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Sunday, December 24, 2023

This is the Place: Brigham Young and the Holy Grail

 Previously: The Pilfering of the West

Welcome readers. I originally was going to make this post Part VI of "Upon This Land," but when I began researching for this topic I quickly realized there is enough material to merit an entire series... or maybe even a book. 

Hence, I've begun a new series I've dubbed "This is the Place." This first post will be a deep dive into Brigham's ancestry and how that may have played into some of his beliefs and antics as de facto governor of Utah and LDS Church president. How blood fits into the bigger picture, and what it all has to do with the legend of the Holy Grail. 

In subsequent posts I'll be covering the trek to Salt Lake Valley and the founding of Salt Lake City... and what might have already been there when Brigham and crew showed up.

I hope you all enjoy. Just know before proceeding that this could be a paradigm shifter, I know it certainly was for me when I began the descent into this rabbit hole.

With that, let's begin.   

There is no evidence that Brigham Young ever uttered the words "this is the place" when he stumbled into the Salt Lake Valley, half alive, following a scouting party led by Orson Pratt and John Brown.

Like many other faith-promoting myths now circulating within the LDS narrative, this one takes its place on the shelf of rumors that have morphed into gospel--the gospel of Brigham Young's supposed inspiration of being directly led to the Salt Lake Valley by the Lord Himself. An odd claim indeed for a man whose dying lament was the fact that he had never seen the Lord or received a single revelation for the Church. 

Yet it is myths like these that make up the stuff of history. Religious institutions bent on preserving their financial status and power rely on such myth to cement into the minds of their followers a subtle, yet legible link between mortals and gods. The human psyche, after all, must have its heroes, and those heroes must be qualified by a seemingly undying obedience to the true God of Heaven. 

But what if Brigham actually was inspired in his trek to find a place of refuge for him and the rest of the Twelve to practice their beloved craft we know as spiritual wifery? Indeed, what if this "Yankee Guesser" was directed to go to Salt Lake Valley long before he arrived there? 

The question is: inspired by what and directed by whom?

Unfortunately, there is no direct evidence suggesting that Brigham was was financed by the Rothschilds to found Salt Lake City. If smoking-gun evidence for such a plot exists, I suspect it is buried deep within the stone vaults of Granite Mountain.

Yet isn't it odd that Salt Lake Valley is now quickly morphing into a western hub for globalism? From the annexation by the UN of the Salt Palace to the West's first Smart City being built on the Point of the Mountain... well, things are escalating quickly. 

Have you ever noticed on a map that Salt Lake Valley is quite literally the dead center of the West, nestled comfortably within vast corridors of BLM lands owned by the Federal government? Besides it being a major railroad hub during the late 1800s, it is now the home of an NSA data collection center, an Army biological lab, and the future headquarters of Facebook, Google, Silicon Valley (now Silicon Slopes), and Goldman Sachs. 

The point is, Brigham Young must've had some real foresight in his choosing of such a place, appearing in 1847 as a glistening desert of sage brush and salt water.

What did he know? 

Well, we don't know what he knew. But despite the lack of smoking-gun evidence there are clues to follow. Subtle clues involving family histories, symbols housed within corporate logos, "chance" meetings with black-robed Jesuits, and the blatant involvement of high-level Mormons in Freemasonry. 

As it turns out, there is a case to built here, albeit one bread crumb at a time. 

In this and the posts that follow I am going to build on that case from what I've learned from my own research. I highly recommend that before proceeding you are at least awake to the fact the Brigham Young was a scoundrel, a usurper, and a sexual deviant, using his ill-gotten religious authority to legitimize full-on adultery and transform it into a sacrament. 

But was he really just some rogue Machiavellian who lucked his way into the chief seat of the Mormon hierarchy? Or was he a calculated infiltrator who hailed from an elitist blood line, who in fact created the Mormon hierarchy and used it to advance the purposes of the Vatican?

Just a few months ago I wrote a piece espousing the theory that Brigham Young became an empire to himself much like king Noah in the Book of Mormon. As always I added the caveat that of course I could be wrong on my hypothesis. 

I now believe I was wrong. 

Although I believe much of this history has been suppressed, there appears to be a story emerging out of the remains of a fallen civilization, a story of intrigue, murder, and cover up, coupled with Jesuit complicity and financed by powerful banking dynasties. 

It is almost as if someone knew how important Salt Lake City would one day be to the New World Order. Someone quietly directing things from behind the scenes.

Before we proceed there is another caveat that I need to make that deserves considerable emphasis. Some of the sources I will be using to connect these dots are authors that lump Joseph Smith in with Brigham and the rest of the Mormon Masons. This is simply not true. 

Joseph was not a part of any of it. 

Like many of you, I believe his death was most likely orchestrated by Brigham and other conspirators like Heber C. Kimball, John Taylor, and Willard Richards. 

When it comes to Joseph we must make a choice. Was he who he said he was or not? God has laid out the criteria that we must judge this prophet by. He has vouched for Joseph, and laid the burden of discernment upon us. Here are His words to Joseph while he was rotting in Liberty Jail:
The ends of the earth shall inquire after your name, and fools shall have you in derision, and hell shall rage against you, while the pure in heart, and the wise, and the noble, and the virtuous shall seek counsel, and authority, and blessings constantly from under your hand. And your people shall never turn against you by the testimony of traitors, and although their influence shall cast you into trouble, and into bars and walls, you shall be had in honor. And but for a small moment, and your voice shall be more terrible in the midst of your enemies than the fierce lion, because of your righteousness, and your God shall stand by you forever and ever. (T&C 139:7)
With that said let's dive right in. Our first clue in this quest lies in the origins of Brigham's ancestry. As it turns out, he may have been more than a humble carpenter before he joined the church in 1832. Brigham was descended from a bloodline that some perceive as royal, stemming all the back to the Merovingian kings of France. 

The Brigham Family

Brigham, the first name given to Mr. Young, is actually the last name of his great-grandmother on his mother's side, Sibil Brigham. The name Sibil is derived from Sibylla, which is a Greek word meaning "prophetess," or "female soothsayer." Sibil, who lived from 1718 to 1807, was the great-granddaughter of Thomas Brigham, who lived from 1603 to 1653. 

The Brigham family has many famous descendants in history and today. Here are some of the recognizable names:

  • Actors/Actresses/singers, ect.: Josh Brolin, Geena Davis, Paul Walker, Liv Tyler, Humphrey Bogart, Tim Robbins, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Jane Fonda, James Taylor, Dennis Wilson (Beach Boys), Kim Kardashian, Bette Davis, Tommy Lee, Cindy Crawford.
  • Presidents/politicians/generals/bureaucrats, etc.: George W. Bush, Cavin Coolidge, Gerald Ford, Sara Palin, General William Tecumseh Sherman, General Joseph Hooker, Allen and John Foster Dulles, Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush. 
  • Businessmen, inventors, poets, etc.: Eli Whitney (inventor of the Cotton Gin), Averell Harriman (son of railroad magnate E.H. Harriman), Bill Gates, and Emily Dickenson (poet).
Honestly, if the only names appearing on this list were George Bush and Bill Gates that would be enough to arouse our suspicions, but General Sherman, the Dulles Brothers, what is going on here? 

The late comedian George Carlin used to say about the world elites, "it's a big club, and you ain't in it." But what if it is also a big family, like a "royal" family? What if it is all about the blood? What if the phrase "keepin' it in the family" is more than just a reference to hillbillies in West Virginia? What if the latter is the modus operandi of Luciferian elites the world over?  

I think we may be onto something here. Discovering who Brigham Young was may hold the key to finding out why he was so obsessed with polygamy and blood atonement. What was it about the blood that he was so interested in?

According to Fritz Springmeier, author of Bloodlines of the Illuminati, all LDS and RLDS presidents have been descendants of the Merovingian kings. This is a bold claim, but is there some truth to what he is espousing?

Interestingly, Springmeier has more ancestral information on Brigham Young than any other Mormon leader, and has endeavored to trace his bloodline all the way back to the Merovingian kings in his other book, Be Wise As Serpents. This is a fascinating genealogy to say the least.

Springmeier claims that Brigham is descended from multiple Merovingian bloodlines, including two other families, the Wheelers and the Collins. The latter hail from Massachusetts, keep this in mind in part II when we talk about Brigham's frequent trips to Boston. 

Click here to view Springmeier's genealogy of Brigham Young. When you get to the names such as Clodius, Dagobert, and Charlemagne, we're talking about the Merovingian, or Frankish kings.

Who exactly were these people? And why are they important to the elites? Before we move on with Brigham's trek to Utah, we need to 
cover some of the Merovingian legends, history, and symbols they used. After doing so, some of Brigham's antics in early Mormon history might make a bit more sense.

The Divine Blood of Kings

This information comes from a book written in the 1980s by Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh entitled, Holy Blood, Holy Grail. As we descend down this rabbit hole keep in mind that these authors believe that Jesus Christ escaped crucifixion and fled to France with Mary Magdalene where the two had a surviving progeny. The bloodline of which found its way into King Childeric, the first Merovingian king of the Francs.

Obviously, I don't believe the premise. I believe that Christ died on the cross just as the scriptural prophecies predicted. But remember, sometimes more important than the truth is what the elites actually believe. And they believe this nonsense. They believe that they have royal blood which endows them with a "right to rule." If they can trace their lineage through Jesus Christ, then they can trace it through the line of David, which they believe entitles them to kingship.


Fortunately, the Book of Mormon sheds some light on where this idea of royal blood (with ruling rights) actually comes from. It is a tenet of the Mystery Schools, described by a Nephite initiate named Giddianhi. He totally let the cat out of the bag here in his epistle to Lachoneus. As you'll recall, he stated that he was the governor of the "secret society of Gadianton," the works of which were of "ancient date," and known by him "to be good."

What is he describing? The religion of Luciferianism (The Great and Abominable Church of the Devil, Mystery Babylon, the Whore, etc.). And then at the end of the epistle he reveals the true purpose of the secret society's existence, so that his people "may recover their rights and government." And there it is, their so-called right to rule. 

But wait, there is yet another place in the Book of Mormon that speaks of this very thing. Among all the things that captain Moroni had to deal with during the war with the Lamanites, perhaps the worst was the problem of the Kingmen, who like modern scheming leaders, were using the distraction of war as a means to implement a coup in government. In Mormon's narration of this event he casually adds a key phrase to his description of these men, as if he assumes we already know what he is going to say. 

He briefly mentions almost as an afterthought that these men "professed the blood of nobility." What a loaded statement! Volumes could be written on that one sentence. Yet Mormon assumes we already know what he is talking about, which tells me that Mormon knew much more about this subject than he was letting on (after all, he did have full access to the plates of Lemhi that contained the secret plans of old). 

This was a clue, deliberately placed in the text to get us to think. To establish a typology, to get us used to looking for patterns. Pattern recognition is, after all, a major component of IQ testing. The scriptures are loaded with patterns, and in my opinion, God uses these patterns to teach us. One example, for instance, would be the pattern of ascension that all prophets experience before they have an audience with Christ. God teaches us through parables, patterns, and repetition. This is how we are wired. 

If we've lost the ability to recognize patterns it does not mean we are not intelligent. It simply means that the public educational system has stifled something that is inherent in all of us. Public education is geared toward socialism and informational regurgitation, not pattern recognition. They are feeding you a narrative but don't want you to think about how it came to be. Churches do the same thing. Why do you think General Conference talks are regurgitated so much in local LDS meetings? 

As a society we have lost the ability to think for ourselves. As Arthur Fletcher once opined, "a mind is a terrible thing to waste."

For the rest of this and subsequent posts, forget everything you've learned in your formal education about world and church history. Proceed with a tabula rasa (blank slate) and cast away your preconceived notions. Remember, the winners of wars and the victors (think Hunger Games) over fallen civilizations get to re-write history, and they can make up whatever stories they want. 

And in our modern metaverse, now facilitated through AI, the historical narrative can be fictionalized with unprecedented articulation. They can thicken the plot, generate photos and depictions, add fictional characters for literary flavor, and declare total and complete nonsense as historical fact. 

They are banking on the probability that your educational training will not allow you to actually think about what you're reading. They are hoping that you skip over the declared absurdities without a hint of skepticism or critical thinking. But I digress. 

Let's get back to the Merovingian kings.

Like all good bedtime stories, the legend of the Merovingian kings is enshrouded in myth and enigma. It begins with Merovee, or Merovech, a supernatural figure with two fathers. After his mother was impregnated by King Clodio, she went swimming in the ocean and was impregnated a second time by a "beast of Neptune," which was similar to a Quinotaur (a Quinotaur has the head of bull and the body of a fish). 

So we have a figure here who has the blood of kings mixed with the supernatural. You could even call him a priest-king, is this beginning to ring any bells? Think of all the mythological legends about hybrids; Aquaman comes to mind.  

Merovech is made up of two words: mero, meaning "rumour, news, famous," and vech meaning "fight." Another way of saying it would be "rumors of wars." 

Have I got your attention now?

Do you see what they are doing with these myths and legends? They are messing with you. These are psychological operations designed to get in your head. Think about that next time you watch a Marvel movie. 

Speaking of heroes, Merovech was said to possess superhuman abilities because of what? His blood. Blood is the key here. Keep that in mind. This concept goes all the way back to Cain. Lucifer is directing his followers to establish bloodlines. This is the Satanic imitation of something that I'll point out later. 

Like the priests of Pharaoh, the Merovingian kings were associated with the divine. They were known as magicians, sorcerers, "occult adepts, initiates in arcane sciences," and "practitioners of esoteric arts..." (Holy Blood, Holy Grail, p. 181. KE). 

Wait a minute... so you're saying these guys were Mystery School initiates?

Hold the phone. Looks like the psyops just got a little more intense.

But there's more. They also had "phenomenal longevity," through an "arcane spell." Longevity eh, didn't Henry Kissinger just pass away at the ripe old age of 100 just a month ago (who else can you think of who is nearing that age?)? 

And speaking of the word spell, why do we use it to describe the process of correctly numbering letters in a word? Is our entire language under a spell? And why do they call it a spelling bee?  

Did you know that one of the symbols of the Merovingian kings was the bee? Merovech's dynastic son was named Childeric I, and in his tomb they found 300 golden bees adorned with garnet inlays. What did the bees symbolize? 

Divine feudalism

Bees live in top-down hierarchical societies with designated social classes that cannot overlap. Worker bees stay worker bees forever. There is no advancing in bee colonies. 

Now, let’s look at the name of Merovech's son, Childeric. Two words: child and eric. Is it a coincidence that the word child is the root of the name? Do not children compete in spelling bees at the behest of their teachers/overlords. Again, look at the language of the myth, look at the words. What are they communicating to us? Is it something like this?:

We're children under a spell who need divine leaders to control us

They are belittling us with words in our own language that we use mindlessly everyday. I just watched the new Hunger Games movie a few weeks ago, and what was the main theme? Human beings are animals that need to be corralled. These humanistic and Darwinian messages are everywhere and shoved right in our faces.

Now I'm going to ask a rhetorical question: why, oh why, did Brigham Young adopt the beehive as a symbol for Utah? Just keep that in mind as we proceed.

The legend continues that the Merovingian kings were born with a distinctive mark, what looked like a red cross either over the heart or between the shoulder blades. This should ring some bells, because there is a famous secret society who sports the same symbol: the Rosicrucian Order. The French word Rosicrucian literally means "rosy" or "red cross." And where have we seen the Red Cross today?

Things that make you go hmm...

What's next? Long hair that gave them superstrength like Samson? 

Actually, yes. They were known as the "Long-Haired Kings," and in 754 A.D., Childeric III was deposed and while in prison the Pope ordered his hair to be cut. (Honestly, they could've been a little more original here. The Old Testament had first dibs on the long hair thing.)

What about wizards? Can I get a wizard inserted into this story? Oh wait, there already is one, his name was Merlin. Merlin and Merovech begin with the same three letters, what a coincidence, and Merlin just happened to be a contemporary of these kings. The word mer has a very interesting etymology, it means "to rub away," or "harm." Or, in another word, death

Ok, now the game… uh, I mean myth makers are just being belligerent. Apparently, all their myths lead to death. Death to who? The profane? The tributes?

If Merlin was a contemporary then that makes King Arthur one too. You know the story, Disney made it palatable to children in their classic cartoon, The Sword in the Stone. But were Merlin and King Arthur real? There is no evidence either one ever existed. So what does it all mean?

Well, he had his twelve knights of the roundtable... we've definitely heard the number twelve before. And did not Cecil Rhodes have his roundtable as well? Arthur plus the twelve knights equals thirteen, the number of "perfect" government. In antiquity, this meant the sun and the twelve constellations. 

So what does Merlin represent? Why, the Mystery Schools of course (secretly mentoring the young kings behind the scenes). Disney repeated the story in The Lion King, using Rafiki the monkey to represent the mystery adepts. And it just so happens that the lion is also a symbol used by another group with ties to the Merovingian kings, along with a chimera that is part lion and part fish. More on that later. 

The authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail have found a link between the name Arthur and the Merovingian kings in the form of yet another animal: the bear. They assert that according to the "Prieure" (Priory of Scion) documents, the Merovingians can be traced to ancient Greece, and more specifically, Arcadia. 

Arcadia comes from the word Arkades, which means "People of the Bear." And here we have yet another bedtime story: the legend of Arkas and Callisto. In Greek mythology, Zues had an affair with a mortal named Callisto, who conceived and bore the child Arkas. When Zues' wife discovered the infidelity she turned Callisto into a "Great Bear" and forced her to wander in the woods. 

When her son Arkas (whom she longed to be with) was hunting one day, he came across her and attempted to kill her with his bow, not knowing it was is own mother. But at the last minute Zeus swooped in and placed them both in the constellations before he could release his arrow. We know them today as Ursa Major and Minor, the Big and Little Dippers.

And if you're wondering if Disney covered this legend as well, they most certainly did. The name of the Pixar animation was Brave, coming out in 2012. They just can't resist the urge to indoctrinate our children in all the lore of the Mystery Schools. 

Interestingly enough, the Welsh word for bear is arth, where we get the name Arthur. So here we have the myth of the Merovingians (hailing from Arcadia) and the myth of king Arthur converging in a single animal: the Bear. Why would the myth makers intertwine these two tales? 

Perhaps to tell us who they are. 

The answer may come from the New Testament. John described the Beast as having what? The form of a leopard, the feet of a bear, and the mouth of a lion (Revelations 4:6, RE). Whoever the myth makers are, they make up the feet of the Beast, which means they literally carry all of its weight.  

Would it surprise you at this point if you found out that the Merovingians were polygamous? 

The authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail include a quote from another author named Wallace Hadrill, who wrote a book entitled, The Long-Haired Kings. Basically, the Merovingians took any woman they wanted, whether queen or slave, and whatever children were born out of such debauchery were grafted into the royal blood line. Here is how Hadrill describes it:
Why was it [polygamy] tacitly approved by the Franks themselves? We may here be in the presence of ancient usage of polygamy in a royal family--a family of such rank that its blood could not be ennobled by any match, however advantageous, nor degraded by the blood of slaves... It was a matter of indifference whether a queen were taken from a royal dynasty or from among courtesans... The fortuna of the dynasty rested in its blood and was shared by all who were of that blood. (Holy Blood, p. 185-86)

Does this not sound like Greek mythology? The gods can sleep with any other goddess or mortal they choose but the blood of the gods endures, only bolstering the mortals it flows through and never being degraded.

Did Brigham Young believe this nonsense? Is that why he spread his seed through dozens of women? Did he believe his blood was divine? Did he realize that he was a descendant of these "priest-kings"? Is this why he justified taking any other man's wife as his own, simply because he had more so-called "authority"? Indeed, did he use the ruse of priesthood “authority” to hide his true beliefs that his blood was royal and even supernatural? 

These are interesting questions to ponder. Brigham Young is somewhat of an enigma. Especially to those of us who believe that he corrupted the Restoration that Joseph began. I think the Lord will continue to reveal more about who this man really was so that eventually those who question the LDS narrative will have all the facts before them.

As a side note, there is a herculean effort now underway at clearing Joseph Smith's good name from polygamy and Freemasonry once and for all. Justin Griffin did a recent podcast where he named many of the participants, past and present, who have and are currently aiding in that effort:

There is just one more thing to cover before I get into the trek to Salt Lake, well, maybe two. We must follow what happened in the Merovingian line from Clovis to Dagobert. This will lay the foundation of how the Roman Catholic Church came to rule all of Europe. It began with a pact between Church and State, with the Merovingians acting as the muscle for the Pope long before Ingatius of Loyola created his Jesuit Order. 

Clovis Before the Jesuits

When Constantine made Christianity the Roman State religion it was still factionalized. Centralization of authority was a slow process that took time, yet Constantine noticed that the transition to State religion was easily facilitated by the factions looking to centralize authority in local bishops. This began with the Episcopalian movements and spread into other groups. After three centuries, the brazen independence of primitive Christianity was beginning to phase itself out. (See The Christian History of the Constitution of the United States of America: Christian Self Government, compiled by Verna M. Hall, p. 18) 

It wasn't until the late 300s that the Bishop of Rome began to call himself the Pope, but he was still in competition with other bishops throughout Europe. A century later the Roman Church came up with a stratagem, they would solicit the help of secular authorities to cement and centralize their power. They would endeavor to enforce their priestcraft by the sword

But this would require entering into a pact, for such an aggrandizement would necessitate a quid pro quo. In the late 400s, King Clovis (Grandson of Merovee) was approached by Saint Remy, and a series of secret meetings ensued. Clovis had been busy building up his kingdom and annexing adjacent kingdoms through brutal domination, and was only a stone's throw away from becoming the most powerful ruler in western Europe. 

He needed the Church to complete his power play, and the Church needed him to expand its spiritual hegemony. In 496 a deal was struck. The authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail describe the arrangement as follows:
It would ensure the Church's survival and establish that Church as the supreme spiritual authority in the West. It would consolidate Rome's status as an equal to the Greek Orthodox faith based in Constantinople. It would offer a prospect of Roman hegemony and an effective means of eradicating the hydra heads of history. And Clovis would the means of implementing these things--the sword of the Church of Rome, the instrument whereby Rome imposed her spiritual dominion, the secular arm and palpable manifestation of Roman power. 

In return Clovis was granted the title of "Novus Constantinus"--"New Constantine." In other words, he was to preside over a unified empire-- a "Holy Roman Empire." (Holy Blood, p. 187)

Here we may have the true symbolism of the Sword in the Stone. Clovis and the Merovingians being the sword and the Roman Catholic Church, feigning authority from the "Rock of Peter," representing the stone. 

Clovis was adorned in the cloak of religion and baptized publicly, and to this day French children know him as the king responsible for converting the Franks to Christianity.

But it was all a ruse to create a superstate under the auspices of religion, a monstrosity known as the Old World Order. The Book of Mormon would call it exactly as it was: an Order of Nehors endeavoring to enforce their priestcraft by the sword. Nothing more.

Did not Brigham Young endeavor to the do the same by making himself Church president and de facto governor of Utah? 

And do we not read that the Mystery Religions of old desired to control the three fishes that consumed the phallus of Osiris, symbolically representing the Church, the State, and the mob?

Getting back to the story, a century and half later Clovis' descendant Dagobert I was murdered, and his son, Dagobert II, heir to the throne, was kidnapped by the conspirators and consigned to death. But the problem was that neither Grimoald (the mayor of the palace) nor the bishop of Poitiers, his co-conspirator, had the stomach to kill the child. 

So young Dagobert was exiled to Ireland where he, with the help of some Northumbrian princes, received his formal education. Later he befriended the Bishop of York, who secretly assisted him in reclaiming his throne. 

Does this story sound familiar? A king is murdered, and his heir to the throne is exiled and/or left for dead. But through the help of friends he learns who he is and comes back to reclaim his rightful place as king. This is the story of The Lion King.

It makes one wonder, who is writing this "his-story"? Honestly, can we believe any of it? It seems like the myth makers are telling the same stories over and over again. But I digress. 

Dagobert II neglected his pact with the Roman Church and focused on increasing his own power, and as a consequence, the latter was complicit in an assassination of the king while he was hunting in the woods. It seemed that they didn't need the Merovingian kings as muscle for the Pope anymore, instead relying on their own in-house thugs to accomplish their designs. And to add insult to injury, the Church canonized the name of Dagobert and made him a Saint.

Ah the perfect ruse, kill your enemy and then turn him into a martyr. This scheme certainly worked brilliantly for Brigham Young. 

After Dagobert the his-story of the Merovingians gets murky. It was rumored that he had a son with a Visigoth wife whom they named Sigisbert, whose bloodline has trickled down to the current day. But the official story is that the bloodline was "lost," kind of like the Big Lost River in Idaho, dumping itself into the aquifer in the desert and eventually emptying into the Snake River, but no one knows where. 

Remnants of this myth have percolated into our modern popular culture. Most of us know about the Holy Grail because of Monty Python's classic 1975 parody, which I might add was hilarious. Python outlines the story of King Arthur's search for the Holy Grail. You know, the cup that caught the blood of Christ at the crucifixion. It, like the bloodline of the Merovingians, was also lost, and needed to be found, because it possessed magical powers and supernatural properties.

If you missed Python's film don't worry, you can catch George Lucas and Steven Spielberg's version released in 1989, the American classic Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. This one parrots the exoteric legend, that the Grail is the cup of a carpenter, granting whoever finds and drinks from it "eternal life." And oh ya, the bad guys are the Nazi's, who were also looking for it. 

As it turns out, that part really happened, but the Nazis knew that it wasn't a "cup." It was something for more Aryan, if you know what I mean. 

Do you remember the boat scene in the movie when Indy is fighting an entire gang of assassins who have sworn to protect the Grail? The leader of the group tells Indy, and us, exactly who he is: a member of an ancient Brotherhood called the Cruciform Sword. 

What was Lucas doing here? What was he trying to communicate? Remember when the guy opens his shirt and shows Indy the tattoo on his chest? The one that looks like a churched-up cross, similar to the mark the Rosicrucians had on their chest? And as you'll recall from earlier in this post, the Merovingians were also said to have had such a mark. Here is the scene in case you forgot:

So if not a cup then what exactly is the Holy Grail? And why has it been so enshrouded in enigma? What are the myth makers trying to tell us through this legend?

Grail, in earlier writings, was called the Sangreal, or the Sangraal. According to the authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail, a the French version was Sang Raal, or Sang Real, which means Sang Royal, or, wait for it... Royal Blood (See p. 388-89).

Were not the Nazis trying to establish a superior race known as Aryan? They too were obsessed with blood and bloodlines. What George Lucas doesn't tell you in the Indiana Jones movies is that many American corporations were collaborators with the Nazis. If you don't believe me then read this post about Standard Oil.

And that brings us back to Brigham Young, who was also obsessed with blood, claiming that it was a "mercy" to have your blood spilled upon the ground if you committed certain sins. Constantly telling the saints not to mix their blood with the "rebellious" Gentile blood. And claiming that Joseph Smith was "entitled to the keys of the priesthood according to blood." And making similar claims for himself:
You will never see a man called to preside in the Priesthood of God on the earth who is not purely of the blood of Abraham. You may set every man down to be a pure descendant of Abraham, who holds a position in this Kingdom, and holds the keys of, and officiates in, the ordinances of the Holy Priesthood. Either God has not called him, or he is a pure offspring of faithful Abraham. When strangers and aliens are talked of, we talk of Gentiles. (Stated in Conference, Oct. 9 of 1853, quoted in The Complete Discourses of Brigham Young, p. 260)

Do you see what Brigham did there? He flipped the Gospel around on its head so that he could incorporate the idea of royal blood into the narrative. Let's compare that statement with what the Book of Mormon says about how God is no respecter of persons:

And he inviteth them all to come unto him and partake of his goodness, and he denieth none that come unto him, black and white, bond and free, male and female; and he remembereth the heathen, and all are alike unto God, both Jew and Gentile. (2 Nephi 11:17, RE, emphasis added)

The further we dive into Brigham Young, the more anomalies we find. Was he substituting the phrase "Holy Priesthood" for Holy Grail? Did he know what line of kings he descended from? Was he, like Cain, attempting to imitate God's true Holy Order and establish a hierarchical secret combination? 

Indeed, was Brigham far more wicked than we give him credit for? Was he like unto Cain, the very man he claimed to have had a cursed seed? Having had a knowledge of the truth and then rebelling against it?

Before moving onto to Brigham's trek West, there is another aspect to his-story we must look into: the importance of symbolism. Symbols are how the elite communicate who they are to each other. It is another language altogether, one strictly hidden (albeit in plain sight) from the profane. Did Brigham use symbols that identified him with the elites of the Old World? 

Indeed he did.

The "Lion of the Lord"

Have you ever wondered why Brigham was referred to as the "Lion of the Lord?" Where did the appellation come from? Have you ever looked at the statue of the lion adorning the Lion House at Temple Square and wondered why it was put there? 

A lion has long been associated with royalty, so why did Brigham use this symbol to mark the living quarters of himself and his harem of wives? If you look close at the lion it resembles the Belgic Lion, or the Leo Belgicus, the lion used in old heraldry maps of the low countries of Europe: the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, and part of Northern France (where the Merovingians hail from). Check out the image below:

As a side note, this part of France is close to Luxembourg and the Rhineland of Germany, which is where another elite family, the Rockefellers, are from. 

This Dutch lion was used in all kinds of European coats of arms all throughout the middle ages. If you type in lion heraldry and coats of arms on a search engine, you'll find that nearly all the old heraldry symbols of Europe pretty much look the same, as if one entity is directing and controlling them all. 

The most common coat of arms found is similar to the one that the Dutch East India Company used. Wait a minute, a corporation used a coat of arms? Yes, which means that they were representing a superior power that was secretly directing them. 

Who was it? Why, the Vatican of course. The Dutch were once the muscle behind the Vatican's antics in Europe and around the world. The Dutch East India Company was a corporation, incorporated under the Vatican, and during the early colonization of America, it was worth about ten trillion. In other words, it was the Blackrock and Vanguard of its day. (No wonder the American colonists vehemently protested this company). 

So who were the Dutch? Weren't they just harmless bakers who gave us the Belgian Waffle? No, they were the Black Venetian Nobility, the shadow feudal lords who dominated Europe for centuries. In my opinion, they are the descendants of the Merovingians, the "lost" bloodline of Frankish royalty. 

As you'll recall from earlier in this post, the bee, a symbol used by the Merovingians, had to do with "divine feudalism." Feudalism is corporatism and fascism, the very thing the Dutch East India Company was involved in. Let's have a look at its coat of arms:

There is some very interesting symbolism displayed here. Remember, symbols are how Lucifer and the Satanic elite identify themselves. 

Notice the chimeral lions (lion heads with mermaid tails) holding up (supporting) a headless knight. 

The lions are a mix of Venetian and Merovingian royalty, which is why I believe the two are related genealogically. The upper half resembles the Belgic Lion used in Dutch heraldry that we just went over, the lower half is the same tail displayed by the Merovingian Quinotaur, half bull and half mermaid or fish. It looked something like the image below.

And what about the headless knight? 

This is where it gets really interesting. The headless knight represents shadow government. Today we call it the Deep State; the silent controllers acting behind the scenes manipulating world events, feeding us a false historical narrative, and using technology to brainwash, control, and distract us. 

Is it a coincidence that Brigham Young just happened to use two of the most blatant symbols of Merovingian and Venetian power, the bee and the lion? 

At this point I no longer believe in coincidences.

There is yet another angle to why Brigham is associated with the lion. This one has to do with his close friend Heber C. Kimball. Heber was involved in Freemasonry long before he ever joined the nascent Mormon Church. As it turns out, he wasn't just your run of the mill Mason, he was a Master Mason who had been initiated into the advanced degree of the Royal Arch. 

The Royal Arch is above and beyond the 33rd degree of Freemasonry. It is a reference to the constellation of Leo, the lion. The Royal Arch is the place where the sun is highest and most powerful in the northern hemisphere. This happens on June 21st during the summer solstice. It has long been associated with the "divine right of kings" because the sun, representing God or light, appears higher and brighter in Leo than in any other constellation. It is represented below by the MGM Lion we are all so familiar with:

Notice the circle around the lion's head. That represents the Zodiak. The very top of the circle is the arch, or the constellation of Leo. This is why you always see arched doors and windows in old world buildings. 

If you know what you're looking for you can find this symbolism everywhere. Another place we find it is in the newest logo of the LDS Church. I wrote about that here.

Heber joined the Milnor lodge in Victor, NY on September 14th of 1825. There he entered York Rite Freemasonry and its first three degrees of Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft, and Master Mason. He later petitioned the Excelsior Chapter at Canandiagua for the Royal Arch degree and was accepted. 

Another name to keep in mind here is Abraham Jonas. 

He was the Grand Master over the Illinois area and the man who helped to organize the "Mormon" lodges around Nauvoo. Jonas, a Jewish lawyer, was a friend of Abraham Lincoln, and a member of the Illinois legislature. Ronald Meldon Karren, in his book, The Exoneration of Emma, Joseph, and Hyrum, highly suspects Jonas as being the man who added Joseph's name to the Masonic rolls posthumously, or even while he was still alive.

Karren also points out the fact that it was Heber who was assisting Jonas in establishing lodges and helping to incorporate Freemasonry into the Secret Chamber in Nauvoo. Karren includes the following quote from Stanley Kimball's book, Heber C. Kimball: Mormon Patriarch and Pioneer
Heber served in the Nauvoo Lodge as Junior Deacon, and by checking certain passwords and grips, was responsible for seeing that "no cowans and eavesdroppers," or non-Masons, were admitted to lodge meetings. He also carried messages from the Worshipful Master in the East to the Senior Warden in the West and elsewhere about the lodge as required. Five Mormon, or largely Mormon, Masonic Lodges were established in the area: the Nauvoo, the Nye (named after Jonathan Nye, past Grand Master of Vermont), and the Helm (named after another Grand Master) lodges in Nauvoo proper, as well as the Rising Sun Lodge, No. 12, in Montrose, Iowa, and the Eagle Lodge in Keokuk, Iowa. The lodge hall in Nauvoo was considered to be the best in the West. (Quoted in Karren, p. 254)

Here is where it gets interesting. 

Heber began using scriptural language such as "Holy Order" to describe the fraternity of Mormon Freemasons, which, in my opinion, was the classic mingling of scripture with the philosophies of men that we hear about in the Temple ceremony. 

He claims to have been initiated into the Holy Order on May 4th of 1842, the same day that Brigham Young (and others) supposedly received the temple endowment from Joseph Smith in upper room of the Red Brick Store (See Karren, p. 128).

If you want to find out all the holes in that story, watch this episode of Michelle Stone's podcast, 132 Problems:

They also referred to this Holy Order as The Quorum of the Anointed (eerily similar to the Second Anointing we have heard that the Q15 participate in today). Karren concludes that another name for this group was the Secret Chamber. 

So what is going on here? 

We have what appears to be an attempt, like Cain of old, of imitating the Lord's Holy Order and morphing it into a secret combination. It appears that Heber was the mastermind behind this, which begs the question:

Was Heber Brigham Young's assigned handler? 

In my last post I pointed out that Teddy Roosevelt was a descendant of the Black Venetian Nobility, yet he was assigned a handler in the form of Gifford Pinchot, the Skull and Bones acolyte who pushed for Federal land grabs behind the scenes. 

This begs another question: are those of royal blood assigned handlers to keep them in line? To keep them from straying from the agenda of the controllers? 

An interesting fact about the Merovingian's is that, although they were considered divine kings, they did not participate in the "low" duties of ruling. They left that up to the palace mayors and other subordinates. Like world leaders today they only appeared to rule, while the faceless Party (Big Brother) ran things from behind the scenes. 

Was Heber one of these behind the scenes administrators for King Brigham?

Perhaps. It at least appears that he was Brigham's Masonic mentor. 

In part II we'll cover more of Brigham's story, his trips to Boston during the early 1840s, and his meeting with a Jesuit priest at Winter Quarters in 1846. But Before concluding this post there is just a little more to say about the Holy Grail. 

So how do we know what part of the Merovingian story was myth and what was reality? Is the story of the Holy Grail a corruption and imitation of something that was actually divine? Or it is all myth? 

Often, as I write these posts, after digging and scraping into as much obscure research that I can find, and just after I think I have the whole rabbit hole figured out, a truth bomb is dropped on me and I have to start over and view the entire thing from a completely different perspective. 

A friend dropped such a bomb on me recently and blew my mind. Now my brains are all scrambled up, so bear with me as offer this alternative to the Babylonian version of the Holy Grail. 

The True Grail

Logic and reason tell us that Jesus was married, I mean, if marriage is ordained of God, would not God Himself also comply with this divine law? Would not He set the example? If the Father in Heaven is married to a Heavenly Mother, would not Jesus follow His example? After all, He does nothing but what He sees His Father do.

Have you ever wondered at whose wedding it was that Jesus turned water into wine? Have you ever thought that, just maybe, it was His own? I am beginning to believe that the marriage of Cana was a celebration of the union between Jesus and Mary Magdalene. 

There is one more bedtime story to relate here, and this one just might be the actual truth. As the legend goes, Joseph of Arimathea was personally asked by Jesus to escort his wife Mary to safety after His death on the cross. Joseph accepted, and took the pregnant Mary to Egypt where they stayed with some friends temporarily (according to some accounts, there were more children). 

Why would Mary Magdalene be unsafe in Israel? Because if it was true that she was the bride of Christ then that would make her a queen, and a threat to the power players in Jerusalem, namely, King Herod, et al

After a few months it was determined that Egypt wasn't safe and a longer journey was required. Joseph secured a boat and took Jesus' family northwest across the Mediterranean Sea and made their way to France. Eventually they settled in northern France where it was safe enough to raise the children, which brings us back to the Merovingians.

It was said that one of Mary's daughters married into the Merovingian line, which would validate their claim to possessing the blood of Jesus. However, they corrupted His holy blood and used their power for evil, subduing and brutalizing their subjects, engaging in polygamy, and using their association with the Divine as an excuse to rule in unrighteous dominion.  

Now, you can believe whatever you want, all I am doing here is presenting information to you. The more I learn, the more I realize I don't know anything.

Another interpretation of the word Merovee is "vine of Mary." This vine was represented in the symbol of the fleur de Lis, the three-pronged lily that was used in French coats of arms. It looked something like this:

This symbol was used by the Merovingian kings and it was understood that only those who were descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene could lawfully display it. 

 This was a symbol of Royal Blood. It also came to be associated with the lion. Notice the familiar symbol below that we have seen on many European coats of arms:

As you can see the fleur de Lis is displayed on the lion's tail. Why a lion? It is a symbol of the "Lion of Judah," or Jesus Christ Himself. So here we have a symbol of the the union of Jesus and Mary, and their right to reign as king and queen over the earth, which they will literally do during the millennium. 

But like all other symbols, Satan has corrupted this one and used it for his own purposes, i.e., by secret societies hellbent on world domination. Everything that Satan does is an imitation and corruption of something that God did first. 

God uses symbols to teach and instruct us in His mysteries, and one ploy of the Adversary is to make us think that the symbols were evil in the first place. I have certainly fell into this trap as I've studied secret combinations over the years.

So where does this leave us with Brigham Young? As it turns out he may have actually had the blood of Christ flowing through his veins, but like the Merovingians, he chose to use it for evil purposes.

Who else may have had this royal blood coursing through them? 

Joseph Smith. 

I am beginning to postulate a new hypothesis. I am not so sure that Brigham and company killed Joseph so they could take over the Church and practice their polygamy craft, I mean, I think that was definitely part of it. But what if they killed him because Brigham saw him as a blood rival?

What if Joseph was the "rod" to come out of the "stem of Jesse"? spoken of in the Doctrine and Covenants? Let's consider what it says:
Question: What is the Rod spoken of in the 1st verse of the 11th chapter [Isaiah 5:4] that should come out of the stem of Jesse?

Answer: Behold, thus says the Lord: It is a servant in the hands of Christ, who is partly a descendant as well as of Ephraim, or on the House of Joseph, on whom there is laid much power. 

Question: What is the Root of Jesse spoken on in the 10th verse of the 11th chapter [Isaiah 5:4]?

Answer: Behold, thus says the Lord: It is a descendent of Jesse as well as of Joseph, unto whom rightly belongs the Priesthood and keys of the Kingdom, for an ensign and for a gathering of my people in the last day? (T&C 129:2-3)

Who was Jesse? King David's father, who Christ was a descendant of. Taken to its logical conclusion, someone from the "root of Jesse" could also be a direct descendant of Jesus Christ.

Here is another question to ponder:

Is the story of Joseph and Brigham like unto Cain and Able? Two brothers hailing from the same lineage? One whose offering was accepted and the other one rejected? One killing the other in cold blood according to a secret oath? One faithful to Christ and the other to Lucifer? 

Perhaps. The hypothesis is certainly thought provoking. Maybe in a future day God will reveal more about what really happened in the 1840s, or maybe the secret vaults of the LDS Church will be one day be opened for all to see...

Regardless of Church history, there is another question to ponder: 

Was the symbol of a cup, chalice, or vessel, as carrier for the blood of Christ, used to represent the true Grail, the secret place, or the holy of holies, the very womb of Mary Magdalene, the true vine of the Merovee, distributing that blood copiously into the very margins of the nations, trickling down to our present day? 

Perhaps. Maybe, like the seed of Abraham, the Grail represents the continuation of the blood of Israel, designed to bless all the ends of the earth, as God's grafting of the true vine into the nithermost regions of His vineyard?

A blood line designed to bless and uplift, not to subdue and dominate.

Stay tuned for next time when we dive deep into Brigham's intel about Salt Lake Valley that he received from a Jesuit priest...

PostScript: More to Study

This is a talk from Denver Snuffer about the role of the Divine Wisdom and the true nature of our Heavenly Parents. 

And this video is where I learned about the Dutch East India Company. It lays out the history of the Vanderbilt family. It was very interesting:

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