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Sunday, October 22, 2023

Upon This Land IV: A Corporate History

 Previously: A Bloodstained Nation

When Nephi was being shown the vision of the end-times he made an interesting "if-then" pronouncement to us Gentiles. We know he was talking to us because he qualified his statement with the phrase "in that day." 

In this context, "in that day" means the times of the Gentiles, or our day. Soon that time will expire when as we Gentiles edge ever closer to being ripened in iniquity and we face the prospect of being swept off this land.  

Yet God has hidden within the scriptures a handbook of how to survive what is coming, open to those who have "eyes to see and hears to hear." The Lord, through Nephi, offered us a bona fide promise. He said that if we hearken unto Him "in that day," that He would bless us upon the promised land forever:
And it shall come to pass that if the gentiles shall hearken unto the Lamb of God in that day that he shall manifest himself unto them in word and also in power, in very deed, unto the taking away of their stumbling blocks, and harden not their hearts against the Lamb of God, they shall be numbered among the seed of thy father. Yea, they shall be numbered among the house of Israel; and they shall be a blessed people upon the promised land for ever. (1 Nephi 3:25, RE, emphasis added)

He has promised to gather the house of Israel home to the lands of their inheritance. His only stipulation to be grafted into that gathering is to abide in His covenant. This invitation is extended through the house of Israel, but open to all mankind. This is the work of the Father as foretold by Mormon when he was describing the Savior's ministry at Bountiful:

And now behold, I say unto you that when the Lord shall see fit in his wisdom that these sayings shall come unto the gentiles according to his word, then ye may know that the covenant which the Father hath made to the children of Israel concerning their restoration to the lands of their inheritance is already beginning to be fulfilled. (3 Nephi 13:7, RE, emphasis added) 

Throughout scriptural history, land has always been accompanied by covenants. When God offers His people deliverance from tyranny or slavery there are always conditions to possessing the land. Those conditions are obedience to His commandments. 

The Gentiles were granted this land of America in 1781 after winning the Revolutionary War, but have subsequently lost it. The corporation established in 1871 has taken the land for themselves and created a fictitious system of slavery. 

In this post I'm going to tell you when that system began, and how it came in direct opposition to the newly established freedom the Founder's set up in 1789.

The Inorganic Organic Act of 1871

The word organic gets thrown around a lot these days. It is used most often today to describe fruits, vegetables, and meats that are grown and processed without pesticides, herbicides, hormones, or antibiotics.

But what does it really mean?

It comes from the word organ, meaning a vital part of a complex system of a living being, or organism. The Latin rendition was organicus, which meant "instruments or means." In 1778 it was construed as "from or characteristic of organized living beings." 

By 1817, and pay close attention to this one, it meant "forming a whole with a systematic arrangement or coordination of parts." 

The original U.S. Constitution was known as the organic Constitution. It was formed by independent and coequal states (estates) made up of sovereign people. It was a compact between these sovereigns to protect each other in their unalienable rights that already existed. 

It was an organization created by the people to divvy up their God-given land and to punish criminals "according to the law."

It was organic in every sense of the word. Because the people created it, they held joint jurisdiction over it. 

Now, there were various ways it began to be corrupted as soon as it was ratified, even the ratification process was carried out in favor of the Nationalists. 

But despite its shortcomings and loopholes in various clauses allowing for eventual abuses of power, it was still the best experiment in government ever to be attempted in our post-Renaissance modern world. 

The evidence is in the abundant prospering of early Americans. The reason why they prospered is twofold: they were guaranteed allodial title on ALL property, especially land, and they were for the most part a nation of faithful Christians, worshipping the God of this land the best way they knew how. 

But the experiment didn't last long. Despite our penchant for patriotic parades, fireworks, and ceremonies, our nation is not the same one that was set up in 1789. It now exists as that nation in image only. It has the form of that nation, but no substance at all. 

That nation ended on September 15th of 1863, when Abraham Lincoln declared martial law and suspended habeas corpus. 

After the North won the war the states were divided up into military districts, which created the perfect environment for congress to clandestinely pass the Organic Act of 1871, which circumvented the original Constitution and Compact created by the 13 colonies. 

After 1871 the United States Constitution existed in name only, the name of a newly formed corporation. Here is how it happened:

On February 21st of 1871, the Forty First Congress committed a despicable act of treason against the American people. Bankrupt and broken from the Civil War, they groveled before the Rothschild dynasty, begging for loans to bring the nation above water. The loans were secured, but with severe stipulations. 

Those stipulations were that Congress was to scrap the original Constitution and replace it with a counterfeit. The new Constitution would only apply to the ten-square-mile parcel given to the government known as the District of Columbia. 

Congress created in DC a city-state like what had been done in London centuries before, a city-state ruled by international bankers and foreign interests. The District of Columbia then became a subsidiary of corporate London, and London was and is still owned and controlled by the Vatican. 

Britain came under Vatican control in 1213, when a treaty was established between King John and the Pope. John owed the Vatican money, and he attempted to protect English lands from the Pope by invoking the Law of Mortmain, or the dead man's hand. All lands that were to be passed to the Church then had to be approved by the king. The Pope excommunicated John for this act, and in 1208 placed England under Papal blockade. 

John eventually caved under the pressure of sanctions, and reinstated himself with the Vatican, ceding control of both England and Ireland to the Pope, swearing fealty and loyalty to the Vatican forever.  

Almost three hundred years later in 1493, a Papal Bull was issued by Pope Alexander VI known as the Doctrine of Discovery. It was proclaimed that all lands not yet inhabited by Christians were "available to be discovered, claimed, and exploited" by the Catholic Church. As the self-proclaimed "Vicar of Christ," the Pope claimed dominance over all the land and over all the people of the world. 

In 1871 the United States became a part of this system. The wording of the Constitution was subtly manipulated to reflect this change. The original 1789 Constitution read as follows:
The Constitution for the United States of America.

Notice the letters are a combination of upper and lower case, and notice the word "for." For in a lawful context means "dominant in serving rights" (according to Ron Gibson), and carries more power and authority in what it is being described in behalf of. In this case, the power and authority resided in the several states of America, because the Constitution was created by them.

This is how the 1871 Constitution reads:


All the letters are capitalized, denoting the corporate form, and the word "for" was changed to "of." Of, in this context, denotes ownership, meaning that the CONSTITUTION was the new creation of the UNITED STATES (corporation). This is how Congress created a vehicle to circumvent the power of the sovereign people and the original Constitution. 

It was a Constitution of the government that resided in the District of Columbia. It protected them from us the people. It flipped everything around on its head. And it granted an opportunity for foreign banking powers, i.e., the Rothschild dynasty in Europe, to begin to wrap its monetary tentacles around American coffers.  

And remember, not long after 1871, the Rothschilds began dominating American banking by financing two seemingly opposing families who were in "competition" with each other. Those families were the Rockefellers and the Morgans, but the Rothschilds were pulling the strings on either side. (I wrote about that here).

The 1871 CONSTITUTION also made Washington D.C. a federal district. A district is a "territory under the jurisdiction of a lord or officer." It comes from the Latin districtus, which, in accordance with the feudal system means, "area of jurisdiction, district within which the lord may take and withhold personal property for legal reasons." 

The deeper esoteric meaning of the word district is even more sinister. It means, "demon god of the underworld for trickery." Dis is Latin for Pluto, god of the underworld, and trictus is Latin for "vexation, nonsense, trouble, or trickery." 

Keep in mind that after Lincoln declared martial law in 1863 it was never rescinded. In fact, it was reaffirmed by FDR in 1933, who declared martial law again with the Emergency Banking Act, this time to include the Western states that came into the Union after the Civil War. 

His distant cousin, Teddy Roosevelt, had already stolen vast expenses of Western land from the Western states and placed it under Federal (corporate) control (more on that in Part V).

The Social Security Act created the Zip Code, which divided the United States into ten military venues called "National Areas."  Within these areas military commanders set up "taxing districts," treating American citizens as if they were subjects conquered in a foreign country. The IRS is a foreign agency operating under martial law, and has no lawful authority to do anything it does. 

The 1871 act also made seemingly subtle but substantive changes to the court system. The District Court of the United States become the United States District Court. The latter is a subsidiary of the federal corporation (as are all departments and agencies now existing), and has no jurisdiction to adjudicate in common law. District courts can only deal with fictitious persons operating in maritime law. 

According to Ron Gibson:

...there are NO judicial Courts in America and have not been since 1789. Judges do not enforce Statutes and Codes. Executive Administrators enforce Statutes and Codes. (What You Need to know About Land Patents, p. 152)

Statues and codes are part of administrative law, not common law. Administrative courts have NO jurisdiction in common law because common law courts were created by the People. Therefore, only the sovereign People have jurisdiction over those courts. 

The government/corporation created administrative law and only has jurisdiction over fictitious persons operating under that law. 

King Mosiah set up a judicial system that the people were sovereign over. As you read the following verse notice how Mosiah placed the responsibility, accountability, and ultimate authority in the hands of the people:

And now, if ye have judges, and they do not judge you according to the law which has been given, ye can cause that he may be judged of a higher judge. If your higher judges do not judge righteous judgements, ye shall cause that a small number of your lower judges should be gathered together, and they shall judge your higher judges according to the voice of the people. (Mosiah 13:7, RE, emphases added)

Notice the language denoting jurisdiction to the people: if ye have, ye can cause, ye shall cause, your lower judges, etc.   

As you may recall from Part II, Ron stated in his book that "one can only have jurisdiction over that which one creates" (What You Need To Know About Land Patents, p. 141). 

This is the entire premise the corporate government is acting on. They are hoping that you will consent to their fictitious system so that you will become one of their subjects. And they are construing your silence and cooperation as consent. 

The Organic Act of 1871 undid the Organic Laws of the United States of America. These organic laws are the true basis of our original founding, and they include more than the Constitution as the supreme law of the land. They are as follows:

The Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, the Northwest Ordinance, and the U.S. Constitution. (For an interesting article on these organic laws go here, then click on "Law" and then click "The Organic Laws of the United States of America")

These laws are organic because they came from the people as they were struggling to establish a republic. The Articles of Confederation and the Northwest Ordinance were treaties agreed upon by all thirteen original colonies. And each colony considered itself an independent country or nation-state. 

The U.S. Constitution is also a treaty between the colonies, and one of its stipulations is that treaties are the supreme law of the land (see Article II, Section 2, Clause 2). Treaty law plays an enormous role in land patents (more on that in Part V). 

Treaties are important because they are instruments that can help to establish peace. Of course this isn't always the case, as in the example of the Treaty of Versailles, which established harsh and unfair policies in Germany that led to the rise of Hitler and WWII. 

Also consider the fact that the UN uses treaties to try to push its agendas (Agenda 21, now 2030). Treaties can be used for both good and evil purposes. 

There is an example of a treaty in the Book of Mormon between the Nephites and the Lamanites. Just after captain Moroni passed away and the great war between the Nephites and Lamanites ended, there was a period of prosperity and peace, coupled with a mass conversion of Lamanites to the gospel. Notice the treaty language in the verse below:

And behold, there was peace in all the land, insomuch that the Nephites did go into whatsoever part of the land they would, whether among the Nephites or Lamanites. And it came to pass that the Lamanites did also go withersoever they would, whether it were among the Lamanites or among the Nephites. And thus they did have free intercourse one with another, for to buy, and to sell, and to get gain, according to their desire. (Helaman 2:28, RE)

King Mosiah set up a Christian Constitutional Republic among the Nephites, and qualified it by setting the standard of the three "whiches" of law. They are laid out in the following verse: 

Therefore, choose you by the voice of the people, judges, that ye may be judged according to the laws which have been given you by our fathers, which are correct and which have been given them by the hand of the Lord. (Mosiah 13:6, RE, emphasis added)

If the original organic acts of our American progenitors meet the guidelines for the three "whiches," then they would fall under the category of just laws. Anything more or less would "come of evil." 

Before I get into Teddy Roosevelt and his land-grabbing schemes, I need to give you a cursory layout of the corporate history of USA INC, partly based on an article I found on Ron Gibson's website,

After I read this article, U.S. history since 1871 makes a whole lot more sense. (To find the article, click on the website above, then, in the left-hand column, click "Government vs Corporations.)


USA INC was incorporated in 1871, but that was just the beginning. In 1881 the Negotiable Instruments Act was passed, which laid out the monetary instruments to be used in the new corporate system. 

The purpose of this act was to set up an infrastructure of payment instruments that could eventually replace real money, i.e., gold and silver. These instruments included promissory notes, cheques, and bills of exchange (remember that you cannot pay a bill with a bill).

One major concept that came out of this act was the notion of surety, which I touched on in Part II. 

Surety is the idea that one could be liable for a debt that one did not incur, and that one could be made to pay for said debt without being a beneficiary of whatever the debt was used for. In other words, surety is slavery. 

The corporation uses you and I as surety for the national debt that is owed to the international bankers. And the bankers have stolen the money from, well, us. Therefore, they use us as surety for a debt owed to ourselves. That is the irony of the system we labor under. 

When you really dive into this stuff you have to take a step back and realize that Lucifer's system is absolutely ridiculous. No wonder the scriptures describe him as laughing at the inhabitants that are destroyed by the Lord for allowing the government to be subverted by secret combinations. 

USA INC turned over its issuance of currency to the international bankers in 1913, via the Federal Reserve Act. They had already been cartelizing other industries such as railroads, oil, and steel through regulation that was designed to choke out smaller competitors. 

The banking cartel was the final nail in the coffers of the American economy. The FED, owned and operated by foreign interests, then (and now) enjoyed complete dominance over American currency. 

The bankers used the opportunity provided by World War I to bankrupt the corporation, which allowed them to completely remove gold and silver as legal tender as prescribed in the original Constitution. 

This bankruptcy came in 1933, but before then they set in place the surety that would guarantee payment on the unpayable debt. That surety was laid out in the Sixteenth Amendment which allowed them to tax private property (a direct tax that is prohibited in the Constitution) in the form of personal income. 

The next thing the bankers did was pass the Seventeenth Amendment, to make sure that Senators were no longer beholden to their constituents but could be bought and controlled by corporate lobbyists and foreign interests. 

Then, in 1920, through the Independent Treasury Act, the U.S. Treasury was turned over to the Federal Reserve, today it is exists in name only and is a branch of the International Monetary Fund. 

This is no small thing. Just think about it for a moment: the U.S. Treasury as laid out in the Constitution is gone. It does not exist except as a satellite bank for the international bankers.

The official bankruptcy of USA INC was declared by FDR in 1933 under the cloak of the Emergency Banking Act. It was this moment in history that secured the system of consensual slavery that we labor under today. 

FDR removed the gold backing of the American dollar and replaced it with human backing.

I am going to say that again in case you missed it. 

In 1933, you became the new reserve currency for the American dollar, you became the gold. 

How did they do this to you?

Through the Social Security Act. 

This act conscripted you as laboring "collateral" for the national debt and made the individual states collection agencies bound by "bankruptcy obligations." You and I were then declared as "enemies of the state" and made to forfeit our gold and pledge our bodies and physical labor as surety for the debt. 

In order to keep track of the forced labor a registry was created with each person having their own social security number. This number was registered with the Federal Reserve and later the IMF as a numeric value on the collateral for the debt. 

The word register comes from the old English word registrar, which meant an accounting of the kings fleet of ships or other property. In 1933, we all became the property of the corporate state. 

Part of the registration process was the creation of the birth certificate, a document showing when you, the human capital, were acquired by the corporation. This document is a title of ownership for the bankers, which they can use to sell your labor on the stock (do you come from good "stock"?) exchange, or store you in their vaults as a valuable "asset." 

Like commodities on a ship at sea, you came through a birth canal (birthed), were docked (unloaded) by a doctor, and informed upon by your parents (pare of renters) who signed your birth certificate (bill of lading). 

Because you are presumed to be slave, you are required to obtain licenses and permits to travel, work, build a house, or otherwise conduct business in their corporate system. 

If you were really free you would not have to ask "permission" to do anything lawful, and according to the Declaration of Independence, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (economic freedom) are lawful activities. 

The president (CEO) of U.S. Inc. created multiple executive branch agencies that operate outside of Constitutional authority. These agencies were created out of the "necessity" to manage the national state of emergency. All of the acronym agencies fall under this category, and none of them are lawful. The CEO can create any policy he chooses through the signing of Executive Orders, which allows him to make up corporate policies at will. 

Throughout history this ability of one man to write law without compunction is known as totalitarian dictatorship.

Throughout the 1930s the Great Depression (caused by the bankers) raged, which gave FDR opportunities to implement corporate policies that imitated fascist Italy. 

You may recall from previous posts that Mussolini was a Catholic plant and helped to solidify the power of the Vatican through the Lateran Treaty (another treaty used for evil purposes). Fascism in Italy was corporatism, or an unholy alliance between corporations and government. But what they don't teach you in the classroom is that the Italian government was also a corporation, incorporated as a subsidiary of the Vatican. 

FDR's New Deal mirrored corporatism in Italy. His farm and national recovery programs were designed to do one thing: keep prices artificially high and benefit the government-favored corporations at the expense of the poor. 

Did you know that under the AAA (Agricultural Adjustment Act) the government destroyed millions of acres of crops and exterminated millions of livestock? They did this while people were starving and struggling to find work. 

FDR plunged America into WWII at the behest of the bankers. They wanted to establish a world government to replace the failed League of Nations. They would call it the United Nations. 

It is now documented that FDR set in motion a series of calculated and aggressive actions against the Japanese to provoke them into attacking Pearl Harbor. And when American cryptologists intercepted Japanese purple code and discovered plans for the impending attack, the government did nothing about it. In fact, they had previously moved the entire Pacific Fleet to Oahu and left them there as sitting ducks. 

It was imperative for the bankers to get the American people embroiled in the European war. They had to eliminate a certain percentage of the creditors. 

Yes, you heard that right. 

The people of the world are the true creditors. As slaves to the Vatican they provide the human capital that keeps the system going. When the balance sheets of the bankers get too heavy in red, they simply kill off a portion of the creditors through war. 

This was admitted in a leaked document called "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars," which I wrote about here

Immediately after the war ended USA INC passed another piece of corporate legislation that cemented administrative law into every state, city, and county. 

It was known as the Administrative Procedures Act of 1946. The act incorporated cities, counties, and municipalities, and changed them from the servants of the people to for-profit corporations. They became subsidiaries of USA INC. 

The act was passed under the guise of creating guidelines for regulatory agencies to propose and establish regulations that affect Americans. As stated earlier, FDR had created several new regulatory agencies that were in effect legislating law in place of Congress. 

The Administrative Procedures Act was supposed to "regulate" these agencies, however, independent agencies that can write law are unconstitutional in the first place. This was just a ruse to further establish administrative law under the master corporation. 

Usually, when legislation is passed to "regulate" some new law or technology, it is because government is attempting to expand its own power. 

For example, the recent facial recognition bill in Utah was supposedly written to curb the power of the government to use technology for facial recognition, but if you read the fine print, the bill actually grants them powers they never had in the first place. 

The Administrative Procedures Act was no different, according to Ron Gibson, it created a new vocabulary of terminology that was deliberately designed to deceive ordinary Americans into entering into contract with USA INC. One example is the term "real estate." 

Real estate (literally means property of the state) is not land, and therefore is subject to administrative law, whereas land is only subject to common law. The term "deed" was used to deceive folks into thinking they owned their real estate, or what they thought was their land. These terms were invented to replace the original land language that included words such as allodial, sovereign, patent, etc.

Just after the act was passed, USA INC engaged in the largest peace time military buildup in history. From 1946 to 1950, the interim years between WWII and the Korean War, military spending soared to new heights. 

At the same time the propaganda machines were busy preaching a new gospel of fear against Communist Russia. The result was the Cold War, the new excuse USA INC had to grow its corporate empire. Thus, Eisenhower's "military-industrial-complex" was born. 

In truth, this leviathan had existed long before Eisenhower's farewell address, but naming it as such was an admission by politicians as to what the government had really become, a complex corporation indeed. 

As the Cold War raged, the corporation embraced the Orwellian slogan designed to keep the people in a continuous cycle of fear: "perpetual war for perpetual peace." Like any fictitious monster, the corporation is fed by fear, only existing by the false beliefs of those who unwittingly build it up

In the early 1960s, one of USA INC's CEOs stepped out of line and turned against corporate policy. He was threatening to neuter the power of one its subsidiaries, the CIA, as well as end one of its corporate war campaigns in Vietnam. He even had the audacity to threaten to wrangle the U.S. Treasury away from foreign bankers and return it back into the hands of the American people. 

The private bankers who make up the Federal Reserve could not stand by and let that happen, and a ritualistic assassination was carefully planned and carried out at high noon in the courts of an outdoor Masonic temple.  

A few years before he was sacrificed, JFK issued an ominous warning to the American people in a speech addressing the American Newspaper Publishers Association, given in New York City, ground zero for the New World Order. 

He had the gall to indict the bankers in their own city, and we had better pay attention, because no president since has dared to utter a condemnatory word against the conspirators. Here is a small taste of the speech:
For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence - on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. (Source)

JFK told you exactly what the conspirators are: a machine. A machine is not alive, but like a virus (a virus is also a fiction), it has a programmed objective. The U.S. governmental machine only exists on paper, and not in the physical realm. But despite this anomaly, it has the power to "conscript," as JFK opines, "vast human and material resources" into its employ. 

Whether you call it a machine or a corporation the ironic result is the same: a dead entity having control over living people.

The Lord told Joseph Smith that his little group of saints was "the only true and living church upon the face of the whole earth." Well, He wasn't talking about an organization, He was talking about a group of people. We should pay close attention to the word living in this context. 

Think about this: all churches and governments that are incorporated are not living, they are dead. A "church," according to the Lord, is just a group of people sharing common beliefs and engaging in fellowship with one another. And if a church is dead, it becomes subject to the god of the underworld, not the living God. 

A government then, is a group of people who have been hired to secure the unalienable rights of sovereigns. In other words, the government is a subcontractor accountable to the people. Government becomes illegitimate as soon as it usurps its authority and tries to assert dominance over the people, like an employee trying to fire an employer.

Our current government is therefore illegitimate; it is a group of people involved in the occult and operating behind a corporate veil (or from the world of the dead). The term "corporate veil" comes from another article I discovered on Ron Gibson's website, and this section of it is pertinent to our conversation here:

Corporations are legal fictions; that is, they do not exist except in the minds of men. Anyone can create a fantasy in their own mind and make it do for them what they please, but these fantasies cannot, nor do not extend to areas outside the realm of personal capacity. Corporations are made of living, breathing men, all with the same ideas and purposes. We can look upon them with the same limitations as the individual, and that is their jurisdiction is confined to the lawful area of their creation. 

A corporation, being a legal fiction, cannot think, it cannot act in any manner, it cannot even communicate with natural man, and for this reason it must have somebody, or bodies to speak and act for it, and the lawyers have set themselves up for this task...

We can view government today as a corporate reality, where the Constitution is merely a by-word, or ruse of fiction, where the Congress is the board of governors, the President is the corporate CEO, and the "courts" are mere corporate arbitration boards, including the U.S. Supreme Court. When we pierce the corporate veil and remove ourselves from that corrupt venture we become men again and carry with us our natural laws and sovereignty, from whence corporations received their powers originally. (Piercing the Corporate Veil, a paper from a law researcher in Louisiana)

We are governed by the whims and fantasies of men; nothing about our current laws are based in reality, morality, or justice. 

The U.S. government is nothing but smoke and mirrors, a great image of the Republic that was once established. No form of slavery is more pernicious than a system that fools the slaves into believing they are free. 

In 1971 the CEO of USA INC removed gold from the backing of the dollar as it relates to world markets, and the IMF was able to inflate world currencies at will. 

Remember, the IMF is a subsidiary of the United Nations (which is also a corporation), and it now totally dominates all money and currency throughout the world. As stated before, the U.S. Treasury is a subsidiary of the IMF. 

In 1974 Nixon was forced to resign because of a staged break-in planned and executed by corporate officers. They needed to install a new CEO that would establish stronger international relations with China. 

His name was Nelson Rockefeller. 

He was brought in as vice-president under Ford, who was handed the presidency after Nixon resigned. From that office, Rockefeller acted clandestinely as the real CEO from 1974-1977. He appointed George H.W. Bush as the director of the CIA, who went right to work on the agenda in China. 

We are seeing the fruits of that now, as China is the model for ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) and smart-city concentration camps. (The LDS Church was also involved with China during the 1980s, I wrote about that here).

During the 1970s, USA INC commissioned the Department of Defense to wage a silent war on Americans. This war is conducted through experiments using electro-magnetic radiation and low vibrational frequencies. 

This type of radiation is very harmful and can cause cancers and other diseases through the wearing down and shortening of telomeres that live at the end of DNA sequences. Telomeres play an important role in longevity and the ability to replicate genes to repair worn out body tissues.  

This radiation and low vibrational frequency is also a form of mind control. Through this technology they can place thoughts into the minds of the population and make them believe the thoughts came from themselves. 

As we delve deeper and deeper into the digital metaverse they are creating for us, mind control will become much easier for the powers that be. Through nanotechnology and virtual reality, they will be able to download thoughts directly into your mind. (They revealed this to you in the movie The Matrix).

In 1973, USA INC legitimized child sacrifice by decriminalizing abortion. At this moment in history, the God of the land, Jesus Christ, began to be replaced with an ancient pagan god known as Molech. 

Molech is another name for Baal, and this entity demanded the offering of human sacrifices, especially children. The Israelites were taken in by this god, and began to engage in a debauchery known as passing their children through the fire of Molech

The legalization of abortion was a significant event in American history, just think about the following for a moment: 

Up until 1970 it was considered murder to kill an child (born or unborn) and only secret societies operating outside the confines of law engaged in ritualistic child sacrifice and other similar debaucheries. 

But after 1973, the common people were deceived into participating in the same debauchery and believing it was a "right." Just as masks and vaccines were instruments used to initiate the common people of the world into the New World Order, the decision rendered in Roe v Wade was a tool used to initiate hapless Americans into the cult of Baal.  

Baal means "lord," and "one who rides on a cloud." This is the Satanic imitation of the Savior, who is the actual Lord who will one day come back on a cloud. The cloud that Baal rides on is a fake one, known to us as the icloud. The metaverse is the fake creation of this false god, and one day it will seem so real that many people will prefer it to the real world (think of The Matrix). The metaverse is the imitation of the universe that the real Gods have created for their children.  

And speaking of abortion, don't forget to purchase Amberli Peterson's new book on how the Book of Mormon condemns this evil practice. My last post was long review of this book.  


In 1979, USA INC began covert operations in Afghanistan after the country was invaded by Russia. They assisted and trained a group of guerilla fighters known as the Mujahideen that would eventually become Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and the Muslim Brotherhood. These would turn out to be the best home-grown enemies that money could buy.  

All throughout the 1980s, another peace-time military build up took place under the pseudo-conservatism of USA INC CEO Ronald Reagan, one of the biggest traitors this country has ever seen. 

Reagan participated in a grand sign that signaled to all Jesuits throughout the world that VATICAN INC had infiltrated and had within its control EVERY organized religion in the world. What was the sign? He was the first president to take his oath of office facing the Washington Monument, the massive Egyptian obelisk in DC that symbolizes the generative power of Osiris himself. This unprecedented act was done on January 20th of 1981.

Reagan's VP, George H.W. Bush, ran the office of CEO behind the scenes all during Ron's presidency. This Skull and Bones adept had deep connections to the Jesuits, the UN, and China. His father had been a Nazi collaborator, and had profited immensely from his involvement in the German chemical firm known as I.G. Farben. 

In fact, I.G. Farben was more than just a firm, it was a cartel with control over countless American subsidiaries, all of which enjoyed unprecedented profits during WWII while Hitler was killing Jews and American servicemen. 

None of these traitors have ever been brought to justice or even been indicted. 

Bush was the mastermind behind the first Gulf War, the conflict fought to sustain the high prices of yet another cartel, OPEC. In 1991, USA INC invaded Iraq under the pretense of liberating Kuwait, but this was just a ruse. The real reason was to force Saddam Hussein into selling his oil at the higher cartel price agreed upon by OPEC.

The petrodollar had to be propped up at all costs.  

USA INC cared nothing for the people of Kuwait as evidenced by the atrocities committed by U.S. and British bombers on the stretch of highway between Kuwait and Basra aptly named "The Highway of Death." 

In addition to countless scores of Iraqi soldiers, untold hordes of innocent refugees were caught in the fire storm while attempting to escape Kuwait. By some estimates, more than 100,000 people were killed in the carnage. 

In 1992, just before Bush handed the reigns of CEO over to Bill Clinton, he issued an executive order mandating "the corporate states, counties, and municipalities to sell off their public's assets." This was done as part of the bankruptcy protocol of USA INC that its subsidiaries would assume liability for its deficits. 

All throughout the 1990s, Bill Clinton worked closely with the Chinese, selling our military secrets and helping China improve its nuclear missile capabilities. 

This, of course, was all done under the table for cash that went to democratic campaigns (i.e., right into Bill's pocket). Clinton is a Rhodes Scholar, a status granted by Oxford University in England, with roots back to Cecil Rhodes and his secret society known as the Knights of the Round Table. 

You will find Rhodes scholars in both political parties, and one that I wrote about recently is familiar to Mormons. Namely, LDS Apostle Gerrit Gong, who worked closely with Russel Nelson and George Bush in China during the 1980s and 90s.

While USA INC was secretly building up China it needed to capitalize on the enemy that replaced the Communists, namely, Islamic terrorism. Thus, in 2001, it planned and orchestrated the largest false flag operation since Pearl Harbor: the attack on the world trade buildings on September 11th. 

There is so much occult symbolism surrounding the attacks on 911 that an entire blog post could be dedicated to it. Just the number 911 has significant occult meaning (if you're interested I wrote about that here).

The twin towers themselves represented Jachin and Boaz, the two pillars that guarded the outer courts of Solomon's temple. They are represented in the Masonic illustration below:

In Masonic symbolism, the towers represent both the male and female energies. They also represent opposing forces, but when combined in a "sacred marriage," they produce a synthesis, leading to enlightenment or "wisdom." 

Keep in mind that Luciferianism and Freemasonry use symbolism that they have stolen from God and His true gospel. Because Satan cannot create anything, he is the great imitator. 

Marriage is the true image of God, we have both a Heavenly Father and Mother, who, through Their union, possess the creative power. 

Satan has corrupted this concept through the idea of the androgenous god, the combining of the male and female energies into a single entity; also known as the Hermetic marriage of the self. 

Luciferianism instructs its adepts that one can reach gnosis (enlightenment and godhood) through the intellect alone, and without the need for marriage. This is one reason why so much emphasis is placed on gender confusion and the LGBT agenda.

When the twin towers were brought down by the U.S. government (not Islamic terrorists), the elites were signaling to each other the dawning of a new age. In my opinion, the multi-layered symbolism hidden within this act of terror includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. The destruction of marriage and family by collapsing the symbolic representation of male and female and combing those energies into a single entity: the One World Trade Center. 
  2. The destruction of the old economy and the creation of a new one based upon world government and a one-world digital currency. We are seeing that unfold now. 
  3. In the ancient world, the Straights of Gibraltar were considered the gateway to the lost city of Atlantis. Those straights were also known as the Pillars of Hercules. When the trade centers were brought down, it was a sign that the "gateway" to Atlantis was reopened, a message to the elites that their New World Order could return. Atlantis was a one-world government ruled by ten kings in ten districts, a perfect match for the description of John's figurative Beast that he saw rising out of the sea. (See this post for more on Atlantis). 
Since 911 the corporate slaves have lost more privileges. We no longer have the right to travel (board a plane) without an unwarranted search in violation of the 4th Amendment (remember, that old Constitution and Bill of Rights doesn't exist anymore, which is they could do this in the first place, it had nothing to do with 911). 

USA INC CEO George W. Bush suspended habeas corpus (actually reaffirmed what Lincoln already did) and set up indefinite detention camps, declared a never-ending war on an idea, and deployed troops without Congressional approval. 

After 911, the corporation was sending an unequivocal message to Americans: their CEO can now do whatever the hell he wants and you'd better not get in his way... or it's off to Guantanamo with you. 

Barrack Obama, the next CEO, further cemented the Patriot Act by authorizing the National Defense Act, expanding the powers of the corporation even further against the hapless corporate slaves (remember, the real enemies of the state are not terrorists, they are you and I). 

In addition to authorizing several barrages of drone attacks that murdered countless civilians in the Middle East, he also instituted a national health care program that forced all Americans to purchase health insurance from government-favored corporations. The corporation was just toying with us at that point. Their power became unprecedented. 

In 2016 the corporation launched a campaign of false hope.

In totalitarian states you have to give the subjects an occasional glimmer of hope to divert their attention away from the bigger picture. This is accomplished through running PSYOPS (psychological operations). 

An example of a PSYOP is clearly illustrated in the book 1984 when George Orwell introduced a character that deceived Winston intro trusting him as an influential leader in the underground resistance. This character ended up being the double agent that tortured Winston in the Ministry of Love. 

His name was O'Bryan. 

For Americans, their O'Bryan took the form of Donald Trump and his underground sidekick, Q' Anon. Trump belongs to Scottish Rite Freemasonry, the revolutionary branch of masonry that has been vying for control of the New World Order against the Old World Order, i.e., York Rite Freemasonry. 

Each of these organizations has medieval roots. The York Rite branches are the remnants of the Mystery Religions, during medieval times, they controlled the Catholic Church and the Jesuits. They are proponents of the divine right of kings, they control all organized religion (the LDS Church included), and are true Gadiantons in the sense that they contain the secret plans that have been passed down since Cain. 

The Scottish Rite is ultimately a creation of the York Rite, and in my opinion, conceived during the dark ages for the purpose of controlled opposition. 

The Scottish Rite can be traced back to the Knight's Templar, who were the creation of the Priory of Scion, a secret order with roots stemming back to ancient times, all the way to Nimrod and even Atlantis. The Priory of Scion became the Rosicrucians and then the York Rite. 

When the Templars became too powerful for the liking of their masters, the Priory of Scion colluded with King Phillip of France and crushed them in 1307, executing several of their leaders including Jaques De Molay. This mass arrest of Templars happened on Friday the 13th, and that is why that day is enshrouded with a supernatural aura. 

The Templars, like cockroaches, scattered and found refuge in Scotland, where they joined with Robert the Bruce in the fight for independence from Britain. They laid low for four centuries, perfecting their craft and rebuilding their financial empire. 

They reappeared on the scene when a descendant of Robert the Bruce, Charles Eduard Stewart, led a revolution to regain the Scottish throne. The group of Templar revolutionaries who backed him called themselves Jacobites, after their martyred leader Jaques De Molay. They were crushed in less than a year and returned to France, where they established the Scottish Rite. (If you're interested in this subject I wrote about it here). 

Long story short, Trump is a Scottish Rite Freemason who still believes in a New World Order. The only difference between the two branches of Freemasonry is who will reign and how they will do it. 

In my opinion, it was no accident that Trump was made the corporate CEO in 2016, that way he could inaugurate the emergency measures and push masks and vaccines. If the globalists could get someone who the Christian right approves of to do their bidding, they could expect a higher rate of conformity and obedience. 

But the real genius would come later, on January 6th of 2021. 

After four years of the CIA's largest disinformation campaign in history, i.e., the fake Q'Anon conspiracy, Americans were full of false hope. They actually believed that the proverbial swamp could be drained and their country could be "made great" again. Thus, when a group of angry Trump supporters stormed the capital building after an election that was blatantly fraudulent, they were made the perfect patsies. Patsies, that is, for the Christian right. 

Let me be clear here. There is no such thing as a free and fair election in America, there hasn't been since the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860. 

Corporate slaves are NOT allowed to vote. Before the act of 1871 that incorporated the government, voters were called electors. They owned land in allodial title and their cast their vote in public, not private. Private votes do not count in a lawful election. Every CEO since Lincoln has been appointed by the financiers of the corporation, and they work for them, not the American people. 

Modern day elections are merely rituals that expand the power of the corporation. 

I believe that they deliberately leaked information that implicated Biden in election fraud, to incite anger and revolution.  

They know that behind the scenes, it's ALL fraud, every election since Lincoln. Not only that, but they had secret agents in place at the capital building that day to make sure the attempted "coup" went as planned. It was all done on purpose, to discredit Trump supporters, as well as conspiracy theorists, and most importantly, the Christian right. 

The coup that transpired that day was not attempted by Trump and his followers, but was rather perpetrated by the globalists, to further cement their power during the Covid ritual that initiated all the people of the world into the New World Order. 

Trump played right into their hand, and he did it willingly. That is the reason why he is not in jail right now. He's one of them, just like O'Bryan was a member of the Party and an agent of Big Brother. 

Why did Trump comply? He is indebted to the international bankers. 

A simple internet search will reveal that in the early 1990s Trump filed for bankruptcy, he lost nearly a billion dollars through insolvent investments. Wallstreet decided that Trump was "too big to fail," so they bailed him out, and while he was getting back on his feet they gave him a stipend of $450,000 a month

Let me ask a rhetorical question: how can anyone with an ounce of intelligence really think that Trump is not beholden to these bankers? How can any rational mind believe that he was ever going to "drain the swamp"?

You've been had Americans. Here is a photo, and these are copiously found on the internet, of Trump sporting a masonic sign:

Here he is displaying the phallic sign of Osiris. Notice he is doing this over his genitals, which is symbolic of the generative force. 

Trump's presidency was nothing but a ruse, a ruse to discredit the true enemies of Lucifer and his world of corporate fictions. 

That enemy is Christianity.

Christians are the real threat to Lucifer's kingdom, because he knows scripture, and he knows that Jesus Christ will protect His people and arm them with great power prior to His return. 

Trump is not a Christian. In fact, he is not even religious. He attended a Christian church as a kid but he has admitted that he never asked God for forgiveness and never saw a need to do so. He is an atheist, along with the rest of the Scottish Rite Freemasons; he is a member of the craft using whatever means possible to hide his true identity. 

By day he appears in the exoteric to his duped constituents, and by night he reveals his true esoteric identity to his fellow craftsman. 

Now, all because you're evil doesn't mean that God can't use you for good. Trump made some appointments to the supreme court of pro-life judges that led to the overturning of Roe v Wade. God intervenes in the affairs of nations by the use of His infinite foreknowledge. 

It was no accident that Roe v Wade was overturned 49 years after 1973, the very eve of the Jubilee year. Don't make the mistake of assuming that Trump was responsible for this or even knew what he was doing. This was God's work.

This brings us up-to-date with USA INC. Their last great act was the ritual we know as Covid-19, the mass initiation of all people into the New World Order. It was all a ruse to see who will comply, using an invisible enemy to scare the populations of the world into submission. 

A virus, after all, has never been isolated in a lab, and thus, has never been proven to exist:


A virus is said to be an unliving piece of genetic material that has evolved to replicate itself through the manipulation of RNA. 

That makes no sense. 

God is not the God of the unliving, He is the creator of all life. Since a virus is not alive, it could not have been created by God. Therefore, it is an artificial creation of Satan, or it doesn't exist at all. Perhaps it was toxins, radiation, or 5G exposure that caused the pandemic we know as Covid. Perhaps it was caused by chemtrails they drop on us from the sky, or from snake venom they circulated in the water supply. 

It doesn't matter what caused it, for the damage has already been done. The world has been initiated, and the only way out is to repent and call upon the name of Christ for deliverance.

In Part V I'm finally going to get into Teddy Roosevelt and his land grabbing schemes. 

TR, old Rough Rider himself, played in enormous role in the federal government's theft of vast public corridors of public land from the people. Ironically, the place where Joseph Smith said the latter-day Zion would be, the Rocky Mountains of the West, are mostly owned and controlled by the federal government. 

Stay tuned for the history of how this tyrant unlawfully took the land from the western states, and how God might give it back to us.

Also check out this video by Zen Garcia, his guest offers another perspective on the history of USA INC. It fills in some gaps that I have actually been searching for.

Postscript: A Side Rant

In the recent General Conference of the LDS Church, Russel Nelson made an unprecedented statement, one that I just can't resist the urge to comment on. In his "Thinking Celestial" talk, he stated these unequivocal words:
Never take counsel from those who do not believe. Seek guidance from voices you can trust. From prophets, seers, and revelators and from the whisperings of the Holy Ghost who will show unto you the things what ye should do.

In this context, the words "those who do not believe" are referring to people who do not believe in the Church, even if they believe in Christ. Are you catching the cultish vibe? In essence he is saying that you should only trust him and his fourteen general "authorities." 

Notice how he placed the trust in men before the admonition to listen to the Holy Ghost. It comes almost as an afterthought. 

I do not believe this was coincidental.

This talk was designed to send a message, and that is that the Church will no longer tolerate "those who do not believe" in their priestly authority, even if they believe in Christ. 

Notice that Nelson didn't mention Christ as the source of truth, but rather referred to himself and the Brethren as those you can "trust." 

These words will have a rippling effect throughout many families in the LDS Church, especially those who are already stressed and split by multi-faith marriages.

Spouses who are indoctrinated to "follow the prophet" may now put their "unbelieving" husband or wife into a box labeled "don't listen to anything they say"-and feel absolutely justified in doing so. 

Parents who have "wayward" children may further distance themselves from them, and adult children whose parents have begun questioning the Church narrative may begin to devalue anything their parents say.  

This propaganda was designed to create a rift, an "us vs them" mentality with a predictable result: it will break up marriages and families, and alienate parents and children.  

The LDS "authorities" want unquestioned obedience. Period. 

This is nothing but an age-old mind control mechanism, a false appeal to authority by invoking an illegitimate claim that God wants you to listen to them. 

These are the words of a Luciferian imposter. Remember, Nelson is a lifelong member of the Skull and Bones, he is trained in and has full access to cutting edge resources in propaganda techniques, mind control, and gas lighting. 

Nelson and his conference talk advisors and scriptwriters know how to make listeners feel guilty for not obeying his authority. 

The formula is simple, if you disobey him, you are ipso facto disobeying God.

Last Sunday I went to church with my wife, and as I was sitting there in Sunday School they were of course discussing how wonderful Nelson's recent conference talk was. 

In one part of the lesson the question came up as to how we can be deceived by the philosophies of men, and the answer was, get ready for this: "by not following the prophet." 

That was it. If you don't follow the prophet and his band of Brethren you're deceived by the philosophies of men. I was flabbergasted. Have we all lost our minds?

The sheer irony was killing me: to not be deceived by the philosophies of men we need to give heed to the philosophies of... fifteen men. All I could hear were Nephi's words:

Cursed is he that putteth his trust in man, or maketh flesh his arm, or shall hearken unto the precepts of men, save their precepts shall be given by the power of the holy ghost. (2 Nephi 12:6, RE)

Putting your trust in a Luciferian is a step further than merely trusting some man. 

Nelson is tied to the Pope, China, the UN, the globalists, the World Economic Forum, and secret societies all over the globe. 

Skull and Bones is the American faction of the Illuminati, which was forced to go underground in the late 1700s when the Pope declared war on his own Jesuits for mucking things up in Europe

Skull and Bones is one of the most powerful fraternities in the world. The occult initiation ceremonies it employs are based on ancient Egyptian rites practiced by the priestly class. 

This class employed those same "secret plans" that Gadianton introduced to the Nephites and that destroyed the Jaredites. 

Within that framework is a methodology to control mass populations. This is achieved through creating the illusion of class distinctions. 

In the case of the Egyptians, it was the priestly class versus the profane. The profane were the masses of ordinary people, while the Pharaoh and his priests were mysteriously connected to "the Divine." 

In that elite status they were above criticism and beyond reproach, as if they were some kind of mini-god. 

There were two parts to each elite, the exoteric and esoteric. The exoteric was the character shown to the profane, portrayed by an expert actor and propagandist, who told the masses exactly what they wanted to hear, giving them the false hope that their leaders had their best interests at heart. 

The esoteric was their true identity: the ravening wolf ready to sink its jaws into the lamb chops, the adulterer, the abuser, the liar, the murderer, the Deep Stater who will stop at nothing to secure his own pretended power. This is what Jesus meant by "wolves in sheep's clothing."

These Egyptian elites had sworn oaths to Lucifer himself, they had no allegiance to their family, country, or religion. They used whatever means possible to the deceive the masses into following and/or worshipping them, even by insinuating that they were holy enough to speak to the Divine in behalf of the people. 

They used the logical fallacy of the false appeal to authority, while the hapless citizen believed that to disobey them was to disobey Ra/Osiris/God. It was the perfect ruse. 

Satan hasn't changed. He employs the same system today in the LDS Church because it is effective. Nelson admits in his own autobiography that he has sworn oaths to secret societies. 

These secret oaths supercede all allegiance to his country, his religion, his family, his wife, and certainly Jesus Christ. If you want to read the oaths he has taken, I wrote about them here

Christ is the greatest enemy of Luciferianism, considered by them as the great negative energy, the destructive force, and the leader of the black priesthood. 

Manly P. Hall, one of Freemasonry's most adept, revealed all the things they hate about Jesus Christ, whom they label as Typhon or Set. I wrote about that here.

Yet Nelson, in all his pretended glory, uses the name of Christ to deceive members of the LDS Church into sustaining him. He hypocritically claims to be one of Christ's prophets while simultaneously working behind the scenes to destroy Christianity and "the freedom of all lands, nations, and countries." 

Despite all this, Nelson actually wanted you to know that he was a member of Skull of Bones, or else he would have not allowed it to be public knowledge in his own autobiography. 

He most certainly knew that many members of the Church who have studied occult practices would instantly know that he is an imposter, but he obviously didn't care. 

Perhaps he knew that in a coming day it would not matter what the lay members of the LDS Church discovered, because his connections to global government would secure him, and his successors, a position of protection and leadership in the New World Order, where dissent could be crushed by brute force rather than mere excommunication. 

I sincerely hope I am wrong, and that God does not allow us to the get to that point. But if things do escalate that far, we should find hope in the words of Nephi that these combinations will war amongst themselves, meaning that their tyrannical reign will not last long. 

Thank God that, for the sake of the righteous, the days of tribulation will be cut short prior to Christ's return, and a remnant will actually be saved to persist into the Millennium.

Before I go I want to leave you with some food for thought. 

The Old Testament is full of prophecies about latter-day false prophets. If you want to know what God really thinks of these guys, read those prophecies. Here is just one to wet your appetite:

Woe to the crown of pride, to the drunkards of Ephraim whose glory is a fading flower, which are on the head of the fat valleys of them that are overcome with wine. Behold, the Lord has a mighty and strong one, which, as a tempest of hail and a destroying storm, as a flood of mighty waters overflowing, shall cast down to the earth with a hand. The crown of pride, the drunkards of Ephraim, shall be trodden under feet, and the glorious beauty which is on the head of the fat valley shall be a fading flower, and as the hasty fruit before the summer, which, when he that looks upon it sees, while it is yet in his hand, he eats it up. (Isaiah 8:1, RE)

I'll let you decide who the "drunkards of Ephraim" are and where the "fat valley" is.

Post, Post Script: A Modern Day Warning

Along with the subject of the drunkards of Ephraim, a man in 2017 was impressed by the Spirit to issue a warning to the inhabitants of Salt Lake City. Here are his words, do with them what you will:

I am no one special.  I hold no office in any church and I did not ask for this, nor did I seek for anything like it. I am only writing this because I was instructed to publish this account and the words that were given to me to declare.  I was given a task to declare a warning to the people who live in Salt Lake Valley on November 3, 2017.  The transcript of what I was told to say is below.

First, I need to give a brief account as to how this came about.  My wife and I were visiting my brother and sisters and their spouses who all live along the Wasatch Front.  Mostly in Davis County, Utah.   We got together in the evening at a restaurant in Brigham City.  My wife and I live in Cedar City so rather than drive home that night we stayed at my sister’s home in Hooper and planned to travel home the next day.

The next morning the spirit came upon me almost as soon as I woke up.  It was not so much words that were spoken, but a very strong impression was conveyed to me, with a picture that I saw in my mind.  I saw myself behind the Capitol Building in Salt Lake City standing up in the foothills.  I was instructed to pronounce a curse directed to the inhabitants of Salt Lake City.  I have never received an impression like that before,  certainly never with such power and force that came upon me then.  I was experienced enough with the Holy Spirit having guided me from time to time, to know that the source of this impression was from the Lord.  In my naivete I begged the Lord not to give a curse, but could I give a blessing instead?  The answer I received was “Yes, you can give a blessing, but you must say the words I give you.”

I pondered on this all morning as I got ready for the day.  I didn’t tell my wife what I had experienced until we were in the car and on our way home.  I told her that we had to make a stop on the way and explained to her what I had been instructed to do.  She accepted what I said more readily than I expected as I was a little nervous about how she would react. 

We drove to Salt Lake City and made our way to the north side of the Capitol building.  My wife asked me if I knew where we were going.  I told her I didn’t know, but felt impressed to turn on a particular road.  I didn’t know where my destination was, but received impressions to turn when it was necessary.  I had never been to this part of Salt Lake City, even though I had lived in the area for twelve years previously.  I made one last turn and found a small park way up on the hill side with a view of the whole valley.  I knew this was the place I was being led to.  I parked the car and we got  out.  The park turned out to be Ensign Peak Park.  I had no idea that Ensign Peak was north of the Capitol building.  I always assumed it was to the East near Immigration Canyon where the Pioneers first entered Salt lake Valley.  We followed the trail up to the top of Ensign Peak, which was a 30-minute hike to the top.

As I read the plaques at the top of the peak describing its significance in the history of the settling of the valley,  I began to realize the wise and wonderful purpose of the Lord in having me go to that exact spot.  Within a few days after the saints arrived in Salt Lake Valley, Brigham Young and many of the apostles and other prominent men in the company hiked up to the top of Ensign Peak.  There they prayed and dedicated the valley to the gathering of the saints and the establishment of Zion.  It was to be a gathering place for all nations to come to the valley.  Here I was to give, as I understood it, a countermand, or a renouncement to that original blessing.

My wife and I were alone on the top of the peak.  I prayed that the Lord would give me the words to say, and that I would speak only what he instructed.  My wife recorded my words on an iPhone so that I could later write them down.  I stood looking over the Salt Lake Valley which you could see in its entirety from that vantage point.  I raised my arms over my head and uttered as loudly as I could these words under the influence of the Holy Spirit:

“Inhabitants of Salt Lake City, Latter Day Saints and Christians, I deliver a message to you.  The Lord has blessed and protected this valley for one hundred and seventy years.  People have prospered in this valley and enjoyed protection and peace during this time.  The Lord created this place and brought you here as a place of prophesy in the last days,  a haven for His people to prepare for His second coming.

The time is quickly coming when the Lord will try the inhabitants of this valley to winnow out those who truly seek to do His will and perform His righteousness.

AWAKE! Awake to the realization that the Lord has reestablished a new covenant in these last decades in final preparation of His coming. Listen to the words of these last messengers who have been sent forth by the Lord to declare His words to you.  If you accept this last covenant, when the tribulation comes, and difficult times are coming shortly to this valley, they will pass over you and your families. He will protect and watch over you.

Awake, all you sons and daughters of Zion and listen to these words. Moroni saw our day and declared that there are none save only a few who do not lift themselves up in pride, wear very fine clothes, envy church leaders, and covet and desire to accumulate money at the expense of the poor.  He said that EVERY church has become polluted because you love your buildings more then you love the poor and the needy, sick and afflicted. Because you love your buildings more than the poor they will be destroyed. Because you love to accumulate riches, they will be cast into the rocks and hiding places and lost.  Read the words of the final covenant offered to the gentiles this year in Idaho. Repent and turn to face the Savior and seek with all your heart to know Him.  Join in accepting the terms of the covenant and embrace the gospel of Christ.  If you do you will become sons and daughters of  Christ, with every right, privilege, and performance that accompanies taking His name upon you. Amen”

Afterwards, I didn’t know what to make of this whole incident.  I asked the Lord why I was asked to do this.  I asked the purpose of making this declaration especially since there was no one there to take note of it except my wife and me.  I didn’t receive an answer.  I mentioned this incident to a friend of mine some months later and he offered that there was obviously a purpose known to the Lord; it may have been necessary for a mortal to perform that task in order for a work to commence by angels, or something of the sort.

Eight months later, in July 2018, I was praying about a different matter.  At one point the spirit asked me if there was something I desired to ask.  I asked, “What was the purpose of the warning I gave on Ensign Peak and what is to be the end of the matter?”  He answered, “It was a beginning, the start.” I understand that what was prophesied to come upon “His house” (D&C 112:24-26) was soon to begin.  Then the spirit said to me very distinctly, “I want you to publish what I told you to speak.” I understood this to mean that I make this declaration as public as I can so that it will reach as many as possible. This is my witness that this is the Lord’s work.  

This is the Place X: The Tabernacle Organ and the Freemasonic "Architects"

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