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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Upon This Land III: A Bloodstained Nation

 Previously: The Language of Land Ownership

Welcome readers to part III of my series on the land. I know I said I would delve deeper into land patents and how government has stolen our land over the last century, but a very important development has been brought to my attention. 

A groundbreaking new book has just been published by an independent author that unlocks a mystery that has remained hidden within the pages of the Book of Mormon for nearly two centuries. Hidden that is, in plain sight. 

Through this author, the Lord has, in His mercy, granted us a second chance to repent of an iniquity that is serious enough to merit the destruction of an entire nation. An iniquity is more than just a sin. As I explained in my last post, iniquity, according to Mosiah, means, unequality. It is a sin that involves force or coercion, like say, theft, assault, or even murder, which unfortunately will be the subject of this post. 

Before I introduce the author and her book, we first need to address the irony of blood. Blood is our life force, a substance which uses iron to transport oxygenated molecules to all the tissues of our bodies. With the simple addition of a y, iron becomes irony, and blood is ironic because it is involved in the highest good and the most egregious evil. 

Let’s start with the good.

When Luke, the physician, recorded the most agonizing moments of our Savior's suffering in Gethsemane, he explained that "he sweat, as it were, great drops of blood falling down to the ground." His blood that fell that fateful night upon the soil of Israel became the most holy blood in the universe. It became salvific and redemptive, able to cleanse the sins of every living being that has ever existed or will ever exist on this earth and countless others. 

Like a diamond, that blood became subject to pressures that it never merited nor brought upon itself by its own error; pressures that no ordinary human could experience without dropping dead in an instant. Only a God could withstand such pressure without expiring, only a God could experience such an unfathomable level of pain without giving in to the welcoming arms of death. 

Our Savior's blood became holy because it condescended through several levels of sin and iniquity that it voluntarily chose to experience. Those sufferings have been described as "treading a winepress," an ancient mechanical device used to make wine. Now considered one of the only relics we have of ancient Israel before the captivity, the winepress consisted of two vats, an upper trough where the grapes were crushed, and a lower trough that collected the juice. 

In the upper vat, the grapes were bruised and "trodden" upon literally by the feet of workers. This is symbolic of Christ because He was also trodden upon in Gethsemane as He experienced the pain of both victim and perpetrator. He felt those sensations of being trodden upon through the medium of His blood. Because it is the life force of our bodies, blood transports all of our emotions as we are feeling them. It is the medium that carries the chemicals manufactured in the endocrine system that enable us to feel those emotions in the first place. In that sense it is a deliverer, transporting all the chemicals that generate any feeling at any given time. 

Our Savior, through His blood, experienced the physical and emotional suffering of all men, women, and children, as they were living through the most intense episodes of assault, abuse, pain, torture, guilt, anger, sadness, depression, anxiety… and even excruciating death. He felt the hopelessness of the woman who is raped and murdered, the terror of the child who is beaten and threatened, the adrenaline of the soldier who is killed on the battlefield, and the devastating guilt of the murderer who sheds innocent blood. 

Now take six thousand years of victims, perpetrators, mass genocides, fratricidal wars, unrighteous dominions, political intrigues, totalitarian dictatorships, child sacrifice, rape, murder, assault, theft, adultery, and all the pain that accompanies any level of sin, and force those excruciating emotions through the blood of one man. The blood, as carrier, as deliverer, would become so overwhelmed by the sheer demand of all the chemicals and hormones that would have to be created in order to feel all those emotions, that it would literally boil under the pressure. 

That pressure and heat would cause an inevitable expansion that would force the blood through any and all openings it could find within the confines of the physical body. For our Savior, His blood escaped through His pores, microscopic holes in the skin meant only for sweat. Luke, as a trained physician, must have marveled in horror at what he knew was a physical impossibility for any other mortal man.  

Our Savior's blood, being pressed by the chemical reactions of countless concourses of suffering souls, became sanctified. It caught the attention of the elements that make up the universe, the dust that obeys the very voice of God. Those elements became swollen with compassion for what the Savior did. They saw His act as a voluntary injustice. He experienced punishments that He did not merit nor deserve. He suffered for others despite remaining sinless and blameless. The elements could not let this act go unnoticed, and hence, mercy was allowed to overcome justice for those who deserve far less. 

The blood of Christ became imbued with power, able to encircle those who put their faith in Him with the arms of mercy, to purge the sin out of their own blood, and make them clean enough to stand in His presence. That blood, His blood, came to possess the very thing that Satan tried to take from the Father when he presented his agency-destroying plan: the honor of God. And that honor is His power, a power that can only be obtained through selfless suffering and sacrifice. Moroni explains that this power cleanses us through grace:
And if, by the grace of God, ye are perfect in Christ, ye can in nowise deny the power of God. And again if ye, by the grace of God, are perfect in Christ, and deny not his power, then are ye sanctified in Christ by the grace of God, through the shedding of the blood of Christ, which is in the covenant of the Father unto the remission of your sins, that ye become holy, without spot. (Moroni 10:6, RE, emphasis added)

There is power in the blood. Why? Because those who give it up can only do so in a mortal and vulnerable state. Christ's sacrifice was voluntary, and it came at a great price, a price that could only be paid in a physical state wherein pain and anguish could be experienced at immeasurable levels. 

What does all of this have to do with land, specifically this land of promise?


Although Christ is the ultimate prototype of a Being who sacrificed His blood, others have done so in lesser ways. The scriptures teach that land can be redeemed through the shedding of blood: Christ's blood to purchase our spiritual freedom and the blood of patriots to purchase our physical freedom. The Lord Himself told Joseph Smith that this land of America was "redeemed... by the shedding of blood." 

How is this so? Those patriots who gave their all in the Revolutionary War did so by their own volition. There was no draft used to conscript men into the services of George Washington. Others who didn't join the continental army gathered with local militias and defended their hometowns from British tyranny. The blood that was shed was offered, not coerced, which resulted in a redemptive effect upon the land, and a level of grace was granted to all those who enjoyed the liberty that was won by those selfless patriots. 

But just as blood can have a redemptive effect, it can also have a damning one. A nation can begin and end with the shedding of blood. Just as the selfless offering of blood can bring mercy, the forceful taking of it can bring justice. When innocent blood is shed it seeps into the ground of the nation in which the crimes are being perpetrated. From there it begins to ascend up to God who can hear it "crying." This crying blood contains within it all the emotions that were coursing through the veins of the victims at the very moment they were being killed. 

And when the perpetrators of these crimes go unpunished by the law, the justice of God eventually has to make things right. He can only hear their cries for so long before He avenges those who wronged them. When mercy is thrown to the wind by a nation engaging in collective murder, justice has to prevail, or God would cease to be God. 

And this is where the new book comes in. The book is dedicated to those that cry from the ground for vengeance. And who are they? 

The Saints of God. 

Included within this group are little children: innocent, pure, undefiled, and holy. For the past fifty years they have been the victims of one of the most insidious collective crimes that has ever existed on earth.

I'm talking about abortion. 

Since the landmark court case known as Roe v Wade, more than 65 million children have become murder victims in the United States alone. That is more than the total death toll of soldiers and civilians during World War II. 

The author of the book, Amberli Peterson (champion of the Heartland Model of the Book of Mormon and an expert on Jewish holy days) has discovered a pattern in the Book of Mormon that has been carefully hidden for the last two centuries. The pattern has ominous implications for this land of America, as this nation has been engaging in the crime of abortion for over five decades. Fifty years of the blood of the unborn crying unto God for vengeance. Vengeance upon whom? 

The Nation allowing it to transpire.

Fifty is an interesting number. It corresponds with the year of the Jubilee in Hebrew tradition. In that year there was either a forgiveness of sin and debt or a condemnation from God. Condemnation for who? Those keeping others in servitude. God sticks up for the little guy, and the Jubilee was, in essence, a recompense. A chance for a just God to right the wrongs being perpetrated against His people.  

On the eve of the 50th anniversary of Roe v Wade, God granted us a second chance to repent of the national crime of abortion. A decision was reached in the Supreme Court that gave jurisdiction over abortion back to the individual states. What happens now is up to us. Will we raise our voices against this nefarious crime, or will we sit back and allow our corporate state governments to dictate whether or not they will become a "sanctuary state" for abortion?

It is no coincidence that Amerbli's book (written on the subject of abortion if you haven't guessed) was published at this time in history, just over a year after the reversal of the case that introduced abortion to this promised land. I think it is very fitting that a woman was inspired to write a book on this controversial topic, as one mother raising her voice and pleading with other mothers to stop the genocide.

I believe that God has specifically called Amberli to author this book. There is no shortage of His symbolism in her journey that led her to this calling. Her research began in January of 2020, fifty years (the Jubilean year) after abortion was first legalized in New York, which was three years before the decision rendered in Roe v Wade

From there, it took Amberli forty months to finish writing the book. Forty is a symbolic number; a baby spends forty weeks during its gestation period in the womb, and a familial generation consists of forty years. Forty is a number that represents and celebrates life. And all life is sustained by our Father and Creator. 

But the miracle of life is not possible without the Father's Consort, our divine Mother in Heaven, who represents Wisdom. The image of God is both male and female, or in other words marriage, as the man is not complete without the woman and vice versa. And no Being would be more offended at what is happening in our nation then the Mother of our spirits, who understands (more than any other) what it is like to carry and deliver an infant through the pain and travails of childbirth.

The name of the book is Ripened: Why The Book of Mormon Damns America For Abortion:

The basic premise is that abortion was one of the primary reasons that sixteen Nephite cities were destroyed just after Christ was crucified by the Jews. According to Amberli, the Book of Mormon authors have a specific name for abortion, and that name (hidden in plain sight) is a clue that reveals that abortion is an occult tenet of a larger framework practiced by secret combinations, both ancient and modern.

God has admonished us to seek wisdom and learning out of the best books, and I'm telling you, this book is one of the most important books written in this generation. In my opinion, the book is part of God's promise that He would sweep the earth with truth prior to His return, and reveal upon the housetops things that have been kept hidden. 

This book is a key to unlocking knowledge that God has carefully hidden within the Book of Mormon text. Knowledge that reveals just how much trouble the American Gentiles have gotten themselves into, and what to do about it. 

To buy the book on Amazon, click here, but you'd better set aside some time to read it, because once you start, you won't be able to put it down.

With that introduction, let's explore a few concepts from her book without giving too much away. 

Blood That Cries

In chapter five, Amberli explores the phenomenon of blood that cries from the ground for vengeance. This crying blood is mixed with the elements of the ground until the very land itself begins to mourn. The blood of unborn infants is full of anticipation and excitement for life. Fresh from the spirit world, these souls would have been present at the meeting that Job described, where there were shouts of joy in anticipation of the mortal experience. 

However, when these souls are suddenly killed in the womb, the very place that is supposed to be a safe haven for incubating fetuses, that excitement and joy is stifled, and turns to mourning. Mourning that their opportunity to be added upon was stripped from them, for only in mortality can a soul grow and advance in the things of God. When millions of these souls are denied the right to life, those anticipatory emotions, held and circulated in the blood of the unborn, sink deep into the ground where they have no where to go but up, ascending to the ears of a just God. 

Amberli explains it this way:
Since land is made up of matter, it would also necessarily emit a vibrational frequency. Therefore, to the extent that land is in harmony with its purpose (filling the measure of its creation), a harmonious melody is released that is heard by its creator. (p.48)

She further expounds on the writings of Timothy Bence, "a researcher who has studied the effects of human DNA on the soil and land." Bence espouses a theory that when DNA (containing infinite amounts of genetic information) is released into the ground through blood that has been unjustly shed for evil purposes, it can "impact the land in negative ways," emitting "a dissonant frequency at the subatomic level."

In her analysis of Bence's research, Amberli makes this brilliant application to the Book of Mormon concept of crying blood. She writes:

We can rightly surmise that this dissonant frequency, though imperceptible to the ears of man, sounds like a cry of anguish to God--a distress signal. That would account for why Moroni describes the blood of the saints as "crying up" in his prophecies. And why Nephi, in his prophecies, also uses the word "cry" when describing the blood of the saints (2 Nephi 26:3). And Jesus, too, in 3 Nephi, when He tells the people that the cause of the destruction of their lands was that the blood of the saints, "might not cry unto me from the ground against them" (3 Nephi 9:11). (p. 49)

Amberli goes on to expound on "the curse of curtailing life" as evinced by Hugh Nibley, the sanctity of the womb (symbolic of the mercy of God), and the general miracle of childbirth itself (compared to the Tree of Life). 

You will find in her cogent writing, thorough research, and scriptural exposition, a genuine plea for national repentance and an appeal to the Creator for the sanctity of all life, especially for those that are called the offspring of God. Hers is a voice crying in the wilderness, a wilderness inundated with blood, corruption, and the power of the Evil One.

Gadianton and the Secret Plans

Amberli has dedicated an entire section of the book to how abortion becomes rampant when secret combinations rule. I must admit that my mind was utterly blown when I read this part of the book, for in all my years of researching secret combinations, I had never put this piece of the puzzle together. 

Abortion and secret combinations are more than just merely related, they are interdependent. Indeed, child sacrifice is the very source of the political, social, and hegemonic power that secret societies enjoy. When we read in the Bible about the Israelites passing their children through the fire to the pagan god Moloch, we spurn at what we consider the utter savagery and idiocy of these "backwards" people. But the truth is that the Israelites were intelligent, they knew exactly what they were doing; they knew that the act of offering up innocent blood could be harnessed as a source of power from the demonic realm (more on that later).

I have often wondered why Alma gave his son strict charge to keep the secret plans, consisting of: oaths, covenants, agreements, plots, secret abominations, and signs and wonders of secret combinations from the Nephites. I thought this was strange because in other scripture we are admonished to expose the hidden things of darkness, even if we have to waste and wear out our lives to do so. After all, how do we overcome an enemy we know nothing about? 

But after reading Amberli's book, it makes perfect sense why the Lord would want to keep these things hidden from the people. If they had fallen into the wrong hands, destruction would have come upon the Nephites much sooner and the purposes of God may not have been accomplished among them. In other words, withholding this knowledge was an act of mercy. Why? Because those plans contain specific instructions for spells, incantations, magics, and sorceries that summon actual demons for the purposes of granting worldly power and gain to the conspirators. 

And to some who crave power, having access to that knowledge would just be too tempting, and once the door is opened and a secret combination is established, Satan and his minions demand payment for their ongoing services, the price of which is innocent blood.  

This knowledge is the true source of all occultism and goes all the way back to Cain and the Fallen Angels. It is the age-old formula, brilliantly taught by Hugh Nibley, of murder for gain. Not just the murder of Able so that Cain could take his worldly goods, but the murder of the innocent as payment to the false gods in exchange for their granting of political, social, and economic power to secret combinations.

Amberli connects all these dots in the book. She takes you step-by-step through the process of how Gadianton obtained the secret plans, and how that resulted in the Nephites adopting the practice of abortion. She has somehow teased this brilliant analysis out of the text of the Book of Mormon when no one else has been able to do so in the nearly 200 years the ancient record has been available. I think it is obvious that she was led by the Spirit and that God has reserved this knowledge to be released now, at this pivotal time in our national history. 

Because the prophets had safeguarded the records that contained the secret plans so vigilantly, Satan had to put them directly into the heart of Gadianton himself. We can assume that Gadianton, like Cain, became the new Master Mahon, because he received the secret plans through direct revelation from the demonic realm, and thus, became the first Nephite to introduce this occult knowledge to those living on the promised land. 

As Amberli explains in the book, Gadianton made oaths to Satan, and the other members of the secret society made oaths to him, establishing a chain of command. Secret combinations function in precisely the same manner today. The great and abominable church of the Devil is headed directly by Satan and other demons that, in my opinion, have names that correspond with the false gods of antiquity. They lead the top members of the New World Order through revelation, and in turn those mortal leaders, mostly remaining nameless, subtly manipulate from behind the scenes the lower echelons who swear oaths to them.

As G. Edward Griffin explained, these lower echelons consist of concentric circles within concentric circles. They do not know who their superiors are that they are swearing oaths to, but as long as they are granted the worldly power and pleasure they seek, they care little who is pulling the strings above them. Often, the price of being initiated into some of these secret societies is blood, as they are required to kill the innocent to show their fealty to the Order. Once they cross that line, Satan has them, as the Book of Mormon makes it very clear that the sin of murder is very hard to repent of.

Alma tells his son twice that, "whosoever murdereth against the light and knowledge of God, it is not easy for him to obtain a forgiveness." If it is that difficult for an individual to be forgiven for taking innocent life, then where does that leave us as a nation? 

Indeed, how are we to account for the 65 million (and counting) abortions that have taken place under our national watch?

Blood as Currency

Have you ever wondered why history is full of ancient cultures engaging in ritualistic blood sacrifice? We read about this phenomenon transpiring among primitive islanders, the Mayans, the Incas, the Aztecs, the Egyptians, the Sumerians, the Babylonians, the Persians, and many others. Yet it never crosses our minds that these ancient societies were very sophisticated. We just assume that they were a bunch of ignorant "savages" trying to appease some fictitious weather or volcano god. 

Nothing could be further from the truth. 

Moroni reveals that the secret plans, and their oaths and combinations, were had among all people. That means that among every society and culture throughout all of history there were certain individuals privy to these demonic instructions for power and gain. The Book of Mormon, through the story of Gadianton, is revealing a pattern to you. It is a typology of how all secret societies function. God is trying to tell you that even in a righteous society in which prophet-record-keepers guard ancient secrets with all vigilance, that Satan is still able to reveal those secrets to certain individuals. 

And those individuals alone can cause the destruction of an entire nation.

What Amberli explains in the book, is that the primary currency for the promise of power as laid out in the secret plans is the innocent blood of babies. And it is never enough for a few isolated covens to indulge in the practice of child sacrifice. No no, in order for the secret societies to obtain kingdoms and great glory, the crime of abortion must become ubiquitous. It must be perpetrated by the hapless citizens of the nation that the secret combinations have gotten above, and then dedicated to the demonic realm through prayer

Yes, you heard that right. Prayer to Lucifer

As part of her research for the book, Amberli reached out to a former Satanic wizard who converted to Christianity and wrote a book exposing his former craft. His name is Zachary King, and he explains on his website the reason why the demonic realm actually needs innocent blood dedicated to them. In fact, Satan outright demands it. He writes:
Blood sacrifices from abortion are what fuel the demonic world. Satan not only wants destruction, but he especially wants the spilling of innocent blood. The unborn are innocent and without blemish, making them the perfect sacrifice. There's a reason why pagan civilizations murdered their own children as an offering to gods like Baal. Satan doesn't change. (Quoted in Amberli's book, p. 148)

This should beg the following question: how does child sacrifice "fuel the demonic world"? Is there a science to this craft? As a matter of fact, there is. And Amberli offers an explanation in her book that reveals an aspect of the Adversary that is downright mind boggling. 

Just as the conspirators need child sacrifice to be granted power from the demonic world, Lucifer needs child sacrifice as the primary source of his own power. In fact, it is the only source of his power. I'll let Amberli explain in her own words her exposition of why Satan demands so much innocent blood:

When cast out of God's presence for rebellion, Satan was stripped of all power, including and especially the power to create, a superpower that belongs to the Great God, Elohim.

Totally bereft of the power to create anything, he was relegated to the status of the "anti-god," for lack of a better term. In essence, he became something akin to a parasite with no ability to generate any creative power on his own. Like all parasites that require a host from which to siphon life-sustaining power, Satan was shackled with a perpetual need to seek a living host from which he could appropriate the power he needs. With a reliable source of power to siphon from, parasites survive and thrive indefinitely. But without it, they perish quickly. 

Because aborted fetal blood is so rich in a high-octane creative power, it should be no surprise that it became the Primus et Optimus for Satan. And he has been relentlessly poaching this prime fuel from human blood since the dawn of humanity to fuel his kingdom on earth. (Ripened, p. 150)

Now, in light of her analysis, does it make sense why myriads of ancient cultures were incorporating child sacrifice into their societies? And when you read in the Book of Mormon that Gadianton and his band of robbers were using the secret plans to get power and gain, you know the other part of that formula requires the blood of the innocent. 

Not only that, but the way in which the blood must be spilled is an integral part of the equation. Amberli explains in the book that it must be done voluntarily, and then subsequently dedicated to Lucifer and his minions (Zachary King explains that every night members of the Church of Satan dedicate all the abortions performed that day to Lucifer). 

And to those deranged spirits who make up the demonic realm, there can be no better sacrifice than a mother voluntarily sacrificing her own baby. Thus, abortion is the currency that perpetuates the Adversary's diabolical power. 

Is this perhaps that great secret that is spoken of in the Joseph Smith Translation of the Book of Genesis? 

Blood in exchange for power? 

Cain gloried in the fact that he was Master Mahon, "master of this great secret--that I may murder and get gain." On the surface it appears as if he is just describing the act of killing others to confiscate their property, but on a deeper esoteric level, the initiated understand that he is really referring to the slaughter of the innocent.

Ask yourselves the following question: when did a common highway robber ever rise high enough to obtain "kingdoms and great glory"? What is the difference between Cain killing Abel for his sheep and a thug stabbing a middle class man in a dark alley to steal some cash and a few credit cards? 

Nothing except logistics. 

Cain was not concerned with sheep. Killing Abel was Cain's initiation into the Order, his first step to learning the formula that unlocks the power of the great secret, the symbiotic relationship between mortal and demon. 

And Moroni hinted at what that great secret is in his narrative of the Book of Ether. Quoting the daughter of an ambitious man named Jared, Moroni gave you two very important clues about how the ancients tapped into the power of the Adversary. One: the secret plans were brought with the brother of Jared across the great deep, and two: they contained a formula of how to "obtain kingdoms and great glory."

The brother of Jared was probably charged, like Alma, to keep those records safe from falling into the wrong hands, but Moroni just told you that they did fall into the wrong hands. And what did the daughter of Jared suggest they do to implement those plans? 

Kill Jared's father, the king who had just taken the other half of his kingdom back from his son. 

But was Jared to kill his own father just to take back his kingdom? Or was there a deeper motive? Was killing a family member, as Cain did, a requirement for initiation into the Order? More than the mere appearance of killing for gain, was this the ultimate test of allegiance given to members of the Order by Lucifer himself? 

And once the secret combination's power is established, then comes the societal sin we know as abortion, the true source of Satan's power. Like the Nephites, the Jaredites also practiced abortion, and only Amberli, in her new groundbreaking book, has revealed what the Book of Mormon writers actually called this pernicious iniquity.

At the beginning of this post I mentioned that Amberli had discovered a pattern in the Book of Mormon that has ominous implications for America. That pattern goes like this: Satan reveals his secret plans to a Gadianton/Cain type personality, secret combinations are established and quietly take over the government, abortion is introduced into society as a "right," innocent blood ascends up to the ears of a just God, and destruction ensues.

Amberli actually gives you a timeline for how this pattern unfolded with both the Nephites and the Jaredites... and how it might possibly unfold with us Gentiles. And she gives you the most important clue, the missing ingredient contained within the hidden records of the secret plans: the code phrase for abortion, the currency that fuels modern secret combinations.  

That two-word phrase is secret murder

Secret murder is one of the very sins named by Jesus Himself when He gave the reasons for destroying those sixteen Nephite cities. Abortion is called secret murder for at least two reasons: one, the crime is committed in secret, a murder without an investigation, trial, or examination of evidence, and two, it is linked to secret combinations. As with much of the terminology found in scripture, the phrase secret murder has a dual meaning hidden within its first word. Amberli has astutely, and brilliantly I might add, expounded on both of these meanings. 

Which is why I believe that we ignore this book at our peril... it might be the most important book you can read at this moment in history, excepting the scriptures themselves.

Now, who are the biggest proponents of abortion? The United Nations and Planned Parenthood.

The UN has a sordid history. I wrote about that here. In a nutshell, it was a product of the Theosophical Society, formed by two mystics by the names of Alice Bailey and Helena Blavastky. They started a company known as The Lucifer Trust, which became a thinktank for world government. Later they changed the name to The Lucis Trust, with their office located at 666 United Nations Plaza in New York City. You can't make this stuff up.  

The UN is an occult organization on a world scale. And it gets its power from the sacrifice of innocent blood. It is not a coincidence that New York, the place where the UN headquarters is, was the first state to allow abortion, three years before Roe v Wade.

Moroni also warned you about the UN, he said that a secret combination would exist in our day that was so powerful that it would threaten to destroy the "freedom of all lands, nations, and countries." But then he told you how to strip it of its power. He told you that he was commanded to write these things so that evil may be done away," that Satan may have no more power over the hearts of the children of men."

And in that last line he gave you the biggest clue of all. What gives Satan his power? Innocent blood. How do you strip him of power? Stop the killing, and let the secret combinations implode from the inside out.

Have you ever wondered how it is possible that Satan will be bound during the millennium? 

Could it be that as part of the victory of the Savior's second coming, that all the perpetrators of child sacrifice will be turned to rubble, and once and for all be completely expunged from the face of the earth? 

With no mortals to offer their bloodstained emoluments to the self-appointed "god of this world," Lucifer's power will be rendered futile. Those present during this long anticipated event will look "narrowly upon" him, and echo the derision of Isaiah, whose ironic query condescendingly puts Satan in his rightful place. He asks:

Is this the man that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms, and made the world as a wilderness, and destroyed the cities thereof, and opened not the house of his prisoners? (Isaiah 6:6, RE)

God wins in the end, Satan knows he has little time. Those who perpetuate the child sacrifice that powers the demonic realm will soon war amongst themselves, as Nephi once saw in vision over 2600 years ago. As Morpheus once opined, "fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony." How ironic that those who shed innocent blood will have their own blood shed, and that bloodletting will put an indefinite end to the power of the Evil One. 

A Second Witness

Amberli is not alone in her witness and warning about abortion. Just a week or so before she published Ripened, a Messianic Jewish Rabbi named Jonathan Cahn published a book entitled, The Josiah Manifesto: The Ancient Mystery and Guide for the End Times

God, it seems, has commissioned both a Jew and a Gentile to testify of the evil that is abortion. After all, He always establishes His words by the mouths of two or three witnesses

Jonathan's book takes you on a journey through ancient Israel and draws parallels with modern-day America. Like Amberli, Jonathan is also an expert on Jewish holy days, and in his book he highlights how God is still intervening in the affairs of nations through the ancient law of the Jubilee. 

In ancient Israel, the year of the Jubilee came every fifty years. Jubilee was a time of rest and release. Preparation for the Jubilee actually began in the 49th year, because the number 49 is a multiple of 7, the number representing the Sabbath. Hence, Jubilee, was kind of like an ultra-sabbatical year. 

When the Jubilee came, the Israelites would forgive debt, release slaves (indentured servants), and return property to the rightful owner. It was a time of restoration and recompense. No crops were planted or harvested that year, and all people were admonished to return home to be with their families and loved ones. 

On a deeper level, Jonathan shows you how God applies the Jubilee to the perplexities of the nations. Because of God's foreknowledge, He is able to intervene in the business of governments and nations without affecting the agency of mankind. According to the law of Jubilee, a dictatorship is only allowed to last a certain length of time so that the people can have some of their rights and property restored to them. 

In the book, Jonathan starts off using the example of Fidel Castro, who resigned from power fifty years to the day of his rise to dictatorship. He also cites examples of Old Testament leaders who lost their power on Jubilee years. Jonathan's introduction of this concept sets the stage for the crux of his book: the correlation between abortion and Covid 19 in the nation of America.

He shows you how the timing, severity, and death associated with Covid 19 corresponded precisely with the timing and death associated with the introduction of abortion-on-demand in two states: New York and Washington. Abortion was legalized in these states in early 1970, three years before Roe v Wade, and the Covid "plague," as he calls it, first hit New York and Washington in the early months of 2020. In fact, Jonathan shows you how it was fifty years to the day that Covid entered and spread into each state. 

What is also fascinating, is how the death tolls in those states in early 2020 matched almost exactly the number of children aborted in early 1970. Jonathan is, of course, relying on statistics that could be incorrect or manipulated, but the correlation is none the less interesting. I must admit that I do not agree with everything in the book, specifically that Covid is an infectious virus and a plague created by God. But I do believe that God often uses the wicked to punish the wicked, and He could certainly use a man-made disease/bioweapon to that end. (To find out my views on virology, check out this post.)

Despite my few points of disagreement, I highly recommend the book. To get the full scoop on how God deals with the perfidious crime of abortion, Amberli and Jonathan's books should be read together. Like the Book of Mormon and the Bible, they are complimentary, addressing the topic from different yet reciprocal perspectives.

Click here to buy Jonathan's book on Amazon. Also watch the video below:

Final Thoughts

Let's return to the topic of land. When I began this series, I wrote about how our bodies are made out of the same elements that we find in the land. In that sense we are connected to it intimately, in fact, it is part of our physical and chemical make up. 

The land is also alive, and it has agency. King Benjamin declared once that we are less than the dust of the earth. Why? Because the dust obeys the voice of God and we generally do not. Nephi, son of Helaman, testified of this very thing:
Oh how great is the nothingness of the children of men, yea, even they are less than the dust of the earth! For behold, the dust of the earth moveth hither and thither, to the dividing asunder, at the command of our great and everlasting God. (Helaman 4:10, RE)

If the dust (the elements) obeys the commands of God and has agency and intelligence, then it knows when the blood of the innocent begins to seep into it. When enough blood enters the ground the land begins to mourn, as Amberli has so elegantly described in her book. 

Keeping this phenomenon of mourning land in mind, we have to look to Enoch for the final piece of the abortion puzzle. Enoch lived in a time that rivals ours. He was tasked by God to gather a people into a Zion society to avoid ensuing destruction caused by world-wide violence. He was successful, and his city was taken up into Heaven. 

But while he was preaching repentance to those committing egregious atrocities against their fellow man, he had a conversation with the earth itself. She was pained because of the wickedness of her children, and begging for her Creator to sanctify her. The earth was in need of a baptism, to cleanse her of the filthiness which had gone forth out of her. 

What was going on during the time of Enoch that was causing the earth so much pain? 

Bloody violence in the extreme, including abortion

There are two clues in the record of Enoch that allude to the fact that abortion and child sacrifice were rampant in his day. After Zion was taken up in Heaven, Enoch was allowed to look upon the residue of the inhabitants of the earth, and he saw that "the powers of Satan were upon all the face of the earth." 

What are the powers of Satan? 

Paul described them as "principalities... powers... the rulers of the darkness of this world... spiritual wickedness in high places

In light of what I've been learning in Amberli's book, these entities get their power from child sacrifice in the form of abortion. Enoch saw in vision that this was happening all over the world. It was ubiquitous. 

Now keep in mind that this was after Zion was taken up, so Enoch was looking down upon the days of Noah as they were taking place. And what did the Lord tell his disciples about the days of Noah?

But as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also at the coming of the Son of Man. (Matthew 11:11, RE)

Abortion in the days of Noah, and abortion in our day. 

Now let's look at the second clue. When Enoch asked God how it was that He could weep, God told him the reasons why He would be compelled to send the floods upon the earth. He explained to Enoch that He had created mankind to love one another, but all He found on earth were men who were "without affection" and who hated their own blood

Is God describing those who deliberately kill their own children in exchange for worldly power? For "kingdoms and great glory"? Or those who go along with child sacrifice because they view abortion as a human "right"? "My body, my choice..."

Paul described our day as eerily similar. Among the list of sinful activities he saw us engaging in, he included the phrase "without natural affection." Tell me, dear readers, is there a more apt description of someone willing to kill their own progeny then the Paulian phrase above?

Natural affection toward an unborn baby is something that just happens in mothers. It is instinctual, built-in to human DNA as part of the survival mechanism. If it begins to disappear from society, then we know that something supernatural and otherworldly is taking place. We know that Satan is indeed laughing, and has wrapped his figurative chain around the earth. 

The days of Noah were characterized by supernatural phenomenon. In the apocryphal books of Enoch, Jubilees, and Jasher, these days are described as being plagued with violence, DNA manipulation of plants, animals, and men, and subjection to a world-wide tyrannical government. 

Folks, we're there, Noah’s days have become ours. Enoch saw it. Our only hope is to be included within the group that the Lord described to him below:

And great tribulations shall be among the children of men, but my people will I preserve. (Genesis 4:22, RE, emphasis added)

It is my prayer that we can all be found among His people. The Book of Mormon tells us about a few prerequisites that can lead to that blessed condition. Those who survived the destruction in 3 Nephi were not participants in two insidious crimes: one, they were not killing the prophets, and two, they were not committing the abhorrent crime of abortion.

This should be our moral ground zero. 

Even when everyone in society is engaging in murder, and laws have been changed to uphold that murder, it is our duty to stand up for what is right. To obey God in defiance of the status quo.

When tyrants rule, obeying God is a revolutionary act. 

I can think of no better way to prepare yourselves for the battle against child sacrifice than to read Amberli's book. She guides you through the reasons why abortion has been used for millennia for the purposes of the Adversary, why it gets introduced into society, and what to do about it. 

Her timely book is a wake-up call to a Gentile nation that is speedily heading for destruction. A destruction that could be avoided if enough of us wake up, repent, and return to God. 

I cannot recommend this book enough. Please support her and purchase a copy on Amazon. And in the meantime, watch the video below of Amberli introducing the book to a group of friends:

I also recommend Amberli's new blog. She has written her first piece on what iniquity means, and how that plays into secret murder. Click here to read it. 

Stay tuned for part IV, where we will delve deeper into the corporate history of USA INC., and how the federal government has stolen our land.


  1. Thank you for such an all encompassing over view of a writer and her creation.

    Having spent years as a journalist, (now 74 and retired), I must say, perhaps too many words have been offered, distracting readers from the discoveries that could come from the book's author.
    I will leave this comment as one womans perspective.

  2. This blog post was brilliant, Kendal. So exquisite in detail, that it was in many ways painful to read. I am still reading Amberli's book. Between yours and Rock's posts, I am feeling that there is even more urgency for as many people as possible to get this book and read it! You are very right about its importance. Heartbreakingly so.

  3. This is really great work. I’m sharing it with family and I’ve ordered Amberli’s book as well. Thank you.

  4. Selling your soul to the devil is the only way someone like Joe Biden could become president of the US or Nelson could become head of the LDS church. God would never approve of either man. Great work as usual Kendall.

  5. Asia Rayne Dutson testified that R.M. Nelson performed a ritual abortion on her at the age of thirteen along with three other girls while she was being groomed and abused in the LDS Church of Satan.

    1. Yes, he is a son of perdition and chose this path long ago.


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