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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Vipers VI: Offending the Little Ones

 Previously: Vipers V: Demons in Alien's Clothing

Throughout this viper series, I've endeavored to give you an idea of who these people are and what they believe in. Jesus, John the Baptist, and Joseph Smith have all used the phrase "generation of vipers" in reference to these wicked men. 

Here are few basic things to remember about them: 1, they are usually high-up in worldly rank, often occupying governmental and ecclesiastical positions in powerful bureaucracies and religious institutions (think Pharisees and Sadducees); 2, they are steeped into occult practices, and involved in secret societies and secret combinations; 3, they are philosophically entrenched in mystery religions, which stem from Nimrod and Semiramis, the false gods that have morphed across various cultures changing in name only; 4, they are capable of committing the most egregious and heinous crimes against humanity because they actually believe that perpetrating these acts is bringing about some greater good; 5, they believe they can transcend this world and become gods through the intellect by following the teachings of Lucifer, i.e., the "light-bearer"; 6, their number one enemy is Jesus Christ, and they have declared war on all who follow Him (see 1 Nephi 13:14, and Revelation 17:14).

The biblical phrase "generation of vipers," can also be translated as "sons of serpents," and remember who "that Old Serpent" is? These people are his seed, i.e., the sons of Satan. I'm not saying that he is their literal and biological father, but they have been spiritually adopted by him and belong to him, because they have in essence sold their souls to him. They do his bidding, and they commit acts so diabolical, so grotesque, so perniciously evil, that when the average person hears about it they simply will not believe it. These acts deliberately target two of the most sacred gifts that God has given to us, namely,  procreation and the autonomy of the mind. They sadistically violate the former as a means to subjugate the latter, and they do it incessantly from an early age to ensure the programming is complete and long-term. These poor victims then become life-long slaves, to be used as assassins, tools, toys, voyeuristic entertainment, and even human computers for the elite. This is what modern-day slavery looks like, and is why I believe Moroni referred to secret combinations as "most abominable and wicked above all, in the sight of God" (Ether 8:18). 

If you're wondering what the large stones are in the picture above, they are millstones. The heavens reserve these stones for those who hurt little children, whether it is sexual or physical abuse, mind control and manipulation, or outright murder (usually in the form of ritual sacrifice). You need to realize that the elites of the world all engage in this debauchery, Jeffrey Epstein is just the tip of the iceberg. They do unspeakable and utterly detestable things to children. Eighty million children go missing throughout the world every single year. Many of them through government programs like CPS (Child Protective Services) and "safe-havens" like orphanages. Of all the sins one can commit, God hates this one the most. Little children are impeccant, they are the most God-like people on this planet. An attack on an innocent and pure child is an attack on God Himself. This is what Jesus had to say about those who indulge in such degeneracy, and keep in mind that he was speaking to members of the church in 1839:
Wo unto them; because they have offended my little ones they shall be severed from the ordinances of my house...

They shall not have the right to the priesthood, nor their posterity after them from generation to generation. 

It had been better for them that a millstone had been hanged about their necks, and they drowned in the depths of the sea. 

Wo unto all those that discomfort my people, and drive, and murder, and testify against them, saith the Lord of Hosts; a generation of vipers shall not escape the damnation of hell. (D&C 121: 19, 21-23)

The term "little ones" can also refer to the humble followers of Christ who are past the age of accountability. Another name they are known by in scripture is saints. Many children who grow up in multi-generational SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) families survive into adulthood, but are still mind-controlled by their handlers. Because of the trauma and abuse they have experienced throughout their lives, they dissociate and compartmentalize their minds into several personalities. The elites have studied this psychology and know what the mind does under intense stress and trauma. They use these personalities to their advantage, and they can trigger them in the person with nothing more than a key word. However, the real personality is still in there, as well as that innocent child that was abused so early in its life. No matter how much abuse/trauma someone undergoes, the true personality given to them by God will always remain, and healing is always possible. This is one of the things that Christ experienced in Gethsemane, He felt the pain of not only the victim, but also the perpetrator, and He knows how to completely heal both. When asked by His disciples who was the greatest in the kingdom of heaven, Jesus pointed to a little child:

Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. 

Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven. 

And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me. 

But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. (Mathew 18:3-6) 

As you can see, hurting a child is a serious offense to God, in my opinion among the worst of sins. What other sin can one commit where it would have been better to be drowned violently than to commit the sin at all? Many of what we perceive to be sins are learning experiences, and are part of our existence in this fallen world... but not this one. This one is exceptionally grievous... The heavens weep when such acts are committed. When Christ paid for our sins in the garden, He experienced wave after wave of pain, anguish, and suffering in both body and spirit, with each one increasing in intensity. His body was physically damaged after each wave, requiring Him to heal Himself in preparation for the next. He didn't know when the next wave would hit, or how intense it would be, or how long it would last, or if it would be His last. But when the final one hit, He felt the pain of perpetrators and their victims, and He learned how to heal and succor them both. It was this wave that caused our Lord, the greatest of all, to sweat great drops of blood, as Luke the physician records. In 2005, one man was shown in vision some of the details of our Lord's suffering, and they have been published for all to read. God wants us to know these things, so please don't get hung up on the man who received them, he is inconsequential to his message. Ask the Spirit if the following words are true:

In the final wave, the most brutal, most evil, most heinous sins men inflict upon one another were felt by Him as a victim of the worst men can do. He knew how it felt to wrongly suffer death. He knew what it was like to be a mother holding a child in her arms as they are both killed by those who delight in their suffering. He knew how it was for ambitious men to rid themselves of a rival by conspiracy and murder. He knew what it was to have virtue robbed from the innocent. He knew betrayal, treachery, and abuse in all its worst degrading horror. There was no cruelty, no offense, no evil that mankind has suffered or will suffer that was not put upon Him. (Teachings and Commandments 161:22)

The rabbit hole I'm about to take you down is sobering. It truly is the "darkest abyss." I am loathe to dwell upon such matters and have been putting this off, but the Spirit is prompting me to write about this topic because innocent children are suffering right now. I am told by a friend who is close to the veil that "one of the biggest concerns in the spirit realm is that of saving/protecting the huge numbers of innocents--especially the children--from being enslaved, abused, trafficked, and murdered." This is happening, it is real. These crimes are being committed by wolves in sheep's clothing, those who many may look to as spiritual gurus, "righteous" leaders of religious empires, and front organizations that are pretending to protect children. In Satan's church, children are the sacrificial lambs. This debauchery dates back to ancient times, and many of the false gods of antiquity... Nimrod, Hermes, Moloch, Saturn, Apollo, and others, required human sacrifice, especially children. Our modern society is just as debased and degenerate as the ancient ones were, and these things happen at the highest levels of political and ecclesiastical organizations and institutions. 

As we descend into this abyss, your spirit will be incensed, and some of the happenings I describe will be difficult to believe. It will seem surreal. It will seem unbelievable, indeed, too evil to be true. You'll be tempted to rationalize, "are people really this bad?"... "would God really let this happen?" The answer to both questions is unfortunately yes. When one SRA survivor told her story, she described the tender mercies of the Lord in removing her spirit from her two-year old body as her perpetrators engaged in the most despicable perversions... and when she asked the Lord why He allows such evil to exist, He wept bitterly, and as He held her spirit He gently replied, "because of the agency of man."1 

Sunday, September 4, 2022

Vipers V: Demons in Alien's Clothing

 Previously: Vipers IV: Slippery Treasures and Shaky Ground

I know what you're thinking... He's really gone off he deep end this time... Aliens, UFOs, tin hats... He's really going there? Yes I am, but perhaps not in the way you're expecting. In fact, this may be one of the most important blog posts I ever write... so please don't shrug me off as another fringe idiot before you give this article a chance. 

First things first... There are no such things as aliens. The proof is in the mirror. Why would God create a species more intelligent than human beings who look nothing like Him? It makes no sense. We are God's children, and as such His most intelligent creation, all other life forms possess a lower intelligence and are animals who have little to no reasoning ability. Remember He gave Adam dominion over all the beasts, fishes, fouls, and creeping things; there is no room on that scale for little green men who are more advanced than us. 

Despite this obvious discrepancy, modern society has been obsessed with the alien phenomenon, replete with its UFO enthusiasts, alien abductees, telepathic communication, and crash site "proof" recovered at Roswell and studied at government labs in Area 51. If aliens aren't real than where does all of this stuff come from? What about those who have seen UFOs? What about whistleblowers with high security clearances who have reported real-life encounters with alien greys in man-made caverns miles under the earth? What about abductees who claim they have been poked, prodded, tested, and even artificially inseminated in alien space craft? What about UFO religions and declassified government documents? And what about movies like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, E.T., Contact, Men in Black, Signs, the Alien and Predator series, and the block-buster thriller of my teenage years, Independence Day?

The impetus for the alien craze had to come from somewhere. If there is anything I've learned about history it’s that new ideas are never created in a human vacuum. They come from somewhere, usually the spiritual realm. Remember what Lehi said, we are influenced by spiritual opposition between good and evil forces, and we are "enticed by one or the other" (2 Nephi 2:16). We presume the human race is the originator of ideas, but we don't realize that there is nothing new under the sun. Everything has been done before in other cycles and on other worlds. Remember what Satan said to Eve, "I'm doing that which has been done on other worlds." No matter how smart or original we think we are, our ideas come from two spiritual sources: God or Satan. We are like children, who simply hearken to one source or the other, which Lehi calls choosing "liberty and eternal life," on the one hand, or "captivity and death," on the other. 

By now you're probably picking up on where this is going... especially if you have read the title of this piece. Aliens are a mythical creation of the demonic realm meant to deceive us into disbelieving in God. Boom, mic drop, blog post over. Well, not so fast. Reaching that conclusion has taken a bit of study, even though it sounds astoundingly simple. Now I have to figure out how to condense it into a single blog post. What follows will require you to have an open mind. Please pray for the Spirit as you read. Remember we are mortals who see reality in small, unorganized chunks. As Paul said, "we see through a glass darkly" (1 Corinthians 13:12). We don't understand or comprehend spiritual powers and phenomenon from the other side. Our finite brains, which live in a 3 dimensional reality, cannot fathom higher dimensions. 

Think of it this way: if a 2 dimensional character drawn on a flat piece of paper was alive and could think and reason, trying to explain 3 dimensional reality to them would be like teaching a dog how to read. They could not grasp it unless they experienced it for themselves. Similarly, we have no comprehension of anything higher than the 4th dimension (3-D reality plus time), which is why those in the spiritual realm have more knowledge and hence more power over us, just as Joseph Smith said. It is with this degree of ignorance that we should approach the alien phenomenon. Even though it stems from the demonic realm, it is above our level of comprehension, and as such we cannot presume to understand it. All we can do is study the material and ask the Spirit to teach us what we can comprehend. This step is necessary to avoid a coming deception, a deception that will potentially fool the entire world. 

As I take you down this rabbit hole, try to enter it with no assumptions in your mind. Remember, most everything you've ever been taught here on earth is a lie. Cast off everything you've ever known, consider yourself a fool before God, and hang on tight, the ride will be turbulent. Let's begin.  

God Shall Send Them a Strong Delusion

Do you remember watching the Wizard of Oz for the first time? Remember at the end of the movie when they finally reach the wizard, and they discover that he wasn't a wizard at all? Just an old man speaking into a loud microphone pretending to be powerful. Then you realize that the entire structure of Oz is built on a lie, and nothing was as it seemed... one big house of cards. That movie is a metaphor for the reality we live in. Nothing is as it seems. Do you remember the classic sit-com Seinfeld? Remember the episode when George Costanza did the exact opposite of everything he thought he should do? This is how you should view this world we live in. Most of what we have been told by government leaders, authority figures, teachers, the news media, medical experts, etc., is usually the exact opposite of the truth. 

But the problem is that we love what we have been told. We swell with pride when we think of our upbringing, our educational training, our family traditions and values, our religious experiences, and our professional expertise. We emotionally attach what we have been taught with those who have taught us. See the problem? That is why it is so hard when someone comes along and tells the truth. It severs those emotional attachments that we cherish so much. It causes cognitive dissonance, and usually makes us angry. But those feelings don't change the truth, which stands independent of emotions. I once had a college professor give me some really good intellectual advice. He said that the struggle in every intelligent mind is the balance between rationality and emotion. We can choose to look at the world through an emotional lens or through a rational one. If we choose the emotional lens, and it is a choice, we will most likely be deceived. If we choose the rational lens, our emotions are necessarily held at bay as we allow logic to dominate every new idea we encounter. The emotions never go away, they are what make us human, but they are given a back seat to logic. Now add the Holy Spirit (pure intelligence) into the mix, and that is a recipe to find the truth. But the struggle is real. Those who choose reason over emotion realize that they don't know much, and that the path to truth is a long and arduous one. But the realization that humility is an essential component to learning truth is usually the first step along that path. If you are not humble, the Spirit can't teach you. 

Do you remember the last time you woke up from a terrifying nightmare and realized that it was just a dream? Do you remember that feeling? The feeling of, "oh, I'm OK now, it wasn't real." That feeling reminds me of waking up to the warming rays of the sun, gently reminding you that God is in control of reality. The mental torment caused by the nightmare can be so easily quelled by the sun that it is as if it never happened at all. As if God erased it from your emotional memory, leaving you with only a fleeting thought of how bad things can be. It is like those NDEs (near death experiences) that people have when they go the spirit world for a brief time and then return to earth. The feeling there is so peaceful, so serene, so inviting, that they forget about all their cares and troubles they had here. God's ability to heal and comfort is so powerful that it literally makes you forget about darkness and pain. This is what it can be like to discover the truth if your mind is ready for it. It is like a light bulb being switched on in your mind, with a feeling of, "oh ya, of course, I knew this all along." When you hear or read something true, it sounds familiar to you. Why, because you already know the truth. You have been around for eons of time and have learned it over and over again. God has instructed you personally. He has intimately taught you truth. All you have to do is emotionally separate yourself from the lies and you can re-learn it again. You have to choose what you love: the hard-to-bear truth or the carnal comfort of flattering lies. 

With that being said, please realize that most everything you have been taught about society is a lie. Institutions and programs that you thought were created for the betterment of society were actually devised and carefully calculated to control and subdue it. There was a report that came out in 1967, published by Leonard C. Lewin, entitled Report From Iron Mountain: On the Possibility and Desirability of Peace. It was written by a "Special Study Group" that was selected by the government to meet together for months to hash out a plan for global disarmament and a transition to peace. One of the places they met was Iron Mountain, New York, but they actually gathered in different cities all over the country. One member of the group, who Lewin calls "John Doe," leaked the document to him after his conscience got the best of him. He thought the American people had the right to know the truth, although he very much agreed with the contents of the report. He was a professor in the field of the social sciences, and he was selected by a government interagency committee that he thinks was organized by Robert McNamara, McGeorge Bundy, and Dean Rush of the Kennedy administration. Many people consider the report a satirical hoax, but the psychology behind it makes perfect sense if you're trying to control people. I recommend you read it and decide for yourself. The link I have provided above is a free PDF. 

You're probably wondering what the report has to do with aliens. This document is a good way to introduce the alien "threat," which has been planned by the secret societies for decades. But to understand why they needed to create an exogenous threat, you need to understand the psychology behind it. This psychology is part of the "strong delusion" that I believe Paul was talking about in 2 Thessalonians 2:9-11. Paul explains that the "mystery of iniquity" will show signs and wonders and deceive many in the last days. I believe he is talking about Mystery Babylon and the false miracles of the beast and the anti-Christ:
Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them a strong delusion, that they should believe a lie. 

Did you catch what Paul is saying? If you don't have the love of truth in your heart, God will allow you to be deceived. He will let you believe in the lie. And if you have neglected your duty to discover truth, when you see those miracles the beast performs you will be deceived. 

What is the main theme of the Report from Iron Mountain? War... as a means of sociological, political, and economic control over the subjects of nations. War is not some random conflict between nations, it is deliberately planned and premeditated to control population growth and create dependence on and obeisance to the State. Those selected for the study group were supposed to come up with alternatives to war as a means to control society. They couldn't do it. Nothing came close to war as a means to rule. The other alternatives they explored were twofold: a threat from an extraterrestrial "menace" or environmental pollution, and these were questionable, mostly because of their lack of credibility among the populace. But the global elites will have to manufacture an imminent danger to get all the people and nations of the world to give up their sovereignty if they are to create a one-world government or beast system. I believe it may be the alien threat, which I believe Satan and his minions are pushing them towards. But as usual, I could be wrong. In the meantime, this is how the elites explain the psychological functions of war, divided into "five principal groupings":

  1.  ECONOMIC. War has provided both ancient and modern societies with a dependable system of stabilizing and controlling national economies. No alternate method of control has yet been tested in a complex modern economy that has shown itself remotely comparable in scope or effectiveness. 
  2. POLITICAL. The permanent possibility of war is the foundation for stable government; it supplies the basis for general acceptance of political authority. It has enabled societies to maintain necessary class distinctions, and it has ensured the subordination of the citizen to the state, by virtue of the residual war powers inherent in the concept of nationhood. No modern political ruling group has successfully controlled its constituency after failing to sustain the continuing credibility of an external threat of war. 
  3. SOCIOLOGICAL. War, through the medium of military institutions, has uniquely served societies, throughout the course of known history, as an indispensable controller of dangerous social dissidence and destructive antisocial tendencies. As the most formidable of threats to life itself, and as the only one susceptible to mitigation by social organization alone, it has played another equally fundamental role: the war system has provided the machinery through which the motivational forces governing human behavior have been translated into binding social allegiance. It has thus ensured the degree of social cohesion necessary to the viability of nations. No other institution, or groups of institutions, in modern societies, has successfully served these functions. 
  4. ECOLOGICAL. War has been the principal evolutionary device for maintaining a satisfactory ecological balance between gross human population and supplies available for its survival. It is unique to the human species. 
  5.  CULTURAL AND SCIENTIFIC. War-orientation has determined the basic standards of value in the creative arts, and has provided the fundamental motivational source of scientific and technological progress. The concepts that the arts express values independent of their own forms and that the successful pursuit of knowledge has intrinsic social value have long been accepted in modern societies; the development of the arts and sciences during this period has been corollary to the parallel development of weaponry. (Report from Iron Mountain, pp. 45-46, Emphasis added)

As you can see, the elites view us as mere animals. To them, only the "threat of life itself," is enough to curb our "dangerous social dissidence and destructive antisocial tendences." Ironically, war is the most destructive antisocial tendency there is; it's like using fire to extinguish fire. But the deeper sociological reason for war is to create "binding social allegiance" and "social cohesion." These phrases translate into you being obedient to them, through the use of fear, false loyalty, jingoism (extreme nationalism), and a false sense of duty to your country and those who run the military. No such duty exists. Our only duty is to God and our families. Remember what the Nephites under captain Moroni were fighting for: 

Nevertheless, the Nephites were inspired by a better cause, for they were not fighting for monarchy nor power but were fighting for their homes and their liberties, their wives and their children, and their all, yea, for their rites of worship and their church. (Alma 43:45) 

The alien "threat" could replace the false sense of duty to your nation with a false sense of duty to a world government. Think back to the movie Independence Day that come out in 1996, starring Bill Pullman, Jeff Goldblum, and Will Smith. Think of the propaganda in that movie: the world faces total annihilation from a more advanced extraterrestrial species with superior fire power and technology. Bill Pullman, playing the president of the United States, gives a speech to the entire world about uniting as one and pooling resources to fight the enemy. The speech is propaganda for a one-world government. As you read it think of the Report From Iron Mountain, using the "threat of life itself" to instill "binding social allegiance" in the populace. Here is the speech:

Good morning. In less than an hour, aircraft from here will join others from around the world. And you will be launching the largest ariel battle in the history of mankind. 

Mankind. That word should have new meaning for all of us today. We can't be consumed by our petty differences today. We will be united in our common interests. Perhaps it's fate that today is the Fourth of July, and you will once again be fighting for our freedom... Not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution... but from annihilation. We are fighting for our right to live. To exist. 

 And should we win the day, the Fourth of July will no longer be known as an American holiday, but as the day we declared in one voice: "We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We're going to live on! We're going to survive! Today we celebrate our Independence Day!"

Isn't it inspiring? I remember getting chills when I watched the movie as a 17 year-old kid. It is full of feel-good colloquialisms such as "join others," "petty differences," "common interests," "fighting for our freedom," etc. And then the subtle propaganda: "the Fourth of July will no longer be known as an American holiday"... Do you see what the movie producers did there? They planted a seed in your mind. A seed that suggests that a one-world government could be a viable solution to an exogenous threat. You and I didn't even realize that the seed was planted. That is just how propaganda works. 

According to the Report From Iron Mountain, the UFO phenomenon was manufactured by the government as an experiment to see how people would react. By 1967, when the Report was published, the authors determined that a threat from an extraterrestrial "menace" was not yet a credible or a viable alternative to war as a functional control on society. However, they saw potential in a "giant space research program" funded by tax dollars that would be engaged in "the development of a long-range sequence of space-research projects with largely unattainable goals." It needed to be wasteful. It is the wastefulness of public policies that curbs the growth of the economy, which, if allowed to ramp up too high, might give the sheeple more economic liberty than they (the elites) are willing to give. Remember, they want to keep you at subsistence level. This is the entire point of government spending, especially during war-time. The diverting and rationing of economic resources for war purposes is nothing but a means of control. And economic controls are nothing more than human controls. Remember, economics consists only of the choices of individuals, or as Ludwig Von Mises put it, Human Action, or the concept of praxeology. 

Here is what the Report says about the artificial development of an extraterrestrial menace. As you read you'll notice a subtle reminiscence of the plot of the movie Independence Day. In fact it's more than subtle, it's downright eerie:

Credibility, in fact, lies at the heart of the problem of developing a political substitute for war. This is where the space-race proposals, in many ways so well suited as economic substitutes for war, fall short. The most ambitious and unrealistic space project cannot itself generate a believable external menace. It has been hotly argued that such a menace would offer the "last, best hope of peace," etc., by uniting mankind against the danger of destruction by "creatures" from other planets or from outer space. Experiments have been proposed to test the credibility of an out-of-our-world invasion threat; it is possible that a few of the more difficult-to-explain "flying saucer" incidents of recent years were in fact early experiments of this kind. If so, they could hardly have been judged encouraging. We anticipate no difficulties in making a "need for a giant super space program credible for economic purposes, even were there not ample precedent; extending it, for political purposes, to include features unfortunately associated with science fiction would obviously be a more dubious undertaking. (pp. 38-39, Emphasis added)

Well, needless to say, much has happened with the alien/UFO agenda since 1967. This is where the rabbit hole really begins. Whistleblowers have lost their lives attempting to expose this agenda to the public. Obviously, the Deep State desires to keep a tight lid on it. If you choose to read further, know that things are going to get weird existentially. Your concept of reality may be challenged, and you may find yourself in an internal battle with your own cognitive dissonance. Remember, we are 3-dimensional beings living in a world created by God who resides in a dimension we cannot possible fathom. He sees things from the perspective of at least the 9th dimension, and likely much higher, because we know, according to science, that at least 9 dimensions exist. But it doesn't matter what men have discovered, because God is in and through all things (all heights and depths). Here is how the Lord Himself describes His status:

He that ascended up on high, as also he descended below all things, in that he comprehendeth all things, that he might be in all and through all things, the light of truth...

Which light proceedeth forth from the presence of God to fill the immensity of space-- The light which is in all things, which is the law by which all things are governed, even the power of God who sitteth upon his throne, who is in the bosom of eternity, who is in the midst of all things. (D&C 88: 6, 12-13) 

God resides in the "midst" of all dimensions in time and space. He can appear or exist in any dimension He chooses, or in all of them simultaneously. This is how Jesus, a resurrected being, appeared inside the room to sup with His apostles after His ascension, and physically ate dinner with them. Physical walls were not a barrier to Him, even though His body was made of both flesh and spirit. In the 5th Lecture on Faith, Joseph Smith describes the Father as a personage of spirit, and the Son as a personage of tabernacle. This distinction led a committee of apostles under James Talmage and Heber J. Grant to remove the Lectures on Faith from LDS cannon in 1921. It must've sounded too Trinitarian for their liking. But the term "personage of spirit" is just an appellation, it is describing a status rather than a physicality. God the Father has ascended to this status, His spirit and body are made of finer elements, elements that we cannot comprehend, or even know exist. Only fools would remove entire sections of scripture on the misconception of a single word. After all, Joseph Smith had seen both the Father and the Son, and knew more about the characteristics and attributes of God than any man on that 1921 committee. The following video from the YouTube channel Eye Testify is the best clarification I have ever heard on the 5th Lecture on Faith. I highly recommend it:

My point is that we simply don't comprehend things in the spiritual realm, and that includes the evil one. How are we to know that Satan and some of his followers were not embodied angels in the pre-existence? How are we to know that Abraham, Moses, and others who were "noble and great," were not also embodied angels in the pre-existence? How do we know that beings from the spiritual realm cannot manifest themselves in our 3-D reality in some kind of physical form? The fact is that we don't know, and there is nothing said about this in the scriptures, except that we were organized as intelligences and spirits in the beginning. However, there is a clue in Abraham 3:22-23, where we are told about the "noble and great ones," which are referred to as souls, i.e., "God saw these souls that they were good..." In another place in scripture we are told what a soul is:

And the spirit and the body are the soul of man. (D&C 88:15) 

If all of God's children were only spirits in the pre-existent realm then why does Abraham use the word soul? How are we to know that Lucifer wasn't an advanced being who had proved himself in another cycle of creation but then fell later? Is it possible to fall after you prove yourself? To answer that question you have to ask another question: is agency also eternal? Common sense says yes. Is this what Enoch meant by the term Watchers or as others have called them Fallen Angels? Did these beings possess bodies at the time of their being thrust out of heaven? In LDS culture we assume that demons who followed Satan are disembodied, based on scriptural accounts in which demons are cast out of someone's body. But is there a chance that some of them have physical bodies? The scriptures don't tell us one way or the other. The only thing we are told about Lucifer is that he was "an angel of God who was in authority in the presence of God..." and that he "was called Perdition..." and was "a son of the morning" (D&C 76:25-27). 

Now consider the following question before we move on to the next concept: what is the distinction between being a "noble and great one" and "an angel of God who was in authority in the presence of God"? Is one a higher station than the other? We simply don't know. However, being "in authority in the presence of God" sounds like Lucifer was pretty high up, likely higher than the "noble and great ones." And if this assumption is true, then would it not make sense that Lucifer also possessed a soul, consisting of both spirit and body? I can't prove this one way or the other, but I just want you to cast your traditions aside and ponder it for a moment, because in light of the alien deception, it makes a whole lot of sense. 

To and Fro In The Earth

Satan and his minions were cast out of heaven and into the earth. There are two biblical references that verify this fact:
And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. (Revelations 12:9, Emphasis added)

 And the lord said unto Satan, Whence comest thou? Then Satan answered the Lord, and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it. (Job 1:7, Emphasis added)

So Satan was cast into the earth. So what? Is there a difference between on and in? According to God there is. He makes distinctions between things on, in, and under the earth:

And behold, all things have their likeness, and all things are created and made to bear record of me, both things which are temporal, and things which are spiritual; things which are in the heavens above, and things which are on the earth, and things which are in the earth, and things which are under the earth, both above and beneath: all things bear record of me. (Moses 6:63, Emphasis added)

God is telling us that different things happen in different areas in and around earth. He is categorizing things which pertain to this earth. Remember, nothing is as it seems. We are all conditioned to perceive these areas in and around earth through the lens of modern science and "giant space programs" like NASA. But those running these programs are most likely lying to us and withholding the truth, especially NASA, which was birthed from Operation Paper Clip, now declassified, a program that brought Nazi scientists from Third Reich Germany to the Untied States and granted them amnesty. When God reveals more about His creation of the earth, we will be surprised how different reality is from our pre-conceived notions. Keep your mind open, and allow your paradigms to be shattered by God's Spirit. In the meantime, God has encouraged you to study things both in and under the earth:

Teach ye diligently and my grace shall attend you, that you may be instructed more perfectly in theory, principle, in doctrine, in the law of the gospel, in all things that pertain to the kingdom of God, that are expedient for you to understand;

Of things both in heaven and in the earth, and under the earth; things which have been, things which are, things which must shortly come to pass; things which are at home, things which are abroad; the wars and perplexities of the nations, and the judgments which are on the land; and a knowledge also of countries and kingdoms-- (D&C 88:78-79, Emphasis added) 

 I've talked a lot about D. Christian Markham on this blog. I cannot stress his two-volume set of There are Save Two Churches Only enough. They are free to read online and contain a "compendium" of information on secret combinations, the occult, the Mystery Schools, and what to do about it. Christian is no longer with us. In February of this year, he died tragically in a hospital after being administered Remdesivir for a bronchial issue against the wishes of his wife and mother who were there with him. He was only 48 years old, but during his short life he had given over many years to researching the "hidden things of darkness." Don't let all his hard work and research go to waste. I can tell you that his books were inspired by God, who wants us to know these things. In fact, we have to know them, for how can be fight an enemy we know nothing about? Christian was a true Christian, his writings reveal his love for the Savior, and his warriorship for the cause of Christianity. I'm going to quote a long passage from his second volume, under the chapter entitled Demons, Not Aliens. Again, I ask you to cast your traditions aside and entertain his rational argument on Satan having a body:

Lucifer was an archangel of high rank, referred to as a Son of the Morning. Might he also have had some kind of physical body? Might some of those that fell with him also have physical bodies? Despite that some LDS scholars my quickly dismiss such possibility, is there actually any scriptural evidence against it? Might the LDS doctrine that all beings of the pre-mortal era (the events prior to the advent of Adam and Eve) were strictly spirit in form and none had physical bodies actually be nothing more than speculation? 

Consider this possibility: What if Lucifer and his fallen angels truly had some physical form -- some kind of physical "body" -- yet they were literally cast out and imprisoned deep within the earth? What if what we think of as "evil spirit" is in reality a projection of the spirit, of the consciousness or force of will, of one of these physically trapped beings?

As discussed in Volume I, astral projection (i.e. sending one's spirit or consciousness traveling outside the body) is a commonly practiced phenomenon tied to New Age practitioners and occultists. In such circles, adepts are able to project their spirits at will. (On the spiritual flip-side, these kinds of travel/visions -- sometimes described as being taken up to "an exceedingly high mountain" -- are granted to prophets and clean/worthy individuals strictly according to the will of God, and never through one's own desire or willpower). Therefore, is it not possible that Lucifer and his thrown-down angels are actually, at this very moment, physically confined to a horrid, hellish location within the earth, and that from this location they project their spirit/essence/force-of-will/whatever throughout the earth? 

Would not this theologically fit the description of furious and conniving "evil spirits" roaming the earth, occasionally completely overpowering, possessing and taking control of animals and/or human beings? Is that too far fetched to even consider? Would that possibility be a bit too eerie should it prove to be a reality? 

And yet, simultaneously, does this not speak volumes as to why the ancient elite and occult adepts would spend excessive time, labor, and resources creating massive tunnel systems down into the earth? Nearly every single nation and culture perpetuated rumors (which have persisted for centuries, millennia) about kings, rulers, and/or "wise" men who would go down deep into the earth to commune with powerful races of beings (some even being described as serpent-like in form), and emerge incredibly powerful and filled with advanced knowledge -- which was thereafter used to establish mighty civilizations and empires. If that was then, what about now? (There Are Save Two Churches Only, Volume II, p. 78) 

If you're still with me, and Christian and I have managed to get you to open your mind a bit to this possibility of reality, then we should revisit the apocryphal Book of Enoch. Enoch recounts the story of the fallen angels, he tells us that there were about 200 of them. They came to earth and taught mankind witchcraft, sorcery, warfare/weaponry, alchemy, astrology, and the dividing of roots (how to use herbs for hallucination). According to Enoch, they procreated with human women and created the race of giants known as the Nephilim. I went over that in part one of this Viper series, and I told you that I didn't believe that God would allow fallen angels to cohabitate with mortal women. However, I am more open to this possibility now. The truth is, I don't know what really happened because I wasn't there, hopefully someday it will be revealed to us.

Nevertheless, these fallen angels were creating such havoc on earth that God and his archangels had to deal with them. Keep in mind, the fallen angels became the false gods of antiquity, the self-appointed watchers over mankind, who taught them all the secret arts and crafts that Mystery School adepts are taught in initiation rituals. Interestingly enough, Enoch tells us that these angels entered into "mutual execrations" and "swore all together" in what appears to be a conspiracy to sleep with human women. The word execration means "the act of cursing or denouncing," and in this case it probably meant that they would denounce or curse any angel who backed out of the agreement. Here is what Enoch said:

But they answered him and said; We all swear; And bind ourselves by mutual execrations, that we will not change our intention , but execute our projected undertaking. Then they all swore together, and all bound themselves by mutual execrations. Their whole number was two hundred, who descended upon Ardis, which is the top of mount Armon. (Chapter 7:5-7)  

Was this the first secret combination and the pattern of how Satan binds those in secret societies? And is the reason why God declares secret combinations the most abominable above all other sins because He was betrayed by these angels who were supposed to be advanced spiritually? The foremost thing they taught man was how to destroy free agency and enslave others, i.e., the secrets of how to control and manipulate societies for gain. 

According to Enoch, five archangels were in charge of dealing with the fallen angels, these were Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Suryal, and Uriel. One of these fallen angels, named Azazyel, is mentioned in the Bible. In Leviticus 16:7-10, in some translations (not the KJV), the word scapegoat is replaced with Azazyel. In Jewish mythology the fallen angel Azazyel was so evil and pernicious that he is associated with all sin, and was someone that blame could be placed upon. Interestingly enough, Azazyel is also mentioned in the Book of Enoch, also as a scapegoat, who brought down the wrath of God on himself and the rest of the fallen angels:

Again the Lord said to Raphael, Bind Azazyel hand and foot; cast him into darkness; and opening the desert which is in Dudael, cast him in there. Throw upon him hurled and pointed stones, covering him with darkness; There shall he remain forever; cover his face, that he may not see the light. And in the great day of judgment let him be cast into the fire. Restore the earth, which the angels have corrupted; and announce life to it, that I may revive it...

All the earth has been corrupted by the effects of the teachings of Azazyel. To him therefore ascribe the whole crime...

To Michael likewise the Lord said, Go and announce his [Azazyel's] crime to Samyaza, and to the others who are with him, who have been associated with women, that they might be polluted with all their impurity. And when their sons [the Nephilim] shall be slain, when they shall see the perdition of their beloved, bind them for seventy generations underneath the earth, even to the day of judgment, and of consummation, until the judgment, the effect of which will last forever, be completed. (The Book of Enoch, 10:6-10, 12, 15, Emphasis added) 

Here again we see the theme of these entities being imprisoned inside the earth. If the part in the Book of Enoch about fallen angels teaching mankind all these secrets and technologies is really true, then doesn't it make so much sense what Christian said about ancient and modern societies building underground bases, digging tunnels, and exploring deep caverns attempting to find these beings to be "enlightened" by them? And doesn't it also make sense that the physical forms of these entities are trapped in what John calls the bottomless pit, awaiting their release by the destroyer named Apollyon (Revelations 9:11)?

What does Satan and fallen angels being locked up inside the earth have to do with aliens? A whole lot actually. But before I get into eye-witness accounts of the goings-on inside subterranean military bases, you have to understand that the alien phenomenon is an interdimensional, and not an intergalactic one. This requires the introduction of some people, places, and history, and you'll have to bear with me because things are about to get weird. Really weird...

Aleister Crowley, LAM, and the Babylon Working Ritual

Aliester Crowley was one of the mast famous occultists of the 20th Century. While growing up in the late 1800s, his Christian mother referred to him as "the Beast," an appellation he proudly wore. He recounts that as a young man reading the Bible, he found himself rooting for the adversary, he wanted to be used in some way to bring about Satan's purposes. After his father passed away from tongue cancer when Crowley was only 11 years old, he rebelled against his mother's Christian values. During his teenage years he became engrossed in sexual promiscuity, often purchasing sex from prostitutes, and during his college years he experimented with bisexuality and mysticism. 

Crowley eventually married his friend's sister, Rose Kelly, as a convenient arrangement to save her from a different “arranged” marriage. By this time Crowley was deep into occult practices like witchcraft, sorcery, and sex-magick rituals used to conjure demonic entities. The two of them traveled to Cairo in 1904, rented an apartment, and began a series of rituals attempting to invoke ancient Egyptian deities. They conjured an entity named Aiwass, through which was channeled a "revelation" known as "The Book of the Law," with the supreme governing principle being, "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law." Or, in other words, sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll baby. It is interesting to note that Aiwass is pronounced the same way as Ayahuasca, the mind-altering psychoactive herb that can open up the third eye by stimulating the pineal gland. I believe these drugs can open a window, or portal if you will, to other dimensions on the same plane as demonic entities. In fact, in the Book of Enoch, we are told that the fallen angels introduced this herbal knowledge to man as a companion to witchcraft and sorcery:
Amazarak taught all the sorcerers, and dividers of roots:

Armers taught the solution of sorcery; (Chapter 8:3-4) 

The "dividing of roots" is a reference to using herbs for "enlightenment" and hallucinatory effects. These roots can be used as a gateway to the demonic and astral plane. If you talk to people who have experimented with similar drugs such as peyote, DMT, and magic mushrooms, they all have similar experiences, usually involving spiritual entities who they identity as guides. Some see angelic beings, and others see revolting and terrifying creatures such as serpent-like humanoids or aliens. I believe their experiences are real and not in their minds, simply because we are surrounded by other dimensions and realms. These drugs may be a key to open the door and peer into those realms. 

In 1918 Crowley was living in an apartment in New York City, where he began a series of rituals known as the Amalantrah Workings. These involved sex-magick (yes the word magic originally ended with the letter k) rituals performed with volunteer women. Crowley was obsessed with the woman in the book of Revelations known as the whore, or Mystery Babylon. He was convinced that she was an entity and not a group of people like the Catholic Church or American government as some have opined. He was attempting to birth her into existence as a mission to help the beast and anti-Christ take over the earth. Crowley asserted that to be successful in conjuring entities, sex-magick had to be performed in any way other than the natural procreative method. This entailed women with women, men with men, and human and animals (bestiality). 

The entity that ended up coming through identified itself as LAM, and looked like a three-foot gray alien with an egg-shaped bulb head. Below you'll see Crowley's own artistic depiction of this strange being.

The name LAM comes from Eastern Mysticism and is the Tibetan word for "the way" or "path," and is synonymous with the Dalai Lama, who leads others down the path of "enlightenment." Crowley believed that through ritual he had created in rift in the fabric of space and time, and that is how this entity was able to manifest in our reality. Now obviously LAM is a demon in disguise, but this is where the idea that "benevolent" intergalactic beings "condescend" to us earthlings to teach us a higher path. However, this is not inconsistent with scripture, which tells us that Satan can appear as angel of light to deceive. 

Crowley's fame spread and he began to accrue a following. One of his disciples was Kenneth Grant, who received the portrait of LAM from Crowley in 1945 and in 1986 started the Cult of LAM, a new-age style religion that taught it's adherents how to tap into the power of LAM through meditation and sex-magick rituals. Other disciples were Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard. Parsons was a literal rocket scientist who founded Jet Propulsion Laboratory in 1944, which was controlled by the U.S. Army until 1958, when it was turned over to NASA. L. Ron Hubbard was the infamous founder of Dianetics, which later become known as the Church of Scientology. Both men were steeped into the occult and became obsessed with the Scarlet Woman in the book of Revelations. After reading Crowley's book, Moonchild, which is a fictional novel about bringing such a being to life, they attempted a ritual in 1946 in Parson's home known as the Babylon Working. They recruited a woman named Marjorie Cameron, and Parsons engaged in all sorts of sexual perversions and debaucheries with her in their attempts to impregnate her with the spirit of Babylon, an entity distinguished by Crowley as Babalon. When Crowley heard of this ritual, he referred to them as idiots and "louts," and withdrew his support from them. Parsons and Cameron were married, and although she never conceived a child, they believed that Babalon was incarnated inside her body. Parsons died mysteriously in 1952, literally blowing himself up with explosives when working on a film project in his home. Some believe he was murdered, but there is not enough evidence to prove foul play. You can read the entire sleezy story in this article if you're bored and you have spare time, but the point of my including this account is that many believe Parsons and Hubbard managed to tear an even bigger hole in the space-time-continuum than Crowley had when he let LAM into our reality. And because they were not as adept at closing magick portals as Crowley was, they left the door open so to speak, and the modern UFO phenomenon began a year later in Roswell, New Mexico, when the first "flying saucer" space craft was recovered after a crash. 

Now I know this sounds insane, far-fetched, and totally "out-there," but the church of the Devil is built upon certain principles and hierarchies. And he uses sorcery, witchcraft, and ritual to open doors between worlds. This is based on heavenly science that we mortals know nothing about. Remember, he copies and perverts everything that God does, and he has his own powers and priesthoods. To gain access to God's power, one has to inquire of Him with humility and repent in sackcloth and ashes, accepting Christ as your Savior and Redeemer (the ascension pattern in the Book of Mormon). To gain access to Satan's power, you have to worship him, and then become a vehicle for him to introduce his minions into the world through disgusting rituals involving sexual perversion and blood sacrifice (often with children as the victims). The alien deception is the perfect way for Satan to introduce more of his minions into our reality while simultaneously deceiving the world into believing that these beings are our superiors, benefactors, or even creators. 

Do you remember the 1989 movie The Burbs, starring Tom Hanks, Carrie Fischer, and Corey Feldman? Admittedly I have always loved that movie, even though I suspect that Tom Hanks is involved in the occult. Corey Feldman has come out in recent years as a whistleblower for the pedophilia and abuse that young actors and actresses have to endure to become famous, although he has been largely ignored. Sometimes in movies the powers that be admit their plans or give us clues as to what their agenda is. During one scene in The Burbs, Feldman and Hanks are talking one night about their neighbors that they suspect are serial killers. Feldman asks Hanks if he has seen the movie, The Sentinel, the horror flick about a man who opened a portal or a gateway to hell. In reference to their new neighbors, Feldman asks, "maybe, somebody left the gate open." Here is the clip:

This is not just entertainment, a message is being communicated here. Portals and gateways are real. Both good and evil entities use them to travel in between dimensions. Think of the scripture in Nephi where he talks about entering in at the gate. I believe this is more than just a metaphor. Spiritual gates allow us to become closer to God, who has requirements such as baptism to enter them. To see God in the flesh would consume us in this 4th dimension where we reside. Beings in higher dimensions have more energy because the molecules in those spheres vibrate at much higher speeds. This is why men have to be transfigured to stand in God's presence, and those who are privy to heavenly experiences see and hear things that are not lawful to be uttered by man. They simply have too much concentrated energy to be expressed in this world. 

Satan vibrates at a much lower frequency than God, but he also has requirements to enter his gates, such as sex-magick and blood sacrifice. Whether Crowley, Parsons, Hubbard, and others have actually opened these gates, there is no doubt that our world is becoming more evil and demonic entities are becoming more powerful. The apostle Paul has said as much about our day:
Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils... (1 Timothy 4:1)
In regards to UFology and aliens, when you study enthusiasts and groups who are obsessed with this phenomena, you will discover a spiritual component to their madness, and it begins to appear more as a religious, rather than scientific, movement. Could it be that LAM is one of these seducing spirits that Paul is talking about? And are some of these "doctrines of devils" channeled through telepathic communication with aliens? Such as that the human race was created by and is being watched over by these "benevolent" extraterrestrials, and that they will step in to save us from ourselves by setting up a one-world government in which warfare and nations are a thing of the past? That, dear readers, is a question that you can only answer for yourselves, and will require prayer and personal study. In the meantime, I'm going to introduce some more people, places, and history that will compel you to say, as Dr. Evil said to Frau, "it got weird didn't it?"

Roswell, Area 51, Eisenhower, Bill Cooper and UFOs

In the summer of 1947,  William Brazel discovered strange debris on his New Mexico ranch, located about 75 miles north of Roswell. Around the same time, a pilot named Kenneth Arnold claimed to see unidentified flying objects racing over high altitude lakes near Mount Rainier, Washington, at what he estimated to be over 1200 miles per hour. A UFO frenzy ignited all over the country. The 509th Bomb Group, a division of the Roswell Army Air Field, descended upon the ranch site and claimed to recover the remains of a "disc." The local headlines read as follows:

Within days the Army began a debunking campaign, claiming the debris was the remains of a crashed weather balloon, and the case was closed. But as usual, the frenzy went underground, and the incident was rumored to be a giant government cover-up. The case resurfaced in the 1970s, when eye-witnesses began to come forward revealing that they had been silenced by the government, now no longer afraid to speak up. One such witness, Major Jesse A. Marcel, was the intelligence officer dispatched on the scene, who in an interview in 1978, 31 years later, asserted the wreckage was from extraterrestrial origin and he had been ordered to keep quiet about it. This inspired others to look into the account and the case was cracked wide open again. Now there are a plethora of books, declassified documents, and testimony that will lead you down one rabbit hole after another, but never allow you to come to the complete truth. Have you ever noticed that all alien/UFO incidents are shrouded in mystery and enigma? The reason why is that they are spiritual phenomena, meant to deliberately confuse and deceive us. But make no mistake, they are real, and so are UFOs. 

Before I explain what UFOs really are, you need to know that underground military bases are also real and have existed for some time. In the 1990s, a geologist named Philip Schneider blew the whistle on their existence, claiming that he knew of at least 129 underground locations throughout the United States. Area 51 is numbered among them, which by the way has now been declassified by the government. Area 51 is real, Jesse Ventura wasn't pulling your leg. But they don't study UFOs there, they build them. I'll come back to that. 

Schneider asserts that each underground base is approximately "between 2.66 and 4.25 cubic miles in size," large enough to house a subterranean city. They use a high-tech laser drill to clear the earth for these facilities, capable of tunneling seven miles a day. They are owned and operated by the global elite, who, according to Schneider, are depending upon them for future protection from coming chaos, which they themselves will be the cause of. Each base costs between 17 and 26 billion dollars to construct. Keep in mind this in 1990 dollars, which means 30-40 billion in todays inflationary currency. In light of these goings-on, doesn't the following scripture make a whole lot more sense?:
And the idols he shall utterly abolish. And they shall go into the holes of the rocks, and into the caves of the earth, for the fear of the Lord shall come upon them and the glory of his majesty shall smite them, when he ariseth to shake terribly the earth. (Isaiah 2:18-19, 2 Nephi 12:18-19)

Apparently mankind has been obsessed with tunneling underground since the dawn of time. D. Christian Markham quoted a lengthy article from an ancient phenomenon researcher in Volume II of There are Save Two Churches Only, named April Holloway. In her comparison of ancient myth to modern archeological discoveries, she reveals that a myriad of ancient societies built underground tunnels and cities, including the Chinese, Mayans, Egyptians, Greeks, Irish, Norwegian, Turks, and others. You can find her article on pp.18-24 of Markham's book. Here is a link directly to it. I highly recommend reading it so you can open up your mind to the concept that there is an entire world going on under the surface of our earth, because as I will get into later, that is where the aliens are. They don't come from outer space, they come from inside and under the earth. 

In February of 1954, president Dwight D. Eisenhower vanished mysteriously for a few days while on a vacation in Palm Springs, California. Rumors began spreading that Eisenhower was severely ill or even dead, which were quelled by his press secretary, James Haggerty, who asserted that he had broken a tooth while eating fried chicken and had to undergo emergency dental surgery. They even got a dentist to verify this story verbally, but there are no records of this surgery ever taking place in the Eisenhower library, which contains extensive health records on the president. According to conspiracy theorists, Eisenhower had been taken to Edwards Air Force Base to meet secretly with two different groups of aliens. The first group was a race called the Nordics, who look similar to us, 6-7 feet tall with Arian features, i.e., blue eyes, blond hair, and fair skin. They claimed to be from the Pleiades star cluster, and presented themselves as an advanced race trying to look out for humankind, and were especially worried about our weapons of mass destruction such as nukes, and other weapons even more powerful that have been kept secret. They wanted complete disarmament, and an agreement could not be reached. 

A second group of aliens called the "Grays”were not as concerned about mankind blowing up the world, and offered technology secrets in exchange for permission to perform experiments on humans. Eisenhower allegedly signed a treaty with them, with the condition that they had to return the human abductees unharmed after experimentation had been completed. The Grays were filthy, disgusting, smelly, horrid, and monstrous creatures. The smell has been compared to "the worst garbage imaginable," and according to alien researchers, these creatures absorb nutrients through their skin and have been known to bath in vats of human blood. You can't make this stuff up, it comes right out of a horror movie. 

You might be shrugging this off as complete fiction and nonsense. But hold on just a second. Remember you are a mortal who has virtually no concept of the ethereal world. You don't understand how interdimensional beings can manifest themselves to us in our reality. Your mind does not and cannot comprehend how that works. So before you stop reading, try to open your mind up to this possibility and continue. Ask the Spirit if this is possible. Ask the Spirit if I am full of it. And for heaven's sake, don't believe a word of what I write without doing your own research. 

There was an eye-witness to Eisenhower's meeting with these aliens. His name was Gerald Light, a writer who claimed to be one of the community leaders present at that First Contract meeting with the president. Again, just like all the incidents I talk about, you can read up on these happenings for yourself, and the Spirit will help you sort out the truth from the error. Yes, much of what you hear about in alien and UFO circles is total nonsense, but some of it is real. There is an agenda to deceive you. It comes from the demonic realm, and many of the global elites know about it and actively push disinformation campaigns to trick you. And don't forget about Hollywood. Steven Spielberg's Close Encounters of the Third Kind was a movie that was reminiscent of Eisenhower's meeting with the Nordics. The film presents the aliens as "benevolent" and "advanced" beings who have our best interests at heart. Nothing is further from the truth. They are manifestations of demons, nothing more. Here is what Spielberg said about movies planting ideas in our minds:

Remember, science fiction's always been the kind of first level alert to think about things to come. It's easier for an audience to take warnings from sci-fi without feeling we're preaching to them. Every science fiction movie I have ever see, any one that's worth its weight in celluloid, warns about things that ultimately come true. (Quoted in Markham's Vol. 2 of Two Churches Only, p. 14)

There is a deeper philosophy that is subtly embedded in all of this alien nonsense, it is Satan's oldest trick in the book: the Hegelian Dialectic. Secret societies have used this method for millennia to control populations. The method goes like this: you present two seemingly opposing sides, both of which are created and funded by the same banking institutions and secret societies. You let the common people argue about these sides and become divided, and then you offer the "solution," which was the agenda all along. This is the divide and conquer technique, and it works very well. One thing about the devil is that he uses the same methods over and over and over again. And if you're good at pattern recognition, you can pick up on it. Now think about this: the Nordics appear with similar features to us, they are intellectually and technologically advanced, benevolent, concerned about violence and warfare, and are attempting to teach us a higher path. The Grays, on the other hand, are revolting, violent, disgusting, terrifying, and without morals or conscience. Kind of like the alien version of terrorists. Do you see what they are doing? They are giving you sides, good guys and bad guys. And if in the end they fake an alien invasion of earth, they could make the Nordics appear as the good guys who save us from the Grays, but then take over and immediately set up the one-world government in an ultimate bait and switch. 

Remember the book/movie series The Hunger Games? In the third book, Mocking Jay, the president of District 13 (a highly esoteric number by the way), Alma Coin, was rallying her people against the Capital and President Snow in the name of freeing Panem from tyranny, but in the end she had different plans. Katniss began to figure out that President Coin was just another, yet slightly more benign, version of President Snow, with similar lusts for power and authority. That is why Katniss killed her with the arrow that was supposed to be for Snow, who laughed hysterically at the irony. Katniss knew that Panem, if left in Coin's hands, would devolve into a similar tyranny. The plot is similar to George Orwell's Animal Farm. The pigs, representing the elites in any society, were the ones who originally rallied the animals against the human farmer Mr. Jones. At first they established rules that no animal should walk on two feet, or sleep in a bed, or drink alcohol like a human, or kill other animals. But slowly, as the pigs began using their advanced intelligence against the rest of the animals, they began morphing into the very thing that they had fought a revolution against. They began gaslighting the other animals, convincing them that the rules had been different all along, which they justified by explaining that since they had to run the farm, they needed to live in Jones' house and sleep in his bed. They had to do all the "thinking" and therefore they had were exempt from physical labor. They created enemies, like Snowball, who they blamed for every bad thing that happened to the farm. Then they began using the dogs (the secret police) to intimidate the other animals through killing so-called traitors by tearing their throats out in public executions. They used the Hegelian Dialectic to control and subdue the other animals. Do you see the pattern? Think of the French, Russian, and even American revolutions... trading one set of totalitarians for another. In my opinion, the alien deception will end the same way; Satan sticks to his patterns. 

I said I would come back to how the U.S. government builds UFOs. They are flown and operated by men. The technology required to build them was most likely channeled by demonic entities, for no other reason other than the fact they are meant to deceive you. In D. Christian Markham's second volume, he shares a personal experience with the Holy Spirit. It gave him two answers to the alien question simultaneously, they are as follows:

'Aliens' are not beings from other planets. They are demons. UFOs exist, but they are built and piloted by men. (p. 50)

After receiving this answer, the Spirit told him to leave the alien question alone for a while and to study other conspiracy material for the next few years. He was obedient to this counsel, which allowed him to connect the dots to how the alien phenomena fits into the bigger picture. It's a deception perpetuated by a league between demons and high-ranking Luciferians in Satan's church. The demons manifest as aliens and the government builds the UFOs. It is a coordinated effort. 

He was led to study the eye-witness accounts of William (Bill) Cooper and Philip Schneider. Both men held high security clearances, one military and the other civilian, and both were murdered by the government for divulging classified information they had access to. Cooper joined the Air Force when he turned 18, and during nights at the bar with high-ranking officers, he noticed that some of them (after about a dozen beers or so) would start talking about extraterrestrials. When he finished serving in the Air Force at age 22, he joined the Navy, and was stationed aboard the USS Tiru (SS-46), an old WWII diesel boat submarine stationed at Pearl Harbor. One day while on port lookout, Cooper relates the following incident:

We were on the surface doing about 10 knots, when, off the port bow, I saw (and I was the only one who saw it) a huge flying disc the size of an aircraft carrier come up out of the water, tumble on its axis, and disappear into the clouds. 

Well, needless to say, I was stunned. Literally speechless. I started to say something but couldn't talk. Nobody else had seen it, and I knew that they weren't about to believe what I had seen if I'd told them. And it scared me a little bit too, because I had never believed in these things even though I'd heart stories about them all my life. And I didn't see a dinky little, run-of-the-mill, thirty-foot flying saucer -- I saw something as big as an aircraft carrier. 

But I had a duty to report this because it could have meant a danger to the vessel -- my duty was to the vessel and to the crew. But I wasn't about to tell the officer of the deck that I'd seen a flying saucer. So I told him (his name was Ensign Ball), I told him that I had seen something off the port bow, [and] would he help me find it because I've lost it. You work that way on the bridge of the ship -- you're this team, everybody helps everybody out. Since the lookout can't leave his station, officers very often bring them coffee. 

Well, he looked over there. The starboard lookout had also heard what I said, he looked over there, too. And I was turning around to look back again, brining my binoculars up, when the same craft (or another that looked exactly like it, I don't know which to this day), came back down out of the clouds, tumbled again on its axis, and -- the most incredible thing happened -- there was no splash. It was as if the ocean opened up ahead of it, and then it went into the hole, which closed behind it.

Now this sounds incredible. And to tell you quite truthfully, it is incredible. And if somebody had told me that and I hadn't seen it, I wouldn't believe it. And I wouldn't blame any one of you for not believing it...

After having gone through this experience on the bridge of this submarine, I was later told by the captain that we are not to discuss this, even amongst ourselves. I've never been told that in the military. I'd never heard of anything like that. People that worked on projects together usually discuss them amongst themselves, together. 

Now, when we reached Pearl Harbor, those of us who had been on the bridge, including the captain, were not allowed to go to ashore. A commander from the office of Naval Intelligence came on board, spoke with each one of us in the captain's stateroom, individually. And literally what happened was he did not tell us what to say, but every time we said the wrong thing we were threatened, we were yelled at. It didn't take me long to figure out (having been raised by an Air Force officer, and having spend four years in the United States Air Force) what this man wanted to hear. So I told him what he wanted to hear: "Sir, I didn't see anything. I want to get the hell out of here real quick. Please let's get this over with." That pleased him. I was then given several pieces of paper to read, which literally all said basically the same thing using different words. They were different rules, regulations and laws governing the safeguard information pertaining to national security. And then I had to sign a security oath saying that I would never talk about what it was that I had just told this gentleman that I had not seen. And then I was allowed to go. (An excerpt from a presentation Cooper gave in February of 1991, quoted in Markham's second volume, pp. 55-58) 

After his time in the Navy, Cooper was sent to Vietnam to man a river boat under the Dong Ha River Security Group. He relates that there was rumors of "significant UFO activity in Vietnam," and that both sides of the war were engaging with them. He then related the following chilling account:

I know of one incident for a fact, that after UFOs hovered above a South Vietnamese village all night, the next morning there was not a living soul in that village. Don't ask me where they went because I haven't got the slightest idea, but it's incredible. (Ibid, p. 58) 

After Vietnam, he went on to serve directly under the top Admiral in charge of the entire Pacific Fleet, Bernard Clarey, as an intelligence officer. Cooper was the "senior enlisted man in the command center, in charge of the command center and the information." He was "also the speak out operator, which meant Top Secret, crypto-communications that came in under a special, compartmentalized category." Some of the documents he was exposed to were about the origins of extraterrestrials, as he explains below:

It was there I saw documentation that (I have to tell you right now) could have been shown me, or given to me, or I could have put in that position in order to see these documents so that I would specifically talk about them later... The document[s] stated that extraterrestrials were real, that UFOs were piloted by them, and had been visiting this earth for many thousands of years, that there was a project called Aquarius that had researched this history, and compiled the history, from written human records, starting with the ancient tablets left by the Sumerians, the Assyrians, the Mesopotamians, the Egyptians, right up to modern times. These documents were quite thorough and very convincing, believe me. (Ibid, p.58)

Cooper was allowed to view other documents, detailing the the recovered alien craft in Roswell, along with an account of a second craft that had three alien bodies in it, one of which lived in government captivity until 1952. He saw documentation about President Eisenhower's alliance with the Grays at Edwards Air Force Base in Muroc, California, and he very much believed that aliens were real. But after he published his book, Behold a Pale Horse, he started a Ham Radio show called The Hour of the Time in the early 1990s. And by the mid-90s he began to change his mind. He believed he was deliberately fed misinformation by the government. In another presentation, he made the following statement:

In all the history of the world, folks, if we were really being visited by extraterrestrial life, don't you think we would have found one by now? Don't you think so? And how come the government always gets there first?? It's Podunk time! It's in the middle of nowhere! There's a guy milking his cow, a flying saucer crashes, and the government gets there before he can get from his cow to the crash site! (audience laughter) It's ridiculous, and I shudder to think, in the beginning when I first came public, I may have been misleading somebody along those lines, that this whole thing is being brought about by extraterrestrials. I think some of us were really used [as unwitting pawns] in the service of our country. (Ibid, 61)

Markham has transcribed these presentations in the Volume II of his book, and they are pertinent to understand what is really going on with aliens and secret combinations. I know this post is getting long, but it's not intended for the casual reader, in fact, none of my blog posts are. My aim is really to get you to do your own research and discover the truth for yourselves. Sometimes that requires writing lengthy articles. I have to quote some more of what Cooper said in this presentation before we get into Philip Schneider's story, it will help bring all of what I've written in this post so far into perspective. Cooper asserted that plans to perpetuate an alien hoax were being drawn as early as 1917:

I have found references, as far back as the beginning of this century by a secret group of very powerful people, to create an artificial alien threat from some other planet to help unite all humanity into a one world government with them at the head. I found a speech given by John Dewey in 1917 to Viscount Isshiki in the Japanese delegation in New York City where the first thing he says in his speech is "Someone once told me that the best way to unite all humanity and do away with war is if we were attacked from some other planet by alien beings from outer space"...

I have to tell you that the intelligence communities, the powerful people in this world, have the capabilities to do this; to perpetrate such a hoax. They can do it. They have methods and ways to make us believe damn near anything they want to...

If we can send a man to the gas chamber or the electric chair on the testimony of two witnesses in court, why won't you believe millions of people who are telling you that they have seen these craft flying in the air, that they're metal, that they're intelligently guided, that they are real, and that they demonstrate a technology beyond anything that we know -- publicly anyway. I can tell you that we have this technology in the United States, it is being flown in an area called Area 51, Groom Dry lake, in the Nevada test range in the state of Nevada. I have seen it fly, many other people have seen it fly. I have a photograph of it in my book...

You too can also go see [these things] in Nevada (if you have the money and if you have time to go out there, and stand in the desert all night). If you look toward Groom Lake between sunset and sunrise on any given night you can watch them test fly these craft...

I can tell you that, [from] over the last 17 [to] 18 years that I've been doing research, I have discovered that our normal everyday concept of reality is an illusion. It is a manipulation, in most instances, of the power structure that really runs this country and the world, to keep us ignorant so that we won't know what the truth is. (Ibid, 61-62, Emphasis added) 

Philip Schneider and Alien "Bodies"

The account of William Cooper isn't too hard to swallow, it makes sense that UFOs are a creation of men and not some strange alien race from another galaxy. But when you hear Philip Schneider's story, also transcribed by Markham, things will get surreal. You may be tempted to check out after the reading what follows. It sounds insane and incredible. But keep in mind that this man had nothing to gain by telling his story, in fact, he lost everything, including his life. This is what he said 8 months before he committed "suicide" in his apartment:
I will tell you one thing. If I keep speaking out like I am, maybe God will give me life to talk my head off. I will break every law that it takes to talk my head off. Eleven of my best friends in the last 22 years have been murdered. Eight of the murders were called "suicides." Before I went to talk in Las Vegas, I drove a friend down to Joshua Tree, near 29 palms. I drove into the mountains in order to get to Needles, California, and I was followed by two government E-350 vans with G-14 plates, each with a couple of occupants, one of which had an uzi. I knew exactly who they were. (Ibid, p. 83)

Here is his Schneider's story as transcribed in Markham's book, all editor's notes are Markham's, not mine:

My father was a U-boat captain in Hitler's navy, and he got captured and taken over [to America]. I didn't find this out until about two weeks before he died. On his death bed he kinda told everybody, [who were in] total shock. I was one of them. Frankly, I didn't believe my father, [maybe] he was kind of in [a] delirium or something like that. But of course, [evidence to these] things have come up since. Anyway, he was captured by the French, turned over the U.S. Third Army, [they] turned him over to the Navy. And he was a master machinist - now that's not a journeyman, a master means that he can take a block of metal and make a gun or a watch or some other flying instrument. 

[My father] later became an MD doctor, part of the aerospace medicine group of the United States Navy. [He] was instrumental in helping build the USS Nautilus, and its first nuclear-powered predecessor, the [USS] Enterprise, the first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, and other ships like it. He pioneered all the ways in building very small, miniature nuclear engines. Later on in his life he helped develop the infamous "gridbit" nuclear motor, which is now employed in some things that look like flying saucers, that people claim are flying saucers - yes, "we," the United States Air Force and other [U.S.] armed forces, are training other European forces to fly unidentified (now identified) "flying saucers." We've actually built several prototypes that are flying under the names of black craft...

I worked for 17 years for the United States government as a geologist and aerospace engineer as well as structural engineer... My position as a geologist and engineer got me to see a lot of things in the world - I've been in over 70 countries. I also worked for NATO [and] I carried a level 3 security clearance with a "Ryolite" factor ("Ryolite" is a "hardent" factor), only given out to a handful of civilians and maybe a couple hundred military men worldwide... I no longer work for the government anymore, I took my security clearance and all my government stuff, cut it up and sent it back to [them]...

I was involved in building a numbered base inside of Dulce, New Mexico, which is Los Alamos biological laboratory. On the southwest part of Archuleta mesa, we built an underground facility, the better part of three cubic miles hollowed out underground. Then, to the southwest of that, we were in the process of the early stages of building. We drilled four tunnel-like holes, some of them ran two and a half miles under the surface. Drilling machines that were used [back then could progress] at the rate of two miles per day, so it was fairly rapid. The equipment kept coming up broken, so they wanted to send somebody down there, a human observer, or human observers in this case, to find out what was going on. 

Well, to our total surprise - first of all, the government knew all about [the things I'm about to describe, and] they didn't tell anybody. When I saw green beret and black beret people encamped inside of our geologist camp, I knew something was up. First of all, I knew all about the alien agenda. [Ed. Note: it is highly likely that, with Schneider's security clearance, both William Cooper and Phil Schneider had read the same Top Secret government documents concerning alien life on earth and historical interactions, as both of them report having knowledge of these matters prior to 1979]. The large alien grays have been encamped there [i.e. that area underground Dulce] for, as best as believed possible, for about four or five hundred years. [It] had been one of their [i.e. "alien entities"] internal bases. And we drilled [four] holes right on top of it. 

All the stinking air, all the black, sooty air, came right out. The first hole was sunk and all this soot came up. Well, that's when all hell broke loose, really. Anyway, we drilled four holes. [It took about] two days to drill all four of them. And when you build an underground base, you drill four basic holes, then you build [what's called "spokes," or cross-member holes across, and use special blasting equipment [based on] the analyzation of the rock formation, and you literally blast out or tunnel out or deflagerate or melt rock out to build the large rooms required for this underground base. 

Well, in this process I was lowered down [in] "the basket" of one of these holes [Ed. Note: Schneider and approximately 30 other people, including at least one green beret, were lowered down this newly drilled hole in a heave-cable-supported metal "basket" lowering system designed for spelunking/deep-cave-exploring.] And about from me to this elderly woman here in the front [Ed. Note: approximately 10 feet] was sitting a seven-foot tall alien gray. The stench was worse the the worst garbage you can imagine. The entity was absolutely horrible. I didn't waste any time to reach for my pistol. At that time I was an engineer, I didn't have the [means] to carry [heavy weaponry that the ]outer perimeter and inner perimeter security people carried. I carried a little Walther PPK pistol with a nine-shot clip. This was late August of 1979.

Now, [I was wearing] a regular suit of clothes, plus [I was in a suit] almost like a space suit environment, and [when] reaching for the gun, it's not the easiest thing to do, and to pop a clip in it and start shooting. And I killed two of them [i.e. these tall "alien grays" he witnessed].  Yes, they are mortal and they do die. However, in the process, one of them did this [Ed. Note: Schneider slowly waves his hand around his chest area, his palm facing the chest]. All I remember is that he waved his hand in front of his chest, and the next thing I knew this blue beam hit me, and just literally opened me up like a fish. [Ed. Note: in a separate presentation, Schneider lifts up his shirt and shows both the severe burn and surgical scars up and down the center of his chest area.] [It also] burnt my fingers right off of me. [Ed. Note: Schneider holds up his left hand to show that his index, middle finger, and the top half of his thumb are completely gone.] It was some form of electrical force, because [it was] kind of like being hit with a lightning bolt, [it] burnt all my toe nails off of me, crispy-crittered my left foot, burnt the shoe right off of me. All I remember is the smoking remains, and I'm still conscious but in and out of [it], didn't remember much. And there was a green beret that was right behind me that risked his life, in fact he died. He risked his life, he shoved be back in the basket and hit the button, and took me up. I wouldn't be alive talking to you today if it weren't for him. I'm forever indebted. 

Sixty-six service agents, green berets, black berets, crack troops [i.e. highly trained, best-of-the-best] lost their lives [that day]... (Ibid, 79-81) 

Markham draws some very interesting insights from Schneider's strange account, you can find them on p. 83 of his second volume. I'll just hit the key points:

  1. "They are mortal and they do die": Markham suggests that these beings, although literal demons, might "be eternally-corrupted former angelic beings, with grotesquely-corrupted physical features..." This idea coincides with the fallen angel theory as espoused in the Book of Enoch. Although their physical bodies can die, as the Nephilim did when God sent the flood, the spirit essences of these demons can live on to possess other bodies, or as in the case of Cain, some of them might be trapped in a physical body that is immortal but corrupted, and maybe this is where the mythos of creatures like vampires came from. 
  2. They have advanced technology: Remember that the fallen angels taught man higher spiritual knowledge (occult and esoteric) and introduced technology to them. Markham makes the point that "blue beams are associated with UFOs and aliens - from levitating abductees, to mutilating cattle with laser-find precision cuts, to weaponry that does catastrophic tissue damage..." 
  3. They live in underground bases and have for centuries: Markham remarks that these bases can descend several miles under the earth's surface, which "hearkens back to the ancient pattern of elite people, families, and groups throughout history tunneling deep into the earth, seeking and receiving information on how to manipulate the masses and form empires." 
Now, I realize that all of this sounds like it comes straight out of a sci-fi thriller, and it is easy to shrug off and dismiss as total nonsense. But sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction, and because we live in a fallen world, we have only bits and pieces of the truth. Our reality is kind of like a spiritual simulation, similar to the movie, The Matrix. Beings from higher realms can and do manifest themselves to us, some to instruct (true angels of God) and some to deceive (demons). It is those spiritual beings that live in the real world so to speak, and it is we who live in the made-up one. This is part of our test in coming to this earth; it is a limited reality that we have to experience to be able to advance in the spiritual real-world. 

Now, with that being said, our finite minds have the tendency to create their own pre-conceived notions of both God and the devil. We tend to create them in our own image, only allowing them the characteristics, attributes, powers, abilities, and idiosyncrasies that we are comfortable with. This is why the traditions of our fathers are condemned so much in the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon. The traditions are what close our mind to reality. God, and unfortunately Satan, are not limited by what our beliefs are, but rather it is our beliefs, or unbelief, that limit our understanding to who these beings are. They don't play by our rules. They are not confined to our 3-dimensional probationary reality. With this in mind, read the following scripture again (because I know you've read it before) to see if you can understand it in a nuanced way:
And behold, others he flattereth away, and telleth them there is no hell; and he saith unto them: I am no devil, for there is none--and thus he whispereth in their ears, until he grasps them with his awful chains, from whence there is no deliverance. (2 Nephi 28:22)

You can imagine the whispering goes something like this: "don't worry, hell is real but its a state of mind, it's definitely not some physical place inside the earth. Oh sure, there is a devil, but he has very limited powers. Don't worry about him. He is just trying to get you to swear and drink coffee. He definitely doesn't have an army of billions of demons who are attempting to manifest in our reality. There is no such thing as sorcery and witchcraft, devil worshippers are just misguided teenagers who sacrifice stray dogs and cats. The devil doesn't have an organized church, there are not world elites who worship Lucifer and have infiltrated all the governments and churches of the world. They are definitely not kidnapping children, sacrificing them to Lucifer and then drinking their blood. God wouldn't allow that to happen, and too many people would have to be in on the conspiracy. That is just not possible, don't believe these crazy conspiracy theorists, they belong in mental institutions... go back to sleep..."

Connecting The Dots

To sum everything up, it's time to introduce to you where I stole the title of the piece from. It is the name of an article written by conspiracy researcher Ron Patton, and he connects all the dots to bring the alien conspiracy into full perspective. Markham also quotes most of the article on pp. 93-97 of Volume 2 of his book. Here is a link directly to it, and here is the full article, Demons in Alien's Clothing

I am not going to copy it here. This post is too long already. But please click on the links and read the article, as well as Markham's commentary on it. Patton wrote it back in 1996, and he links the ancient societies of the past with the occult happenings of the 20th Century, all to prepare the world for the "New Age" of Aquarius when the fallen angels will return to earth. I'll summarize a few snippets from the article to pique your interest. Some of what I will quote are bolded by Markham in his book,

Patton describes how ancient civilizations, such as the Egyptian, Babylonian, Aztecs, etc., had certain characteristics in common. They were far more advanced scientifically and technologically than we realize. They all engaged in animal and human sacrifice, they received "metaphysical knowledge from the 'gods', whom they perceived as coming from the stars and also the subterranean level of the earth." He brings up an interesting point that people who have had experience with alien abduction also have certain characteristics in common. Five to be exact:

  1. Individuals possessing a high degree of psychic ability.
  2. Similar phenomenon occurring with other family members (multi or trans-generational).
  3. Native Americans and/or indigenous peoples.
  4. Children who have been subjected to severe abuse or trauma.
  5. Individuals and/or family members affiliated with the government and/or military intelligence agencies or departments. 
Other interesting connections Patton makes:
...A strong relationship exists between occultic ritual sites, top secret military installations and UFO/alien sightings and abductions...

The purpose of the series of ceremonies performed by Parsons and Hubbard was to unseal an inter-dimensional gateway, that had been sealed in antiquity thereby allowing other dimensional entities known as the "Old Ones" access to our space-time continuum...

... Alien symbology is identical to that of the Mystery Religions of ancient Babylon...

... A high percentage of the alien alphabets are similar to magical alphabets of Hermetic and Enochian origins... 

 And this one is perhaps the mother of all connections. Pay close attention. Think disinformation campaigns to confuse the populace, or government psyops (psychological operations) to deliberately throw you off the trail:

Some skeptics have taken the position that the UFO/alien phenomenon can best be explained as a form of psychosis or hysteria as conceptualized within Jungian psychology. Others view it as an elaborate government hoax, designed to further confuse the American populace. Such an insight is coherently expounded upon in the book, Space Aliens from the Pentagon, by Bill Lyne, former Air Force Intelligent Officer. I believe all the above explanations can exist simultaneously and need not be exclusive from one another. What better way to manipulate one's perception of reality than by throwing out several different scenarios, thereby making it difficult to ascertain a consistent pattern or trend that would hopefully lead to finding the elusive truth. 

That should be enough to whet your appetite . It really is a well written and researched article that Markham says really "hits the nail firmly on the head" in regards to the alien/demon connection. I will give you one final thought to ponder before I close. In the 13th chapter of Revelations, John describes the ushering in of the beast system and the miracles that will precede it. What if the fire coming down from heaven is the simulation of a fake alien attack? And what if the problem-reaction-solution method is used once again to produce order (New World Order) out of the chaos that will ensue from such an attack? I believe this is one possibility of what may occur. 

And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven in the sight of me, And deceiveth those that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast... (Revelations 13:13.14)

As always, don't take anything I write for granted. Do your own research and come to your own conclusions. And ask the Lord to reveal these things to you personally. We will have to have at least a cursory knowledge of the "hidden things of darkness" if we want to avoid deception in the future. Remember, God has commanded us to "awake to our awful situation," and to waste and wear out our lives in bringing these things to light. To to able to commune with God, sometimes we are required to descend into and ponder the "darkest abyss," and the alien/demon connection is no exception. 

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