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Sunday, April 2, 2023

The Beast is Coming to Utah III: Beyond Conspiracy

 Previously: Masks, Skulls, and Corrupt Politicians

With 2023 being the year of inversion, it's appropriate to introduce you to America's inverted flag. 

The image to the left is the U.S. civil flag. It has not flown since before the Civil War. The flag we are all accustomed to as the symbol of our country is not civil at all, it is a military flag, flown during times of war or occupation. 

That's right. We are at war. Well, they are anyway, and have been since 1861. Who is the enemy they have declared war on?

You and me

We are enemies of the State. All of us

And they have captured our flag. They are currently occupying our individual states as an aggressing foreign entity, and have forced us into a pseudo contract of dual citizenship, a conflict of interest that perpetuates a quasi-war between us and them. 

What does this has to do with regionalism, the promised subject of this post? Well, everything, because the incorporation of the U.S. government and regionalism go together like "peas and carrots," as Forest Gump once so opined. 

Incorporation? What am I talking about? 

The District of Columbia Organic of Act of 1871 that created the corporation known as the United States. This corporation functions under maritime admiralty law. 

This post will take you down a rabbit hole that perhaps many of you have not been before. It will be a part two of the piece I wrote called Slavery By Consent, as well as a deeper dive into regionalism. The two are hopelessly intertwined. If you've never heard of maritime admiralty law I suggest reading Slavery By Consent before proceeding. 

I also recommend opening your mind and praying for the Spirit to remove any cognitive dissonance that your mind may attempt to interject as you read. This will not be for the faint of heart or for those who wish to remain asleep in the Matrix. 

What I am about to describe is Lucifer's prison system that he has established on planet earth, a system beyond conspiracy that stems from the ethereal world. A system based on pseudo-contracts and corrupted language. A system that creates a voluntary prison where the key is left hidden in plain sight within the confines of your cell. 

All you have to do is unlock the door and set yourself free. 

Let's descend. 

The Real Goal of Agenda 2030

What elites are trying to with Agenda 2030 in Utah and virtually everywhere else in the world is merely an extension of what's already been done.

What do I mean by that? 

They already rule the world through quasi-wars conducted under perpetual martial law. They are able to do this because most of us read at a second grade level and do not comprehend the lingo of maritime law. They have weaponized public education to ensure this ignorance. 

Maritime law can only be foisted on populations if language has been corrupted through the subtle changing of word meanings. The slave must believe he is free for the system to work

This weaponizing of grammar is how Satan has controlled the masses from the beginning. I believe it began with Cain, who built the first cities, or military districts, or regions where large groups of people were herded into smaller areas and controlled. In contrast, Adam and his righteous posterity were nomads and herd keepers, and spread out over the land in small rural settlements. 

What does Agenda 2030 want to do with you? Herd you into regions and lock you down. This is nothing new. 

The only reason they haven't done it is because they can't..., not yet anyway. They only have control over the fiction of you, not the flesh and blood you. 

What do I mean?

Maritime law only has jurisdiction over your nom de guerre, or pseudonym. That's a French word describing a fictitious name. The Romans called their slaves persons which means "persona" or your aura; a person was not a man or a woman and could not speak for itself. Only an attorney, one appointed to act for another, could speak for a person. This attorney must attorn, meaning his job was only to "transfer homage or allegiance to another Lord." Hence, the judicial system was rigged, and it still is today (more on that later). 

Somewhere along the line someone changed the word man to human. A human is not a man at all, it is only the hue, or color of a man. So if you're called a person or a human they are not talking about the real you. In America a person or human is also known as a corporation, and this is reflected by spelling your name in all CAPS on every legal document (a word that means your docking paperwork has been filed). 

Don't believe me? Just take a look at your driver's license. 

If you are however part of the race on earth called mankind, then you become sovereign individuals, created by God, and by virtue of being His offspring, are "endowed with inalienable rights," which no earthly king can take away. 

Those who are pushing Agenda 2030 are bored of your corporate fiction; they are coming after your flesh and blood. 

You see, you are only half a slave now, all of your economic labor is used as surety to finance the corporate structure of the world. But you are still allowed to live and move around according to your free will..., well, sort of. Agenda 2030 will destroy your physical freedom as well, and you will be fully enslaved to the elite. 

Are you picking up what I'm putting down? 

Let's start at the beginning. 

Corporate Law

Have you ever wondered where the word law came from? It is an acronym for land, air, and water, because law covers all the space on and around the earth. 

God showed Nephi a vision of the whore of Babylon, and where was her seat? On the many waters. Water represents people, and maritime admiralty Law, or the law of the sea, is the law regulating international commerce. This is also known as corporate law. 

Live men do not live in the sea. If they attempt it they will die, and will became dead men. Is there a law that governs dead men? Yes there is, but it is not God's law, it is Lucifer's. 

Why? Because he is Hades and rules over the underworld, or the world under water. 

God's dealings with men on earth only involve those who are alive and breathing. Once they die they are no longer a physical part of the land. 

So how does Satan get control of you if you're still alive on earth? He submerges you in figurative water, and makes you a corpse who orates, or a corp-oration. He makes you a dead man talking. Even though you're dead he still needs you to be able to speak so that you can be manipulated into accepting his voluntary slavery contracts. You can't speak to represent yourself to a judge, or captain, but you can speak to accept your punishments from him for trespassing on his foreign property.

Thus, Satan confounds your language so that words lose their meaning and you are more easily persuaded to enslave yourself. He did this to your ancestors and you were born into the slave system. When you came to planet earth, you, like a vessel at sea, came through a birth canal and were received at a dock, by a doctor, who works at the hospital or port. 

You were signed over to the king's registrar by your own parents, or pair of renters, who informed on you by signing your birth certificate, a document that declared you as a commodity to be traded on the stock exchange. You came to earth as nothing more than a human chattel slave, owned and traded by the merchants of the world. 

You, my friends, are vessels of commerce in a vast sea of space. And all vessels at sea have shipping costs, need documentation, and need to be received at a port by port authorities. 

Paul told us that Satan is the "prince of the power of the air," so why wouldn't he make all the space in the world his by bringing maritime law onto the land? Didn't he say he reigns from the ends of earth? 

If you are confused read Slavery By Consent before proceeding further. 

If you already know a little about maritime law, keep reading, and it will all make sense. We just need to go back to the Civil War to get the whole story.

Freeing the Slaves and Enslaving the Free

Economic freedom in America was a short experiment lasting only 72 years, from 1789 to 1861. In that fateful year the voluntary compact established under the idea of federalism was destroyed without compunction... forever. Federalism was the idea that the sovereign states could form a central government and regulate it. They could use their (state) courts to determine if the central government was behaving, and they could nullify any federal law they deemed unconstitutional. 

And they could voluntarily leave the Union at any time

But that changed when Lincoln threatened South Carolina for wanting to secede over the Morrill tariff, passed in 1861. His fearmongering didn't work because they just stopped showing up in Congress, along with six other southern states. This left a gaping void in the quorum required to do business on Capital Hill.
But with southern congressmen failing to show up for session, Lincoln did what any other would-be dictator would do--get the South to fire the first shot so a war could be declared. 

Once declared, without congressional approval because there was no congress, Lincoln was free to implement martial law, which he did in 1863 under General Orders No. 100, otherwise known as the Lieber Code. 

Francis Lieber was a German writer who fought in the Prussian Army in 1815 during the Napoleonic wars. He was also a friend of Lincoln's, who asked him to write a military code for the President's new war, hence the Lieber Code

It set forth the rules of engagement between the occupational invading military force and the defending country, how civilians should be treated, and other nice-sounding chivalric jargon. But it was nothing more than a smokescreen for martial law. In fact, Article 1 of the code states that it was martial Law, and that the invading country isn't required to issue any public warning to the inhabitants of the occupied territory, or inform them at all that they were operating under this law. 

In Article 2 of the Lieber Code it states emphatically that martial law continues "during the hostile occupation" unless the commandeer-in-chief issues a "special mention in the treaty of peace concluding the war." 

That never happened. There was no treaty, just Union soldiers with guns threatening southern Democrats to ratify the 14th Amendment or face being left out of the Union. And nothing can be legally ratified under duress. After FDR declared a banking emergency, he gave the already existing martial law more teeth. Those teeth are still penetrating the skins of Americans today, and not many of them even realize it. 

Worse yet, Article 3 states that during martial law, the occupying military authority suspends all civil and criminal law, takes over the domestic administration of the prior government, and can then itself administer "all civil and penal law" in whole or in part, indefinitely. 

That means they are still doing this today. The proof is in executive orders. The president was never supposed to make law, but since Lincoln, thousands of executive orders have been unilaterally signed into law. Moreover, the government has given itself "emergency" powers and under such can operate under martial law in any given disaster (two modern examples are how FEMA took over New Orleans after Katrina and Boston after the marathon bombing). 

During so-called Reconstruction, the radical Republicans set up military districts. A region and a district are essentially the same thing. In a military district there are no free elections or fair trials. This was not federalism. This was martial law and the end of representative government in America. 

Now, Lincoln had nothing to do with this part, because well, he was dead, killed by the Rothchild's for refusing to borrow money from European banks to finance the war. Instead he opted to use the U.S. Treasury to print Greenbacks to pay for his bellicosity. It was the Rothchild's intent all along to divide the North and the South into two nations, because well, they make more money that way. But Lincoln's dutiful longing to save the Union foiled their plans, which I'm pretty sure were being implemented through Southern General Albert Pike (Freemason and Luciferian who wrote Morals and Dogma). 

Remember readers, there are no good guys in this story, just opportunists. In his younger days Lincoln became rich using his litigation skills to increase the land of the bureaucratic union railroads, which he got hefty kickbacks for. And he single-handily destroyed the U.S. Constitution during his four-year conflagration with the South. He set up the perfect environment for the 19th Century Deep State to establish the perfect ruse: the incorporation of the District of Columbia. 

How you ever wondered what District of Columbia actually means? What a strange phrase to call a nation's capital. It is literally a temple. A Masonic temple, with an obelisk ensconced within a pyramid. The word District means, get ready for this, "demon god of the underworld for trickery." Ya, that's a mouthful. Dis is Latin for Pluto, god of the underworld, and trictus is Latin for "vexation, nonsense, trouble, or trickery."

The name Columbia is a feminization of Columbus, and she was depicted as a literal goddess, like the virgin Mary, which is where the names of the states of Virginia and Maryland came from. 

This is the same old Mystery Religion of Nimrod

The Statue of Liberty was Columbia reincarnate in 1886, and a gift from France, a place full of Scottish Rite Freemasons dedicated to revolutions. 

This is what she looks like today:

Apparently Columbia is also a business associate or partner with the merchants who now run D.C., because, her name has been safely ensconced in Washington's articles of incorporation, established in 1871. 

Three years prior in 1868 the 14th Amendment was "ratified" under Southern duress, something that had to be done as a prerequisite for incorporating the government. This amendment established dual citizenship for each citizen of the United States, one to the state in which they resided, and the other to the federal government. This created a conflict of interest, which was dealt with by an undeclared war quietly fought against Americans.

The 14th Amendment also uses subtle language that replaces common law with martial law. The phrase "equal protection" denotes positive law, whereas the phrase "nor shall private property be taken" from the Fifth Amendment denotes negative law. So what they are really saying is that everyone has "equal protection" under martial law, everyone is equally yoked as a slave. (See, The Non-Ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment, by Judge A.H. Elliot, pp. 49-51) 

All governments of the world have been incorporated, and at the UN flags fly with spires above them. What does that mean? It means that they are at war with their own citizens. Have a look for yourself:

As you'll recall, both John and Nephi said that the whore and the beast would "make war on the saints." 

This is happening before our very eyes. 

And the war is declared by who? Fictitious corporations. In other words by nothing and no one, meaning not of this earth. This war is declared by Satan, as the UN (also a fictitious corporation) and all other incorporated governments of the world do not exist physically on planet earth. 

That word state is also an interesting one. It means "a condition of," not a region defined by a physical boundary. The word territory is the correct word because it is objectively a physical place on planet earth. Ter, derived from terra, means earth, and orium, the Latin of the suffix of territory, means "any tract of land." Because state is subjective, it can mean any "condition" they want it to mean. Therefore, the word state used as a region controlled by a government is fictitious. There is no such thing. 

In the Book of Mormon, they made it very simple. They called it land. The land of the Nephites and the land of the Lamanites

Even the government knows you can't serve two masters, and they set up contingencies accordingly. These were spelled out in the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871, when you were made into a fictitious "person" with no rights except those granted to you by the corporation. These were known as "privileges."

But more than this, the Act extended the authority of bureaucratic departments outside of the District of Columbia, the most fraudulent encroachment of pseudo-jurisdiction that American's have ever not realized. 

The Origins of Regionalism: Bureaucratic Annexationism 

After Lincoln was assassinated, Vice-president Andrew Johnson took over as president. Johnson was not as willing to punish the south as the Radical Republicans that controlled Congress were, his veto was overturned by the Republican-dominated Senate and the Military Reconstruction Act became law in 1867. 

This created five military districts in the south, ruled by five military governors. Five regions ruled by 5 men with king-like powers, like a mini-Atlantis (remember it was divided into 10 regions and ruled by 10 kings). Obviously, this was done under the pretext of the Lieber Code, as the South (and North for that matter) were still under the martial law prescribed by Lincoln.

Reconstruction lasted all the way up until 1877, when Union troops were finally pulled out of the last southern state. But it was too late for freedom, because the District of Columbia Organic Act had already been passed in 1871. This created the United States corporation, a foreign entity operating within the territories of the several states. Every citizen became an employee of the U.S. corporation, and was leveraged to bankers as surety for debt-based loans. 

But we have only scratched the surface.

The act incorporated all branches of government and all bureaucratic agencies and departments. Separation of powers dissolved in an instant. 

Some say the New World Order was supposedly set up in 1871, at the time of incorporation. Three regional authorities of the world came together to make this happen: the Vatican, Downtown London, and Washington DC. All three of these city-states are sovereign, are controlled by the Masonic Order, and are incorporated. 

From what I understand, Lucifer manipulates time and the "sea of space" to make this system feasible on earth. The three power-centers who have enslaved all the citizens of the world each have a part to play in Lucifer's system. 

The Vatican has changed and manipulated time by obfuscating the world's calendar systems, and has also pretended to speak for God while being a wolf in sheep's clothing. Remember, this was where the ancient seat of the whore, Mystery Babylon, rested during the Roman Empire. The word Vatican means "vat, I can," meaning "holder or vessel I can do," almost like a symbolic holding tank for all of mankind. It being incorporated, it has become "the first Trustee Legal Title holder of the dominion of the living man" (Source article). A corporation is a machine, and when it creates a trustee ("a person responsible for the property of another"), it does so ex nihilo, or out of nothing, because a fiction cannot produce anything physically real.  

After Rome fell, the seat of Mystery Babylon moved to downtown London, or London Town, where merchants defended the only square mile in England that didn't fall to William the Conqueror in 1066. These merchants demanded the Lex Mercantoria, or the maritime law. Ever since London Town has been the center of the world's financial systems. To this day, when the Queen of England enters London Town, she has to meet the merchants on the outskirts, and bow her head to them as she walks into their jurisdiction. 

Finally, the last side of the maritime triangle is Washington D.C., a giant Masonic temple, and a district dedicated to the god of the underworld, Lucifer himself. D.C., specifically, the Pentagon, is the military center of the world, relishing in its military-industrial-complex made up of another triangle, one made of iron. Within the confines of this triangle, defense contractors, military personnel, and Pentagon officials enjoy a bonanza of tax-payer outlays, enriching the banks who loan the money, as well as those who direct the wars. 

So you have the money (London), the propagandizers/smoke screeners (Vatican), and the muscle (the Pentagon); the trifecta of Lucifer's slavery system on planet earth. 

As you'll recall in George Orwell's novel 1984 there were three superpowers that ruled the world. Maybe he knew more than we think he did. I've heard tell that he was a member of a secret society in London, but I digress. Orwell's dystopia describes a world of three regions pretending to be in constant war while actually being in league. 

Are you beginning to see how regionalism fits into all of this?

Let's get back to 1871 when the U.S. became a corporation. 

Before the Civil War, federal encroachments of power into state territories were rare. But under martial law, federal departments could expand their territorial authority by simply changing law into policy. 

Policy is not law. In common law there are no victimless crimes. In policy there are violations of rules laid out by corporate officers. Most of these will not involve a victim. This is where the term police officer came from; an unelected private paramilitary mercenary paid out in public funds to enforce corporate policy. 

Guess what? The title of police officer does not exist, it is a fiction. There is no such thing as an officer that enforces policy for a corporation (a dead person talking). None of those things exist on planet earth. This is part of the illusion we all live under. 

Section 1 of the District of Columbia Act of 1871 states the following:
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That all that part of the territory of the United States included within the limits of the District of Columbia be, and the same is hereby, created into a government by the name of the District of Columbia, by which name it is hereby constituted a body corporate for municipal purposes, and may contract and be contracted with, sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, have a seal, and exercise all other powers of a municipal corporation not inconsistent with the Constitution and laws of the United States and the provisions of this act. (Italics original)

A municipality is a local self-governing entity usually in the form of a town, which some consider to be sovereign. Should the government be sovereign? Can they be? No, a group, corporation, public entity, and municipality are all fictions. None of them exist. Only flesh and blood people exist and can be sovereign. 

Notice the language about contract. How can an entity that doesn't exist be contracted with? It cannot. Contracts, or torts, can only be entered into between individual sovereigns by voluntary free will. Nothing else can legitimately be called a contract. But when you were born, you were informed upon by your parents and forced into a slavery contract without consulting your free will. This is extortion perpetrated by fraud.  

The District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 re-wrote the U.S. Constitution in maritime admiralty terms. It gave the president power to become the presiding corporate officer over all executive departments, which includes all bureaucracies. This was not the President of the United States of America (that was gone), but the president of U.S. Inc.

Those bureaucracies, like the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), if it had existed prior to 1871, would not have had jurisdiction over any territory outside of the District of Columbia, but when the U.S. became a corporation, it also became a foreign entity operating within the borders of the United States of America, and those departments were given de facto authority over the entire nation. That is why the FBI can investigate crime cases in any state, and can oversee and overrule any state police or county Sheriff's department. 

With the president of the corporation of the United States being in charge of appointing corporate officers to federal agencies and departments, it makes sense how the government grew so large after 1871. The FDA, the CIA, the DEA, the ATF, FEMA, the TSA, the NSA, the DOI, the EPA, the DOE, the DOT, the IRS, and dozens of others are made-up extensions of the corporation of the United States, and like the police officer, they do not exist on planet earth. 

They are illegitimate and fraudulent entities, overseeing no one and accomplishing nothing. It is all a ruse to deceive you into believing their pretended authority and jurisdiction is real. If you believe it, it becomes real. Just like how in the movie the Matrix they tell you that if you die in the Matrix, you will die in real life. Didn't Neo say, "your mind makes it real"?

Well dear readers, our support and belief in government has "made it real." All we have to do to set ourselves free is stop believing. 

How have these bureaucracies created regionalism? 

Simple. One example will suffice. The FBI has pretended jurisdiction over all the state police departments in matters of "federal" crime. That just created 50 regions under the "authority" of the FBI. And since the phrase federal crime is vague and means nothing, then they can make it mean whatever they want it to. 

Since the director of the FBI is appointed and not elected, this is no different than the UN appointing a globalist stooge to be the regional authority of one of the six regions in Utah. 

Yes, Utah has already been divided into economic regions. Shortly after Utah Governor Spencer Cox took office he was presented with an economic report put together by the Utah Economic Council. The map below shows the boundaries of these regions:

Remember, economic regions are human regions. 

Just what kind of chattel do you think they want to keep locked up in these regions? The fences are going up all around us. 

Language and Admiralty Courts

All courts in the United States are admiralty courts. An admiralty court is a military tribunal where one person can make a judgement without hearing testimony or seeing evidence.  As I'll explain later, witnesses and juries only provide entertainment in a courtroom, because a judge cannot hear or see them at all. He is the ultimate arbiter of the law, representing the corporate interests of banks, clerks, and government magistrates. 

His main concern is issuing you a fine, because, as soon as you leave your home country and walk into his court room, you're trespassing on his foreign jurisdiction. His superiors are therefore demanding compensation for your trespass, and this is his first order of business. The lawyers are there to assist him, as their allegiance is to the judge and the bankers, and not you. They are there to speak for you to make sure you "agree" to the correct punishment. 

In the Book of Mormon, we are told that it was the lawyers and the judges that began to lay the foundation of the destruction of the people. We are way past that here in modern America. 

How did we get here? Through the corruption of language. Most American's are ignorant of maritime law and believe the courts are places where justice can be administered. Well, until they actually go to court and experience it for themselves. It doesn't take long to see how the whole thing is a racquet, especially once you get the bill from your attorney. 

Every part of our language has been broken down into maritime terms. Prefixes, suffixes, adverbs, adjectives, and prepositions have been manipulated and engineered in ways to deceive you. For instance, we use many adjectives and adverbs to describe nouns and pronouns, sometimes two or three at time. I find myself doing this often. This has made our language very subjective, and if we are not careful, this can lead to changing or obscuring facts. In legal terms this is known as "coloring," and is how they have changed the meaning of law. According the Black's Law Dictionary, "color" means:
An appearance, semblance, or simulacrum, as distinguished from that which is real. A prima facia or apparent right. Hence, a deceptive appearance, a plausible, assumed exterior, concealing a lack of reality; a disguise or pretext. (Fifth Edition, p. 240)

Now let's take it a step further. Tomlin's 1835 Law Dictionary uses the term "color officii," which occurs:

... when an act is evilly done by the countenance of an office; and always taken in the worse sense, being grounded upon corruption, to which the office is as a shadow and colour... (Volume 1)

And here is a court case that explains how this directly influences law:

Color of law means the appearance or semblance, without the substance, of legal right. Misuse of power, possessed by virtue of state law and made possible only because wrongdoer is clothed with authority of state is action taken under "color of law." (Atkinis v Lanning. D.C. Okl., 415 F. Supp. 186,188) 

Well, that certainly hits close to home, especially when you read Helaman 3:1 (RE) about how those controlling the government did "no justice unto the children of men."  

Here is an example of our language problem. The word preposition contains the prefix pre, which means before, making preposition a subjective term. It should be a strong position, not a pre-position. Thus, position is the correct word because it is objective. 

There is another rabbit hole I went down recently which ended up being a psyop (this happens to me all the time), but along the way I learned some of the tactics of the adversary. The rabbit hole involves a concept called "parse syntax grammar." Parse is a French word meaning a method of breaking down grammar, and syntax denotes the proper ordering and structuring of grammatical sentences and phrases.  

Parse syntax grammar is the method for ordering the English language into sentences that only contain factual statements, without colorful or flowery and descriptive adjectives and adverbs (like I just did in that sentence). It is really hard to follow. The guy who came up with it was the late (passed away in 2018) David-Wynn: Miller. He punctuates his name to make it a fact, not a fiction. A full colon always introduces a fact. You can learn about syntax on his website by clicking here

His musings on language are quite fascinating, but be forewarned that Miller claimed to have been abducted by aliens as a child in the 1950s and implanted with the knowledge to come up with this "language." He also claimed to have an IQ of over 200, and had given himself the title of federal judge. I listened to a nine-hour seminar that he gave and although his hubris is exhausting, he said quite a bit that resonated with truth. 

This is how Satan operates. Sometimes someone comes along with a new perspective on the corrupt system we live under and promises a new escape. But when you go down that rabbit hole, it only leads you back to the beginning of the maze. I call this the "false-hope psyop." One example in the book 1984 is the character named O'Brien. If you've read the novel, you'll know that O'Brien was a member of the Party and tricked Winston into believing he was part of the underground resistance group. Ultimately, it was O'Brien that tortured Winston in the Ministry of Love until he confessed to love Big Brother. 

David-Wynn: Miller was a member of the Party so to speak. He claimed to have been a 92nd degree Mason, which makes no sense because there are only 33 degrees (well, at least known to the public). But Miller claims to have cracked the Masonic code and has advanced that far up the ladder. He also claims to have traveled through time and placed these codes in a time capsule in the 1800s which he left for himself to recover in the 1990s. 

Total... nonsense. 

I view him as another Manly P. Hall, someone highly steeped in occult mysticism who is using another route (psyop) to espouse the same old mystery religion concepts. When he said he was abducted by aliens as a child, that convinced me that he has been deceived by Satan and his minions. (I believe that aliens are demons). 

And like Manly P. Hall, we can learn the secrets of the Masons from guys like Miller, who seem so zealously willing to spill the beans. Some of what he says is truth, especially when it comes to corrupted language. 

Here is a fun example: the word united is broken up into un and ite. Un means no, and ite means citizen. So the United Nations means "no citizen nations."  

Here is another example: if you take the word investigation and break it down according to authentic grammar, you find it is very misleading. The prefix in actually means "no," and vestigation comes from the word vestige which means "a trace, mark, or visible sign." So vestigation means to look for the clues of a crime. However, investigation means to not look for said clues, meaning that the FBI does absolutely nothing. It is no de jure, or lawful function at all. 

Fiction means every possibility but the truth. These possibilities are endless, or they span into infinity. The truth is simple and can only be told one way. For instance, Miller uses the example that 3 + 3 always equals six, no exceptions. To maintain its fictitious status, government will make up a quadrillion false equations to convince you that 3 + 3 does not equal six. The mathematical possibilities to lie are endless. 

This is what we are up against. The Lord described it this way:
Verily, verily, I say unto you, darkness covers the earth, and gross darkness the minds of the people, and all flesh has become corrupt before my face. (T&C 124:6)

We are all corrupt because light and truth have simply been taken away. We do not have enough light yet to keep all of God's commandments. This is why a restoration of all things is required. The entire system we live under is a lie, even the language we use is corrupted and is nothing but a bunch of babble. 

Here is another example using the word interest. 

In = no, ter = earth, est = contract. 

(Miller asserts that a vowel accompanied by two consonants means "contract." However, Miller could be drawing from the old Latin phrase impossibilium nulla obligatio est, meaning, "there is no obligation to do anything which is impossible." It is impossible to pay interest on a loan that does not exist in the physical realm. You're using physical labor (real-world value) to pay for something that is abstract and valueless. This is an irreconcilable conundrum that can only mean you are a slave to a fictitious system). 

Hence, interest means "no earth contract," meaning, you don't lawfully owe a nickel of interest on your mortgage because it doesn't exist. It is a fiction. The real word is usury, and it is described in the bible as a sin. And by the way, the "loan" for the mortgage doesn't even come from a bank. A bank is a middle-man that directs the flow of current-cy, and like a river bank, it risks none of its own assets, because it doesn't have any. The money is made up out of thin air out of your social security account, which is used as leverage to back the financial system of the merchants of the earth. They need you in debt to keep you working. To keep you a slave. 

You, dear readers, are the money, you are the currency

They did this to you in 1935 when the Social Security Act was passed which made you a securitized asset backed by Wall Street banks. Because the U.S. government went bankrupt and became insolvent in 1929, they could only pass this act under the pretense of "emergency." This was admitted in the Congressional Record in 1993:

It is an established fact that the United States Federal Government has been dissolved by the Emergency Banking Act, March 9, 1933, 48 stat. 1, Public Law 89-719; declared by President Roosevelt, being bankrupt and insolvent... the United States Federal Government exists today in named only. (United States Congressional Record, March 17, 1933 Vol. 33)

Under this state of "emergency" the president has authorization to do the following:

...seize property; organize and control the means of production; seize commodities; assign military forces abroad; institute martial law; seize and control all transportation and communication; regulate the operation of private enterprise; restrict travel; and in a plethora of particular ways, control the lives of American citizens... (In Reg: U.S. Senate Report No. 93-549, November 19, 1973 [73 CIS Serial Set S963-2- 607 pages]

And speaking of regionalism, Judge A.H. Elliot explained that the Social Security Act:

 ...created Ten Military Venues, called "Federal Regional Areas." The problem the Congress realized was, while Congress could restructure the Government Agencies into these Federal Regional Areas, the people could not be identified to be within the this Military Venue by their own consent. The solution was to create another Military Venue which would trick the people to voluntarily accept recognition that they are within a Military Venue. Congress solved this problem by creating the ZIP CODE.

The "zip code" divides the United States into Ten Military Venues called "National Areas." When a Citizen receives mail from an agency of the federal government (such as the I.R.S.), in the return address of the federal agency is the district within the regional areas the letter is sent from, and on the address of the "Citizen" it was sent to is the national area [ZIP] om which he received the correspondence from the I.R.S.. In other words, the correspondence was sent from one of the federal regional areas [military venue] to one of the National Areas [another military venue]. "Taxing Districts" are established within one of the Federal Regional Areas, which places the collection of taxes under a martial law jurisdiction. 

Military commanders can set up "taxing districts" in an occupied region. In the United States, the President (who is Commander in Chief of the Military) has been authorized to set up Internal Revenue Taxing Districts, ever since the Civil War. (The Non-Ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment, pp. 140-141) 

Earlier on Judge Elliot described how Federal Reserve Notes are actually military script to be used in a military venue. It is as if we are all living on ten giant military bases. This also includes corporate fascism, because on military bases outside "contraband" is prohibited, meaning you can only buy from the "approved" businesses within the confines of the base. 

Regionalism is already here, we are living in taxing districts that have no representative authority whatsoever to do what they are doing. The United Nations wants to transition this already existing construct seamlessly into world government. 

Regionalism has also come into the court system. Every courthouse was coopted into U.S. Inc. after 1871. That means that all state courts became extensions of the foreign entity occupying the District of Columbia. Remember, these were the courts that were the original watchdogs of federal abuses of power. These were the nullifying courts. The whole system of the Founder's has been flipped on its head. 

In admiralty terms, all courts are foreign vessels operating in dry dock. You know they are foreign because they are flying a yellow fringed flag over the state flags. Yellow fringe signifies a military occupation. If you go to a U.S. military base, you see yellow fringe flags flying on poles and on every soldiers arm.

If we weren't living under a military occupation then why do courts and the military have the same fringed flag? 

Don't be fooled folks. 

When you walk through the [water] gates of a courthouse you are walking into a foreign vessel in dry dock. You are leaving your territory and walking into a foreign corporation engaged in a military occupation of your homeland. And as such you are a trespasser. Therefore, the only judgment (opinion) the judge has to make is how much to fine you. 

In one of Miller's lectures he explains all the different planes of the courtroom. I knew court was a racquet but have never quite heard it explained this way. It is worth repeating here. All sports are played on a level playing field, and all players have an equal opportunity to win. Not so in a courtroom. 

According to Miller there are five planes in a court room. The Judge sits on the highest plane. He represents a foreign entity sitting in a foreign jurisdiction. All "persons" who come into his court room are foreign vessels who babble, because they have not been taught proper grammar. The judge knows this and takes advantage of them, because he understands maritime law and they do not. 

On the next highest plane is the witness stand, which is in a box. According to Black Law's dictionary a box is a place where a witness cannot be heard nor seen, and in which no evidence can be presented. So a witness sees and hears nothing. 

On plane three sits the jury. According to the U.S. Constitution, a jury must be made up of twelve peers. But in our present court system, they are split up into two groups of six who sit on slightly different levels.

This means that they are not a jury at all, because half of them are viewing the "evidence" from a different perspective. Furthermore, they are all enclosed in a jury box, which means they, like the witness, can neither be seen nor heard. According to Miller, the word jury, ju- no law, and ry- contract, means "no law contract." 

On plane four sits the clerk, who records and signs documents and stamps. The position of clerk is synonymous with banker, postmaster, and judge. So right off the bat you can see that the system is rigged. The clerk and the judge are in league. Furthermore, clerk is derived from the Old English word cleric, which meant "clergymen, priest; scholar, student..." and "king's scribe." So here we have both church and state or priest and king represented as being in an alliance against, well, you. 

This alliance between judges and clerks has been explored in court cases. Because judges only enforce statutes, and not common law, they are not acting in any judicial capacity, but rather as an administrator of a corrupt system:

When acting to enforce a statute and its subsequent amendments to the present date, the judge of the municipal court is acting as an administrative officer and not in a judicial capacity; courts administering or enforcing statutes do not act judicially, but merely ministerially... as an extension as an agent of the involved agency -- but only in a "ministerial" and not a "discretionary" capacity..." (Thompson v. Smith, 154 S.E. 579, 583)

And this law book explains that a judge's ministerial capacity is the same as a clerks:

...judges who become involved in enforcement of mere statutes (civil or criminal in nature and otherwise), act as mere "clerks" of the involved agency... (K.C. Davis, ADMIN. LAW, Ch. 1 [CTP. West's 1965 Ed.])

 The "agency" the judge represents is the United States corporation.  

On the lowest plane sits the audience, or the common people. Miller explains that from their perspective there is an "unbroken continuance of evidence" from the judge down to the clerk. This enables them to view the entire thing like a play in a theatre, except that all the other players are sitting in the stadium. This is an inversion of a movie theatre, which means that the judge, jury, witness, and clerk are the ones being entertained by the common people. This is done at our expense. 

My how the Masonic luminaries love their inversions. 

Now that being said, Miller's teachings need to be studied with caution. As I said before, I believe he was engaging in a psyop deliberately promulgated by the adversary to deceive people into believing someone other than God can save us from secret combinations. He and his partner, Russel-J: Gould, claim that they saved the U.S. corporation from bankruptcy in 1999 and have rewritten the Constitution, the banking charters of the FED and the IMF, and every other document you can think of in the proper parse syntax grammar. Gould (still alive) claims to the "Postmaster General" of the world and is charging people a fee to learn how to take back their sovereignty. However, since, 1999, the New World Order has only inched ever closer to its goals. 

Miller's "creating" of parse syntax grammar is intriguing, but not the answer the world needs. Our language has been hopelessly corrupted, but no man or group of men can save us, for that we are dependent solely upon God. 

Only God can reveal and restore the pure language that Adam and Enoch used that has been lost since the flood. English at this point is a lost cause. (Here is a video of one of Miller's lectures for anyone interested). 

In the coming just society (Zion) homes will be built with sweat equity, there will be no mortgages, a word that literally means "dead pledge," meaning, a promise to pay nothing. 

A pure language needs to be restored. In scripture we are told that Enoch was able to command the elements to protect Zion because of of "the power of the language which God had given him." 

This type of language, one that tells only the truth, will return before the Lord's coming. 

Now Onto Regionalism In Utah... Finally

Enoch Moore, the founder of Defending Utah, gave a two-hour lecture on regionalism a few months ago. It is a comprehensive exposition of how regionalism is being implemented in Utah:

Here is the short synopsis:

Multiple players are working in unison to bring this about in Utah. They consist of organizations and individuals that the UN has spelled out in its Agenda 2030 sustainable goals will be partners who push these ideals in local governments. They are a combination of NGOs (Non-governmental organizations), elected politicians, religions, corporations, and think-tanks full of overzealous "do-gooders." 

They are infiltrating every level of government. 

Some of them are idealogues who really have no idea how nefarious the UN is, some are fellow Masons enjoying the benefits of being in the inside circle, and others are outright Luciferian handlers and controllers. 

G. Edward Griffin has explained in a few lectures how those at the top of the conspiracy create concentric circles within concentric circles to control those at the bottom. And most at the bottom are good people who are deceived into endorsing the communist philosophy and are haplessly helping them accomplish their goals. 

Here are some of the NGOs helping to bring about regionalism in Utah:

Utah Association of Counties, Utah League of Cities and Towns, Mountainland Association of Governors, Wasatch Front Regional Council, and Envision Utah (keep a close eye on this one).   

They are working under the umbrella of the larger global NGOs such as:

United Cities and Local Governments, National League of Cities, NARC (National Association of Regional Councils), and the most egregious one, UNIDROIT (more to come on this group in part IV).

These groups are working with city councils, county officials, municipalities, state and local politicians, private businesses, and religions such as the LDS Church to bring about Agenda 2030 in Utah. They are doing this by subverting Republican principles and going around the electoral process. They are trying to establish de facto regional authorities with globalist loyalties to the United Nations. 

In addition to regionalism, they are pushing "smart" everything (from toilet seats to power and water meters), "sustainability" under the guise of environmentalism, high-density housing as a solution to the housing "crisis" (also caused by the government), fifteen-minute cities, surveillance cameras on city streets, and public-private partnerships to bring about "sustainable development," AKA corporate fascism under the guise of stakeholder capitalism. 

Now, we already know that the U.S. is under martial law and has been split into ten federal military regions. But remember, martial law is the same as maritime law. Mar, the prefix of each word, means sea. They only have control of the pseudonym of you; Agenda 2030 will give them your physical body as well. 

Just as Bob Barker once said to Happy Gilmore, "I don't want a piece, I want the whole thing!" These body snatchers won't rest until they achieve their goals. 

Because this post is so long, I'm deferring to Enoch Moore's video above for the full story on Utah's regionalism. You should also read this article on "micro regionalism" he recently published on the Defending Utah website. 

Before I end though, I want to leave you with some interesting verses from Isaiah. It seems that like Nephi, he also hinted at modern maritime law with this imagery of people representing seas:
Woe to the multitude of many people, who make a noise like the noise of the seas, and to the rushing of nations, that make a rushing like the rushing of many waters. The nations shall rush like the rushing of many waters, but God shall rebuke them, and they shall flee far off, and shall be chased as the chaff of the mountains before the wind, and like a rolling thing before the whirlwind. And behold, at evening--trouble; and before morning, he is not. This is the portion of them that spoil us, and the lot of them that rob us. (Isaiah 6:13, RE)

Who is it that Isaiah says that God will rebuke? Who are they that spoil and rob us? Could he be talking about the merchants of the world? 

Later on in the chapter Isaiah goes into The Burden of Tyre. What was significant about Tyre? It was the merchant capital of the world during Old Testament times. It was king Hiram of Tyre that supplied Solomon will all the fine goods with which to build his house and the temple. The same Hiram who some Masons believe was the real Hiram Abiff

Hiram and Solomon shared a navy of ships known as the ships of Tarshish. Some speculate these were large ships capable of traveling long distances, because it took them three years to return to Israel bringing "gold, silver, ivory, apes, and peacocks." These were merchant ships, and Trye was a maritime city, located North of Israel in a harbor. It was a port city, and highly fortified before its fall to Alexander the Great. 

Its number one export was purple die. Why is that important? 

Because purple is the color of royalty. Kings and queens wear purple robes and crowns. What else came out of Tyre? According to Hiram, in a correspondence to Solomon, Tyre produced gold, silver, brass, iron, stone, timber, purple and blue dyes, fine linen, crimson, and engravings. 

What other group loves all these things? None other than Mystery Babylon herself. John saw her riding on the beast in the latter-days, and her desires were gold, silver, precious stones, fine pearls, fine linen, purple, scarlet, and a host of other commodities... plus slaves, and the souls of men. (Revelations 7:4 RE)

And there is the connection. They wanted to own the souls of men. 

The kings (governments) of the earth have committed fornication with her. They are in alliance with her maritime system. 

Are you paying attention? 

This is an ancient order. Tyre was first settled by the Phoenician Canaanites, the original cannibals and worshippers of Baal. They were merchants. Merchants run the planet and they worship Lucifer. 

Do you know what the word merchant means? Mer means "to die," and chant means song. Merchant means death song; a siren luring you in with glimmering gold, fine apparel, comfortable silks, purple robes, and spiritual death. They want to own your body and destroy your soul. 

What do you think Klaus Schwab is really getting at with public-private partnerships? 

Nothing but the same old system that has always been around. Solomon and Hiram were kings controlling merchant ships, which meant they were working with and favoring certain private enterprises. They were engaging in mercantilism, while simultaneously participating in pagan and occult ritual and worship. The two go hand in hand. 

This is Lucifer's prison system. This is his spiritual plan incarnate on planet earth. Agenda 2030 is nothing new, but we are living at the precipice of the coming of the Lord, and that system will be ramped up before His return. But the good news is that God had it in His heart to destroy the merchants all along. Isaiah explained it in dualistic terms as he always does. In his describing of the fall of Tyre, we can see that he is also talking about modern merchants:

Pass over to Tarshish; how, you inhabitants of the isle. Is this your joyous city, whose antiquity is of ancient days? Her own feet shall carry her afar off to sojourn. Who has taken this counsel against Tyre, the crowning city, whoso merchants are princes, whose traffickers are the honorable of the earth? The Lord of Hosts has purposed it, to stain the pride of all glory and to bring into contempt all the honorable of the earth. Pass through your land as a river, O daughter of Tarshish, there is no more strength in you. He stretched out his hand over the sea, he shook the kingdoms. The Lord has given a commandment against the merchant city, to destroy the strongholds thereof. (Isaiah 6:25, RE, emphasis added)

What modern cities could he also be referencing, with crowns, princes, merchants, and (human) traffickers? 

Could it be London? Could it be D.C.? Could it be the Vatican? 

These cities are most certainly where the "honorable" of the earth reign. Honorable to men and not to God. 

Saint John is much more direct in his prophecy. The merchant trades and their system of maritime law will be wiped from existence. God has to do this to make way for His Kingship during the Millennium. All of the corrupt systems of men will fail. 

Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen... And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her and lament for her when they shall see the smoke of her burning, standing afar off for fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! For in one hour your judgement has come.

And the merchants of the earth weep and mourn over her, for no man buys their merchandise anymore... The merchants of these things, who were made rich by her, shall stand afar off for the fear of her torment, weeping and wailing, and saying, Alas, alas, that great city that was clothed in fine linen, in purple, and scarlet, and adorned with gold, and precious stones, and pearls! For in one hour, so great riches have come to naught. (Revelations 7:1, 3-5, RE)

Poetic... Justice. 

In part IV we'll explore UNIDROIT and Utah's new inland port authority that is all the rave. Are they seeking to become a maritime city like Tyre of old? 

Stay tuned...


  1. Hi Kendal, you spelled most instances of psyop as "pysop." :)
    Several of the word meanings and origins don't quite make sense, like the word law standing for land, air, and water; or -ite standing for "citizen". Are there sources or additional information on those origins? I understand that those aren't necessarily core to your argument,but still curious. I intend to check out the various sources you linked throughout

    1. Thanks for heads up. I fixed the spelling errors. I can't find the source for the law being an acronym ( I can't remember where I came across that but it does make a lot of sense to me). Ite means "resident, descendent, belonging to" and citizen means basically the same thing. This was David-Wynn: Miller's stuff I don't necessarily subscribe to it but I find it intriguing. My point was that language has been corrupted and a restoration of all things is necessary.

    2. Sounds good, thanks!

  2. An excellent post as always!

  3. This concept of language, a theme within your recent posts and probably earlier posts (I’m new to your blog) has really sent tendrils through all of my knowledge base and perspective - how I will approach everything from now on. The idea that the people of the Tower of Babel having lost the true meanings to their words seems to resonate with current day in ways I am only now starting to recognize. No wonder our words are like cursing to the Lord, making necessary speaking in tongues just to not offend His ears. You are presenting content that is not well rehearsed in any arena I’ve been privy to, so it will take me some time really start to absorb what it all means. So thank you for your time investment and may it pay dividends as those who have ears to hear and eyes to see embrace more truth.

  4. WOW. Excuse my english, I just want to say thank to you for the amazing job you do on your posts. You have no idea how much I have been learning from you since I started reading your posts. Has been wonderful to understand what this world's system is really all about. All glory to the Lord for inspiring people like you and Rock Waterman ( I discovered you by reading Rock's posts) in sharing some pure knowledge to those, like myself, that want to understand the meaning of certain things of this world that we live in.


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