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Sunday, March 19, 2023

The Beast is Coming to Utah II: Masks, Skulls, and Corrupt Politicians

 Previously: The Resurgence of Gaia Worship

A few years ago when mask mandates were being enforced my friend made an interesting statement. He said that mask mandates and covid jabs were nothing but a collective ritual, a mass initiation of all the people of the world into the New World Order. They needed to be prepared for what's coming, and obedience to covid mandates was the perfect test. 

As you remember, those who did not comply were labeled as contrarians and obstacles to "herd immunity." But, as the real science has shown, the unvaxxed are the healthier individuals, and the vaxxed are suffering side effects, complications, chronic disease, and even death. The LDS Church played a big part in this collective initiation, issuing a First Presidency Statement and showing propaganda pictures of leaders receiving the vaccine while wearing a mask. 

But was this more than mere propaganda? Could this have been a direct message to other initiated Luciferians clearly communicating what team they are on?  Masks are symbols that have a deep philosophical meaning, and they share an intimate connection to skulls.

Both are universal symbols of those who have rejected God. 

Just think about that for a moment.  

The skull represents death, and the mask represents a denial that man is made in the image of God.

The covid vaccine represents the skull, or death, because it is killing people. It also represents the Brotherhood of the Snake, because the supposed "treatment" for Covid, Remdesivir, shares many characteries of snake venom, and the vaccine, containing "spike protein," is injected, just as snakes inject their poison into your bloodstream. 

Everything they were doing was symbolic and ritualistic. As part of the collective initiation, they needed to restructure supply chains, restrict production, and raise interest rates. They needed to ramp up inflation and make commodities more scarce. Just as a boa constrictor chokes off its victims air, globalists needed to choke off the economy to make way for Agenda 2030. They needed to create a "global" crisis to justify their "sustainable" goals

With many small businesses failing, the way is now opened up for government-favored corporations to slide into a new hegemony of corporate fascism. They will be rewarded positions in the new stakeholder-fascist economy, and will be legally allowed to restrict supply and raise prices, and all this so globalists can snarkily say, "see, we told you so, capitalism failed, it is not sustainable." 

All of this began with masks and vaccines, and now, three years later, globalists are pushing their agenda in rural America, getting local politicians to pass into law the very infrastructure that will accommodate the Beast system. 

Antony C. Sutton, in his book, America's Secret Establishment, included a quote from an artist named Elizabeth Stucki, in which she commented on the symbolism of the skull and the mask in modern art:
The Skull - Mortality Unmasked

The opposite of the mask is the skull. The face of a the person is a fleshy skin worn between the two. People who deny the person as made in the image of God directly, and individually created and loved by Him, will seek either of these exits to being truly human - the mask which covers the mortal man or the skull which is left after mortal man has departed. Primitive minds who have not yet found God and sophisticates who have rejected Him, desire the mask and the skull. (p. 210)

The sobering reality is that the leaders of the LDS Church were one of the strongest proponents of masks and vaccines, does this mean they have rejected God? 

I’ll leave that up to you to decide. 

Furthermore, the President of the Church has confessed that he joined an organization with a skull as its symbol, the Skull and Bones. 

This was no inconsequential fraternity that this man joined as part of his fleeting college experience. Not just anyone gets invited to be initiated into Skull and Bones. In most cases, a genealogical link to a "royal" blood-line is a necessary prerequisite for entry. 

Of equal magnitude is the fact that there are only two branches of Skull and Bones in America, one at Yale and one at the University of Utah. How did it come to Utah? I don't know, but hopefully Ben McClintock's second book will shed some light on it when it comes out.

I am going to quote the Skull and Bones initiation ceremony as revealed by Bill Cooper word for word in what follows. And I want you to seriously consider the fact that Russel Nelson is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Ask yourself how a man that is supposed to speak for Jesus Christ and lead His church can swear oaths to oligarchs and engage in such debaucheries as described in the ritual?

Ask yourself how this man serve two masters? How can he be part of a Satanic conspiracy to enslave the world and be the vicar of Christ to the LDS Church? Here is the ritual as read by Bill Cooper, drawing from Antony C. Sutton and Ron Rosenbaum's work:
On the day of his initiation, George Bush was conducted through a long, dark passage into an immense hall draped with black. He was able to see by the faint light of sepulchral lamps. Corpses in their shrouds, the altar built of human skeletons stood in the center. Ghostly forms moved through the hall, leaving behind them a foul odor.

At length, two men dressed as specters appeared and tied a pink band of ribbon smeared with blood around his forehead. Upon this was an image of the Lady of Loretto. A crucifix was placed in his hand, and an amulet hung around his neck. His clothes were removed and laid upon a funeral pyre in a fireplace, while upon his body crosses were smeared in blood. Then his pudenda were tied with string, that's his genitals. 

Now five horrid and frightening figures, blood-stained and mumbling, approached him and threw themselves down in prayer. After an hour the sounds of weeping were heard, the funeral pyre started to burn, and his clothes were consumed. From the flames of this fire a huge and almost transparent form arose, while the prostate figures went into terrible convulsions.

Now came the voice of an invisible hierophant booming from somewhere below as George Bush lay in a coffin naked. The words were those of these oaths which the candidate had to repeat:

"In the name of the crucified one I swear to sever all bonds which united me with mother, brothers, sisters, wife, relatives, friends, mistress, kings, superiors, benefactors, or any other man to whom I have promised faith, service, or obedience. I name the place in which I was born, henceforth I live in another dimension, which I will not reach until I have renounced the evil globe which has been cursed by heaven.

From now onwards I shall reveal to my new chief all that I have heard or found out, and I shall also seek out and observe things which might otherwise have escaped me. I honor Aquato Fauna, it is a quick and essential medium of removing from the earth through death or robbing them of their wits of those who oppose truth and those who try to take it from our hands.

I shall avoid Spain, Naples, and all other accursed lands and I shall avoid the temptation to betray what I now have heard. Lightening will not strike as rapidly as the dagger which will reach me wherever I may be, should I betray my initiation."

Now a candelabrum bearing seven black candles is placed before the candidate and also a bowl containing what is supposed to be human blood. He washes himself in the blood and drinks a quantity of it. The string around his genitalia is removed. He is placed in a bath to undergo complete ablution. After this he eats a meal composed of vegetables. At this time he is given his new name, by which he will be known to all of the others in the order, the Brotherhood of Death.

And with the completion of his initiation, George Bush joined all of the male members of his family in a long line of ancestry traced from Robert Bruce to the modern day. He took his place in the Order, the Knight's Templar, Freemasonry, and has worked diligently to fulfill his role in the completion of the plan, the great work, the formation of the New World Order, the one-world totalitarian socialist state. The destruction of all existing nation-states, all existing religions, and enslavement of the mob. 

The very highest degrees of the Order show that the rationalism and the materialism of the thinkers who developed it were determined to stamp out belief and religion. God and any faith in a deity, the initiate was told, were human inventions and had no real meaning.

Subsequently, this was developed further and the member who arrived at the highest position, that of Rex or King, learned that he was now equal to a king, and that all men were capable of equal advancement. Hence the need for kings over ordinary mortals was an illusion and at the highest rank, the title of rex mundi, or king of the world is assumed.  

If Nelson has undergone the same ritual as George Bush, then he likewise believes that God, religion, and any faith in a deity is a "human invention." If he has made the same oaths as George Bush, then he has sworn fealty to his "new chief" which trumps all other relationships including his own family and wife. He has no loyalty to his religion, his country, or the U.S. Constitution. 

He has sworn an oath to "remove" from the earth those who "oppose truth and try to take it" out of his hands, meaning he has consented to commit murder for the organization if needed. And if the human blood used in the ritual was real, then he has partaken in cannibalism by drinking and bathing in it.  And like the Gadiantons of old, he has sworn by his everlasting Maker to keep this great secret, against Christ's injunction to "swear not at all."

This is the man who stands at the head of a church that is touted as being "the Lord's." This is the man who millions of people believe speaks to Jesus Christ and receives revelations for the Church that affect their personal salvation. This is the man who countless Mormons testify is a prophet of God just as Joseph Smith was. 

Dear readers, if you’re still asleep, please wake up, put on the armor of God, and awake to your awful situation. Realize that we are in a literal battle of good and evil, and the organization many of you once thought was a safe place to worship our Lord Jesus has been infiltrated by Luciferian imposters. 

Just as we receive a new name in the temple, Nelson has received a new name as part of his initiation into Skull and Bones. This is the name he is known by to his peers in the organization. 

The new name is actually a heavenly concept. When we reach a certain point in our eternal progression, the Lord gives us a new name, personally. A scriptural example is when Abram's name was changed to Abraham. 

The opposition imitates this practice as well, and all those who have been initiated into the Devil's Church have also received a new name, a name known by all others who are subordinate to the New World Order, a name known by the Beast.  

To Bonesmen, the highest honor you can achieve is that of rex mundi, or king of the world. They seek to be lifted up high above other men, to rule and reign over them. They are pseudo kings.

In God's kingdom, He seeks for all of us to be kings and queens, priests and priestesses. 

A king is a sovereign being, who isn't ruled over by others, except by the ultimate King, God Himself. Priests and Kings make up God's Holy Order, their highest calling is to be a servant, to call others to repentance, and to help them ascend. 

What kind of king and priest does President Nelson seek to be? Only time will tell, but I have hunch it will be within the Regional framework of Agenda 2030.

The transcript of the initiation ritual quoted above comes from a radio show Cooper did in the 1990s as part of his Mystery Babylon Series:

Bill takes you on a fascinating historical journey tracing the history of the Skull and Bones back through the Bush dynasty and into medieval times.

In my last post I pointed out that Maurice Strong was a member of the Club of Rome. 

What is the Club of Rome? 

It is the foreign-policy arm of the Committee of 300, the group, according to Dr. John Coleman, that controls the world at the highest level. The Committee oversees political think-tanks like the CFR and the Trilateral Commission, and has links to powerful secret societies. 

The environmental "threat" was made up by these globalists, it does not exist. In the Report From Iron Mountain, which I wrote about in this post, the "environmental-pollution model" was premeditated as a possible substitution for war as a means of population control (see p. 85 of the Report). 

It seems now that they have clearly fixated on that substitution. One of the secret societies linked to the Club of Rome is the Skull and Bones, and it has medieval roots. 

The Knight's Templar, the group that found the infamous treasure of Solomon, became the world's first international bankers. They had European kings in their pockets until the Pope and King Philip of France went after them in 1307. Even though they went underground and scattered into Scotland, the group flourished and eventually became the branch of Freemasonry known as the Scottish Rite.

But there is much more to the story. 

The Templars got their inspiration from the Knight's Hospitallers, an older order, and one who actually got an official approval from the Papacy in 1113. After the fall of Jerusalem in 1291, they acquired the Greek island of Rhodes which became their base of operations for the next 400 years. 

They became a "humanitarian" military order, consisting of mostly European aristocracy, displaying as their symbol the red cross that we have become so familiar with today. 

But more than that, they became powerful merchants, who employed real pirates to protect their merchandise. Far from being the lovable dopes portrayed in movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, these international criminals were highly intelligent, and lethally dangerous. 

They proudly displayed the occult symbol of death in their flags adorned with a skull and crossbones, the very same symbol the Skull and Bones uses today. 

But when you look at that symbol, you see more than a death motif. It is also a symbol of transgenderism:

Was the transgender movement organic and grass roots?

No, it is an agenda. 

Planned by the same people who are giving you Agenda 2030. An agenda to destroy the image of God. Please read Rock Waterman's recent article on the diabolical implementation of this agenda, and how it is destroying innocent lives. 

Now, in light of Nelson being a Bonesman, doesn't the LDS Church's recent support of LBGTQ laws protecting "gay marriage" make so much more sense

This support will only continue to increase. I wouldn't be surprised if in the coming years LBGTQ couples will be allowed to be sealed in LDS temples.

But I digress, before we get into some of Utah's corrupt politicians, let's have a look at a familiar occult logo. 

The Number of the Beast

John the Beloved revealed to us the number of the Beast and how to calculate it. It is made up of Roman Numerals that add up to 666. I wrote about that here. Below is the logo of the World Economic Forum:

If you follow the red line you'll see it slashing the three o's in half making three 6s. 

My how the Devil is sly. 

Economics is a strange science, as Ludwig Von Mises explained in his magnum opus, Human Action, this strange science consists of nothing more than the choices of individuals. Vague mathematical calculations of Gross Domestic Product and other macro-equations are not part of human action. 

They are rather, a central planner’s feeble attempt to make sense of it all, as if it’s a wild animal they want to domesticate. You can’t quantify free will and put it into a box, yet that is exactly what the WEF desires to do, and their box is called a Smart City

Economic controls are nothing more than human controls. 

Do you see how those words are interchangeable?

In a smart city you won’t need a car. You will live in a flat like Winston from 1984, and your assigned job and shopping center will be no more than a mere 15 minute walk from your shared-wall home. You will store spoilable food in a smart fridge, which can be locked up when your calorie quota is reached. Eggs, meat, and dairy will be off the menu, because well, they simply aren’t sustainable, and your smart toilet seat will make sure you’re not skipping your assigned meds by scanning the digital imprint of your anus. 

If you still have a car, traveling outside your smart city will require a permit, purchased with carbon credits, which will have a very limited supply, and be very expensive. But don’t worry, the shoddy landscaping inside your personal smart prison will be all the nature you need. You will have no privacy, as cameras will dot the city and be constantly scanning the digital imprint of your face, but since you’re a good global citizen with an acceptable ESG (social credit) score, I’m sure you’ll have nothing to hide. 

Your closet will be carefully monitored, as authorities will want to make sure that you haven’t exceeded your limits on clothes and shoes. And your smart TV will deliver all the news you need from the unelected regional authority in charge of the district you reside in. 

Sounds like 1984Brave New World, and The Hunger Games all rolled into one, doesn't it? This is exactly what the Satanic WEF wants to implement worldwide. You can find all of these plans on the internet, but to save you time searching just watch the video below. Pay close attention to the slides, they come right off the WEF website:

I believe Isaiah saw this happening. I've always wondered what the verse below really means, but now that the UN is pushing high-density housing, Isaiah's prophecy makes a whole lot more sense:
Woe unto them that join house to house till there can be no place that they may be placed alone in the midst of the earth. In mine ears saith the Lord of Hosts, Of a truth many houses shall be desolate, and great and fair cities without inhabitant. Yea, ten acres of vineyard shall yield one bath, and the seen of a homer shall yield one ephah. (2 Nephi 8:12, RE)

As they attempt to force people out of their rural lands and houses and corral them into smart cities and high-density housing where they will be joining "house to house," it will ignite a civil war. 

This is my prediction anyway, because there are still many patriots left who won't go willingly. And Isaiah also seems to hint at some kind of war. 

There is legislation in the works in Utah that will allow the government to use "emergency powers" to establish a precedent for forcing people into smart cities. It is this year, 2023, that they are planning on passing all of the legislation so that they can finish building the smart prison infrastructure by 2030.

I have a good friend who pointed out to me that that this year, 2023, is the inverse of the American Skull and Bones chapter known as 322. 

The year of inversion. 

This is the year that the globalists have planned to make huge leaps and bounds in this sinister agenda. It has been planned for years, maybe even decades. These people are extremely patient. This is why it is paramount that we need to wake up as many people as possible before it is too late. 

As to my friend's point about the year of inversion, 2023, they began it with a raft of false flag train derailments. Remember what happened in East Palestine, Ohio just over a month ago? 

Coincidentally, train derailments are happening all over the country, even Utah. Curiously, a train derailed in Ogden just weeks ago on March 2, and just two weeks prior, SB20 was passed in the Utah legislature. 

What is SB20

A draconian bill that exempts the Utah state government from any liability caused by, wait for it, environmental disasters. 

In addition, it creates a backdoor, through emergency powers, to annex towns and give more power to regional authorities. It also contains strange language about trains and contaminated land. It is almost as if they knew what was going to happen beforehand. 

Read this article by Eliza June on the Defending Utah website for the full story.

They are implementing the Hegelian Dialectic in Utah, creating the problem and then creating the solution. They will pollute and contaminate your land and then use emergency powers to force you off of it and place you in smart cities. 

Tyrants have been using the "emergency powers" precedent to destroy liberty and consolidate power since time immemorial. This is nothing new. 

Corrupt Politicians and Local Secret Societies

Have you wondered how the globalist puppet Mitt Romney got elected as a Senator in Utah? I mean, he was pro-abortion in the 1970s, pro-gun control, and the mastermind behind the precursor of Obamacare in Massachussetts, egotistically named Romneycare. 

He is as left-liberal and RINO as they get. 

Romney had a little help in the Utah election, a little bill known as HB54. 

HB54 created a worm-hole in the local election process. A worm-hole that allowed a candidate to bypass the caucus, the foundational tradition of selecting real delegates who represent real people. Instead of attending a caucus and facing the embarrassment of looking into the eyes of actual constituents as they ask probing questions, HB54 allows for a candidate to obtain signatures for endorsement by "paid signature gatherers." 

That means that a globalist with a strong fiduciary backing could buy their way into office.

Read this article for the full story on HB54, and what it means for Utah (it is a short article but there are many links to study).

In addition to his easy glide into office, Romney had some other things going for him. He is a member of the Alfalfa Club, an elite society that meets for extravagant banquets yearly in Washington D.C. Formed in 1913 (a curious year indeed), press coverage has never been allowed at the event, and members have included presidents Truman, JFK, Nixon, Reagan, and both Bushes. In 2019, Romney was elected as the organization's president, an "honor" that Utahns should be wary of. 

Furthermore, Romney's upward march into effortless wealth is littered with dishonesty and fraud. His investment company Bain Capitol was touted as a 2012 election campaign talking point that he was somehow a true American entrepreneur. But did you know that he used private-equity funds to secure debt-based loans to invest in start-up companies? 

His group of investors would pump these hedge funds into companies to make stocks temporarily rise, but then sell them off just in time to collect dividends for the investors. And when whales make huge sell-offs who usually follows? 

The average investor. 

The little guy trying to "get out" before they "lose everything." They sell frantically, and in the wake of the carnage the start-up company becomes insolvent. (Whaling is also how Bitcoin, and virtually all crytpo, has been manipulated over the last decade). 

Romney cost countless American workers their jobs through these schemes. Read it about here

But there's more. One of Bain Capitol's first investors was Robert Maxwell, who injected $2 million into Romney's start up in the 1980s. Maxwell is the father of Ghislaine Maxwell, former female consort of the late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. 

In 1999, Bain dumped $75 million into a medical waste disposal company called Stericycle. Read about that here. A portion of their business came from abortion clinics operating under the cloak of Planned Parenthood. While Romney was enjoying dividends from this new start-up, he was campaigning as pro-life. 

Romney has no principles, business ethics, or even the smallest trace of integrity. He is a conspirator and a globalist, vying to bring Agenda 2030 to Utah. 

For more on Romney, check out this video produced by "We Are The People":

The next scoundrel to discuss is Utah's governor, Spencer Cox. He, like Romney, is in bed with globalists, is supportive of the transgender agenda, and is a little confused about language, specifically pronouns

To find out what Governor Cox has been up to, watch the video below. You will see right on the governor’s own website how he is “lock-step” (a phrase used by Jason the podcast host) with the UN and WEF:

Another tyrant in Utah is Senator Daniel Thatcher, sponsor of Senate bill SB34.

What is SB34? A bill defining the parameters of the use of facial recognition by government, because of course we can "trust" them not to abuse this power. 

It is for our safety you know. 

In China, where social credit is already implemented, they have cameras everywhere, constantly scanning the faces of millions of innocent Chinese civilians, all ending up in a giant database. This data is sorted by artificial intelligence that is programmed for social credit. If someone steps out of line, or says the wrong thing, they are publicly humiliated, fined, or worse. 

According to some, there are more cameras in America than China. 

Thatcher wants to bring this tyranny to Utah. 

The language of SB34 is carefully crafted to seem as if the bill limits governmental use of facial recognition. But the hold the phone here, doesn't the 4th Amendment already protect you from encroachments on privacy from the State? 

Of course. If you read between the lines the bill is giving the Utah government powers it never had before, and then claiming it is limiting its own power. Don't be fooled, read this article for more details. And watch this video:

As an aside, I can't possibly cover every detail of every bill that is being passed around in Utah. That is why I'm linking all these videos and articles. The articles are from Defending Utah and most are written by its founder, Enoch Moore. This guy is sharp, and he's good at picking up on the deceptive language in these bills that violates both the Utah and U.S. Constitutions.

Why am I focusing on Utah when I live in Idaho? 

Because they aren't planning on building the new UN headquarters in Idaho. That will be in Salt Lake City, and it will involve the LDS Church. You don't have to be a genius to figure that out. 

A picture can say a thousand words. 

Or just a few, like Vatican and UN headquarters. Here are a few more screen shots from Rebekah Griffin's video that I embedded in Part I. As you can see, the new design for Temple Square is eerily reminiscent of the Vatican:

And the UN headquarters:

Creepy, but I digress. 

Another shady politician in Utah is Brad Wilson, speaker of the House of Representatives. There was an incident with Wilson involving the mysterious disappearance of $40 million of Utah tax dollars. Oh sure, the tax-payers were led to believe the money went toward "conserving" the Great Salt Lake, but when you actually read the bill that allocated the funds, HB410, you find provisions to:
...attract or leverage other public or private funding to enhance and preserve the Great Salt Lake watershed. (HB410, Part 2. Program Established, line 159, emphasis added)

Guess who the private beneficiaries of these public funds were? 

The Rockefellers. The RBF (Rockefeller Brothers Fund). How do we know this? Because Chelcie Hope from the We Are The People video above, This Info Could Bring Utah's Deep State Down (start at around the 56 minute-mark), actually called the Utah state auditor's office and demanded to know where the money went. 

She got on answer, the Nature Conservatory, a non-profit organization created by the RBF, and the National Autobahn Society, also a Rockefeller front group, to create a trust to oversee the Great Salt Lake. 

Why are the Rockefellers interested in the Great Salt Lake? 

Lithium mining. To makes batteries for cell phones and electric cars.

Millions of gallons of the Great Salt Lake are being evaporated to make this stuff, while government officials are crying about a drought. In fact, other fresh water reservoirs are being drained into Salt Lake. Globalists are stealing water from farmers and using it to move their agenda forward, right before your very eyes. 

Before I move onto Regionalism, I have to briefly mention two other secret societies that are local to Utah. The first, the Alta Club, was formed in 1883, and has its clubhouse on 100 East South Temple. It originally only allowed "Gentiles," but eventually allowed Mormons into its ranks. The other is the Gentile League of Utah. 

Ben McClintock over at has covered these groups. Just be aware that Ben still very much subscribes to the narrative that Brigham Young was a true prophet of God. Regardless, he has done some great research and is quite a strong voice for liberty in Utah. He's one of the good guys. Also, he is fearless. He was one of the first to cover the recent discovery of Nelson, and other Church leader’s membership in the Skull and Bones. Click here to watch. 

Bureaucratic Dyslexia

In part 1, I talked about how the federal government controls vast corridors of the western United States. Well, there was a bill passed in Utah in 2016 that seemed like its intent was to get some of that land back. 

But it was just a baith and switch. This is all part of the game, you know. They have to be both the good guys and the bad guys. Otherwise they couldn't fool you. 

I'm talking about HB276, the "Utah Public Land Management Act," signed into law in March of 2016. This bill created a state-level bureaucracy called the "Division of Land Management," or DLM. The state version of the federal BLM, or Bureau of Land Management. 

In children with dyslexia, b's and d's are often confused, and so it seems are the politicians who sponsored this bill. 

Or are they?

Don't get me wrong. I support states rights. That is why in my book I wrote about how Abraham Lincoln committed treason against the United States by invading South Carolina. Lincoln was committing foreign aggression against a state of the voluntary Union, for this act alone he should've been impeached. If South Carolina wanted to secede it was the people’s right to do so. 

So why do I take issue with HB276?

Because of its sleight of hand agenda for regionalism. The state of Utah is still a State. And its politicians are working with globalists just the same as on the national level, so what does the bill really accomplish? According to Dr. Scott Bradley, it creates "an all powerful Utah czar of lands" that subjects Utahns to the same abuses committed by the BLM. 

Pick your Kool-Aid. 

But far more sinister is the fact that it bypasses one of the very foundational safeguards against federal tyranny: the authority of the country sheriff. A sheriff is directly accountable to the people in a county, because he is an elected delegate that directly represents his constituents. If he abuses his authority you can vote the rascal out. 

On line 353 of HB276 it explicitly provides for the DLM to employ "peace officers" who will be the "primary law enforcement authority with jurisdiction" to enforce the laws within DLM oversight. 

This is terrifying. Can a peace officer be voted out of office? 

When is the last time you heard the term "peace officer" anyway? Perhaps in the movie trilogy the The Hunger Games, or Star Wars, or when referring to UN "peace keeping" troops? We all know what "peace officer" means: shut up and submit

In Orwellian doublespeak, peace officer means "gangster mercenary thug."

But don't worry. These peace officers will only overrule the jurisdiction of the sheriff if the peace keeping involves "wildlife." And this "wildlife" could be anywhere in the DLM's domain of "public land." 

Vague terms leave doors wide open, and once you let the devil in a crack, he'll never leave. 

Do you remember the Bundy standoff with the BLM in 2014? Do you know what inaugurated the whole thing? 

The Desert Tortoise. That's right, a turtle. Because of this reptilian sluggard, the BLM shut down 400,000 acres of Nevada’s grazing lands and forced all the ranchers to sell back their grazing rights. 

But Bundy wouldn't sell, or renew his permit. He exercised his sovereign grazing rights he had been vested with as a multi-generational rancher. And after a bloodless standoff, he is still on his land. 

HB276 will authorize the new DLM to abuse power in exactly the same way a federal bureaucracy does, just on a smaller scale. The bill was sponsored by Michael E. Noel, a former employee of, wait for it, the BLM

But that is just all of the superficial stuff. The deeper danger the bill poses is the subtle precedent it gives to regionalism. Lying just inside those gray areas are public-private partnerships just waiting for the perfect opportunity to insert themselves into its framework, like vultures circling a fresh road kill.

That opportunity might present itself in the form of some obscure animal ending up on the endangered species list. 

You see folks, this isn’t about sheriff vs peace keepers or federal vs state bureaucracy. Those are just distractions that cause meaningless arguments. This is about elected vs unelected government. This is about subversion at the deepest, darkest, level of government.

This is the genius of the globalists. This is what we’re up against. 

If any of you have read my post entitled The Atlantean Leviathan, you’ll know that I believe John’s first Beast is a one-world government based on ancient Atlantean oligarchy. The Atlanteans were governed by 10 kings who ruled 10 regions on seven continents.

Region, district, precinct, ward, territory… call it what you want, but it ain’t Republican, and it ain't representative.

According to ancient myth the Atlantean kings were appointed by Poseidon, in fact they were his children. And they had absolute control over their subjects. Whether Atlantis was real or not doesn’t matter, because the globalist lunatics vying to run the world actually believe this nonsense. 

They want regions, so they can dissolve your nation, state, county, and city, and appoint an unelected globalist stooge to be your overlord. 

Regionalism = Neo-Fascism 

Fascism is perhaps one of the most misunderstood political terms of all time. A pejorative thrown around aimlessly at “extremists” on the far right, or a blanket-term to lambast whatever political ideology an opponent doesn't understand or agree with. 

But what does it really mean? Technically, it entails a cushy arrangement between the State and private corporations. Or, as the UN calls it, public-private partnerships, or PPPs. In medieval days it was called feudalism, and in colonial times it was called mercantilism. 

According to this definition, Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and FDR (with his National Recovery Act) were all fascists. Men of all different ranges on the political spectrum. But let's face it, there are only two ideologies when it comes to politics: individualism vs collectivism. 

But as always, there is more to the meaning of fascism than meets the eye, an ancient idea stretching back from before the Roman Empire. To really know what it means, you have to look at its symbolism. 

The fasces are a bundle of sticks bound together with leather thongs and an ax head protruding at the top. It is a symbol of State power. Fasces were literally used to beat Roman subjects into submission, and were a universal symbol of corporeal punishment. 

The word corporeal is an interesting one. I wrote an entire piece on its connection to human corporations, called Slavery By Consent, an introduction to Maritime Admiralty Law. Once you read it, you'll never look at language the same, and it will help you realize that all of this Agenda 2030 stuff is just smoke and mirrors. 

Do you remember the first Transformers movie starring Shia LaBeouf that came out in 2007? Do you remember the cop-car Decepticon that had the following slogan written on its side?:

This is the most concise definition of fascism I have ever heard. Corporate fascism is just one sub-set of this political ideology. Ubiquitously, fascism synthesizes all-things-State into one formidable worm-hole. It is comprised of all the emotions associated with the fear of totalitarian dictatorships. In its comprehensive definition, fascism is the primordial fear, the paternal adoration, and the absolute worship of the State. It is the replacement of God with mortal leaders and abstract symbols, and it creates the imaginary lines that comprise the pseudo-fences that lock us in. 

Fascism is Animal Farm, it is 1984, it is Brave New World, it is Fahrenheit 451, and it is The Hunger Games. Ultimately, it is the Beast, a narcissistic, sadistic, insecure, ambition-driven, and rapacious animal. The ultimate symbol of uncontrollable passion, uncurbed rage, and mindless instinct. The globalist leaders, in all their pretended pomp and philanthropy, are nothing more than mere animals, waiting for the perfect opportunity to pounce, driven by an insatiable appetite to control every aspect of your life.

This is where I leave you. In part 3 I’ll be taking a deeper dive into Regionalism. Its history, the philosophy behind it, and how it’s being implemented in Utah. 

Final Thoughts

Before I go I want to leave you with some inspiring words from the Book of Mormon. 

Sometimes we need to be reminded of what we’re fighting for. If you are on the side of liberty, you’re on the right side. Differences beyond that don’t matter in this battle. 

I know many of you are trying to find your way spiritually after exiting or being dismissed from the LDS Church. Some of you may still be in, others may be in the Snuffer movement, and others in the Doctrine of Christ or other groups. Where ever you have landed simply doesn’t matter because we are all in this fight together. 

There are two common themes that unite us all: Jesus Christ and Liberty. One is inseparable without the other

We are being attacked from all around us, by an iron triangle with the Church, the State, and the Adversary on each side. Remember that both John and Nephi told us that the Beast and the Whore would make war on the Saints. John’s outlook is bleaker, but Nephi said that they will eventually destroy each other. This should give us hope.

And nowhere in the Book of Mormon does it say that the Saints all have to agree with each other to qualify for God’s protection. Clearly, from Facebook discussions we are all part of, we don’t agree on plenty. 

But again that doesn’t matter. 

We are not told if the Nephites rallying behind the Title of Liberty all agreed with each other on every point of doctrine. But they did call themselves Christians, and they did fight for the Cause of Liberty. 

Do you know how the war started?

Dissensions in the church, instigated by Amalickiah. A massive and brutal war was fought because of the ambitions of one man using divisiveness as his weapon. 

What did Captain Moroni do? 

He rallied the people to put an end to dissensions. He bowed himself to the earth and prayed mightily to invoke a blessing of protection over his people and their land. 

Did you know that Captain Moroni was elected by the voice of the people? Have you ever heard of an American military general who was elected? Moroni was the equivalent of a sheriff, his power came from the people, not from the State. 

Moroni rent his coat, a very symbolic Jewish gesture, fastened it upon a pole, and wrote the following words on it:

In memory of our God, our religion and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children. (Alma 21:7, RE)

Then he took his makeshift flag, which he called the Title of Liberty, and raised it overhead, while he prayed for the "blessings of liberty to rest upon his brethren, so long as there should be a band of Christians to possess the land." 

Dear readers, we are that band of Christians. We are still here on the same land. Moroni's prayer was just as much for us as it was for the Nephites. 

Mormon, in his narrative, called those Christians "true believers in Christ who belonged to the church of God." Again, that is us. Mormon is not talking about a corporate Church, or a Facebook group, or any religious break off. He is talking about the humble followers of Christ who have taken upon "them gladly the name of Christ." 

And while we are not in a physical war like the Nephites were, we are still fighting against tyranny. We are fighting against total enslavement by a global secret combination hell bent on using the digital metaverse to create the perfect digital prison; a prison where the inmates think they are free.

But just as the Nephites of old, it is only God that can deliver us. We should all bow to the earth, as Moroni did, and pray mightily to our Creator to lead us away when the time is right. Just as Rock Waterman said in his recent post, we should wait on the Lord for our deliverance. 

But in the meantime, do everything you can do fight this tyranny. Write a blog, give speeches, share videos, go to City Council meetings, demand accountability from your congressmen and senators, expose the corruption in politics and religion. 

It feels good to stand up for freedom!

Let people know that Agenda 2030 and any group who endorses it is on the wrong side of Liberty. 

But most important, prepare yourself and your family for what is about to come. Fill your lamps with oil so that when the time comes, God will lead you away to safety. Band together with other Christians, no matter what precepts or doctrine they subscribe to. It doesn't matter. Find common ground. Befriend those in other religions as well, remember, we are all trying to find Christ, even if some call Him by a different name. 

Do you honestly think only Christians will be invited to the New Jerusalem? Christ has many multitudes of other sheep, and if those who are directly invited to the wedding feast don't have enough oil, the Lord's servants will find others to come:

Then said he to his servants, The wedding is ready, but they who were bid were not worthy. Go therefore into the highways, and as many as you shall find, bid to the marriage. So those servants went out into the highways and gathered together all, as many as they found, both good and bad, and the wedding was furnished with guests. (Matthew 10:18, RE)

Remember, we are all God's children, our petty differences bandied about on Facebook and other platforms don't matter at all. The UN wants to destroy all religion and replace it with the worship of the Beast. We are all under attack. 

As you look around and continue to see our freedoms eroded one by one, remember the inspiring words of a Nephite patriot speaking to us from the dust. Let the spirit of Captain Moroni fill your heart with courage, let it burn within you the Godly desires for freedom, and let that lead you to action. 

If we all stand up and say NO, they cannot implement Agenda 2030.

Stay tuned for part 3...


  1. Thanks bro! Excellent article, i´m from Argentina. God bless you mind, heart and spirit and continue writing like Mormon for battle the evil.

  2. Excuse my English, but here in Brazil the church already baptizes transgenders, it won't take long for it to fully converge.

  3. Utah Mormons apparently have an affinity for Communism. Did Church leadership, wanting to make a good show on Covid policy to China's leadership, embrace the "Wuhan Way" of pandemic response as a symbolic gesture? What other compromises are President Nelson and the First Presidency willing to support in order to please Chairman Xi? How should God judge "prophets" choosing to deny the power of God in order to gain the praise of world leaders?

    "China’s global campaign to win friends and influence policy has blossomed in a surprising place: Utah, a deeply religious and conservative state with few obvious ties to the world’s most powerful communist country."

  4. Thanks for that bro! Excellent article but which saddened me as I was reading this, how true most of this is. Considering the prophesies of 2Nephi you would think the church leaders would be very wary in giving their support to anyone of the world? When these mandates came out, I was one of the very few that refused it, yes I was ostracized, lost my job, some friends, restricted in movement [didnt stop me] etc. I thought to MYSELF if I have alot of trouble in obeying these un-natural [freedom of choice] and illegal dictates from foreign companies and governments, why arent the leaders of the church feeling the same? IN THAT PERIOD of 2 years [temple was banned also to me], I did not go to church except for maybe 3 times, but when [mask demanded] turned straight back out and came home. I lost respect and credibility for church leaders, who were willing to bend over and comply and then said follow us. We would not lead you astray? Utah is fast becoming the the LANGLEY of America [spy center]. As for some leaders in the church belonging to certain groups [skulls and bones etc]. Didnt they think people would find out? LAST OF ALL if the church allows trans and gays to marry and last of all in the Lords house, I give [this version] of mormonism away.

  5. Do you have an email address to send a private correspondence to? Thanks!

    1. If you go to the right of the blog there is an email contact form that goes to my email.

    2. I tried sending one, but the button just said, "sending" and didn't appear to actually send. Please reach out to me @

    3. You cannot quote the Book of Mormon out of one side of your mouth as though to support your argument and then advise people to leave to go to some other “church”. It does not work. The Book of Mormon belongs to this Church and to this people. There is NO other Church and there is no other authority or truth. Apparently you haven’t read the first section of the D & C, & I’d suggest you start at the beginning, but especially verse 30. Do you honestly believe that the Lord would not have foreseen these things? vs.30…those to whom these commandments were given, might have power to lay the foundation of this Church, and to bring it forth out of obscurity and out of darkness, the ONLY TRUE AND LIVING CHURCH UPON THE FACE OF THE WHOLE EARTH, with which I, the Lord, am well pleased, SPEAKING UNTO THE CHURCH COLLECTIVELY AND NOT INDIVIDUALLY—… vs.35…”For I am no respect or of persons, and will that all men shall know that the day speedily cometh; the hour is not yet, but it nigh at hand, when peace shall be taken from the earth, and the devil shall have power over his own dominion. vs.36…And also the Lord shall have power over his saints and shall reign in their midst, AND SHALL COME DOWN IN JUDGMENT UPON IDUMEA, OR THE WORLD…”vs.37…”Search these commandments, for they are TRUE AND FAITHFUL, AND THE PROPHECIES AND PROMISES WHICH ARE IN THEM SHALL ALL BE FULFILLED…” vs.8-16 foretell apostasy and wickedness preceding the Second Coming. As most of you, who have studied these scriptures know this section was NOT the first Section given to Joseph Smith but wasn’t given until November of 1831 and is the Preface of the Doctrine and Covenants given by THE LORD HIMSELF. Those words are HIS words, not Joseph’s. The Lord never said that the leadership of the Church would not try to subvert anything or do anything contrary to the will of the Lord. In fact, if you want proof that He allows this to happen, look no further than Amulon, Amalakiah, Ammoran or Zeezrom, before his conversion. There are MANY examples of leadership trying to lead the Church astray. In ALL of these examples we are shown that the LORD raises up ANOTHER LEADER to lead the faithful. He never says that we will not suffer for our faith-we will. Mosiah 24…and in verses 14-25 the Lord promises them that he will “ EASE THE BURDENS WHICH ARE PUT UPON YOUR SHOULDERS, THAT EVEN YOU CANNOT FEEL THEM…”
      If WE are faithful and prayerful and use the companionship of the Holy Ghost to continue faithful THESE SAME PROMISES WILL BE OURS. Father Adam holds the keys of this Church and the Priesthood, which is the Authority to Act in the Name of God, and every head of each dispensation operates under “Divine Investiture of Authority” as extended to him through Father Adam. I reiterate again, there is NO OTHER CHURCH AND NO OTHER AUTHORITY EXCEPT THIS ONE. That means that WE must stand up when we see actions or things that are not supposed to be happening. As far as the leadership and their actions, we are not called upon to “steady the ark”. THE LORD WILL HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE.

  6. It amazes me how Utahn's will accept being sodomized spiritually as long as the sodomizer is wearing LDS temple garments. No wonder why baptized believers are equated to sheep. Their current High Priest leadership (Sons of Eli) know how to use velcro mittens. Do as The Christ says, STAND UP, GIRD UP YOUR LOINS and be a Man. The Book of Mormon lays out the Doctrine of Christ beautifully! I challenge those who love liberty and Jehovah to put no nobody between them and the Father and Jesus. Diligently seek to find The Christ and then do all he asks you to do.


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