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Sunday, November 19, 2023

Upon This Land V: The Pilfering of the West

Previously: A Corporate History

Have you ever wondered how the federal government got its grubby hands on most of the land in the Western states? 

The story involves the usual players: the Freemasons, the international bankers, American politicians, and secret societies like Skull and Bones.  

Notice the map above. The areas in red are owned by the federal government. Notice the phrase, "Federal Public Land." That phrase is an oxymoron, land cannot be owned by the government and the public at the same time. Land, like people, cannot serve two masters. 

If you think that "federal" land means "public" than just see what happens when you try to set foot on INL land in Idaho or Area 51 land in Nevada. In just minutes you'll be surrounded by armed men in black helicopters and/or black SUVs. 

And they are not there for "national security," they are there to protect these facilities from you, the corporate-slave-terrorist. If you are awake, you'll know that the corporate government is in the middle of a declared war on well, you. You and I are enemies of the State, and the real terrorists, like the late Osama Bin Laden, are subcontractors hired by USA INC to scare you into submission. To keep you in a continual cycle of fear just like the grasshoppers did to the ants in A Bug's Life.

It's nothing personal, it's just business.

So how did we get here? 

How did a small minority of elites come to own the bulk of the Rocky Mountain corridors of the American West?

To find out, we have to go back to antebellum period. Ah, that sweet epoch when sovereigns enjoyed their vested rights and allodial title to land... land that was granted to them by Almighty God. 

Back in those days the sovereign people hired the federal government as a subcontractor to divvy out public lands to those who applied for them... for free. You see, land cannot be bought and sold, land can only be granted.

Before the Constitution was created and ratified the colonies operated under the Articles of Confederation, and because states considered themselves sovereign republics they would not relinquish their unappropriated lands to the confederation, but rather kept the task of land distribution in house. 

Sometime after the Constitution was ratified, the States, through various enabling acts, agreed to give up all right and title to land and made the federal government a trustee "with power of attorney over the disbursement of land to the people in all other states" (Ron Gibson).

Laws for allowing Congress to grant land patents began to be passed. A "General Land Office" was established and began issuing land patents to applicants who homesteaded unappropriated lands in any state or territory of the United States. This was the land distribution system that America functioned under right up until the Civil War. 

A patent was, and still is, considered the highest evidence of title.

As Ron Gibson points out in his book, case law has concurred with the premise above. Every time a legitimate land patent case has appealed up to the Supreme Court it has always been granted in favor of the land patentee. 

There are scores of cases to prove this point. I only have space to include a few:

"A patent regularly issued by the government is the best and only evidence of a perfect title." State v. Crawford 441 P.2d 586,590 (1968).

"Therefore it is necessary to determine the validity of returning to the patent as the operative title. Patents are issued (and theoretically passed) between sovereigns and deeds are executed by persons and private corporations without these sovereign powers." Leading Fighter v. County of Gregory, 230 N.W.2d 114,116 (1975).

"The actual patent should be secured to place at rest any question as to the validity of entries (possession under a claim and color of title)." Young v. Miller, 125 So. 2d 257,258 (1960).

(These cases and many others are documented by Ron Gibson on pp. 96-97 of his book, What You Need To Know About Land Patents.)

Land patents are the supreme law of the land, and the only proof of lawful title. Warranty deeds, quitclaims, motor vehicle "certificate of title", etc., fall under the category of "legal" and are not evidence of title but are rather color of title. In legal terms, color means the "mere semblance of legal right." 

Land patents endowed the recipient with allodial title, which means "beholden to no lord or superior." That meant no property taxes (rents, fees, etc.) or any other incumbrance... ever.

A land patent is a title held in perpetuity, which means forever and ever. 

This is actual history. It really happened. In fact, allodial land owners were the only legitimate electors (not voters) of public officials at the county, state, and national level.

This was all changed after the incorporation of USA INC and the inauguration of the slave state. Slaves, after all, cannot own anything, let alone land. This was horrible timing for the western states coming into the Union in the late 1800s. Here is how Ron Gibson describes it:
This whole system of granting land worked well until the western state republics entered the post-Civil War Union and surrendered unappropriated lands to the federal United States Government that did not get distributed back to the people. Large portions of the west were not distributed to the people, but held as "federal land" (trust lands) or distributed to the states; this was a flagrant violation of the principles upon which America was founded. (Full text of EXH 466 Land Patents by Ron Gibson, 4-29-2017, p. 27)

The federal government has violated its position as land trustee. It has committed fraud, and by law, fraud vitiates (nullifies) everything. Therefore, all claims made by the federal government to western lands are invalid. They have become mere robbers, as Lysander Spooner has so aptly described them.

Being a trustee is nothing to take lightly. A trustee, after all, does not have any actual ownership in what he or she is responsible for. According to Ron Gibson, a trustee is:

The person who holds the legal estate for the benefit of another... (Land Patents p. 150)

The duty of a trusteeship is known by another term, fiduciary employment. A fiduciary duty is a duty to "act in good faith with regard to the interests of another." It also means "held in trust." 

After 1871, the government was no longer a trustee of the people, it became an occupying military dictatorship. And what is the first thing that occupying regimes do? 

They change history

They gaslight the people into believing that things have always resembled the status quo. 

During the late 1800s, USA INC went right to work appropriating unappropriated western lands, to well, themselves. But they did it in such a way as to trick the average citizen into believing it was done for the public good.

Grover Cleveland, during his second term as CEO, was one of the first to appropriate forest lands as "reserves" to the federal government, and by 1897, 39 million acres had already been set aside. 

But that number would grow exponentially after the darling of the Progressive Party would assume the position of CEO after a single shot from a lone nut. 

Teddy Roosevelt: A True Nut Job

Mark Twain once remarked after meeting Teddy Roosevelt that the president was "clearly insane." Roosevelt's own son wrote in his journal, "father wanted to be the bride at every wedding and the corpse at every funeral." He craved power, attention, and adulation, and most egregiously, he loved war and violence.  

When he was young he once had a fight with his girlfriend, and was so enraged that he came home and shot his neighbor's dog. When he killed his first buffalo, he excitedly jumped up and down whooping and hollering like a crazed idiot. When he killed his first Filipino during the Spanish-American War, he exhibited a similar display. He had no regard for the life of man or beast, and although brave under fire, he plunged his men of the Rough Rider company into ambush and certain death on at least two occasions. 

How did such a loose canon become the CEO for USA INC? 

To find out we have to look at the Roosevelt name and family. TR and FDR were distant cousins, both hailing from a royal line. The Roosevelt family can be traced back to the Delanos, a Black Venetian Noble Family. 

The Black Nobility dominated Italy during the 12th century, having connections to the Pope and the Vatican. They manipulated European politics and banking, and enjoyed government-sponsored monopolies.

The Black Nobility were the proprietors of European feudalism, doling out feudal lands (fiefdoms) to connected family members to be rented out to vassals (serfs and peasants). In addition to the benefits of receiving lucrative rents from serfs, the nobility also demanded fealty and allegiance from inferiors. 

They used all the same tricks that secret combinations use today to secure their power: political assassinations, monetary manipulation, kidnapping, murder, blackmail, fearmongering, etc. 

The descendants of the Black Nobility are still with us today. They make up the membership of secret societies like the Club of Rome, the Round Table, the Bilderbergers, and the Skull and Bones. Their front groups are the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission, as well as the newer groups we know today as the World Economic Forum and the United Nations. 

According to Fritz Springmeier, author of Bloodlines of the Illuminati, the Roosevelt’s wealth derived from a massive fortune in whale oil inherited by Franklin Hughes Delano, who married Lavia Astor, the daughter of William Buckhouse Astor. The Astors are a wealthy banking family from Europe, and according to Springmeier, one of the 13 families of the Illuminati. The name Astor is said to have been derived from the pagan goddess Astarte. (See Bloodlines p. 11)

Vice-president TR was catapulted into the Whitehouse after the assassination of president William McKinley by a shot fired from a "lone nut." Political assassinations are always blamed on some disgruntled whack job acting on his own whims. The official accounts are always bereft of any conspiratorial agenda to replace one president with another more amenable to the powers that be. 

In the case of McKinley and TR, the two were backed by competing banking powers: McKinley by the Rockefellers and Roosevelt by the Morgans (remember that both groups were controlled by the Rothschilds).

TR had eased into the vice-presidency through the death of another Morgan man, Garret A. Hobart. Although McKinley considered TR a "madman," he secured the nomination with the help of George W. Perkins (the Perkins' are another Illuminati family). When Roosevelt was elected in 1900, he threw a dinner party in honor of J.P. Morgan.  

After McKinley was shot, Roosevelt assumed the presidency and filled his cabinet with Morgan-connected men. He appointed Elihu Root as Secretary of State, a former personal attorney for J.P. Morgan, who was eventually replaced by Robert Bacon (the Bacons are another Illuminati family). Other appointments were Paul Morton (Secretary of the Navy and vice-president of the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad, also a Morgan company), and his Assistant Secretary Herbert L. Satterlee (J.P. Morgan's son-in-law). (See Rothbard, Wall Street, Banks, and American Foreign Policy, pp. 13-15)

As you can see, the McKinley assassination was not carried out by some "lone nut," but was a coup orchestrated by Morgan banking interests. They needed a loose cannon like Teddy in the Whitehouse to unleash a string of executive orders that would render to the conspirators the bulk of western lands. 

You know, it's funny, movies like Night At The Museum portray TR as a child-like, lovable, adventurous, and wise man with a good heart. In the academic world he is lauded as the hero who saved our forests and gave us national parks to conserve wildlands and nature. 

The truth? 

He was no better than a common thief, a conniving and raging lunatic, thirsty for power, blood, and adoration. Establishment history books seem to leave out the fact that he was eugenicist and a racist, and that he was deeply connected to powerful banking families who lobbied him into the political arena. 

Before Lincoln declared martial law and took over our this nation, executive orders were not numbered, and were only used sporadically and sparingly. Lincoln's first executive order, and consequently the first one we have assigned a number, officially ended the Republic set up by the Founders. The states as former sovereigns became mere subjects of the Union, and then after 1871, mere subsidiaries of the corporation. 

From then on, executive orders issued by the CEO of USA INC became legal policy for the corporate slaves. Even then, the presidents between Lincoln and TR used them sparingly, usually numbering in tens or dozens. 

Teddy Roosevelt broke the mold, during his two terms he issued over 1000 executive orders, only to be outdone by Calvin Coolidge at 1203, Woodrow Wilson at 1803, and FDR at a whopping 3721. 
TR really believed that the president could do whatever was necessary as the sole representative of the "will of the people." Of course, his reasoning was all nonsense and propaganda, because as an insider with deep connections to the Illuminati, he surely knew that America had become a corporation and was no longer a free republic. 

I believe his conservation crusade was assigned to him at the behest of the Order of Skull and Bones, because most of the land in the East and Midwest had already been homesteaded, and they wanted to acquire vast corridors of land that was yet unappropriated. They needed a base of operations for the future New World Order, and sadly, that is right here in the American West. 

As of 2023, I believe they have chosen Utah for that headquarters. Salt Lake City, is after all, the dead center of the West.

Just think about this for a moment: there has been some speculation that Joseph Smith believed that Zion would be in the Rocky Mountains, Isaiah is replete with prophecies about Zion being in the everlasting hills and the tops of the mountains, and other prophets testify of similar things. (Update: I had originally written that Joseph Smith stated that Zion would be in the Rocky Mountains but I was wrong, there is no direct quote. But there is some interesting information in this talk).  

Satan knows scripture, and one way that he might attempt to thwart the future Zion is to make sure that all the mountainous land of the Western United States is owned and controlled by the Illuminati. Well, he did just that, and at the most opportune time. Long after Joseph and Hyrum were dead and just after the last western state entered the Union, Satan made sure that the Illuminati took possession of the land. (Think of Moroni's warning that the last-days secret combination would attempt to "overthrow the freedom of all lands, nations, and countries.") 

But as usual, his cunning is miniscule to the foreknowledge and power of God. Zion will be built regardless, but it doesn't hurt to take a look at the history to see just how desperate the Adversary gets to thwart God's purposes. 

God has decreed and covenanted that upon this land, the land of America, latter-day Israel will be gathered and the New Jerusalem built. Satan and the New World Order are powerless to stop those covenants from being fulfilled. This is, after all, the very work of the Father in Heaven

TR had an insider that helped him to secure the forest lands, in fact, this conservation guru is now considered the father of the Forest Service. The man's name was Gifford Pinchot, and he was a bona fide member of the secret society we have heard so much about over the last year, none other than the Skull and Bones.

Francis Bacon and the Pinchot Brothers

As usual, I love to refer to Murray Rothbard to relate strange episodes of obscure history that most Americans are oblivious to. As it turns out, Rothbard wrote an entire chapter on TR and Pinchot's conservation crusade in his posthumously published book The Progressive Era. This opening quote really says it all:
The conservation movement, past and present, has generally been painted in sweetness and light, as disinterested nature lovers leading the "people" in war against the corporate interests who wish to exploit and plunder natural resources. The actual facts are quite different... 

As in so many other aspects of the progressive movement, conservation constituted a shift of control of ownership of natural resources from private to governmental hands in order to subsidize and cartelize private interests in that area. (The Progressive Era, pp. 252-53)

What Rothbard doesn't state, but probably knew, is that those "private interests" were those of the powerful banking families of the Illuminati. Sir Francis Bacon, one of the first Freemasons who began financing voyages to America in the 1500s, implied in his pipe-dreamy novel The New Atlantis that America would be the location that ancient Atlantis would be resurrected.

Francis Bacon was no ordinary Freemason, he was the Supreme Head of the Rosicrucian Order, as well as the proprietor of a secret society known as The Order of the Quest. He concocted the latter group as a cover for early American colonization schemes, the first one being Jamestown. After letting the initial squadron of immigrants face the elements and the natives, powerful families connected to the Bacons began infiltrating the colony. These families stayed connected through what Manly P. Hall refers to as "fortuitous marriages." 

(If you want to learn more about Bacon and his obsession with America, I wrote about it extensively in a post entitled, The Atlantean Leviathan.)

Bacon was also purportedly involved in the King James translation of the Bible. Here is what Manly P. Hall had to say about it:

The first edition of the King James Bible contains a cryptic Baconian headpiece. Did Bacon cryptographically conceal in the Authorized Bible that which he dared not literally reveal in the text--the secret Rosicrucian key to mystic and Masonic Christianity? (The Secret Teachings of All Ages, p. 483)

It is also surmised by Hall and others that Bacon wrote all of the Shakespearean plays. Apparently, the real William Shakespeare could barely write his own name, let alone detailed scripts revealing Rosicrucian mysteries veiled to the profane. Yes, Shakespeare's plays were parables revealing mystic knowledge espoused by the Mystery Schools. To find out more, watch the video below:

I have posted about Bacon being involved in the translation of the KJV of the Bible, but now I realize it could've been all a ruse to credit Rosicrucianism with inserting the symbolism that some have construed as sun worship and numerology that are found in the New Testament. The two-part video below tells a different narrative that I've never considered. Namely, that King James was a dedicated Christian that spent his life fighting secret societies and Luciferianism: 

Now, why do I bring up Bacon when I'm writing about TR and Pinchot? To show you that these agendas have been in the works for a long time, even centuries. These Mystery initiates are patient, they spread their agenda out over centuries, even millennia. 

Remember, these guys are the antithesis of God's Holy Order, which I wrote about here. The Holy Order consists of priests ordained by God Himself, who have come down to earth during certain dispensations to help others ascend. A few quick examples are Adam, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Elijah, and Joseph Smith. The Mystery Schools are Satan's imitation for this group. 

Satan also imitates God's concept of promised lands, and consequently, the New World Order (made up of Satanic priests), has had its eye on America for a base of operations for centuries, going back at least to Francis Bacon. 

Pinchot and TR were just players in the same game.

So who exactly was Gifford Pinchot?

The Pinchot family was a wealthy dynasty from France (the birthplace of Rosicruciansim and Templarism). Gifford and his brother Amos were born to James and Mary Pinchot, a wealthy couple who enjoyed social connections with elites like Union general William T. Sherman (a Freemason). Gifford and Amos received their higher education from Yale University, where both were inducted into the order of Skull and Bones. 

We know this because of Antony Sutton's book, America's Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull and Bones. Sutton was handed the membership roster of American Bonesman by an unnamed informant, which I assume had something to do with his work at the Hoover Institute. He reveals that both Pinchot brothers were inducted into the Order at Yale in the late 1800s: Gifford in 1889, and Amos in 1897.

Also interesting to note is Sutton's following observation about Gifford's younger brother Amos:

Amos Pinchot was a founder of the American Civil Liberties Union and active in aiding the Soviets during the early days of the Bolshevik Revolution. (p. 146)

Amos was a democrat with communist leanings, and Gifford was a republican. This is typical of how the Order distributes its infiltrators into society--in seemingly opposite ends of the political spectrum. As you may recall, G.W. Bush and John Kerry exhibited a similar display; cousins who were both members of Skull and Bones pretending to run against each other in a rigged election.

Both Pinchot brothers were close to Teddy Roosevelt, and Gifford may have been his assigned handler. TR was not a member of Skull and Bones, so he was not privy to the same insider information as Gifford, but he was a Master Mason. He had entered the lodge at age 42, the same year he became president (CEO) of USA INC.

The way these secret societies function is that those from a higher circle will manipulate those of lower echelons. This was clearly demonstrated with Woodrow Wilson (also not a Bonesman), who was manipulated by his handler and alter-ego Edward Mandel House. 

House was not a member of Skull and Bones himself, but had a close friendship with Arthur Twining Hadley, who he had been classmates with at Hopkins Grammar School in New Haven, Connecticut. Hadley was inducted into the Order in 1876, and would eventually become president of Yale University and serve from 1899 to 1921. (See Sutton, America's Secret Establishment, p. 96)

As you can see, there is never an establishment figure, let alone a CEO, who is left without a handler. And we cannot assume that Skull and Bones is the top echelon, for there are always higher circles of influence-- and the higher you go, the more anonymity you get--until you reach the top of Satan's Church, where I believe leaders enjoy complete anonymity.

Those in the public spotlight are often pawns used by those who manipulate things behind the scenes. The lower echelons of public figures are easy to control; because they love fame and adoration, they are easily blackmailed into submission.

Now, I believe that this pattern of one group of conspirators controlling and handling another group is Satan's imitation of God's pattern of ascension. 

God revealed this pattern to Abraham in this very interesting verse:

And the Lord said unto me, These two facts do exist--that there are two spirits, one being more intelligent than the other; there shall be another more intelligent than they. I am the Lord, your God; I am more intelligent than they all. (Abraham 5:4, RE)

Intelligence in this context does not mean that one spirit is smarter or more cunning than the other, it simply means that one has more experience than the other. In another verse of scripture intelligence is defined as "the light of truth, which can only be gained through mortal experience. 

In essence the Lord is saying this: no matter how far you've progressed up Jacob's ladder, there is always someone else who has progressed further, and that He, the Lord, has progressed the furthest. Abraham is not belittling others or making intelligence a point of pride; he is simply stating that experience produces intelligence and all of God's children are on different levels of that path. Consequently, Christ has gained the most experience, and thus, the most intelligence.

Those who have progressed further, i.e., the noble and great ones, voluntarily condescend to lower levels to help others ascend (the Holy Order). But what they do not do is manipulate and control others like those in Satan's Church. Rather, they invite and entice others to come unto Christ and begin the ascension process (see Alma's famous sermon on faith).

Lucifer's leaders, on the other hand (the left hand to be exact), pride themselves on gaining light and knowledge through the intellect (not through mortal probation), and because of that knowledge (and being in certain bloodlines) they assume they have the right to rule (control) others. The Left Hand path is characterized by hubris, avarice, intrigue, subjugation, and unrighteous dominion.  

It is through this--the conspiratorial lens--that history should be viewed, for that is the only way to comprehend events as they have truly transpired. Satan hasn't changed from the time he first covenanted with Cain, and he does not want that revealed. This is why the scripture that indicted Cain as the first Master Mahon (spelling of the RE version of scripture) was removed from the Old Testament by the Great and Abominable Church in the first place.

The point of that side tangent was to set the tone for how I view Gifford Pinchot. In my opinion he was TR's handler, deliberately placed there from a higher circle of influence to make sure the Morgan-backed CEO made all the right moves in regards to confiscating the land. 

Pinchot the Pilferer

Pinchot entered the political scene in a milieu that presented the perfect opportunity for pilfering lands. In spite of the incorporation of USA INC in the 1870s, the homesteading of unappropriated lands was still allowed for another two decades. Then, in 1891, Congress passed the General Land Law Revision Act. 

This Act, signed into law by Benjamin Harrison, gave the CEO of USA INC the power to unilaterally set aside forest preserves out of public lands formally available for homesteading. Under the auspices of the Act Benjamin Harrison set aside 13 million acres of forest reserves, Grover Cleveland 25 million, William McKinley 7 million, and Teddy Roosevelt, a whopping 151 million acres. 

While the push for conservation was an upper-class supported crusade to "preserve" wildlands in their pristine condition, Pinchot and TR had other plans. Namely, a plot to cartelize industries that relied on forest and grasses for survival: timber production and cattle grazing. The model would be reminiscent of the medieval feudal system, the very arrangement our colonial progenitors fought so hard to escape from. 

Instead of allowing private homesteading, forest and grass lands would be leased to corporations perpetually. The government could collect such rents because it had been incorporated neo-feudally by the Organic Act of 1871. This system benefitted two groups: the bureaucrats who collected the rents and controlled the land, and the largest corporations who could win, by government favoritism, an increased market share over smaller competitors. 

Pinchot, who was trained in forestry in Germany and France, was an advocate of "scientific forestry," which translated into a cozy relationship between bureaucrats and private timber producers. Before rising to the position of the head of the Forest Service under TR, Pinchot had served on the National Forestry Committee since the early 1890s, where his influence behind the scenes helped to persuade Grover Cleveland to dedicate 21 million acres of forests to federal control.

It must be stressed here that setting aside forest lands was not done for "preservation," but rather to limit supply so that both bureaucrats and private corporations could enjoy higher prices, artificially created by shortages. Higher prices meant increased rents and/or lobbying fees for USA INC, and decreased competition for politically-connected businesses.

There is another term to describe this symbiotic system: corporate fascism.

Pinchot formed alliances with private timber companies as well as the Western Stockmen. Both groups leased out federally acquired lands resulting in a depletion of natural resources through the "land communism" system of "open range" that so many Western movie scripts have been written about. Murray Rothbard aptly describes the "open range" system as follows:
... the result, for decades, was vast "open range," owned by the federal government, but used in common on a first-come, first-served basis by private users. The result of this "land communism" in the West was that the private users had a strong incentive to use up the soil or land as rapidly as possible, before their competitors could use it, and then move onto the rest of the range. (The Progressive Era, pp. 256-57)

To the bureaucrats and secret societies pulling the strings and collecting the rents, the bonanza of profits gushing into USA INC outweighed any aesthetic impetus to preserve wildlands. Thus, the bait and switch modality so consistent with Gadianton combinations was used on the hapless public. 

As the timber cartel grew, Pinchot secured the position of Chief of the Division of Forestry under the McKinley administration, which later morphed into the Bureau of Forestry, and finally in 1905, the Forest Service. The cartel functioned under the cloak of an innocuous sounding organization called the Society of American Foresters, which absorbed the older American Forestry Association, and by 1909, had been bolstered by scores of private lumbermen. 

This public/private partnership snowballed into a giant lobbying machine, raising private funds for the Forestry Bureau and even appointing a distinctive chair in forestry at Yale, the university clandestinely harboring the Skull and Bones. The impetus behind the chair at Yale emanated from a collusion between Pinchot and another fellow Bonesman: Henry S. Graves.

Graves was a bit of a protege to Pinchot, five years younger and dedicated to the cause of seizing forest lands from the states. Groomed for the position by Pinchot, Graves would be appointed to Chief of the Forest Service in 1910 under another Bonesman: William Howard Taft. 

Taft would be elected president (appointed as CEO) in 1909 and would be replaced in 1912 by the Morgan-backed Democrat Woodrow Wilson. Teddy Roosevelt's reappearance in the election ritual of 1912 split the vote just enough so that Wilson could get the nomination. The creation of the Bull Moose Party was nothing but a ruse to accomplish this very thing. Taft had played his losing part well. 

Taft was not just a run-of-the-mill Bonesman, his father, Alphonso Taft, had been a cofounder of Skull and Bones in 1833 with General William Huntington Russell. Russell had been in Germany in the preceding years before he founded he Order, where Antony Sutton presumes he was trained in the Hegelian Dialectic by the European wing of Skull and Bones: a secret society known as the Group. In 1856, Russell created a foundation known as the Russell Trust, and it was under this guise that the Order was secretly incorporated as a legal entity (See Sutton, America's Secret Establishment, p. 66).

Now, was it a coincidence that the first two Chief's of the United States Forest Service were Bonesmen?

I don't believe in coincidences when massive tracts of land are at stake. 

When Roosevelt assumed the presidency in 1901, he went right to work locking Western lands away from homesteaders and transferring them into the proverbial coffers of USA INC, and then into the control of one man, Gifford Pinchot. Rothbard further elucidates:

As soon as Roosevelt became president, he began reserving more and more parts of the public domain from private homesteading and into the permanently governmental national forests. In his first year as president, Roosevelt created 13 new forests totaling 15.5 millions. When in 1907, Congress, in alarm at Roosevelt's grabbing new forest reserves, revoked his authority to create new reserves in six Western states, T.R., spitefully rushed to set aside 75 million additional acres of forests before the bill became law, bringing the grand total up to 151 million acres. In late 1905, Roosevelt transferred control of the national forests from the Department of the Interior to his friend Pinchot and the Forest Service. (Ibid, p. 254, emphasis added)

Now we come to what I believe was the real goal of Pinchot's role in establishing a National Forest Service. In order to grab Western lands and forests at will, he had to effectively neuter the power of his old nemesis: the General Land Office. This office was established in 1812 and was commissioned by Congress to issue Land Patents to homesteaders. Here is what historian Samuel P. Hays said about it:

As early of 1898 Pinchot became convinced that the General Land Office could not administer the reserves effectively... The Office, he argued, hopelessly involved in a maze of political appointments, legalistic routine, and personal favoritism, was not really interested in effective forest management. No one could cut through these entrenched inefficiencies. To solve the problem Congress should transfer the program to an entirely new agency, the Bureau of Forestry. (Hays, Conservation and the Gospel of Efficiency, p. 52, emphasis added)

The transfer wasn't about "efficiency," it was about control. And it was about destroying the very principles America was founded on. One of which was the inalienable right for the common man to own and work land without incumbrances. 

Pinchot's antics became infuriating to westerners and preservationists, who began to protest what they pejoratively named "Pinchotism." To combat this opposition, the "conservation" movement was conjured in 1907 by TR and falsely painted with a grassroots brush.

The new crusade purporting to conserve nature gained wide support in political and industrial circles. Just like the modern wolf transplant movement, much of the support came from wealthy Easterners romanticizing about lands they lived thousands of miles from. Along with the timbermen who had long enjoyed increased profits from their partnership with Pinchot, the big railroads also became enthusiastic supporters of conservation. 

As Rothbard points out, the limitation imposed on homesteading forest lands would force settlers onto railroad lands that had been granted to them by the government (railroads were the first welfare babies). Thus, magnates like James J. Hill of the Great Northern Railroad, gleefully ecstatic about the conservation movement, could sell their land to immigrants at an artificially higher price. 

Another supporter of conservation was none other than Andrew Carnegie of U.S. Steel. There is an important point to make here in regards to Skull and Bones. Carnegie was not a member of the Order (and no Carnegie ever has been), but was assigned a handler who was. His name was Daniel Coit Gilman, and he was also influential in melding Wundt psychological methods from Germany with American education. Skull and Bones has their hands in everything, from education to the wealth of the major Foundations. (See Sutton, America's Secret Establishment, p. 32)

Sutton also makes the point that the Order's circle of influence extends into nearly all segments of American society: money, education, law, politics, economy, history, psychology, philanthropy, medicine, religion, media, and continuity (keeping the same people and organizations in power). 

Keep this concept in mind as we precede through how our land was stolen from us. Skull and Bones (the Order) endeavors to keep most of their initiates working from behind the scenes as handlers to those who are in the limelight. Anonymity is the name of game. 

Every once in a while you'll see high profile members in the public spotlight like the Bush family or say, Russel M. Nelson, but if you read through rosters provided by Sutton (Yale roster) and Defending Utah (University of Utah roster), you'll find you don't recognize most of the names. That's deliberate.

Ardent conservationists made of mostly wealthy Easterners became passionate about national parks, viewing them as "opportunities for worship" through experiencing pristine nature (worship of who? Gaia?) Yellowstone was the first park that was nationalized and stolen from the Wyoming territory in 1872. 

The bill to make Yellowstone a national (federal) park was lobbied for by geologist Ferdinand Hayden, who had been federally-funded to study the area's mineral and animal resources. Other powerful lobbyers joined the fray, such as Jay Cooke, an investment banker and close friend of then president Ulysses S. Grant. 

Cooke had a sordid financial history. He had been granted a monopoly on the underwriting of all government bonds by his friend Salmon P. Chase, Secretary of State under Lincoln. Cooke went bankrupt during the Panic of 1874, which paved for the way for J.P. Morgan to become America's next banking dynasty (I wrote about that here).

President Grant would sign the Yellowstone bill into law on March 1st of 1872, a bill that was unprecedented. Unlike the Yosemite Act that guaranteed the land to the State of California, the Yellowstone bill would turn the park land over to the Department of the Interior.

The bill actually met much resistance from people concerned it would give the federal government too much power, as well as from advocates of homesteading. Just a decade prior the Homesteading Act of 1862 was passed guaranteeing the right of Americans to claim public lands (this concept was carried over from the land patent system that existed before the Civil War). 

Interestingly enough, the bill still passed, albeit clandestinely, reminiscent of the Patriot Act of 2001. It was catapulted through the Senate without a roll call, yet somehow the word got out that the bill had passed and pressure was put on the House of Representatives to comply. (See this article for more details).  

It should also be noted here that President Grant was a Scottish Rite Freemason. Here he is assuming the pose of the hidden hand:

The national park movement greatly increased the power of the federal government to take possessions of state lands. Teddy Roosevelt took advantage of that power through the Antiquities Act of 1906, which gave the president, one man, the power to create national monuments at will. 

TR doubled the amount of sites that fell within the national park system by adding them as monuments, one of them being Mt. Rushmore, the 60 ft. high rock wall that would later bear a model of the President’s face. That land had been taken from the Lakota Sioux in the treaty of 1868.

In the fateful year of 1933, FDR issued an executive order allowing the president to turn any national monument into a national park, and thus, into the full control of USA INC. 

To sum things up so far, it was through the open range system, and the forestry and national park service that the federal government has taken control of Western lands. This was accomplished by influential men in secret societies like Skull and Bones and Scottish Rite Freemasonry.

This was Lucifer's plan to make the future land of Zion (to be established in the Rocky Mountains) unavailable to the Ephraimite saints of the last-days who would repent and turn to the Lord prior to His return. But once again, God's wisdom outweighs the Devil's cunning, for all the Lord has to do is destroy the societal structures standing in the way of the fulfilling of His covenants to Israel; a small thing indeed for the God of Heaven. 

It has been said that there are only two resources necessary to establish Zion: land and water. The history I have presented so far has covered the land, but what of the water? 

As it turns out, Satan has endeavored to control that too. And once again, Teddy Roosevelt was a pivotal player.

The Reclamation Usurpation

When government desires to control any segment of the American economy, it simply subsidizes it. Federal subsidies for irrigating the arid land of the West came at the most opportune time: in the aftermath of the Panic of 1893 that saw many private irrigators bankrupt. 

Federal irrigation was pushed by two lawyers dedicated to the cause: the young George H. Maxwell of northern California, and the Democratic congressmen from Nevada, Francis G. Newlands. Maxwell sold the idea of federal irrigation to the newly established National Irrigation Congress and helped to organize lobbying groups made of private businessmen and western farmers.

Newlands studied at Yale and Columbian College where he as admitted into the Bar Association. After he married the daughter of a wealthy lawyer, the richest man in San Francisco at the time, he became general counsel for Spring Valley Water Works, a water provider for San Francisco. 

After moving to Nevada in the 1880s and becoming involved in a plan for state-sponsored irrigation, he decided that state governments were "too politicized" and "too inept" to lead successful irrigation campaigns. In the 1890s he would be elected as congressional representative of Nevada, where he would eventually introduce the Reclamation Act that Teddy Roosevelt would enthusiastically sign into law in 1902. Newlands would go on to serve in the Senate where he would offer support to the Forest and National Park Services. 

The Reclamation Act of 1902 was designed to take control of irrigation stemming from rivers, reservoirs, canals, and waterways away from the states and into the control of USA INC. Rothbard elucidates as follows:
The Reclamation Act provided a new device to finance federal irrigation projects in the West: all receipts from the sale of public land in the West [would] go to a special fund for irrigation works in those states. The Reclamation Act also delighted conservationists by giving maximal power to finance projects to the Secretary of the Interior so that he would not have to be restricted by the necessity of getting annual appropriations from the people's representatives in Congress. (The Progressive Era, p. 263)

In section 8 of the act it stipulates that that federal government may not interfere with how states "control, appropriate, use, or distribute water used in irrigation." But that was just smoke and mirrors, because later in the Supreme Court it was ruled that in a case in which state water law conflicted with a federal public works project directed by congress the state would have to acquiesce. (See Ivanhoe Irrigation District v. McCraken).

Rothbard asserts that just like conservation, the reclamation scheme was just another excuse for big business and government to join forces at the expense of the average citizen. Scores of private irrigators had gone bankrupt misjudging the demand for settlers to use their water tie-ins for immediate development. To fix this free market "problem," the government simply became the owner of all reservoirs, canals, and ditches, then handpicked the contractor with the greatest lobbying ability to distribute irrigation water, and forced settlers to purchase the tie-in immediately after purchase of the land. 

In other words, the typical public works scheme. Less competition meant higher prices and limited choices for consumers: the age-old mercantilist racket.

The next thing Congress did was respond to pressures from private land developers to "withdraw all land from homesteading that might be capable of being irrigated,"  even if it that meant a long time in the future. Lobbyers pined for the repeal of the Desert Land Act of 1877, which allowed a settler to homestead 320 acres of desert land if he agreed to irrigate it himself. Pressure to repeal the Timber and Stone Act of 1878 soon followed. 

The latter acts were repealed, and the acreage allowed under the Desert Land Act was reduced to 160 acres. This is how the conspirators win; they take your land and rights away incrementally. 

As in the case of conservation, Gifford Pinchot, the ever-faithful Bonesman, was working behind the scenes with Frederick H. Newell and others to make sure all the water of the West was absorbed into federal bureaucracies and owned, controlled, and ran by them perpetually. 

Rothbard sums up concisely what the true aim was of federal intervention was in land and water, and for that matter, any industry or natural resource:

In every case, land and natural resources are taken out of free, private settlement and development and converted to State regulation and control, in partnership with a relatively few privileged private interests. Where government takes resources off the market, the aim is to restrict and cartelize lands or resources industries. Where government subsidizes development, it is carefully limited to a partnership with selected private interests instead of left open to the competition of the free market. Statism--corporate statism--was the key. (The Progressive Era, pp. 267-68)

Frederick H. Newell became the first director of the United States Reclamation Service. He, like Henry S. Graves, had also been carefully groomed by Pinchot for the position. He had served in the 1890s as secretary of the American Forestry Association, a Pinchot-led lobbying group for the Forest Bureau. He became part of a circle of "scientists" and technocrats that thought themselves more capable of overseeing natural resources than the common man. Hence, the true spirit of the progressive era, the epoch of elitism and centralization of power into the hands of bureaucrats and those on their payrolls.

The Reclamation program soon spawned other avenues of control in what Rothbard calls "multiple-purpose river basin development." Control over water was not enough, as these technocrats wanted more funding  for public works projects that they could dole out to their corporate friends. Rothbard elucidates as follows:

Forests would be reserved for their own sake and also to regulate steam flow of water, reservoirs would be built to control floods, promote irrigation, and generate hydroelectric power, and rivers would be developed for navigation and all these other functions. The vast expense involved meant federal funds and federal control; not only had local and private funding proved inadequate for the irrigation desired by the new planners, but rivers, after all, run interstate, and therefore, if they are to be planned by the government, require federal operation and control. Newell, Pinchot, and Garfield were crucial to formulating and pushing for the new concept. (Ibid, p. 269)

As you can see, the same players pop up everywhere in schemes for more and more federal control. For my thought process, it makes sense that these schemes were conjured in smoke-filled rooms by secret societies with centuries-old "secret plans" to take over the land. 

Volumes have been written on conservation and the progressive era, and I've belabored the point long enough on this post. But sometimes it takes an arduous study of history to really learn how these secret societies function. Their interventions in society can be so subtle yet so calculated, so premediated, and so deliberate. 

A student can sit through endless courses of history in establishment schools and never think twice about how things like federally-operated reservoirs, forests, parks, or lands came to be. The educational system has become quite proficient at gaslighting the public into accepting that these things just happened organically. 

And even more arrogantly, they have the audacity to preach that if it weren't for government programs and great men like Pinchot and TR, then we wouldn't have the infrastructure we have today.

But a thinking mind, unplugged from the cog of the public wheel, has to envision what might have been had not the bureaucrats taken control of resources that God gave to the common man. What might have those homesteaders done with the forests, the rivers, the waterways, and the desert lands?

Indeed, as Frederic Bastiat so elegantly taught us in his Broken Window Fallacy, how else would the man have spent his money if he hadn't been compelled to purchase a new window? Similarly, how would tax payers have spent their hard-earned dollars if they hadn't been compelled to finance the inefficient public works projects of progressives?

What might have been will never be known, for all of its potential creativity has been flushed down the memory hole, and we are left with the very little that the robbers have given us. 

And speaking of envisioning things that might've been, the United Nations was almost successful at locking Americans completely out of western lands for good in 1994. Because of the efforts of one man, Dr. Michael Coffman, the treaty that the UN attempted to foist on the legislature was never ratified. It was called the Biodiversity Treaty, and it was part and parcel of the Wildlands Project. 

The following map illustrates the plan: humans would only be allowed to live in green areas, yellow areas would be highly regulated, and red areas would be completely shut off to human use. 

Notice there is no green at all in the Intermountain West. The elites want you off that land. Period. This map is Satanic. It is his attempt to thwart the plans of God by commandeering the future land of Zion, which will be somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, nestled deep within one of their "red" corridors.

Gadianton's and Hemming In The Land

There are a few interesting Book of Mormon verses that can be applied to this topic. 

I have shared this first verse before in the same context, in the first post on the Beast is Coming to Utah Series subtitled, The Resurgence of Gaia Worship. That article by the way would be a good companion to this one on the West because it covers the modern conservation movement (I also covered Michael Coffman and the above Biodiversity map). You'll find that the goal of over 100 years of conservation has always been the same: to get people off the land and concentrated into cities. 

The Gadiantons in the Book of Mormon had the same goal, but they didn't call it conservation, or any other name. They just attempted to do it by employing an interesting strategy. Mormon relates the account as follows:

And it came to pass that this nineteenth year did pass away and the robbers did not come again to battle, neither did they come again in the twentieth year. But in the twenty and first year, they did not come up to battle, but they came up on all sides to lay siege round about the people of Nephi; for they did suppose that if they should cut off the people of Nephi from their lands and should hem them in on every side, and if they should cut them off from their outward privileges, that they could cause them to yield themselves up according to their wishes. (3 Nephi 2:12, RE, emphasis added)

Studying scripture can oft times be like peering into a mirror. In this case, reading about an isolated incident that happened over the course of a few years can hold imperative implications for us in our day. You have to ask the question: why did God include this story in the account and who is the intended audience?

While it is true that a UN army of "peace-keepers" is not surrounding our lands physically (at least not yet), the elites have been cutting off our lands slowly and methodologically for the last 150 years. They have also been cutting us off from our "outward privileges," or vested rights. Furthermore, they have created a system of corporate slavery based on us "yielding" up our rights to them voluntarily, or in other words, slavery by consent.

Scripture is written like a parable. It will often contain many meanings at varying levels. I could be totally off on my application of the verse, but the point is that Gadiantons have a pattern of taking over lands that do not belong to them. They do this to "hem" in the people they want to subjugate and dominate.

They also have an obsession with believing they have a "right to rule" over others. The Book of Mormon clearly delineates this concept as well. In Giddianhi's famous epistle to Lachoneus, he reveals himself to be a high-ranking Mystery School initiate. He states:

And behold, I am Giddianhi, and I am the governor of this secret society of Gadianton, which society and the works thereof I know to be good; and they are of ancient date, and they have been handed down to us. And I write this epistle unto you, Lachoneus, and I hope that ye will deliver up your lands and your possessions without the shedding of blood, that this my people recover their rights and government, who have dissented away from you because of your wickedness in retaining from them their rights of government. And except ye do this, I will avenge their wrongs. I am Giddianhi. (3 Nephi 2:2, RE, emphasis added)

Do you see what he is saying? He declares that he knows the works of the secret society of Gadianton to be good, meaning, that Luciferianism is his religion. He truly believes in it. He also states that he is the governor of that society, which means he replaced Gadianton as Master Mahon. He then declares that his people, meaning, his fellow initiates of the Mystery Schools, should be entitled to the "rights of government."

And why do they believe they have this right to rule? Because of their occult knowledge they have received from Lucifer. 

They believe that knowledge alone separates and elevates them from the ignorant, or the profane. In Freemasonry, this is illustrated symbolically by the letter G on their logo. The G stands for three concepts: geometry, generation, and gnosis. Geometry is the exoteric cloak designed to veil the higher concepts of generation (illustrated by the obelisk or the phallus of Osiris) and gnosis (primordial knowing stemming back to Lucifer and Eve in the Garden of Eden).

I find it interesting, and no coincidence, that both Gadianton and Giddianhi's names start with G. I believe that Gadianton was Master Mahon because of something that Amberli Peterson points out in her new book. Gadianton did not have access to the secret plans of the Mystery Schools because Alma and Helaman had been charged by the Lord to guard the plates of Limhi that contained the oaths, rituals, and covenants used by these ancient societies. 

So how did he obtain them? Satan put them directly into his heart. Or, in other words, a demonic download.

Amberli offers her explanation of why:

So, without getting his hands on the "the secret plans," how did Gadianton acquire his unique skill-set along with the "expert knowledge" of the satanic oaths and covenants he used to form the first secret combination?

The short answer is that Satan gave up on waiting for these secret plans to find their way into the wrong hands. At some point, he must have realized that, like Alma, Helaman was going to guard those records with hyper diligence, so he went to Gadianton directly and put into his heart all the "secret oaths and covenants" that facilitate the secret works of darkness. (Ripened: Why the Book of Mormon Damns Abortion, p. 103, emphasis original).

So, Gadianton became Master Mahon by seeking out this ancient knowledge, and like Cain, had it revealed directly to him by Satan. Gadianton is a typology of Cain. This is Satan's imitation for God's typology of someone in the Holy Order who seeks for higher knowledge; someone like Abraham.

Abraham desired to be one who seeks for further light and truth. Because Abraham didn't have access to the true Gospel he had to seek it out from God Himself, in the midst of a milieu of pagan worship and human sacrifice. Joseph Smith is also a typology of Abraham because he questioned everything and went directly to God for religious answers.

Again, I stress the words of the late D. Christian Markham, "God creates and Satan imitates."

In Part VI, I'll turn my attention to Brigham Young and the settling of Salt Lake Valley. Have you ever wondered why Brigham just knew that Salt Lake "was the place"? Indeed, what was the source of that knowledge? Was he truly inspired by God or did he have insider knowledge through his connections in Freemasonry that Salt Lake City, smack dab in the American West, would one day become a major hub of the New World Order?

Stay tuned. 

Postscript: Prayers for Ken Cromar

My good friend Ken Cromar has been arrested by the FBI and incarcerated in Davies County Jail in Layton, Utah. He is facing federal charges involving tax evasion and "trespassing" on his own property after it was seized by a federal swat team. Ken's trial is on December 11th and he will be representing himself. 

Ken has been involved in the sovereign movement and filed a land patent on his property in Cedar Hills, Utah several years ago and has been in an ongoing legal battle with the IRS. He has represented himself in court throughout the entire process, never hiring an attorney. He feels like he is on assignment from the Lord to take this journey by laying everything on the altar and letting the cards fall where they may. 

Ken is a brave man. He is also a good man. I don't understand why he thought he had to embark on this path but I have nothing but the utmost respect for him. I ask that you keep him in your prayers as he faces these federal sycophants alone. He is looking at ten years or more in federal prison if convicted of all charges. 

As a disclaimer this is why I don't recommend the land-patent/sovereign-citizen/state-national path unless you have a professional like Ron Gibson help you make sure you do everything correctly, otherwise you could end up in prison.

Even though I am fascinated by this subject and write about it often, I haven't filed a land patent or made any other attempt to escape the slavery system. I believe that in a coming day God will destroy the societal structures that are supporting our maritime legal system, and at that point it will not matter whether you have filed a land patent or become a state national. 

For more background on Ken see the videos below:


  1. "I believe that in a coming day God will destroy the societal structures that are supporting our maritime legal system"

    This is my conclusion as well. Christ didn't tell his followers to resist the Romans but to render unto Caesar that which bore his image. In like fashion our money and our society bears all the marks of Satan. However, like Denver said, only those who wait patiently on the Lord will be ready to receive him. Those who take it upon themselves to begin open rebellion against Babylon will be devoured by her beast.

    The time we have now is for the purpose of preparation and awakening to our truly awful situation. Each time I think I understand what that situation is, God peels back another layer of the onion and the new reality is even worse. Yet, that horror serves to deepen my conviction that only he can get us out of this. He is like unto Moses. He will return and redeem his people and give them the lands of their inheritance. His will be done in all things.

  2. Did you post the information on Hemlock knots about DeSmet initiating Brigham Young and Albert Pike?

    1. No that wasn't me. I haven't come across that in my research yet but I'll definitely check it out.

    2. Thank you! Someone on there, HK, suggested that it maybe yourself.


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