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Sunday, April 16, 2023

The Beast is Coming to Utah IV: Smashing Cockroaches

 Previously: Beyond Conspiracy

I'm a pest control contractor, and I must admit that killing cockroaches is quite satisfying, in fact, I downright enjoy it. But they are extremely hard to eradicate. I mean it's damn near impossible to do so. After the first spray it appears as though the problem is gone. You come back a week or two later to hundreds or thousands of dead roaches and you think, "Victory! I annihilated those creepy little bastards!" And you spray again just for good measure. 

But to your chagrin, and the property owner's, a few months later they start to repopulate, and the whole thing repeats. 


Because it only takes a few lone survivors to bury themselves deep within the walls of the house where chemical wasn't applied, where they can hunker down and ride out the carnage. They can survive the heat and the cold, and can go without food for long periods of time, sometimes up to several months. It appears as if the problem is gone, and then, one day, out of the blue, you notice a scampering under the kitchen sink, and the nightmare begins all over again. 

A few posts ago I brought up the how the Nephites defeated the Gadianton robbers and hung their leader Zemnarihah on a tree. 

Problem solved right?

Not exactly. They did what Gadiantons always do: scattered into the underground by slinking into the cracks and crevices of society. Hunkering down and riding out the carnage until the perfect opportunity arises. 

And for the Nephites they came out of the woodwork when the judges who were involved in a conspiracy to put the Lord's prophets to death were put on trial by the people. As it turned out, their brethren of the cloth came to their aid, as all good secret fraternities do. They entered into a covenant, not only to protect their buddies, but also to destroy the people of the Lord. 

They tried to establish a king over all the land and destroy the liberty of the people. The people fought back. Hard. They were determined to be free. The government crumbled and the people split up into tribes. The Gadiantons, being out numbered, went north and anointed their king, an initiate named Jacob. He was one of the "chiefest" who had spoken against the prophets. (See 3 Nephi 3 RE for the full story)

Jacob ruled in the city of Jacob-ugath, one of the cities that the Lord destroyed prior to His visit to the Nephites. The name Jacob-ugath is an interesting one, its meaning has to do with the theme of destruction. The latter word, ugath, is Hebrew for hot cinders burning under a cake. That word corresponds with the destruction that happened at Sodom and Gomorra. In fact, there were five cities that were obliterated with fire and brimstone at that time in Hebrew history. And the Lord named four other cities right after Jacob-ugath. Five cities in the old world, and five cities in the new world.  

Mormon was trying to tell you something. Here was his plea:
And now whoso readeth, let him understand; he that hath the scriptures, let him search them, and see, and behold if all these deaths, and destructions by fire, and by smoke, and by tempests and by whirlwinds, and by the opening of the earth to receive them, and all these things are not unto the fulfilling of the prophecies of many of the holy prophets. (3 Nephi 4:11, RE, emphasis added) 
He is asking you to search the scriptures, which to Mormon, were the brass plates. He specifically mentions by name Zenos and Zenoch, two books that have been taken out of the Bible. If only we still had them...

I learned about the word ugath from a blog called the Mormon Yeshiva. He made a YouTube video explaining how the destruction of the Nephites correlates with Sodom and Gomorra, and how the Nephite prophet-writers have left clues like this all throughout the Book of Mormon text. Understanding the clues requires a little knowledge of Hebrew language and history. Check it out:

What exactly was Mormon trying to show us? 

The patterns of destruction. There are some themes within that pattern that are worth paying attention to. Three come to mind:
  1. God always spares the righteous. 
  2. God always sends prophets to warn of impending destruction.
  3. Secret combinations are usually in control and seek to kill those prophets.
As you'll recall, Abraham kept trying to find one righteous person in Sodom, because if he did, God would spare it. That one person was Lot, but as soon as he left, fire and brimstone followed. This story was a testament that God always spares the righteous, even if He finds only one. He simply cannot destroy those who keep His commandments. This should give us hope. 

Nephi explained theme number two, that God always issues warnings before destruction. Because of His mercy, He gives the wicked every chance He can before doing the inevitable. Nephi uses the examples of the Jews, but the same pattern can be applied to the Nephites, and to us:
And as one generation hath been destroyed among the Jews because of iniquity, even so have they been destroyed from generation to generation according to their iniquities. And never hath any of them been destroyed save it were foretold them by the prophets of the Lord... (2 Nephi 11:4, RE, emphasis added)

Nephi uses the word never, which is an absolute term, like its antonym, always. This should also give us hope. We are always warned of impending destruction. This is another manifestation of God's mercy. His patterns remain constant over time. 

Now on to theme number three. This one has ominous implications for prophets that the Lord may call in the future. If and when the last vestiges of freedom fall prey to Agenda 2030, elites will have no qualms about killing those who attempt to call them to repentance. And just like in Christ's day, those elites will occupy high positions in churches claiming to be God's true church. 

It has happened in the past, do we think we are immune?

The bad news is that God does allow the wicked to kill the righteous because of agency, which will stand as a testimony against them at the last day. Alma and Amulek witnessed this first hand

But there is a silver lining. 

In addition to those martyrs being received in heaven, God does not tolerate the killing of His prophets and saints for very long. He can only take so much of the blood of the innocent crying from the dust for vengeance upon those who build up... what? 

Secret Combinations

Now, we know that Jacob-ugath and the other four cities were destroyed because of secret combinations. The Lord makes that very clear:

And behold, that great city Jacob-ugath, which was inhabited by the people of king Jacob, have I caused to be burned with fire because of their sins and their wickedness, which was above all the wickedness of the whole earth because of their secret murders and combinations, for it was they that did destroy the peace of my people and the government of the land... (3 Nephi 4:6, RE, emphasis added)

The Lord then proceeds to list the other four cities (Laman, Josh, Gad, and Kishcumen), and explains that they had cast out and stoned the prophets, and were destroyed because "there were none righteous among them." 

There is the theme again. 

Now, the Lord lists a bunch of other cities at the beginning of that verse that were also destroyed because they had similarly cast out and killed the saints and the prophets. However, Jacob-ugath and the four cities listed after in are a different category. I believe the Lord is differentiating them to show you that these cities were totally controlled by secret combinations, and that their wickedness was "above the wickedness of the whole earth." 

The other cities mentioned before them are in a different class of wickedness. They were divided into tribes that established different laws and modes of government, yet despite their differences they managed to maintain peace with one another... that is until the prophets came to convert them. They killed Nephi's brother whom he raised from the dead, and they were angry with him because of his power. 

They were probably good-intentioned people who were blinded by crafty leaders and propagandizers, who got them to cross that threshold of participating in the collective murder of saints and prophets the Lord sent to them

And one has to wonder how they justified it? 

Were the saints and prophets called religious extremists? Were they labeled conspiracy theorists? Were they railing against the status quo? 

Did the people let their tribal leaders arrest these good folks, and condemn them to death after a kangaroo court? Did they let their city-state municipalities take care of business for them? Did they delegate the murdering to their political leaders for "the good of the tribe"? 

These folks, although well-intentioned, were deceived, and because of that they DID NOT escape destruction. Well-intentioned people have committed some of the most egregious atrocities in history. A great libertarian philosopher described this phenomenon as it relates to nationalism and war. In such conditions, he proclaimed that:

Society becomes a herd, seeking to kill its alleged enemies, rooting out and suppressing all dissent from the official war effort, happily betraying truth for the supposed public interest... (Albert Jay Nock, War is the Health of the State)

Mobocracy, it seems, is also a qualifier for destruction. God's mercies only extend so far. 

We have one more link to make involving Sodom and Gomorrah. Do you really believe that those cities were destroyed because of homosexuality? Has God ever destroyed a city for that particular sin alone? 

I don't think so. 

Much more was going on in those cities. If God followed the same pattern that is in the Book of Mormon, then those cities' wickedness was probably comparable to that of Jacob-ugath. If they were not, then why did Mormon tell us to search the scriptures? He told you the pattern. He gave you the clues. (Watch the video for the full explanation).  

If you want to know what the Sodomites were really doing, read chapter 116 of the Book of the Order of the Ancients, an apocryphal text including the Writings of Abraham. I can summarize some of what was going on:

They were engaging in wife and daughter swapping, kidnapping outsiders, stealing their goods, then torturing, raping, and leaving them to die, naked and hungry in the streets. It didn't matter whether they were men or women. And to make sure they starved to death, a city ordinance was passed making it a crime for anyone to help these victims by feeding or clothing them. 

They were also engaging in idol worship and "abominations." And remember in the Book of Mormon abominations are associated with secret combinations 

Mormon has given us the chance to catch ourselves before we get swept away in the propaganda and are forced to regrettably say, "Well that escalated quickly!" 

Now is the time to wake up!

Because, as per our conversation in this series, Salt Lake City is on the fast track to becoming a city like unto Jacob-ugath. The Salt Palace has already been annexed by the United Nations; a headquarters is being assembled. Check out the first three minutes of this video:

And to top it all off, Utah is becoming its own port authority. This authority is independent of state and local governments, and has the UN written all over it. 

Port-entious Bastards!

Former Utah governor Gary Hebert signed SB234 into law on March 16th of 2018. This dastardly bill created the inland port, and it's so-called "authority." This video is a good primer to get you familiar with basics of the port and the agenda behind it:

The first question we need to ask is what the hell is an inland port? Sounds like an oxymoron. Aren't ports located in ocean harbors? Why are we bringing what belongs in the sea onto dry land? 

The basic argument is logistics. 

Apparently, there are other inland or dry ports in the country, a few are located in Kansas City, Missouri, and Greenville, South Carolina. Their stated purpose is to help the distribution workload of sea ports so that goods travel more efficiently. Marine shipping containers that travel across the oceans are transported by rail to the inland ports and prepped for mass distribution. 

So what's the big deal? 

Well, for starters, many of these inland ports are not private, which means they are funded by taxes. And when has anything funded by taxes ever been efficient? They are also redundant, because planners who are playing with public funds simply do not have to care when they lose money. Which means the business model is not reflective of what would've transpired on the free market. 

Free markets do not need help with product distribution. Especially from bureaucracies. 

The inland port in Utah was sold to law makers as a much needed hub to distribute both capital and retail goods shipped in marine containers from the Far East. They were told it would be green, sustainable, and a boon for Utah's economy and local job market.  

The 2018 legislation created a "port authority," which is made up of eleven members of an unelected, and unaccountable board.  A few board members are appointed by the Governor, the Speaker of the House, and the Mayor of Salt Lake. Other seats are occupied from other unelected boards like the Salt Lake City Airport Advisory, state agencies like the Utah DOT, the city manager (what the hell is a city manager?) of the West Valley City, the chairperson of the Permanent Community Impact Fund Board, and the director of the Salt Lake Country Office of Regional Economic Development. 

The acronym for the port authority is UIPA, and it sounds like a bureaucratic nightmare. 

The revenue to fund this monstrosity comes from "property tax revenue differential," or in other words, dividends resulting from raising property taxes of real estate that rises in value over time. The estimated tax revenue over the next 25 years is projected to be around $500 million. Since 2018, over $30 million has already been allocated to the port out of public outlays and little to nothing has been accomplished. In addition to this revenue stream, the port authority has been given power to issue bonds and collect users' fees. 

What we have here is an unelected taxing organization; I believe there were people in history that called that taxation without representation

But it gets much worse. 

The 16,000 acres of land that has been allocated to UIPA is owned by private corporations. The largest of these is a foreign company called Rio-Tinto Kennecott, worth billions of dollars. How does subsidizing a foreign corporation help Utah again?

UIPA has the power to overrule local government in determining land uses within it's 25 square-mile purview. It has autonomy in planning its own infrastructure such as roads and utilities. And like any good bureaucracy, it will reward contracts to its buddy-lobbyists who enrich the back pockets of the bureaucrats in charge. 

Jack Hedge was brought in as the executive director of UIPA in 2019 and has since stepped down. But he has been singing the siren song of Agenda 2030 all throughout his directorship, spewing out propaganda slogans full of words like "green, sustainable, global, and revolutionary." Here is what the Deseret News said about him in May of 2020:
"Generations of Utahns planned and sacrificed to put us on the map as the Crossroads of the West," said Jack Hedge, the port authority executive director, in a Thursday news conference presenting the plan. "We think this inland port plan really gives us the guideposts and the framework to be the Crossroads of the World." 
While presenting the plan, Hedge repeatedly emphasized the port authority's goal is to position Utah as a leader in "revolutionizing global logistics for the next generation" while also creating an environmentally sensitive, green port unlike anything that currently exists in the world -- all while reducing impact to air quality and the environment in the port's 16,000 acre jurisdiction west of Salt Lake City International Airport. (Electric Trucks, 'clean cargo': Utah Inland Port unveils 5-year business plan)

"Crossroads of the World?" Pretty pretentious plans for little ol' Utah don't you think?

His comment about "a green port unlike anything that currently exists int the world" is laughable. Ironically, there will be nothing green or "sustainable" about it. The port will drastically increase semi-truck traffic on Salt Lake City freeways causing jams and increased emissions (the very thing Agenda 2030 is railing against). This will require tax-payers to foot the bill for the necessary freeway upgrades. 

Air quality around the port will become insufferable, as smog mixes with the air borne pesticides necessary to reduce mosquito populations and other pests. This will affect the millions of insect-eating migratory birds who use the Great Salt Lake as nesting grounds each year (didn't the Earth Charter say something about animals having souls and rights?). 

This added air and water pollution will mostly effect the lower classes who live on the west side of the cityas winds and drainage water carry pesticides into homes and schools, while the richer classes will continue to enjoy the fresher air they get from their mansions overlooking Salt Lake from higher elevations. 

But what about jobs? Won't this create a boon of employment for the lower classes? Actually, no, the wages are low and the work is redundant, which means few people will desire the jobs. Moreover, public works projects (such as the Hoover Dam), only provide jobs for a few workers, while the tax dollars required for the projects are forcibly taken from free market capital. Thus, many potential jobs never come into existence at all (see Bastiat's Broken Window Fallacy). Furthermore, there are already labor shortages artificially created by past Covid restrictions that make finding workers almost impossible. I know because I am a business owner myself. 

One of the reasons Hedge cites that underscores the need for an inland port was the fragility of global supply chains. This "fragility" was created by government restrictions in the first place, so we have another example here of government creating the problem and then coming up with the solution... which is more government intervention. 

And speaking of business, the proposed business plan of UIPA is not only unsustainable, but completely impractical in the current import market. 

Have any of you seen the movie Office Space? Do you remember the scene when Tom Smykowski is being interviewed by the Bob's who were brought in to downsize the company? Do you remember what they asked him when he accidentally revealed the redundancy of his job? 

What would you say... you do here? 

Here is the hilarious movie clip to refresh your memory (caution: language use):

Well the same could be said about the inland port. Marine containers from the Far East are shipped into the San Pedro ports at Long Beach and Los Angeles, and are there de-vanned, reorganized and redistributed onto freight cars and semi-trailers before being shipped into other regions. There are no pallets on marine shipping containers, just boxes upon boxes of packaged goods. The laborious process of de-vanning, organizing goods into pallets, and re-loading them onto trailers and freight cars is expensive. It has to be done manually. 

This is already being done in large sea ports where it makes sense to do so before shipping the goods to other inland regions. Furthermore, once the goods have been reallocated and shipped to Salt Lake City, they arrive on freight cars at the Union Pacific terminal, where the pallets are quickly loaded onto trucks that go to distribution centers. 

Why would they ship the un-de-vanned marine containers all the way to Salt Lake City, and then redistribute them to other regions around the West? It makes no sense. (At least the Kansas City port is on the Missouri River where they can receive barges, Utah is in an isolated desert). 

Well, it just so happens that one man, much smarter than the Bob's on Office Space, actually did an evaluation essentially asking the same rhetorical question to the now retired Jack Hedge and the new director Ben Hart

What would you say... you do here in Utah? 

If you're bored and have spare time you can read the fifty-plus pages of the study detailing the likelihood of the business plan ending in dismal failure. The man's name is Dr. Robert C. Leachman, a professor of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research at the University of California in Berkeley. Click here to read the paper.  

But again, these are only the superficial debates going on about the port. As always, there is a much more nefarious agenda at play here. 

Hedge, in this interview, described three signed agreements he made with some public-private organizations to help UIPA keep the port green. The first one is with Dominion Energy, a natural gas company, who contracted to only sell them "renewable natural gas" harvested from landfills and other methane sources.

The second agreement is with Rocky Mountain Power, who will guarantee that only power from wind, solar, or geothermal sources will be used at distribution plants in the port area. (By the way, windmills are not a very efficient source of power, here in Idaho farmers are paid huge sums by the government to place windmills on their land. The power harvested from them costs more than the free market is willing to pay so the government subsidizes the remaining costs and grants the power to places like California). 

I say public-private because companies like Dominion Energy and Rocky Mountain Power have been granted government-sanctioned municipal monopolies. 

Also, Hedge failed to mention that Dominion Energy got in trouble with the EPA in the early 2000s for releasing millions of pounds of gastrointestinal, liver, and musculoskeletal toxicant emissions into the air. But don't ask don't tell. 

The third agreement mentioned by Hedge is the most telling as to who is behind this inland port. This one involves the National Audubon Society out of Washington D.C., a front group for you guessed it, the Rockefellers. 

A few posts ago I brought up the fact that $40 million was allocated by the speaker of the House in Utah to non-profit organizations seeking to preserve the Great Salt Lake. This money went to the Nature Conservatory and National Audubon Society, both Rockefeller groups. And what are they doing with the Great Salt Lake? 

Lithium mining. 

Now, obviously, judging by the port alone they care little for the environment or the birds that nest there. But lithium mining is many times more harmful to the environment than spraying pesticides and even fracking, contrary to popular propaganda. Here is the process:

The lithium extraction process uses a lot of water -- approximately 500,000 gallons per metric ton of lithium. To extract lithium, miners drill a hole in salt flats and pump salty, mineral-rich brine to the surface. After several months the water evaporates, leaving behind a mixture of manganese, potassium, borax, and lithium salts which is then filtered and placed into another evaporation pool. After between 12 and 18 months of this process, the mixture is filtered sufficiently that lithium carbonate can be extract. (See article: The Environmental Impact of Lithium Batteries)

The article goes on to reveal that toxins such as hydrochloric acid are released into the environment as a result of lithium mining. Other toxins affect air and water quality in the surrounding areas, poisoning both humans and animals. Toxins have been discovered as far as 150 miles downstream of mining sites. 

The batteries are used for cell phones, electric cars, and all things smart, and it is smart technology that will become our new wardens in smart-city prisons. For the last few years, while politicians in Utah were telling residents to conserve water, they have been diverting water into the Salt Lake basin and evaporating it to the tune of hundreds of billions of gallons yearly. To get the whole sleezy story watch the second half of this video:

Now, when you begin to look into Rockefeller activity in Utah you find their money and influence everywhere. For instance, there is an organization called World Trade Center Utah that is heavily backing the inland port. Their stated purpose is as follows:

To lead Utah's international business development and elevate Utah's global status to promote prosperity and economic resilience. 

What? Global status? International business development? What are they talking about? This is in Utah, not New York City. Just what exactly is going on here?  The Rockefeller Brothers Fund has been involved in financing "world trade" since the 1950s, let's find out what out else they are up to in Utah. 

The Roach-efellers Come Out of Utah's Woodwork

On page 16 of D. Christian Markham's second volume of There Are Save Two Churches Only, he relates a personal dream. Well, more like a nightmare. What began as a seemingly benign ant hill in the corner of his yard grew into a vast network of underground ant colonies. He noticed that each day for several months they were growing in numbers and size, and to top it off, they were watching him

Each time he walked into his yard they would scatter and hide, but he noticed the few he caught glimpses of before descending into their chambers were growing exponentially. They went from the standard size of a common ant to the size of a tarantula, in just a few months. Christian had been so busy with daily life that he hadn't done anything to terminate or control the pests, and suddenly, the realization of his awful situation dawned on him. 

They had been watching his every move, studying his weaknesses, and waiting for the perfect time to attack. The small colony had grown into a massive network of underground tunnels and dens, stretching several stories deep and spanning across his entire neighborhood. The day Christian realized what was happening he panicked, in that instant he knew that they were getting ready to launch an assault, designed to make him and his family their next meal. As he ran toward his house screaming the names of his wife and children, the dream ended and he woke up. 

Christian's dream is about the process of waking up to secret combinations. If you're in this world, and cognizant of even just a little bit of history and current events, you know something is wrong. Your conscience tells you as much, but most of us choose to ignore it. Like Christian's ants, we see glimpses of our enemies every day, whether it is on television, the news, social media, or on CSPAN. And we think nothing of them, in fact, we find some of them downright lovable. 

What we don't see is what they are doing behind closed doors, the spiderweb of monetary connections that are creating a vast underground infrastructure involving politicians, corporations, news media outlets, nonprofit organizations, religions, and global institutions. The masterminds behind the system are seeking deep to hide their counsels from the Lord. Their works are in the dark, and their enemies are you and I. 

When we wake up for the first time it is often because we've discovered only the tip of the iceberg, having no idea how far the rabbit hole really goes. And like Alice in Wonderland, we stumble onto rabbit trail after rabbit trail, until we finally realize that the "ants" are launching on attack. For us, Agenda 2030 is that attack. 

But if we can follow the money we can get a sense of how this entire network was built. We can be better prepared to expose our enemy for who they really are: a naked emperor who, like the Gadiantons of old, cannot subsist without living on the spoils of others. 

The common denominator of what is going on in Utah is Rockefeller. Their money is everywhere, being injected into every think-tank and nonprofit organization designed to influence local policy. When you look at these organizations in Utah, you find the same Rockefeller-fed cronies sitting on the same boards and councils. 

Chelcie Hope, recently appearing as a guest on the We Are The People radio show, dives deep into this network of Rockefeller money in Utah. If you are going to watch any video on the Deep State in Utah, this is the one:

She will show you the board members of some NGOs in Utah, mainly Envision Utah, what bills they are sponsoring, and how they also sit on boards of private corporations like Zion's bank. The same people who run the World Trade Center Utah also run the inland port authority, and they are involved in inside real estate deals, enriching themselves while the rest of us suffer through this recession caused by, well, their buddies in Washington. 

I will highlight of few of the names mentioned on the podcast:

Jon Huntsman Jr.

Former governor of Utah and ambassador to China under Obama in 2009. Involved in selling American industry out to China, and was the main speaker and organizer at the China Challenge Summit held at the University of Utah in June of 2022. He is one of the three founders of Envision Utah, and sits on the advisory board of World Trade Center Utah, is involved with Vanguard, Blackrock, and a medical company called Stryker (all three are Rockefeller-backed corporations). Blackrock is a leviathan hedge fund, the largest, and I might add most evil in the world. They own virtually everything:

Huntsman's personal portfolio is littered with asset ownership in Ford, Chevron, Hilton, Caterpillar, Charles Schwab, Wells Fargo, and Rothschild Asset Management. He also sits on the board at Zion's Bank and Marriot International. Marriot is partnered with the World Economic Forum, and to be a partner with them you have to agree to push Agenda 2030 in your local area (Mitt Romney and Bill Gates are also involved with Marriot). Huntsman brought China into the world trade organization during the Obama administration. The Rockefellers use China and Russia to create artificial enemies for Americans. It worked out great for them during the Cold War. I wrote about that here

Spencer Eccles:

This guy comes from a multi-generational banking family. His uncle, Mariner S. Eccles, was appointed chairman of the FED under FDR and served from 1934 to 1948. Mariner was the product of a polygamous family, raised LDS, served a mission to Scotland, and attended BYU. He was a key player in FDR's Emergency Banking Act of 1933, the act that made owning gold a crime. It also extended the martial law that was originally set up by Lincoln in 1863, as well as destroying the the U.S. domestic gold standard. I wrote about that here

Mariner was a banking millionaire by age 22, was instrumental in setting up the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), and was a part of the Bretton Woods Conference that created the IMF and the World Bank. He was a proponent of John Maynard Keynes and his aggregate-deficit-spending statist philosophy, and was instrumental in expanding the Federal Reserve through the Banking Act of 1935. This restructured the FED by centralizing power under the Federal Reserve Board. It also nullified the U.S. Treasuries role in currency creation, further cementing the FED's grip on America's monetary system by bringing all U.S. commercial banks under the umbrella of the FED and its Federal Deposit Corporation.  

And remember, the FED was created in 1913 by a bunch of private bankers seeking to form a cartel to eliminate competition. It was railroaded through congress with the help of Senator Nelson Aldrich, father-in-law of guess who? John D. Rockefeller Jr

Spencer doesn't fall far from the family tree. He is chairman emeritus of the Intermountain Region of Wells Fargo Corporation, which bought out the largest banking organization in the Intermountain West, First Security Corporation, of which Spencer served as CEO for nearly twenty years. 

He was involved in the Union Pacific Railroad, head of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, involved in the National Chamber of Commerce, ZCMI, Anderson Lumber, Alti Ski Corporation, the National Parks Foundation, and Intermountain Healthcare. The last two are riveted with Rockefeller money. Intermountain Healthcare, like Marriot, is also partnered with the World Economic Forum. 

Are you beginning to get a sense of how deep the rabbit hole goes? 

Spencer graduated from the University of Utah in 1956 with a degree in finance, and was a member of a fraternity called Beta Theta Pi. The Spencer Fox Eccles Business Building is named after him, as well as the Spencer Fox Eccles Medical School of Medicine. The Kem. C. Gardner Policy Institute at the U of U is a think-tank for pushing the agenda of following the "science," and along with Spencer, Mike Leavitt also sits on its board. Spencer, Jon, and Mike also sit on the boards of  Intermountain Healthcare, and Marriot International.

The further you follow the money, the more connections you find. 

Mike Leavitt:

Mike was governor of Utah from 1993-2003, he was appointed as the administrator of the EPA by George W. Bush and served from 2003-2005. He was involved with Romney in the 2002 winter Olympics at Utah, and was awarded the China Public Health Award, the first ever given in history, for his emphasis on ESG (social credit for being a "good global citizen"). The Leavitt family enjoys financial prominence in Utah, with their Leavitt Partners, Leavitt Strategies, The Leavitt Group, and Leavitt Equity. 

Mike's brother, Utah Country attorney David Leavitt, has been allegedly accused of being involved in a Satanic ritual abuse ring. You can read about that here. As you read above, Mike, Spencer, and Jon sit on many of the same boards. And if you dig deeper, you find their involvement in real estate and banking, using their political positions to profit off of Utahns. 

The common denominator in all of this is Envision Utah. It was founded in 1997 by Jon Huntsman, and has many of these same people as special advisors or direct partners. Envision Utah is a perfect example of a public-private partnership because it is a non-governmental organization ran by political, business, educational, and religious leaders. Its goals are the implementation of Agenda 2030 in Utah. Just a few of its special advisors include the following individuals:
  • Mike O. Leavitt, Honorary Co-Chair
  • Gary Herbert, (Vice Chair), former Utah governor
  • Kem Gardner of the Kem Gardner Policy Institute at the University of Utah
  • M. Russel Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve
And speaking of the LDS Church, they are heavily involved with the Marriott family, who, as Chelcie Hope has pointed out, is a direct partner with the World Economic Forum through Marriot International. At BYU Provo there is an organization called the BYU Marriott School of Business, and you'll find on its board Mitt and Josh Romney, as well as Russel M. Nelson, and other members of the Twelve and of the Seventy. 

There are so many connections in this web of deceit that it is impossible to remain ignorant once you stumble into it. It is so obvious what is happening, yet very few people have woken up to this reality, or even care about anything that happens outside of their personal periphery. The reason that these sycophants are able to do these things behind the scenes is because of the willful ignorance and apathy of the American people.

This is why I urge you to keep following the We Are The People radio show, especially the series they have just started on Envision Utah. Chelcie Hope has spent countless hours researching this conspiracy by following the money trail that is connecting all of these people together. Don't let her hard work for the cause of Liberty be in vain.  

There is an army of roaches and ants amassing just below our awareness. All we have to do to realize our awful situation is simply look down, and start smashing... 

The most common denominator in Utah's corruption is the Rockefeller family.  Besides their influence in the Port Authority, the Great Salt Lake conservation fund, and a host of other nonprofit funds influencing local business, education, health, energy, and infrastructure, they have directly partnered with Governor Spencer Cox through the Sorenson Impact Center.

The Sorenson Impact Center is headquartered at the University of Utah, and is dedicated to net zero emissions, sustainable development, high-density housing, and all the other Agenda 2030 nonsense. This is all spelled out in this report published by the Rockefeller Foundation on opportunity zones in Utah. And remember, opportunity zones means business opportunities for the elite, not for you and me. 

In part V, we will take a deep-dive down the Rockefeller rabbit hole. I'll cover their history, their place among the 13 families of the Illuminati, and how they have been able to take control of America's industrial, banking, religious, educational, and medical establishments. Like cockroaches, the Rockefeller dynasty is lurking behind every dark corner of the last century and a half of American history. 

Before I end this post, there is one more topic to cover: the ubiquitous UNIDROIT. Some of you may have never heard of it before. In a single phrase it can be described as an attempt to harmonize the law of the sea across international lines. It brings maritime law into every country, state, county, city, and backyard, and it is prescribed by the UN. 

Importing the Lex Mercatoria 

UNIDRIOT is a global NGO closely tied to the United Nations. Its long name is the International Institute for the Unification of Private Law. It's language deals mostly in commercial contracts. And remember, we are all regulated under commerce because we are commercial maritime products being shipped around in a vast sea of space. UNIDRIOT is a combination of two words, the first, uni, comes from the Latin unus, meaning "one." And the second, droit, is a French word meaning "a right, or legal claim to one's due." It also means "right, justice, law," or to "set straight." 

At first glance it seems like a well-intentioned set of standards to distribute justice around the world. But the question must be asked: justice for whom? 

Certainly not you and I. Indeed, a deeper probe into UNIDRIOT reveals that its justice means just us, or a law for the elite to regulate their maritime products, i.e., their slaves. Rather than distributing justice, it creates a uniform code of commerce for fictional corporations as they deal in products. And you, dear readers, are the products. 

Like many other maritime terms, its true intent is hidden in its semantic origins. Taking a second look at the two words that make it up, we find a sinister motif hiding in plain sight. The word unus, or unum, also appears on the Great Seal of the United States just above the eagle, E Pluribus Unum. This phrase is a collectivist slogan for the New World Order meaning, "out of many, one." 

The French word droit was also associated with the French phrase droit du seigneur, or "the lord's right." A right for whom to do what? In a medieval custom, sometimes the feudal lord would exercise his "right" over a vassal to have intercourse with his wife on the wedding night before the marital consummation. If any of you have seen the movie Braveheart you'll know exactly what this is. A vassal is a fief, or someone who owes something to the lord by merely existing on his land, and therefore has no rights. And remember, a feudal lord's land is granted to him by the king, who enjoys a mercantilist relationship with him. The F-word that we mindlessly use today is actually an acronym meaning, "fornication under the consent of the king." 

So what the French phrase droit du seigneur really means is, "the right for the elite to rape you." However, with UNIDRIOT we are not talking about physical rape. We are talking about control. Rape is not always used in a sexual context. For instance, in this post I wrote last year, I quoted a book explaining what the word "rape" really means. It is derived from the Latin word rapere, meaning, "to snatch," but is also related to the words rave and raven. Ultimately, it means to overwhelm and to enrapture, to invade, to usurp, to pillage, and to steal. 

And what are they stealing? You, including your mind, your body, and your very soul. 

Do you remember the scene from the Matrix when Morpheus tells Neo that he is a slave? 

Neo always knew something was wrong, but he just couldn't place what it was. He knew there was a "Matrix," but until Morpheus revealed to him what it was, Neo had no idea that the Matrix was really a prison for his mind.  

Well, UNIDRIOT is the Matrix, it is the legal code for the universal enslavement of mankind. 

The roots of UNIDROIT stretch back to 1957, the year the Treaty of Rome created the European Economic Community. The EEC eventually morphed into the European Union. In 1971, the young Keynesian economist Klaus Schwab and 450 European leaders created the European Management Forum, the precursor of the World Economic Forum. This created a global framework to slowly implement UNIDROIT across international lines. 

On November 22nd of 1963, JFK was assassinated, just a few short months later, the United States become a member of UNIDROIT on Friday the 13th, in March of 1964. LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act into law on July 2nd, 1964. 

None of this is a coincidence. Just as the 14th Amendment was based upon the Lieber Code, the Civil Rights Acts was based upon UNIDRIOT.  Notice the pattern: presidential assassination (Lincoln/JFK), maritime law precedent (Lieber Code/UNIDRIOT), U.S. legislation sliding easily into its framework (14th Amendment/Civil Rights Act). 

There were exactly 96 years between the passing of the 14th Amendment and the Civil Rights Act, both 9 and 6 have special meaning to the occult, but in this instance, I believe it is a symbol of culling the masses into the New World Order. Why? Because when 9 is flipped upside down you get 6, which symbolizes trickery. This concept was portrayed in the 1989 comedy The Burbs:

Seemingly good laws, such as the 14th Amendment and the Civil Rights Act, were really meant trick you into accepting maritime law and globalism. 

And remember, civil law means Roman law. 

Notice that both the 14th Amendment and the Civil Rights Act arose out of conflict. Planned order out of deliberate chaos. 

UNIDRIOT covers a host of maritime concepts, including contracts, banking law, maintenance obligations, legal status of women, secured transactions, civil procedure, negotiable instruments, mandatory insurance for motor vehicles, marriage, divorce, and children. 

In its Preamble, the UNIDROIT document states that contracts can be governed by "general principles of law," or the lex mercatoria, which is Latin for the maritime law. 

Its stated purpose is to bring all law into one harmonious whole. Part of that law is the Uniform Commercial Code, which is governed by an international treaty. That treaty was silently foisted upon the American people in 1964. 

However, treaties are not law, and treating them as such in unconstitutional. They only affect the District of Columbia because that is the only land that is supposed to be controlled by the government. The way they get around this obstacle is by making each U.S. citizen also a citizen of the District of Columbia, and then extending the District of Columbia over the entire nation:
  • A citizen of the United States is a citizen of the District of Columbia.
  • "(h) The United States is located in the District of Columbia.” (Uniform Commercial Code Sec. 9.307. LOCATION OF DEBTOR)

Tell me, how can the entire continental United States fit into the 63 square miles that comprise Washington D.C.? Well, it doesn't, but a corporation called the United StatesTM does. 

A 1953 court case described this very thing:

There has been created a fictional federal State (of) xxxxxx within a state. (See Howard v. Sinking Fund of Louisville, 344 U.S. 624, 73 S. Ct. 465, 476, 97 L. Ed. 617 (1953); Schwarts v. O'Hara TP School District, 100 A 2d. 621, 625, 375, Pa. 440)

One of the items governed by UNIDRIOT is called "negotiable instruments." This is referring to fiat currency, specifically Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs). They are debt instruments which merely discharge, or transfer debt. They do not pay for anything because they are not backed by gold or silver. A dollar bill therefore, is a bill of credit, so when you pay for merchandise with dollars you are using a bill to pay a bill

In 1966, just two years after the U.S. entered the UNIDRIOT agreement/treaty, the Federal Tax Lien Act was passed. This was an attempt to bring the internal revenue laws (Revenue Act of 1913) into conformity with the Uniform Commercial Code. Basically, it gave the government more power to collect taxes from delinquent "persons," i.e., little corporations with ALL CAPS names. 

Payments are discussed in Article 6 of the UNIDROIT Principles, and it uses legalese such as "transfer" and "discharge" when referring to "monetary obligations." 

Do you know what the word discharge really means? 

Its prefix Dis means "Roman underworld god," usually in reference to Pluto, or a demon. Charge means a "load, burden, imposition," or "responsibility." Thus, discharge literally means "charged up demon." Is our current monetary system infused with sorcery?  

But there's more... Charge is also associated with the words entrust, command, and accuse. And who is the great Accuser? Satan himself. So discharge also means "demon accuser."

And who is being accused when a debt is discharged? Why, you and I, because we are using the bankers play money. And remember, we are the security that is leveraged against it. We are the surety, we are the real asset backing the fiction. 

Now, how is UNIDROIT being implemented in Utah? Through the Uniform Law Commission, the national version of UNIDROIT, established in the U.S. in 1892. The ULC publishes a yearly legislative report for states that are implementing international law. Utah has passed several laws that qualify for the report (SB 121, HB 94, SB 188, and SB 18 are some examples).

They are doing this in every state. 

And by the way, the UN has an International Maritime Organization (IMO)that governs the law of the sea for the entire globe. Like UNIDRIOT, this was a multilateral agreement reached in the 1950s to protect the "biodiversity" of the oceans. This organization regulates all shipping on the high seas once ships leave port. 

Although nations and states maintain control over sea and inland ports, they are subject to international regulations prescribed by the IMO. Is the Utah Inland Port now a back door for this organization to reach its tentacles onto the mainland?

Only time will tell. But judging by who is behind the Inland Port and who sits on its boards, it has globalism written all over it anyway. 

And speaking of maritime law, before I end I want to leave you with some interesting verses from the Old Testament book of Zephaniah. His short record is a prophecy about the coming destruction that will precede the Lord's coming. Before that day God will "punish the princes," the "king's children," and the merchants:

And it shall come to pass in that day, says the Lord, that there shall be the noise of a cry from the fish gate, and a howling from the second, and a great crashing from the hills. Howl, you inhabitants of Maktesh, for all the merchant people are cut down. All they that bear silver are cut off. (Zephaniah 1:3, RE, emphasis added)

The Hebrew word Maktesh, means "mortar" or "deep hollow." In the context of the verse above it has reference to silver merchants in Jerusalem. This part of the city, it was conjectured, was called the "Phoenician Quarter," the place where the merchants resided. 

Is Zephaniah using Jewish imagery to write about the modern city-states of London, Washington D.C., and Vatican City? 

Perhaps. These cities are definitely "deep hollows" or strongholds that merchants control and are independent of any nation on earth. 

But there's more. 

Zephaniah also tells us that God will one-day restore a pure language:

Therefore, wait upon me, says the Lord, until the day I rise to the prey. For my determination is to gather the nations, that I may assemble the kingdoms, to pour upon them my indignation, even all my fierce anger. For all the earth shall be devoured with the fire of my jealousy. For then I will turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the Lord, to serve him with one consent. (Zephaniah 1:11, RE, emphasis added)

This is a fascinating concept, especially in light of the stark reality that our language has been corrupted and is being used to enslave us. 

There is a recent book published by Bryan Lang and Dr. Brian Zang that expounds upon this very thing, entitled, The Ancient Cosmic Language

As it turns out, that pure Adamic language may have had a lot more to do with the stars and constellations than many of us have previously realized. I highly recommend the book. You can follow Bryan here

Stay tuned for Part V, it’ll be a deep-dive into the Rockefeller dynasty... 


  1. As I see these things unfold further each and every day, I'm left to ask the timeless question once posed by the cunning Dr. Peter Venkman: "So what do we do?" The only answer I keep coming up with is to wait, watch, and prepare. My hope is that God prepares a place for those who are ready to leave Babylon behind.

  2. The FDA just announced the original Covid jab protocol is not safe and effective. Consequently, the FDA is recommending a much lower and less frequent dosage of the toxic juice. Those who "followed the prophet" were poisoned and some have experienced grave consequences. I assume the First Presidency considers the matter closed and will provide no further comment.

    1. I sent letters of warning and information about the jab, data, peer reviewed etc…zero reply from them.


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