profound impact in undermining the Constitution. Before the Bankruptcy Act of 1933, district courts were called "District Courts of the United States," and afterword were called, "United States District Courts." Another sleight of hand that the authors of They Own It All describe as follows:
The latter (USDC) is a mirror image. Is the illusion in the mirror really you? Has the oath been altered in the mirror? 

The Constitution provided for three types of courts. In Article I, Congress had the power to create legislative "tribunals" (courts) inferior to the Supreme Court. Since you know the power of Congress was commerce, these courts had to be commercial. Inferior courts included the district courts and appellate courts. 

Article III created the judicial branch, the Supreme Court. It was vested with the power to hear Admiralty/Maritime, Equity, and Law (common law), as well as actions involving states and government ministers. Article III also empowered the Congress to allow its courts to hear real (common) Law (not just Admiralty/Maritime). The Judiciary Act of 1792 was passed under that power. It created the DCUS [District Courts of the United States], which were limited to gold and silver coin as its money, as per the Constitution in its entirety. These courts were "in agreement" with the Constitution. These had Article III capacity. Courts created under Article 1, the legislative commercial courts did have have full capacity. They were limited to commerce. The current USDC uses only commercial notes. Clearly, it is a commercial legislative tribunal. Created in commerce, that's all it can hear. If you go before that court, can you be anywhere else but in commerce?

Finally, Article IV gave Congress exclusive authority over its territories and possessions. Hence, Congress could set up territorial courts to enforce its rules and regulations regarding its property and exclusive zones. Clearly, the USDC, appellate courts, and even the Supreme Court of today are acting under the Constitution. They are not acting in agreement with the Constitution, since they cannot "see" gold coin as coined under Article I section 8 clause 3. There are only two conclusions. One, they are acting "under" the commerce clause. Created under that clause, Congress has excluded them from other parts of the Constitution, including the gold clause. The gold clause was wiped out by HJR-192 in 1933. Or two, the courts are Article IV courts. These would be the territorial and possession courts. They would enforce rules and regulations "respecting" the "other Property" of the United States.

The only conclusion is that you are either in commerce, or you are the "other Property" of the United States or both! Who would ever notice this bait and switch if not searching for it? Is it not the epitome of deceit and beguiling?

This is the double proof (the coin and the oath) that the courts in front of us are different from our original courts. They (the courts) don't recognize the Lawful and gold money of the United States, or Law of the United States. They recognize only the opposite. So whose court is it? It is the court of the Bea$t (FRB). And since they are courts of the creditor, it should be patently clear what the Bea$t is. YOU are a debtor, owing to the agent of the Bea$t. You are chattel (property). You might not see the mark. But it is perfectly visible to the Bea$t, its creditor agents, and their enforcers (the courts). (pp. 194-96, Emphasis original)

United States District Courts are a corporate fiction, a subsidiary of the United States corporation. They can only deal in matters of commerce because they are created by Congress. Only the Supreme Court can deal with common law. If you go inside a court room and see a flag with yellow fringe around it, you know you’re in an admiralty court. This is what it looks like:

It means you’ve left your native country (your state) and stepped into a foreign one. You’ve entered a ship where the judge is captain and can do with you as he pleases. Dwight D. Eisenhower issued executive order number 10834 which asserted that, “a military flag is a flag that resembles the regular flag of the United States, except that it has a yellow fringe border on three sides.” Make no mistake, these are military tribunals. By the way, executive orders are only legal under martial law, they are not lawful under constitutional law (only Congress can legislate), remember it was Lincoln that issued the first one. One has to wonder, is this where the term false flag came from?

Below is a picture of the inside of a courthouse:

When a "person" walks into one of these tribunals, he or she must walk through the swinging doors you see above, this is called the water gate. This is symbolic of stepping onto a ship and leaving your country of origin. The U.S. flag on the left has yellow fringe around it, so you know this is an admiralty court. The judge sits on the bench, which is actually a Latin word for bank, which has a double meaning in this context: one, the judge is on the bank, which is above water and directs the flow, and two, he represents the financial interests of the merchant bankers. Remember, mer is another form of mare, which is Latin for sea. What else do you do from a bench? You watch sporting events from a bench, and where do you play sports? On a court, sometimes with a racket, hence, court is a racket, meaning that the judge, the lawyers, and the government are the ones who get paid. Remember in common law, it is only the victim that is awarded restitution, not any third party. 

Lawyers have to pass the bar examination in order to become participants in the games played in a courtroom. A water bar is a structure that diverts water, and in a courtroom it separates the spectators from the participants, the latter being the lawyers and the judges. A jury of peers are also considered spectators, this is why the judge issues jury instructions to them. In a true common law court, the jury decides the case without instructions from a judge, in fact, the jury are the judges. In divorce and custody cases there is no jury at all, and the fate of a child is decided solely by a judge. This is because when you sign a marriage license, you become joined cargo on a ship, and as such you become joint property, and if the child has a birth certificate, he is already state property. So the captain, a word derived from capital, can do with you as he pleases, because you are merely a maritime product owned by the merchants. All judges in admiralty courts represent the captain of the ship, and they alone can decide what to do with you: whether you are usable or damaged goods, or whether you carry extra baggage that needs to be thrown overboard. Are you beginning to see where all these phrases you have used your whole life came from?

The judge wears a black robe, a color that absorbs light but does not reflect any back. The color black has been associated with evil and darkness. It has also been associated with the planet Saturn who was the ancient god of judgement, or the accuser. Satan has also been called the accuser. In admiralty courts the fiction known as your persona is accused and has no recourse. Admiralty courts are accusatory courts; we are guilty until proven innocent. A debtor can be nothing but accused, because he owes his life to the creditor. Notice we do not have debtor prisons in America despite the fact we are all in debt, which is a "privilege" granted by the United States Corporation. Yet our prisons are full of people who have committed no crimes, but rather have violated policy. They occupy a cell, their bodies create voltage like a battery, and as human products they produce energy (the movie the Matrix hinted at this; the machines used humans for energy, kept them in cells, and created a simulation that their mind could be plugged into; they thought their were free but were actually in a watery prison). They are called cells not because the government extracts energy from human bodies, but because the “persons” that occupy them are viewed as products being stored in a warehouse.

Robes are associated with a priestly class. They represent power coming from a spiritual source, usually symbolic of a priesthood or craft. Freemasons and fraternal organizations also wear black robes, along with college and university graduates when they become an Alumni, or illumined. The black robed deity will set bail for the defendant, which can only be met by someone with liquidity. If we are not in a boat filling with water why would we need bailed out? And what about bonds? Why are they called bonds, the root word of bondage? When you're born at the hospital and a birth certificate is created for you, your parents never get the original copy. It is printed on bond paper and becomes a government bond, or collateral for the government's debt to the private Federal Reserve Bank. Now you are in bond-age. So when you invest in the stocks and bonds markets what do you think you're investing in? The modern day slave trade, and yes these slaves (you and I), are being transported across fictitious oceans. 

There is one more thing I need to address before I move on to the final section, albeit regrettably. I'm a big fan of Thomas Jefferson; his rhetoric was about as libertarian as it gets for a statesman. But it was him who started America on the Roman path to admiralty during his presidency. I don't know if this was intentional or not on his part, but nonetheless the seed for maritime law was planted. Before 1801, Jefferson had lambasted the idea of large armies and navies in his speeches and writings. He did not agree with his Whig/Nationalist counterparts who desired large standing armies and mercantilism. That all changed in 1801 with the advent of the Barbary War. The Barbary States were countries in the Mediterranean in which the English paid tribute to avoid their ships being targeted by the Corsairs, sometimes called pirates. Washington and Adams had continued paying the tribute to avoid any trouble with American merchant ships traveling in Mediterranean waters, but Jefferson refused on principle alone. He felt he had only two choices: pay the tribute or pay to build up a navy. He chose the latter. He initiated the conflict and deployed the navy without Congressional approval, which he “asked” for later. And each summer for four years he sent out more frigates until nearly the entire American navy was deployed in the Mediterranean. Eventually, the path was cleared for American merchant ships to freely engage in commerce without paying tribute to foreigners, but a precedent for maritime law was set. If you want to learn more about the details of this conflict read this article and this article

A lot of the information for this blog post came from a few speeches from John Quade, a former actor whose real name was John William Saunders. He was an expert in law (both common and maritime) and abatement (the process of freeing yourself from the system). In this video he talks about "rights and privileges":


And in this one he talks about abatement (he also talks about Jefferson, Lincoln and FDR). I highly recommend both videos. John passed away in 2009:

Our Allodial Title on the Land is a Gift from God

Have you ever noticed that in scripture God is always pronouncing blessings or cursings upon the land? Well it turns out that he also did the same with the waters. In D&C 61:14-19, the Lord says some very interesting things. In the beginning he cursed the land and blessed the waters, but through John the revelator, he cursed the waters in the last days, and blessed the land. In verse 19 the Lord decrees that the destroyer, whom I assume is Satan, will ride upon the face of the waters. Now when I was a kid there was a Mormon myth that you couldn't go swimming on Sunday because Satan had control of the water (as if he didn't have control the other days of the week); it was also believed that this was the reason why the church did not allow missionaries to swim while they were serving missions. Of course, I thought it was ridiculous, but always felt there was something sinister about the water. Well now I know; Satan does control the water through maritime admiralty law, but the good news is that none of it is real and there is a way out. Just like everything else Satan does, the law of the sea is nothing but mere illusion. 

You are probably wondering what in the world an allodial title is. Let me put it this way: if you don't have one, you don't own anything. Here is Black's definition of it:
Held in absolute ownership; pertaining to an allodium. Also spelled alodial. 

The term "alodial" originally had no necessary reference to the mode in which the ownership of land had been conferred; it simply meant land held in absolute ownership, not in dependence upon any other body or person in whom the proprietary rights were supposed to reside, or to whom the possessor of land was bound to render service. It would thus properly apply to the land which in the original settlement had been allotted to individuals, while bookland was primarily applicable to land the title which rested on a formal grant. Before long, however, the words appear to have been used synonymously to express land held in absolute ownership, the subject of free disposition inter vivos [between living person] or by will. Kenelm E. Digby, An Introduction to the History of the Law of Real Property 11-12 (5th Ed. 1897). (Black's Law Dictionary, Eighth Edition, p. 83)

Everything you own: your land, your house, your car, your camper, your ATV, your boat, your investments, etc., are not really yours. You have a certificate of title for these items, which means the items have to be registered. Registration means that someone else controls and keeps track of them. We all pay taxes or rents on our property, we pay these rents to feudal lords in a federal system. If you have to pay a rent on an item, you don't own it. Black's definition of certificate makes this clear:

1. A document in which a fact is formally attested. 2. A document certifying the bearer's status or authorization to act in a specified way. (p. 239)

When you get a certification, you are getting an authorization to do something. You are getting permission. A license is another form of permission. Since you are a debtor you need permission to do anything, hence the nanny state we live under. In common law, you don't need permission to do a damn thing, unless it effects someone else’s property. God has given you the land, and the allodial title to it. He is the landlord, not some bureaucrat in Washington. God only asks that you share 10% of what the land yields beyond your needs, which he asks you give directly to the poor. When you add up everything the State takes from us (including inflation), we are in the negative, that is called debt, and usury. And God forbids usury. God gives you 90% value in real goods, the State takes everything and then some. Are you grasping the awful situation you are in?

The Lord has laid all of this out in scripture. He shows you both laws, and he teaches you how to live the law of the land. It is his law. When he commands you to "Go ye out from Babylon, what do you think he means? Is it implausible to think that he might be asking you to forsake the maritime law system we labor under? After all, isn't that what God does? Doesn't he lead people out of bondage and into promised lands? 

Let's look at a few scriptures. We'll start with Jude, who is short and sweet. He laments that certain men crept in among the saints “unawares,” who "have gone the way of Cain, and ran greedily after the error of Balaam for reward, and perished in the gainsaying of Core... Raging waves of the sea, foaming out of their own shame..." (v. 4, 11, 13, Emphasis added). There is the sea imagery, and guess who Baal is? He is the Babylonian god of maritime admiralty law. And what does the real God do? He "executes judgment" with "ten thousands of his saints" (v. 14-15). How does he does that? With common law. The law he gave to Moses. Here is his introduction to it:

And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying, speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, I am the Lord your God. After the doings of the land of Egypt, wherein ye dwelt, shall ye not do: and after the doings of the land of Canaan, wither I bring you, shall ye not do: neither shall ye walk in their ordinances. Ye shall do my judgments, and keep mine ordinances, to walk therein: I am the Lord your God. Ye shall keep my statutes, and my judgments: which if a man do, he shall live in them: I am the Lord. (Leviticus 18:1-7)

Do you see what he is saying? Don't practice that other law, I have my own law to give you. His statutes, ordinances, and judgements are all part of common law, which he promises that if you keep you will live in them. You will be a real flesh and blood person, not a fictional corporation. His warns Israel again in Judges to avoid the gods of other inhabitants:

And ye shall make no league with the inhabitants of this land; ye shall throw down their alters: but ye not have obeyed my voice: why have ye done this? Where I also said, I will not drive them out from before you; but they shall be as thorns in your sides, and their gods shall be a snare unto you. (Judges 2:2-4)

Make no league? Make no contract? They "shall be a snare unto you." The only way they get you to consent to maritime law is through deceit and entrapment. Think of the word "enjoin." What does it mean? To direct a person to do something; order or urge. To require and impose with authority and emphasis; to prohibit or forbid. Did you know that is what a police officer does when he asks you if you understand him? Enjoining is part of their training, it's intentional. They have to get you to consent or they have no authority over you. Is this not a snare? Is the maritime system not a thorn in our side? I'm telling you, God warned you about this millennia ago. There is literally a plethora of scriptures on this subject; volumes could be written on it. But I am just going to share one more from the Book of Mormon that really drives the point home. This one comes from captain Moroni:

And now Zerahemnah, I command you, in the name of that all-powerful God, who has strengthened our arms that we have gained power over you, by our faith, by our religion, and by our rites of worship, and by our church, and by the sacred support which we owe to our wives and our children, by that liberty which binds us to our lands and our country... (Alma 44:5, Emphasis added)

Did you catch that? Freedom is based upon the land. This is why God led the Israelites to Canaan and the Nephites to America. He desires to make his people free. This is your God-given birthright and no one can take that from you. You are bound to the land and it is bound to you, your body is made of the very same minerals found in its soil. God created it for you to inhabit, and when your hard toil mixes with its raw materials the Lord delights in its yield. He did that for you and it brings him joy. We were not meant to live in high rise apartments, or be crammed into metropolitan cities like chickens in a commercial coop. We weren’t even meant to live in subdivisions on small plots looking into the neighbor’s living room out of our kitchen windows. But this is the feudal system we’ve inherited. Some day, probably sooner than later, God will destroy that system, and return this land to its rightful owners, whom he calls the remnant of Jacob. And if we repent, we can join them as co-inheritors of God’s promised land, and if we’re lucky, assist them in building up the New Jerusalem.

UPDATE! February 4, 2022: Since writing this post a friend has reached out to me and told me about a battle that he is having with the IRS. He and his wife have cut ties with the State with its satanic Maritime Law and declared themselves sovereign! Although they lost their home and land, and were arrested twice by U.S. Marshalls and their SWAT teams, they are winning the war against the IRS. But the war is not quite over and your prayers in their behalf would be greatly appreciated. Here are links to their personal Declaration of Independence and their website with more details about the court case:

Declaration of Independence

Although they lost their home and land, and we’re arrested twice by U.S. Marshall’s and their SWAT teams, they sued the commissioner of the IRS and won! But the war is not quite over, as their 48 month battle through 15 court cases of deceit in state, and federal District and Circuit courts will take some time to untangle. Satan and his Deep State minions don’t go down easy. Your prayers in their behalf would be greatly appreciated. Here is a link to their website with more details about the court cases:

SUPPORT: Barbie and Ken vs. Goliath IRS

Postscript: Resources and Study Helps

Back in 2012, my good friend Rock Waterman posted about this very topic. It was the first time I was exposed to the true meaning of the law of the land. He lays it out in classic Waterman style. And at the end he includes copious footnotes and links to court cases that prove that this stuff is real. Click on the link below:

In the You Tube video below, this gentlemen takes you through a myriad of court case rulings that prove that judges know that maritime law is being practiced on the land. It was very insightful:

Here is a link to an audio lecture series by George Gordon, who lives as a sovereign and has divorced himself from maritime law. He offers, or at least he did a decade ago, a mini-law school that teaches you how to live as a free inhabitant. He is very knowledgeable in God's common law as laid out in the Bible. There are about 7 hours of lectures:

And here is George's website:

This video from this English chap was actually one of my favorites. This guy is brilliant and entertaining:

Finally, this lecture is from a former judge from Montana who said the hell with the whole system. He too is an expert in common and maritime law, and how to win every court case. It was recorded in the 90s and the sound quality is poor, and oh ya, it's five hours long. But if you can catch them it's full of gems:

And just for fun here are some words that in "legalese" mean something other than what you think they mean. Semantic deceptions that put us all under commerce:

Driver. one employed in conducting a coach, carriage, wagon; or other vehicle with horses, mules, or other animals. The law requires that a driver should possess reasonable skill and be of good habits. (Bouvier's law dictionary, unabridged, p. 940, Emphasis added) Obviously, a driver is engaged in commerce. 

In a free society, you would be a traveler, not a driver. A traveler has the right to travel. Traveler: A person who passes from place to place, for any reason. (Black's Law Dictionary, Eighth Edition, p. 1538, Emphasis Added)

Carrier. one who undertakes to transport goods from one place to another. Carriage: See vehicle, automobile. (Ibid, p. 423)

Conductor. [Latin "one who hires"] Roman law. A lessee or a person who hires the services of another; a hirer. A person hired to make a specific work; a contractor. (Black, p. 316)

Identify. Sameness. Identity of a person is a phrase applied especially to those cases in which the issue before the jury is, whether a man be the same person with one previously convicted or attained. (Bouvier, p. 1485) Your identification makes you the same as your corporate fiction. 

Summons. To request. (Black, p. 1477) When you are summoned to court, it is only an invitation. You don't have to go, but it sure sounds like you do. 

Here are some common words that show up on legal documents or applications:
Must: actually means "may."
Submit: actually means "to bend someone's will."
Apply: actually means "to beg."
Serve: when you are "served" papers you are just having the ball thrown into your court. The next move is yours, just like playing sports. 
System: the name the Roman's gave to their underground sewer canals. 

Register. To enter in a public registry, to enroll formally, to make a record of. (Black p. 1309)

Registry. See probate judge under JUDGE. Maritime Law. The list or record of ships subject to a particular country's maritime regulations. A ship is listed under the nationality of the flag it flies. See CERTFICATE OF REGISTRY. (Black, p. 1310)

So when you apply for a certificate of title and a registration you are begging the government to take your property. 

Motor Vehicle. Every description of carriage or other contrivance propelled or drawn by mechanical power and used for commercial purposes on the highways in the transportation of passengers, passengers and property, or property or cargo. (U.S. Code 31)

Your car is used in "commercial purposes," hence it falls under commerce. 

DMV: Department of Motor Vehicles.


  1. You mention that the banks are the "creditor" and we are the "debtor" but in reality we are the true creditors who provides the bank collateral (i.e. collateral damage) when we "apply" and "submit" for a "loan". The so called "bank" doesn't have a vault full of FRNs that they "lend" to you when you get a "loan". We create the "current-cy" by our "signature" to "promise to pay" back in real money the so called "debt" to the "creditor" which is actually us once real money is available to do so. Since there is no "real money" and the fiat debt notes "current-cy" can't discharge a "debt" with a "debt" they bind down the ignorant "person" with the illusion of "owing" them plus they only "create" the principal amount but not the "interest" hence creating a slave extracting value from the real creditor through fraud. The interesting thing is the "banks" don''t want to divulge this "secret" (source of the funds for the "loan") especially in their public courts so if the real creditor confronts them to do so they scurry away and move on the the next ignorant "person" to extract from them what they can.

    Love your blog...keep educating the ignorant and sharing truth. It will set us free!

  2. You are exactly right. The FED creates the FRN's out of thin air so the fiat only gets it's value from what we give by trading goods and labor for it. The concept of national debt is supposed to be confusing and ambiguous; they want it that way. But technically, according to their fictional corporate system, the FED is the creditor, in the physical world, we are. If you read my post entitled, "Mystery Babylon Part III: Ignorance and Fear," I quote large sections of the secret document, "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars," and the authors do refer to us as the creditors, and the "method" of balancing the books so to speak is war. In other words, they kill the creditors to balance the system.

  3. Well Kendal, I expect a lot of people who have never heard of any of this before will be absolutely gobsmacked by all that information coming at them at once, but I can affirm that everything you wrote above is the way things really are.

    Words are important, which is why, whether in a traffic stop or in court, I NEVER referred to my car as a "vehicle," myself as a "driver," or my wife as my "passenger" as all denote terms of commerce. Were I to use those terms I would be admitting that I am under the control of the system. The very least we can do is not incriminate ourselves by using their terms.

    It's interesting to note that if a person does not have a social security number, he cannot be drafted into the armed forces. Indeed, he can't even be required register for the draft, as he is not owned by the federal government and cannot be compelled to give his life in foreign wars. (which wars, as I have noted several times at my blog, are in violation of God's clear instructions in D&C 98:33.)

    You have done an amazing job of providing much needed information in this post, Kendal and I've been encouraging people to come here and check it out. If I can make one clarification: not only is no government entity required to solemnize a marriage, no priest is necessary either. When Joseph Smith and Emma Hale were married, they went before Justice of the Peace Zachariah Tarbell, but he did NOT perform a marriage ceremony. The function of the Justice of the Peace was merely to stand as a witness as the couple pledged themselves to each other, after which Tarbell provided them with a written statement affirming that he had indeed witnessed the marriage, and kept a similar statement on file in his office. No license was involved. Indeed, the idea of applying for "permission" to marry would have been considered absurd.

    Likewise, priests were not required (or, in most cases, even welcome) at weddings for many centuries of European history, until eventually the medieval Catholic Church insisted one be present at all wedding celebrations. That decree was roundly ignored by most celebrants as the only function the priest served was to eat the food and drink the wine of the celebrants, nothing more.

    I wrote what I consider one of my best blog posts, a three-parter titled "The Real Threat to Traditional Marriage" where in part three I reveal that threat to be the marriage license, something that was virtually unknown in America until it was stealthily introduced around 1929. The purpose was to control interracial unions, but as everything else promoted by government, it somehow came to be thought of as a requirement, which it is not. No couple is lawfully required to obtain permission from the state to be married, and I explain how that can and should be avoided here:

  4. I was happy to see you provide videos by John Quade, which I had not known existed until now. I had the privilege of being acquainted with John Quade during his time on this earth; in fact, one time at dinner he provided me with some 3.5 inch disks chock full of ancient common law documents, Supreme Court rulings, and valuable information that greatly assisted me in my own awakening to how the law really is intended to work. (This was in the mid 1990's before CDs became prevalent and long before the advent of the DVD.) John Quade, for those who may not recognize him, is best known for his role as the leader of a biker gang in Clint Eastwood's "Every Which Way But Loose" and it's sequel.

    Also glad to see you post a link to the works of the late George Gordon who, with others in the late 1970s and early 80s, operated Barrister's Inn School of Common Law, from which I gained my primary education on the common law by way of 160 hours of valuable lectures and written materials. Among other things, that's where I first learned about Bouvier's Law dictionary, which as you know is an essential reference. Since the marriage license con has long been a hot-button issue with me, I highly recommend George's lectures on marriage which can be found on this page:

  5. Kendal,

    Great work on your new blog. I also love your BOM book on war. I wrote a blog post last year about "slaves rising up against their masters" from D and C 87. I do not think that verse has anything to do with the Civil War. I speculate that it could describe the modern slaves fighting against world governments. What do you think?

    John Peterson
    Central California

    1. John,

      Thanks for the comment. I put your blog on my blogroll. Yes I think your right about D&C 87. It was Northern mercantilists who refused to let the Southern agrarians secede, Lincoln was in their back pocket. And of course now we are all enslaved by the corporation, no matter what color we are. The Book of Mormon calls it "captivity."

  6. Such a great job on reality in it's finest to actually open your eyes and truly understand what's going on thank you


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