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Sunday, May 14, 2023

The Beast is Coming to Utah VI: Smart = Control

 Previously: Bank Lines of the Illuminati

Have you ever read any dystopian novels? Some of my favorites over the years have been Animal Farm, 1984, Brave New World, Anthem, The Hunger Games, Fahrenheit 451, and The Alliance

The Alliance was the first dystopian novel I ever read, and it is one of the most riveting. Authored by the popular Mormon Gerald Lund, it paints a terrifying scenario of the Beast system. In a post nuclear holocaustic world, survivors are relocated to a new society known as the Alliance, where crime, and even "harmful" emotions have been eliminated. 

Citizens are fitted with computer chips that are surgically implanted into the back of their necks. If they get out of line, or even feel the wrong emotions, painful shocks are sent throughout their body. Lund's main character, Eric Lloyd, leads the resistance against the newly established tyranny. Eric is the first to rip the chip out of his neck and escape into the wilderness where he can begin to organize small pockets of resistance. 

The novel is an epic tale of what one man is willing to do to become free. Eric faces grizzly bears, harsh elements, and starvation, all while being hunted by authorities. The story is truly inspiring, and as a teenager it made me ask myself what price I'd be willing to pay for freedom. 

In the coming years we may all have to ask ourselves the same question. Will we stand up to tyranny like captain Moroni of old? Or will we submit to the new technocrats like the "good global citizens" they are asking us to be? The sobering truth is that technology is far more advanced than what many of these classic novels portray. 

For example, with injectable nanotechnology, they can control every aspect of your life. These tiny smart bots which are connected to the cloud, can monitor your thoughts, your emotions, and your physical health. They can simulate the effects of drugs by simply uploading a program into the nanotech; drugs that can put you to sleep, torture you, or even kill you. With nanotech they don't need to implant chips into your body; the globalists are way past that. 

Unlike Eric from The Alliance, it won't be as simple as ripping a chip out of your neck. Once the nanotech is injected into your body, it will take a miracle to get it out, if it doesn't give you cancer or heart disease first. And if you think what I'm saying is far-fetched, you should realize that globalists like Noah Harari, Klaus Schwab's right-hand man, have already admitted that the Covid crisis was the moment when surveillance went under the skin. Have a listen for yourself:

Can you think of anything other than the jab that went under skin post-Covid?  

Also realize that years before they actually admit what they are up to, they often foreshadow what they are planning to do in the plots of movies. One popular Disney movie that came out in 2014 introduced the concept of nanotechnology to children. The movie is Big Hero 6, and it is the story of a super-smart kid who invented microbots. These nano-bots are controlled by wearing a mask that communicates with the neurons in the brain, and they are capable of forming into whatever the mind imagines. 

The main character, Hiro, becomes close to a robot that his brother created just before he passed away in a fire. His brother's personality is living on through the robot, who begins to develop emotions and free will. The transhumanist agenda is very apparent in the animated film. The propaganda is two-fold: one, the microbots endow the controller with super-human powers, and two, the personalities of real humans can live on through artificial intelligence. The entire theme is one of human transcendence over the limits of mortality. 

Don't you find it curious that Noah Harari is declaring that humans do not have free will, yet movies since the 1980s classic Short Circuit have been portraying AI as being capable of that very thing? 

What interesting and terrifying times we live in. 

Do you remember the TV series Revolution that came out in 2015? It takes place in a post-apocalyptic world that was destroyed by nanotechnology. Once the survivors figured out that the technology existed, the struggle became over who controlled it. 

Other popular movies with nanotech in their plots include Terminator, The Day the Earth Stood Still, I Robot, Transcendence, and Agent Cody Banks. In Star Trek the Borg use nanotechnology to assimilate individuals into their collective society. 

They have been propagandizing this stuff for decades. 

But nanotechnology is just one facet of the burgeoning metaverse, the man-child of the 4th industrial revolution… really nothing more than a digital prison they are building for your mind. It will not seem like a prison at all, as you will be able to travel anywhere, do anything, and feel anything, all in the comfort of your government-issued flat via virtual reality. Of course, it will all be an illusion, but, after all, reality is merely "electrical signals interpreted by your brain," as Morpheus so aptly described it. 

The prophet Isaiah described these latter times and Nephi recorded them on his small plates. Remember, Nephi saw everything that Isaiah and John the Revelator saw, but was forbidden to write it on the plates. Part of Nephi's testimony of the vision he was shown is ensconced in the writings of Isaiah and John. When you study all three prophets, a picture begins to form. 

Isaiah declared that the Lord would someday yet choose Jacob, and "set them in their own land." He is talking about the remnant of Jacob as described by the Savior in the Book of Mormon. This remnant will consist of a mixture of Israelites and "strangers," who will come "from far unto the ends of the earth." These are all those who accept the covenant of this dispensation, those who are seeking to escape the Beast. Isaiah describes the promise of the Lord unto this group as follows:
... and they shall take them captives of whom they were captives, and they shall rule over their oppressors. And it shall come to pass in that day that the Lord shall give thee rest from thy sorrow, and from thy fear, and from the hard bondage wherein thou was made to serve. (2 Nephi 10:4, RE, emphasis added) 

Hard bondage? What is he talking about? I think we will all know in the coming years. A recurrent theme in the Book of Mormon is that God chastens His people in order to try them. Remember the people of king Limhi who were brought into bondage by the Lamanites? This is a mini-typology of God's patter of testing and trying His people and then delivering them. 

As you'll recall, God led Alma the elder and his converts away from king Noah and into the wilderness. After Noah was burned to death, his son Limhi became king just as the Lamanites brought his people into bondage. After a trial period, God delivered both groups and led them to Zarahemla where Mosiah welcomed them into his kingdom. 

Do you see the pattern? God works will small groups and leads them independently to larger groups where a convergence takes place. This is the pattern I believe He will follow when He begins to gather latter-day Zion. I also believe the entire book of Mosiah is a typology of this pattern, meant to be understood by us in our day.

The good news? There will be a gathering. The bad news? Times may get really hard first. Perhaps many of us will be brought into bondage by the Beast system. Globalists have been laying the foundation of that system for decades.

And Utah has become the pilot state. 

They are building one of the nation's first smart cities right now as I write this blog piece, and they are calling it The Point of the Mountain. 

The Point

If you've never heard of Utah's smart city, I recommend the following videos: 

Part I:

And Part II:

If this second video, Chelcie Hope explains that the word smart is actually an acronym for:

Surveillance, Monitoring, Analysis, Reporting, Technology.

In other words, it means control. 

You can go to this website to follow the progress of the construction. This project has been in the works since 2018, when the point of the mountain state land authority was formed. Like the Port Authority, the Point Authority also consists of 11 unelected board members who come from government backgrounds. The backgrounds of the two co-chairs tell you everything you need to know about who is behind the Point.

It is an alliance between government, business, and religion. 

The younger co-chair, Jordan Teuscher, is employed by the LDS Church, his job is to negotiate "complex real estate agreements" for them. He was also elected to the Utah House of Representatives in 2020, and currently serves as the co-chair of the Blockchain and Digital Innovation task force. I can't help but wonder if some of these "complex real estate agreements" involve inside deals on some of the state-owned 600 acres that the Point is being built on. Also interesting is his involvement in Blockchain, as this will be the technology used to keep your digital currency tied to your ESG (social credit) score. 

The older co-chair, Lowry Snow, was also a former rep in Utah's House, as well as the past president of the Utah State Bar. This means that Snow is an expert in maritime law. The BAR Association is a foreign agent originating in Britain in 1213 AD, with ancient ties to Rome. BAR stands for British Accreditation Registry, which is a franchise created by the Jesuit Knight Templar's Crown Corporation of England, a fictitious entity consisting of Freemasons that are now tied to the United Nations. 

It looks like The Point will have its maritime law basis covered.  Click here to read up on the rest of the board members.

They are building this 15 minute city on top of Utah's old state prison site, and in this year, 2023, they will start the demolition. The project is expected to be under construction until at least 2026 and probably beyond. I'm guessing they want to have it complete by 2030. 

Even though this will be Utah's first official smart city, there are 243 cities in Utah that have partnered with the governor's office to incorporate smart controls. If you click here on the governor's website you'll see that they are calling Utah the "digital state." One of the links you'll find there will take you to Envision Utah's website. 

Here you have a perfect example of fascism: private organizations working with government. The Point is the brainchild of Envision Utah, and you shouldn't be surprised to learn that the LDS Church also has its tentacles in this NGO. Its treasurer is Sterling Orlander, an attorney and shareholder in Kirton McConkie, the Church's legal arm. And M. Russel Ballard is one of its "special advisors." 

They are heralding the project as a "business opportunity" for Utahns. But the question is, opportunity for who? Obviously, since construction is overseen by an unelected board, they will hand-pick the construction companies that get to bid the project. They will also hand-pick the wealthy speculators who get to purchase the land and own the buildings. 

Because we are dealing with bureaucracies and not free markets, they can easily manipulate the project so they and their connected friends make ass-loads of money. The Point is being touted as one of the biggest public works projects that the Utah state government has ever undertaken, which leaves plenty of room for corruption. 

Besides the business as usual stuff, there is of course a more sinister agenda at play. Utah's 15 minute city is not just another business opportunity for government-picked winners, it is based on goal number 11 of the UN's 17 goals of  "sustainable development," which is, to "make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable." 

The words "safe, resilient, and sustainable" in this context are doublespeak for "digital prison." The term doublespeak comes from George Orwell's popular novel 1984, and it is a propaganda method used by the Party. The point of propaganda is to make people believe that something means the exact opposite of what it really means. Today some call that "fake news." 

One propaganda slogan used by the Party in Orwell's novel is "Freedom is Slavery." To enjoy a successful totalitarian franchise they had to make their subjects fear freedom. The alternative they provided was total dependance and subjection to the faceless leader known as Big Brother. Big Brother will take care of you, Big Brother loves you, Big Brother is watching you. 

Agenda 2030 contains many elements of 1984. The narrative of fear is that climate change will destroy the future world unless something drastic (draconian) is done. And incidentally, only the globalist leaders (Big Brother) have the cure for global warming, which is in a nutshell: own nothing and be happy. 

Winston Smith is Orwell's main character; he owns nothing and lives in a government-issued flat. A telescreen in the flat is always on and watching Winston's every move. He finds a tiny corner that is just out of reach of the camera's view where he writes a journal; a crime punishable by death. 

Winston works at an establishment news outlet called Newspeak, where he sends any news that doesn't peddle the Party line down the memory hole. He lives in what would now be an antiquated version of a smart city. Only members of the Party in 1984 are allowed to own and travel in vehicles. Citizens walk everywhere or use public transportation. You see this same narrative in The Hunger Games. And when you add Aldous Huxley's Brave New World into the mix, you have the perfect recipe for ultimate control: dumb-down your subjects with drugs and voyeuristic entertainment while you build a prison around them. 

This is the direction we are heading with smart cities, smart technology, and virtual reality. Here a few examples of how they will use technology to control you:

If you have eaten you daily allowance of calories they will shut off your smart fridge. If they detect disease in your body from the anal scanner on the toilet they will force a chemical "treatment" on you. If your ESG score falls below a minimum requirement they will shut off your water, your power, or your digital currency payment. If you don't have enough carbon credits you wont' be able to travel outside of your smart city. There will be cameras all over the city and all over the apartment complex where you live. 

They have been scanning the entire earth, creating a digital twin of every popular tourist attraction so that you can sit in a flat with a VR set on and explore your favorite places. They don't want you going anywhere in a car. In fact, they have plans to outlaw gas vehicles by 2035. They have ambitious plans of going from net zero to absolute zero, the latter meaning that no one drives or flies at all (except the elites of course). Eventually, the only transportation will be electric rail.

Here is a layout of The Point:

BRT stands for Bus Rapid Transit. This is the primary mode of transportation they want in these cities. There won't be parking lots or garages large enough to accommodate vehicles for the amount of people that live there. This city is being built with a carless model in mind. Populations that are immobile and unarmed are much easier to control, and I can guarantee that guns that will not be allowed in these cities. To me, the layout looks like a human corral, designed to to keep the herd contained. 

Technology may become so advanced that they could actually upload a perimeter fence into the nanotech. It would function like a dog fence, delivering painful shocks to those who get too close to the boundary lines. I know what you're thinking, this sounds like a far-fetched sci-fi thriller movie, but you must realize that technology is far more advanced than the government lets on. They may already have the capacity to create human corrals simply through injectable nanotech. 

This map shows a layout of the living and business "districts" in The Point:

As you can see, there are six districts that will make up the bulk of the city. The Hub is not a district, but the center of town where all the shopping and entertainment will be. I find it interesting that there are six districts, as this number seems to be consistent with a certain theme we all know. Six feet of social distancing, six districts in our smart city prison, and six black and white transitions in a QR code.

In fact, let's just look at a QR code for a moment:

Do you notice the three larger squares in 3 of the 4 corners? These are known as "internal positioning marks," which indicate to the scanner which way the data should be read. If you start on the outside border of any of these squares, you can count six transitions of black and white until you reach the other border. The sequence is as follows: black outer wall, white inside border, large black square, white inside border, black outer wall, and white interior border. 

Each square has six transitions, and three squares add up to 666. This number only appears on what is visible to the human eye, because the digital information the QR code contains is in the small patterns and not the large squares or "marks." The latter act as mere reference points. 

The QR code also bears resemblance to the black and white checkerboard floors that Freemasons use in their temples. I wrote about that here

Now look at it again, the layout of the QR code has a similar appearance to the random spots on a leopard. If you scroll back up to the images portraying the districts of The Point, you'll notice a similar pattern, as well as the entire city resembling a somewhat jagged outline of a leopard's paw. And where have we read about a leopard being identified with the mark of the Beast? 

In the Book of Revelation:
And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion... (Revelation 4:6, RE) 

The occult Luciferians who run the world love to shove their symbolism in our faces. Everything in the coming digital world will be symbolic of who is behind it: Lucifer himself. 

He just can't help himself, he has to leave his trademark on everything he does. This hubris is actually a blessing in disguise, it allows us to follow and track everything the Luciferians are doing, just as they are attempting to track us. 

I found another interesting scripture in the Book of Jeremiah. It is a prophecy about the future "daughter of Zion," who will lament that she is surrounded by murderers. Speaking of those who have turned from God and refuse to repent, Jeremiah declares that:

... a lion shall out of the forest shall slay them and a wolf of the evenings shall spoil them, a leopard shall watch over their cities; everyone that goes out from there shall be torn in pieces because their transgressions are many and their backslidings are increased. (Jeremiah 3:4, RE, emphasis added)

A lion shall slay them? Remember lions represent royalty or government, or those of the line of David (or who falsely believe they hail from that line); we're talking about capital punishment here. A wolf shall spoil them? Wolves represent false ministers, teachers, and leaders who dress in sheep's clothing and view their flocks as prey. 

And finally, a leopard will keep them locked in their cities? Do you see the theme? You will not be able to leave the smart city. A leopard, who represents spots or marks, will keep you contained. If you try to escape you'll be torn to pieces. Will this somehow be implemented with nanotechnology? 

I know this is depressing to think about, but remember that God WILL provide an escape for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. 

Returning to the image of The Point above we see that the yellow and orange districts will be living complexes for human prisoners, and as you can see, they pale in comparison to the size of the business/office districts. The high-density housing they are planning on building will have to reach upwards instead of outwards. 

This is based upon the model nation of Agenda 2030: China herself, the motherland of the globalists. 

Globalists have been working with China for a over a century, building it up and molding it into the communist power that it is today. China has skipped smart cities altogether and has gone straight to extremely dense, high-rise buildings.

What they want is to put you away in a massive complex, a modern version of a cushy concentration camp. Here is what one of these looks like in China, which houses up to 30,000 people:

Where ever you live, look around you. Have you noticed that contractors are building apartment complexes everywhere? This is because the Covid crisis created artificial shortages in supply chains, especially in building materials. And when you combine that with the prospect of rising interest rates, renting an apartment becomes much more affordable than buying a house. They have made it far too expensive for the younger generation to own a home, and trust me, this was planned. 

Instead of using paramilitary police to round you up and throw you into these complexes, they are using market forces that they artificially created. It is actually pure genius; blame it on capitalism and let the dominos fall effortlessly. In addition, they can provide incentives to woke construction companies who will build these massive complexes with sustainability in mind, and the woke corporations who own the buildings can implement their own tenant rules that fall in line with Agenda 2030. 

A fascistic corporatocracy will rule this roost. They are already squeezing out non-woke corporations with ESG ratings. The new stakeholder capitalism will ensure that only woke corporations will be picked by government regulators, who will also be in league with them via public-private partnerships. It's all been planned for decades, maybe even centuries. 

You need to remember as you watch this unfold that this is Lucifer's system. This is the moment in history that he’s been waiting for since he directed Cain to establish the first city. He planned the entire thing. The transhumanist and transgender agendas are all him. Mass surveillance, herding people in smart cities, taking away the land given to us by God... is all Lucifer. He is still reeling from the preexistent Grand Council, and above all, he wants to be worshipped. The Beast system will be his final debut before he is cast off forever. He knows he has to make it count. 

Speaking of China, I have to divert here and take you down another rabbit hole that a friend recently pointed out to me. The LDS Church has revealed, through a biography published in 2003, its hidden hand in China. This hand belonged to none other than Russel Nelson, who was instrumental in planning for and orchestrating a scenario in which a future leader, with deep ties to China, could be groomed for a position in the apostolic hierarchy, just in time for the Beast to come to Utah.

The "Chinese Connection"

The LDS Church has never been able to proselyte in China. In 1852, two elders were sent to Hong Kong but were stopped short of China by the Taiping Rebellion. In 1910, another missionary visited Korea and China and came home to report that it was too dangerous to send others. In 1921, David O. McKay proclaimed that it was time to send missionaries to China, but a mission did not open there until 1949, just in time for the communist takeover of Mao Zedong. 

Missionaries were able to enter Taiwan in 1956, and continued missions in Hong Kong and Macao, but China was cut-off to official Christian religions by the godless Reds, and the Church would have to wait another two decades before it could exert any influence there. 

All during Mao's regime, pockets of grassroots Christianity popped up everywhere in China. These, if discovered by the Communists, were crushed. But despite the opposition, underground Christianity in China actually grew. When Mao died in 1976, religious intolerance suffered a slight reprieve, and the LDS Church saw its chance to infiltrate those Red walls. 

But the Church chose the "front door" to entry, not the "back door" of building a grassroots base of followers in defiance of the regime. You know, the way Christ Himself built a base of followers who boldly defied both religious and political authorities. No no, the Church would enter China through the "proper" channels. 

Those channels were through the permission, dictation, and surveillance of the Communist Party. Not only was proselyting prohibited, but meetings were monitored with surveillance cameras. It was illegal for members to give away Book of Mormons to their friends, and it was dangerous for them to even mention that they were members of the Mormon religion. 

It all began in 1979, when a dance troupe from BYU known as the Young Ambassadors was allowed to perform in Beijing. This opened a small window for Church leaders to mingle with members of the Communist Party. In that same year, Russell Nelson was serving as general president of the Sunday School, and president Spencer Kimball, who was also Nelson's heart patient, urged the Brethren to make strides in bringing the gospel to China. 

Although Nelson would not be ordained an apostle until 1984 (an ominous year indeed), he gladly accepted the challenge by befriending a certain Dr. Wu Yingkai at an annual meeting of the American Association of Thoracic Surgery. Curiously, Dr. Wu, as Nelson affectionately called him, was a big deal in China, with connections to the World Health Organization. During the 1980s, as he and Nelson's friendship was developing, Dr. Wu would head the famous MONICA study sponsored by the WHO. 

Nelson invited Wu to visit the University of Utah Medical School, where he would deliver a lecture on the use of acupuncture with open-heart surgery. In exchange, Wu invited Nelson to come to China to give lectures and perform surgeries, as well as train and work with Chinese doctors and surgeons. 

Nelson proudly declared that these events were the beginning of what he called the "Chinese connection." 

At the expense of tithing payers, Nelson would make several trips to China during the 1980s. After Russel was ordained an apostle, acting president of the Quorum of the Twelve, Gordon Hinckley, would send him again to China with these encouraging words, "it would be nice to have an ordained Apostle in China."  

After enjoying some sight-seeing, again at the expense of tithe payers, Nelson got right down to business with more lectures and training at Shandong Medical College and the Qing Dao School of Medicine. 

One has to ask: what business does an Apostle have giving medical lectures on the Church's dime? And what were they really discussing? 

Ten months later, Nelson would again be summoned by his Chinese colleagues. This time they needed him to perform an emergency surgery on a famous opera singer. After he consulted Benson and Hinckley, they granted him permission to go, mumbling something about a "good opportunity for Christian service." Again, Nelson flew to China at the expense of LDS tithing payers to come out of retirement as a surgeon. 

A door was being opened. 

In 1986, he went to China again, and this time he got down to real business. Marvin J. Ashton went with him, and they met with some big-wigs in the Chinese Communist Party. Ashton was also a member of the Skull and Bones at the University of Utah. He was initiated in 1936, about ten years before Nelson was. 

What were two Bonesmen doing together in China meeting with esteemed members of the Communist Regime? In my opinion, nothing good. 

They met with Ren Wuzhi, director of the Bureau of Religious Affairs of the State Council to discuss "the desire to organize branches of the Church for expatriates." Nelson and Ashton, along with other leaders of BYU, attended a special reception where China's vice premier, Li Peng, gave a speech in their honor. 

After some more sight-seeing (again at the expense of tithing payers)  the Brethren organized the first Branch in China, ordaining Forrest Anderson as the branch president. The next day they met with more Communists officials from the Bureau of State Pharmaceutical Administration and from China Central Television. 

What exactly do drugs and TV have to do with missionary work? I have no idea. 

After giving more lectures to Chinese surgeons at Shandong, Nelson organized another branch of the Church in Xi'an, and shortly thereafter returned home. 

Now, as you read this you might think: "what is wrong with doing missionary work in China?" Well nothing, but I don't think it was missionary work that Nelson was up to. 

Consider this nugget from an article I found on Mormonism and China. To establish any religious presence at all in the Communist Regime, the religious institution has to cede control to the Communists, relinquishing all autonomy and even allowing its base of operations in its homeland to be open to Communist infiltration. Pierre Vendassi, writing in 2014, described it this way:
Indeed, no religious movement managed from abroad can be legally recognised [sic], and at present, China's Mormons would have to affiliate themselves with the existing national religious associations, or more improbably, found a sixth independent national religious association if they wish to enjoy official recognition.

 If the government were to accept such an eventuality, the LDS Church would be in a situation comparable to that of the Catholic Church in China: its allegiance would no longer be to its international headquarters, but to the Chinese state, which would control the movement from within; it would therefore become schismatic. (Mormonism and the Chinese State, Peirre Vendassi, p. 45, emphasis added)

Are you grasping the significance of this statement? 

Just think about it for a moment. Think about everything that is going on in Utah right now, and how China is playing a huge role in the inland port and Envision Utah (think former ambassador to China Jon Huntsman, Jr.), and how they are slowly buying up land all over the West. Is a Chinese coup afoot? And are the LDS leaders complicit? 

Did you know that the Chinese already control our interstate toll roads, airports, shipping ports, and state capital buildings? They were leveraged to the Chinese by Hilary Clinton as collateral for debt. And to boot, thousands of single Chinese men have been swarming across our borders for the last several months. They are entering illegally, but when apprehended they are given "notices to appear" and then released into the margins of society. Where are they going and what are they preparing for? 

This short video explains some of the dialogue going on right now between China, Utah politicians, and the LDS Church:

Oh ya, one more thing. Did you know that 90% of the ingredients of American pharmaceuticals are coming from China? Is the mRNA vaccine itself being manufactured there? 

Was Nelson's 1986 meeting with the Chinese minister of Pharmaceuticals about more than establishing a small branch of expatriate Mormons? Is there a connection between the Church's propaganda pushing the vaccine, its investments in Pfizer and Moderna, and Nelson's 2019 meeting with the Pope? Remember the Catholic Church is also recognized in China, and therefore also controlled by the Communists. 

I honestly wish I had less to report, but the plot actually thickens, in fact, it gets downright sludgy. The story picks back up in 1988.

Nelson Keeps Going to China

In 1988, the Church funded yet another excursion for Nelson to return to China, and this time he was accompanied by Dallin Oaks. The first thing they did was meet with the new branch president in Beijing, Gerrit Gong. Nelson's biography (Russel M. Nelson: Father, Surgeon, Apostle) casually mentions that Gong had replaced Forrest Anderson only after two years, but nothing further on the matter. 

Was this move orchestrated by Nelson and Oaks? We don't know for sure, but given Gong's globalist credentials, it seems likely that he was deliberately placed there by Church leaders. Oddly, the author of the book, Spencer J. Condie, never mentions why Gong replaced Anderson or who called him to the position. 

This is very strange, bishops and branch presidents usually serve a minimum of five years, and an early release in a Chinese branch would have likely been facilitated by general authorities because of the tight control of the Communist Party over the Church there (more on Gong in a moment; a lot more). 

After tithing payers sponsored a parley with Gong over breakfast at the Great Wall Hotel, the two Apostles geared up for three days of meetings with Chinese government officials and dignitaries. Condie writes that this was all to make sure the branches in China were meeting the requirements of the Communist Party. They met with the leaders of the other tightly controlled religions allowed in China: the Buddhists, Taoists, and Catholics. 

The next day they met with more government and academic officials, as well as the deputy director of religious affairs. Oak's wrote in his journal that he was so impressed with how "smooth" Nelson was "in his leading role in these meetings." I found this statement most interesting in light of the following passage in Isaiah:
Now go, write it before them upon plates and note it in a book, that it may be for the time to come, for ever and ever - that this is a rebellious people, lying children, children that will not hear the law of the Lord, who say to the seers, See not - and to the prophets, Prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits, get out of the way, turn aside out of the path, cause the Holy One of Israel to cease from before us. (Isaiah 9:9, RE, emphasis added)

Straight from the horses mouth, eh? 

These apostles were speaking smooth things to officials in the Communist Party when they should've been calling them out to repent. These Chinese leaders were brutal dictators, yet Spencer Condie expressed in the biography that they became friends with many of them and had great respect for them. 

For instance, they also met with Mr. Li Xiannian, who had been the former president of the People's Republic of China. Li was in his eighties but still a member of the Politburo and one of the Eight Elders of the Communist Party. (The Eight Elders are the real power in China; the president is only a pubic figurehead who answers to them). 

He assured Nelson that Chinese leaders were "committed to freedom of religious belief." Yet one year later, in 1989, the famous Tiananmen Square massacre occurred, when the Chinese military murdered hundreds (thousands by some accounts) of college students who were protesting for free speech and market reform. Mr. Li was one of the hardline leftists in the Party that gave the green light for the military to use brutal force on the students. 

These are the kind of sycophants that Nelson and Oaks were meeting with, praising, and befriending.

Now, I want you to think about something for a moment. While all of this was going on Ezra Taft Benson was still alive and supposedly leading the Church. He didn't pass away until 1994. Do you honestly think he would've condoned this behavior of apostles wining and dining with Communist Officials? 

He was the most anti-Communist president the Church had ever seen. No, no, President Benson could not have condoned this agenda, he was incapacitated by his poor health in the late 1980s, and Monson and Hinckley were running things in his place. 

There was definitely an ulterior agenda going on at Church headquarters, and I'm sure Benson knew about it, but because of strokes and heart attacks he was unable to speak against it. Dead men tell no tales. 

Condie's biography mentions a certain Dr. Zhang Zhenxiang that Nelson had befriended in 1979 when he began his lectures at Chinese hospitals and medical schools. By 1990, Dr. Zhang, as Condie refers to him, desired to be baptized by Nelson. Afterwards, Nelson ordained him to the office of a priest and Zhang baptized his wife. 

Besides a few no-names mentioned who joined the small branches in China, this is the only named convert that came out of the 11 years of Nelson's adventures in China. 

Supposedly, Zhang was the doctor who called Nelson and plead with him to perform surgery on the famous opera singer. You would think one could find information on the internet about a Chinese doctor who converted to Mormonism because of a warm friendship with a famous apostle. 

There is no record of a Dr. Zhang Zhenxiang on the internet. If you google that name you only get two articles from the Church's website, this one and this one

Other than that, Dr. Zhang is a ghost. He doesn't exist. 

The first real article to pop-up when you google that name is this one, which mentions a Dr. Zhang Jixian as being the first doctor in Wuhan to discover the Coronavirus in an elderly couple. 

What a strange coincidence. 

Was Nelson involved in someway or had insider knowledge of Covid-19? Was his incessant training and mingling with Chinese doctors and health officials about more than mere cardiology? 

It certainly seems as though the stars had been aligned for Nelson when the Covid crisis "suddenly" struck in 2020.

In the year President Benson passed away, Nelson and Elder Loren Dunn hosted a bunch of Chinese dignitaries at the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii. In 1995, Nelson went to China yet again and met with more Communist officials, including members of the State Education Commission, the China People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, the Department of American and Oceanic Affairs (sounds Orwellian), the vice minister of the Ministry of Culture, the assistant director general, and a host of others. 

Condie proudly declares that these officials had the utmost respect for Nelson, revering and honoring him because of his "service to their people." 

During this last visit, Nelson renewed many old friendships and forged new ones. And in 1999, the Communists began coming to Utah. The first one, Chinese ambassador Li Zhaoxing, met with Nelson in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, to which Condie snarkily remarks:

Could Joseph have possibly imagined that one day a high-ranking government official from far-off China would come to the headquarters of the Church to learn more of him and to dine in a building memorializing his name? 

Yes, I'm sure Joseph would've been ecstatic to host the very people who would ultimately be part of the Beast system, with intent to enslave, torture, and murder the Saints. 

An Apostle, a Gentlemen, and a Rhodes Scholar

Gerrit Gong was ordained an apostle in 2018, having been a general authority since 2010. As you'll recall in the previous section, Gong was made a branch president of expatriates in China in 1988. He replaced Forrest Anderson only after two years, which seems strange to me.

I mean, sometimes bishops are released early for various reasons. My dad only served for three years as a bishop, but that was because he refused to be a yes man to the stake presidency (sometimes he would outright argue with them in leadership meetings). He was very loving to his ward and chose a soft line instead of a hard one, and the local leaders didn't like it, so he got the boot. 

They were a bunch of letter-of-the-law pharisees. 

To advance up the chain-of-command in the Church you have to be a specific type.

I don't know what kind of man Forrest Anderson was, but Gerrit Gong has an exhaustive list of credentials that would make any globalist jealous. And seeing that the Church in China was under the tight control of the Communists, his rapid advancement into leadership could only have been facilitated by Church leadership. After all, it was Nelson himself who had organized both branches in China. 

It is sometimes funny how general authorities deny any manipulation of the Church at the local level. Both Rock Waterman and Denver Snuffer can attest that their stake presidents received instructions from general authorities to excommunicate them. In Denver's case, his stake president found no reason to ex him, so he was replaced with another who would. 

The common denominator in both cases was Russel Nelson. Back in those days he headed the Strengthening the Church Members Committee, the Church's in-house spy agency formed in 1985 to discover and root out apostates. "Apostates" of course being those who publicly disagree with and criticize Church leaders. 

Given Nelson's history to intervene in local ward and stake matters, it is not a far cry to assume that this Bonesman was Gong's personal handler in China. 

Gerrit Gong is from California, but he comes from a Chinese heritage. His ancestors having emigrated from China in the late 19th century. Gong went to BYU and graduated with a bachelor of arts in 1977. He went to England to get his masters and doctorate in international studies at the prestigious Oxford University. It was there at Oxford that Gong became a Rhodes Scholar. 

What's the big deal about being a Rhodes Scholar? 

The Rhodes Scholarship program was named after Cecil Rhodes, a Britain-worshipping anglophile of the tenth degree. Rhodes became rich in the diamond industry in Africa, at a very young age. Through loans from Lord Nathan Rothchild, Rhodes was able to monopolize the diamond industry in Africa through the purchase of the DeBeers mining company.

Rhodes desired one thing above all else, the reestablishment of the British Empire, and he used all of his wealth to this end. He formed a secret society in 1891 dedicated to re-incorporating the United States into the British Empire. After his untimely death, his friend Lord Alfred Milner formed the Round Table Groups, which led to the Royal Institute of International Affairs, with its subgroups the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations. 

Rhodes had seven wills that were carried out by Milner after his death. One of the wills was dedicated to a scholarship program at Oxford University, which became known as the Rhodes Scholarship program. To be selected as a Rhodes Scholar, you have to be a globalist, an anglophile, and privy to secret societies. Some notable Rhodes Scholars that come to mind are Carroll Quigley, author of Tragedy and Hope, and Bill Clinton. (I wrote more about Cecil Rhodes in this post).

Gong went on to enjoy professorships at Georgetown and John Hopkins University, and later began his career in the state department. He served as a special assistant to two ambassadors at the United States Embassy in Beijing. This was in the late 1980s when George H. W. Bush was president. In fact, Gong was in China in 1989 during the Tiananmen Square massacre, while also serving as branch president of the Church in Beijing. 

Is it starting to make sense why Nelson made him the branch president? I think this was a calculated move to gain favor with and impress the Communist Party in China. 

Gong served as the Executive Officer for the state visit to China for George Bush and his wife. He worked directly with the Skull and Bones, Trilaterist, and globalist Bush family. 

I hope your suspicions are being aroused.

In addition to doing some political work in Hong Kong and Taiwan, Gong has served in other various think-tanks and globalist organizations. I won't name them all, but one that deserves considerable attention is the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington D.C. With Gong's background in International Studies and his status as a Rhodes Scholar, he was the perfect candidate for this group. 

The CSIS is a foreign policy think-tank, and I'm guessing a subgroup of the Council on Foreign Relations. I did a little digging on its board of trustees, and discovered some of the people that Gong has been rubbing shoulders with since 1989 when he was inducted into the group:
  • James A. Bell from Boeing.
  • Muhtar Kent, CEO of Coca Cola.
  • Rex Tillerson, CEO of ExxonMobil.
  • Federick B. Whittemore of Morgan Stanley.
  • Henry Kissinger, former trustee on the board of the CFR and former head of the NSC who spearheaded U.S. relations with Communist China. 
Also of note is that fact that one of the non-profit supporters listed for CSIS is UNICEF. Other businesses like Betchel, the Hart Group, Wells Fargo, and Starbucks are also involved. 

In 2012, President Obama commissioned the CSIS, under the National Defense Authorization Act, to "conduct independent assessments of U.S. interests in the Asia-Pacific Region" (see Wikipedia). Well, it just so happens that Gong has directed the CSIS Asian Studies Program since 1989. 

What do you think U.S. "interests" are in China?

What do you think the LDS Church's "interests" are in China? 

Do you think it is a coincidence that Hinckley just happened to mention to Nelson in 1984 that "it would be nice to have an ordained Apostle in China?"

And do you think it is a coincidence that Gong was being groomed for apostleship in the late 1980s when he was serving in various capacities in the U.S. state department?

And do you think it was a coincidence that he was ordained an apostle in 2018, just two years before Covid? 

And do you think it was a coincidence that Gong and his wife were the very first high-ranking Mormons to be officially diagnosed with Covid-19?

There are far too many alignments for all these events to be coincidences.

There has been an agenda at work since the 1980s, and now it has come to fruition. In my opinion, whatever future the LDS Church is planning with China and Utah will most definitely involve Gerrit Gong. 

God Warned Us About the Metaverse

Before I end there is something I want to show you from the Book of Revelation. It involves the Greek prefix meta. The etymology of that "word-forming element" connotes "after, behind, among, between, changed, altered, in the midst of, above, beyond, in pursuit or quest of, in common with, and by means of."

In other words, meta describes the change the world is undergoing right now with the transhumanist movement. The whole point of transhumanism is to transcend above and beyond the mortal human condition. It is the pursuit, or quest, to change and alter those mortal conditions prescribed us by God. It is an attempt to transcend above and dethrone God Himself. 

When John began to write the book of Revelation, the Lord told him that he would write "the things which shall be hereafter." Hereafter is another translation of meta. God is introducing to John the kind of world that will exist in our modern day. The world that John would write about. 

Our world was just like it was in the days of Noah, just prior to the flood. They too were seeking to transcend above and beyond God. They were mixing the DNA of humans and animals, altering their food supply, worshipping mortal heroes, and engaging in continual violence. God declared that "all flesh had corrupted its way upon the earth." 

He also made this very interesting statement:
And every man was lifted up in the imagination of the thoughts of his heart, being only evil continually. (Genesis 5:9, RE)

Imagination? What is God talking about? The etymology of the word imagination is as follows: "faculty of the mind which forms and manipulates images." 

Image, that's another interesting word, it means "an artificial representation that looks like a person or a thing." John wrote that the Beast would create an image for all to worship or be killed. What kind of image is John talking about? 

Could it have to do with virtual reality? Is John talking about the metaverse? Will all the world be plugged into this Matrix-like system where you can imagine anything you want? Where you can travel anywhere and feel anything? 

Just think about it for a moment. How can one be "lifted up" in the imaginations of the thoughts of the heart? Simple. Through a virtual platform that allows your thoughts to seem real. If we are uploaded into such a platform, doesn't it make much more sense that our thoughts would be "only evil continually"? 

The phrase "lifted up" is also another way of saying to "transcend." 

Virtual reality has the potential of being a voyeuristic paradise. Through images you can trick your brain into believing it is experiencing something for real, whether it is roller coaster rides, snorkeling in the ocean, or even sex. VR will take porn to a whole new reality. Do you see why the Lord described it as being only evil? 

The movie The Matrix was not far off. It predicted a dual reality where humans are slaves while believing they are free. They have no idea that they are being held as prisoners because of the virtual reality their minds are plugged into. 

John described the Matrix by using a single phrase: "these shall have one mind." 

Who was he talking about? The ten kings with their ten horns who will share the same mind with the Beast. These ten kings will rule over ten different districts of the earth, which means their subjects will also share the same mind through the Matrix, the digital metaverse meant to enslave us. 

John also describes a group of people who despite witnessing many others die, will stubbornly refused to repent of the works of their hands." What are the future works of their hands? Could it be technology? Could it be the metaverse that facilitates murders, sorceries, fornication and theft

The metaverse will track you, possibly through nanotech injected under the skin. If you refuse to worship the Beast, it will kill you. Thus, those who control it will be murderers. They will be sorcerers as well, because of their ability to upload drugs into your body; drugs to curb your resistance to authority. 

They will be fornicators because they will be in league with the kings and merchants of the earth (fornication doesn't always means sexual sin), and they will be thieves who steal your digital money, your property, and your very life. 

Mark Zuckerberg and other Big Tech magnates have used the term avatar to describe how you will interact in the metaverse. An avatar is a digital character you will create to interact in the digital world.

Technology will advance to the point where you will be able to feel everything your avatar feels. They will figure out a way for your mind to make it real. You will also be able to create anything you want in this world, and do anything; commit any crime, experience any thrill, and be anything, whether human, animal, furry, or any other combination. 

Have you ever wondered where the word avatar came from? It has to do with Hinduism, it literally means a god coming down to earth and taking on flesh. In Hinduism, an avatar is the incarnation of Vishnu. 

Do you see where this is going? Right back to fallen angels and the mess they created before the flood. 

Folks, there is nothing new under the sun. Everything they are doing now has been done before. The spirit of anti-Christ has always been the same, it seeks to dethrone Christ and become its own god. In ancient days idols were made of wood and stone, in future days they will be avatars in a digital metaverse. 

This will open the door to every kind of debauchery. It will open a portal to the demonic realm. God will say of our generation what He said of Noah's: the thoughts and imaginations of their hearts will only be evil continually. 

John gave us another clue that connects an ancient false god to our modern age. When speaking to the seven churches, which I believe is a parable for ages, John said the following:

But I have a few things against you, because you have there those that hold to the doctrine of Balaam, who taught Balak to cast a stumbling block before the children of Israel, to eat things sacrificed to idols, and to commit fornication. (Revelation 1:12, RE)

Who was Balaam? The false god of the Phoenician Canaanites, and this group was comprised of the merchants of antiquity. To eat things sacrificed to Balaam and to commit fornication with him was to partake in idolatry. 

Fornication is another translation of the Greek word meta in the Book of Revelation. In our case, it means to partake in technology that transcends the real God. It means to replace His universe with an imitation; a metaverse. 

Now, what does Balaam mean? It means "he who rides on a cloud." 

In our day that would be the icloud; the internet of things that connects the real world to the metaverse. This is the ultimate imitation of the coming of Jesus Christ, because He will also return on a cloud, a real one. Isaiah prophesied of this very thing.  

When the times that John saw will be upon us, there will be a great unveiling that all will see through the metaverse. It will seem like Jesus Christ Himself is returning, but it will be the imitation of Balaam who rides on a cloud. 

It will be Lucifer pretending to be the Savior. Many of the elect will fall for this, as the miracles the false prophet performs will include calling down fire from heaven. It will seem so real, and if our lamp is not filled with oil, we just might be deceived by it. 

The video below is where I learned about the metaverse in the Book of Revelation. I highly recommend it, it's truly mind blowing:

There is one verse in the New Testament that sums all of this up. It was Paul writing to the Romans. He described our modern times in great detail, especially those who pretend to know God but are carried away by the metaverse. 

He declared that such people will:
... become vain in their imaginations... Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools and changed the incorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and four-footed beasts, and creeping things... who changed the truth of God into a lie and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator... (Romans 1:4, RE)

The metaverse is a trap, a Trojan Horse designed to enslave you. It may be man's biggest temptation yet. Don't fall for it. It's not real. What is real are God's judgments coming swiftly upon this earth. 

Post Script: Additional Videos

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